Adcombo CPA Network Review

Hey guys today I wanted to write about a network I came across a few days ago, Its called “Adcombo“. Normally I don’t write about networks but after working with their team and learning how serious they were about their network I decided to check it out by signing up..

Adcombo cpa network

Adcombo homepage

I must say I really liked their homepage and it’s very unusual for a network in the CPA Industry  to have good looking websites, ( have a look at my blog) but Adcombo has really made a very positive change in this industry and their homepage really looks awesome and gives a great first impression.

What Adcombo has to offer!

Quick and Easy Account Approval

This is  a big headache, especially for newbies these days, I have noticed that the waiting time for the account approval process with majority of  CPA networks is increasing more and more.  CPA Networks are understaffed and have no staff to manage everything properly or their affiliate managers are too busy with managing their existing affiliates( A few very popular networks are best examples).  This results in new affiliates waiting for weeks to get their accounts approved, With Adcombo that account approval time is decreased down to 24 hours, which is great for those affiliates who are tired of waiting for weeks to get approved on CPA Networks. As long as you are sending legit traffic and you know the basics of affiliate marketing you shouldn’t have any problem with the approval process at all .

Easy Payment Terms

Once again unlike many other networks Adcombo provides the best possible payment terms for affiliates. Their minimum payment threshold is $50 which is really helpful especially when you are just starting out! Aside from their minimum payment threshold, they also offer a weekly payment option as well, and their payment options include; Paypal, Payoneer, WebMoney and Wire transfer. These are the most flexible payment terms in whole industry and thats what I really love about Adcombo .. Because money is important right?

Variety of Offers and Geos

With growing competition in Western countries, It’s sometimes really hard to find something which can make you a big profit margin, and so you have to get out of the western market and look around for offers from the countries where there is less competition. In main stream CPA Networks its really hard to find solid offers from different non competitive geo,  I am sure my readers who have been promoting mobile will understand what i am talking about… For example lets talk about India , Pakistan South Asia and the Middle East. These countries are full of potential and they are almost untouched so far, from affiliate marketing. You won’t find many offers for these countries in your mainstream CPA Networks this means there is almost no competition or not many affiliates are promoting in these countries .. Adcombo have hundreds of offers from different countries, giving you a chance to pick up offers for geo of your choice..

adcombo offers

adcombo offers

Responsive Team

There is nothing more annoying than having an affiliate manager who never helps you or answers the questions you ask from them, or even when they do, they give you a canned response. I have seen in almost all networks except 2,3 networks, the majority of affiliate managers will never try to make extra effort to help you out.

adcombo built in support

adcombo built in support system

With Adcombo you are assigned a dedicated affiliate manager who will make sure all your questions are answered on time and they will do their best to help you out. They have also got a built in support area within their CPA Network interface, so you don’t have to goto your email inbox or open skype to get in touch with your affiliate manager. You can simply open a ticket from your network account dashboard.   The awesome support they offer to their affiliates is what I love the most about Adcombo; their team! I would advise you to ask for Ella as your affiliate manager ..

So far my experience with Adcombo has been excellent , Now it’s your turn to join them and let me know what you think by making comments below!

Thanks for the T Shirt Maxbounty

Maxbounty was the first non -incent network to accept me as their affiliate, and one of those networks who never missed a single payment. They are known for their timely payments. I have received many goodies from them since i joined their network. MaxBounty  was kind enough to send me  their 10th anniversary t-shirt, however due to some postal issues my T shirt was returned. But now, i have finally received it thanks to Steven Sauve who contacted me directly and we resolved the postal issue.

I would like to apologize to the Maxbounty team for the inconvenience caused because of trouble with postal system, and thank them for sending me this T shirt again. So guys enough about that talk here is the cool MaxBounty t shirt i am talking about.

Maxbounty T shirt

Maxbounty T shirt

Maxbounty Tshirt

Maxbounty Tshirt


Affiliate networks you should join after BLAM Ads

What Should I Do - Thinking Person Asks in Thought BubbleAfter fall of BLAM Ads  there are many affiliates with incentive traffic  looking for affiliate networks  who accept incentive traffic . There are a very few incentive networks i can vouch for at this time as they pay on time and are honest in making payments .i would like to do a quick review for all of them and provide you as much information i have about them as possible .


You maybe surprised to know that at start i used to drive incent traffic while i was working with my first affiliate network (CPA LEAD ). They are one of the best & leading Incentive Network who specialize in only incentive traffic using their own In-house proprietary platform . I have seen people making real big bucks (i am talking about figures which will leave your G.F fainted) with CPAlead their payment terms are also good with payment methods including Check, PayPal, Wire, Payoneer, ACH (Direct Deposit) payments and they do pay Net-30,Early Payment (upon request) . If you earn over $1,000 a month, you can ask Payment Support for NET-15.They also pay weekly but for that you will have to make some serious bucks with them. Over all they are one of the oldest and a well reputed network who pays every time on time .


Adscend Media is again one of the leaders in incentive industry founded in 2009 they have won many awards in industry and always in TOP Networks list offering Net-30,Net-15,Net-7,Bi-weekly payments and by payment methods including Check,Wire,ACH,PayPal.They also have lowest Minimum Payment limit $50which is really good for beginers.


Mobooka is another Incentive network being run by Steve Howe who also owns a well known  and a reputable network network Convert2Media .Since 2008 the day of formation convert2media has never missed a single payment and I hope they never will miss a payment  with Mobooka too. Mobooka network uses  Check, PayPal, Wire as payment method and also they do offer Net-30 payments . They also run on In-house proprietary platform . is a newly launched incentive network which is a division of Peerfly Affiliate Network  i have already posted a review about them here. Peerfly again is a network in my on time every time payments list and i never heard a bad thing about them  they are in industry since 2009 and have won many awards. and there is no reason you should n`t join if you are running Incent traffic as it is owned by one of the best network in CPA Industry their payment methods include PayPal, Payoneer, Postal Check, ACH (US Only), or Bank Wire, And they offer net 30, net 15, weekly, and even daily payments to their loyal affiliates.


ewa network

Ryan Eagle of EWA network  announced that they are closing down It is a sad and also a good news for all affiliates. Good news in a way that they did owe huge amount of cash to many affiliates world wide and we have been hearing about EWA payment issues for a quiet a while now , here is the article i wrote about EWA a few days ago Is EWA/BlamAds Really Dead ? . Now at least EWA do acknowledge publicly that they did had some serious problems at EWA network related to payments and instead of promoting them encouraging affiliates to send them more traffic they do admit they have nothing to pay to their affiliates.Check out post on Perform Outsider on how much they owe to their affiliates here Happy Valentines Day To Ewa.

Now bad bit , Yes i do may have problems with the way Ryan Eagle was promoting his network while he wasn`t paying his existing affiliate or problem with his payouts EPCs etc but still he was a Great entrepreneur he worked really hard to take EWA network to heights he was as he used to say “Hated amongst few and loved  by many” affiliates . He was  and is a great example for all CPA Network Owners. Also EWA was one of the industry champions and that will for sure have a very negative effect on industry .

Here is the copy of official EWA Network announcement

Dear EWA Affiliates,

First off, I would like to personally apologize as truly and honestly as I can for everything that EWA Private Network has put our publishers through these past months. It’s been a turbulent road for my company and it’s taken quite the toll on me and the staff around me. Believe it or not, I care about the reputation of my company I care about the publishers in my network – it burdens me daily to see what has happened. We incurred massive losses due to non-paying merchants, combined with internal problems lead to a situation which needed an outside investor to help resolve.

I spent upwards of a year seeking individuals and companies to invest into EWA and the entire process of finding an investor was draining on me – I was lead on and let down many times. Unfortunately, our most recent investor possibility ended up falling through leaving EWA with no other options. We have decided that it’s time to close our doors while we continue to seek a new investor to take over the company. Meanwhile, we will be working with a restructuring agent to liquidating our receivables and sell our assets in a way to repay outstanding payables.

Leaving EWA Network on a note like this was the absolute hardest choice I’ve made in my business career. I gave it my absolute 100% best and tried the hardest that I could, spending hours a day trying to make this company the best that it could be. Running EWA Network for these past four years and interacting with the thousands of EWA affiliates has been one of the best experiences that I’ve had, and I’d like to apologize once again to all our clients for the situation that we were put in.

Finally, I would like to apologize to our staff – especially the account managers, international partners, and our network manager on the front lines everyday. They were put into a situation where they were at the mercy of the companies problems. I accept the blame fully for it, and I want nothing that happened to the company reflect onto their shoulders because they did the best they did with cards they were dealt. When we thought the investor was coming through, I told them to pull – and when we were left empty handed, they were the ones to take the blame. They were the lifeblood of our company and I appreciate every minute they spent making EWA great.

On March 1st, 2013 we will be pausing all traffic to EWA publishers. Thank you for your years of support and the millionsof dollars in revenue that has run through EWA Network. It’s been amazing to see the growth of so many publishers since the beginning and I’m truly grateful for every single one of you.

To Success,

Ryan Eagle, Partner



I would like to wish best of luck to Ryan Eagle for his future and hope he will learn from his mistakes.

For Those of you who are looking for networks like EWA I would recommend you CPA Networks given below , Use my referral links to get approved easily , These networks are so far best networks who pay on time and every time.

MaxbountyPeerflyNever Blue


Hey every one here is the quick review of AFF PLAYBOOK Private forum. It is a great source of information about all traffic types and if you are looking for fresh case studies and want to socialize with real CPAers who are actually making money by promoting their campaigns this is definitely the place you should go for .

if you are looking for discount on  do hit me up at



Split testing offers between networks- My experience

Some times during our campaign runs we do forget one most important factor which is to split test offers between networks before declaring a campaign successful . We do have different reasons for that and most common reason is that we do think that network we are using is trustworthy and we can trust on that network which is totally wrong !

We should not stick with a network for personal reasons, Simply business we are here for business not to enhance our relations with someone . I read am member of many online affiliate related forums and communities and one of the most commonly asked question is which network is the best ? . To be honest no one ! Here is the reason, Just like we all of here to make money , similarly networks are here to make money , So for me only that network is the best where i have higher EPC ,

Here is an example of my recent campaign i was running .

I was running a campaign on Lead Impact a few days ago and which was making me 200 + day but suddenly  all my conversions droped , i thought lets wait for some days and lets see , but when after few days i was still unable to make campaign profitable , i decided to test same offer from another network and here is the result.

CPA Network I was using before  EPC : $0.15

CPA Network I am using now        EPC : $ $1.00


A huge difference in EPC also the network i am using now pays more then the previous one .

Let me know what you think by posting comment below.

P.S Please don`t ask about networks lol

Ads4Dough CPA NEtwork Review

Its been a long time since i have reviewed any CPA Network ,So today i decided to add another CPA Network in my CPA Network Reviews section as i only include networks with  which i personally have communication and experience and they are the best out of all CPA Networks,

Ads4dough is run by experienced affiliates that does mean its Affiliate Managers  its owner Jason  is a well known and one of the most reputed guys in this industry. His  team do knows what they are talking about ( Believe me there are some networks where you will find affiliate managers who even don’t know how to place pixel code ). They are now using Cake Tracking platform after DIrect Track went down in feb this year .

Their payouts are also great and they are direct with many most of advertisers . I personally split tested many offers from other networks and ads4dough EPC was always highest. My AM there Arthur Lee is a great guy and also respond to my quires on time . I have seen many Affiliate networks which take too much time to respond and fortunately   Ads4dough is not one of those networks ,




They do offerCheck / Wire / ACH as payments methods and never miss any payment also their weekly payments and minimum thrush hold is $50 which is a plus


Overall they are a great network and i Highly recommend you to join  Ads4dough


Congratulations Oliver Kenyon and Maxbounty

I want to personally congratulate k from CPA Fix  and also max bounty on conducting a successful Giveaway contest in which affiliates are rewarded cash prizes. I highly appreciate Oliver Kenyon he has done something which no one else has done before, I mean contests are a common thing among all the networks but  sadly they are only good for big dogs  and for new people who are just starting out ,No one even thinks about them . As my blog mainly focuses on Newbies who are just starting out with CPA Marketing i would like to thank you guys for such a great contest , No Matter who wins cash its your spirit to help out new people which counts , Thank you very much Oliver Kenyon and MaxBounty you have done something which no one else has done yet !

And finally i would like to congratulate paulwjenkins  for winning third place ! Second and first prize are yet to be announced .

EWA Private Network Review


Today i have decided to review Bird mans CPA Network.Before We go on network i would like to introduce you with Bird Man, Ryan Eagle is one of the top ten teens who made their First Million Online. He found Eagle Web Assets, Inc. at the age of 16. In 2004. And started off doing full time SEO, diversified into CPA advertising in 2005 and in 2007 he was a full time CPA affiliate . But this real gangster  did nt stopped here he launched EWA Private Network.

EWA Private Network Review

EWA is made up of very few hand selected marketers ,Media buyers best example Gabriel Zota from Rock Star Media and  SEM Pros . Without a doubt no other network can beat their Affiliate support. The team of 7 affiliate managers is always available online 7 days a week. And thats what differs EWA Private Network  from all others,simply because EWA Network does nt sleep .Dont believe on my words because i am not native and my grammar is crap checkout EWA Facebook Grouop yourself .


EWA supports you with weekly payouts regardless of volume. If you are doing really good with some offers shoot an email to Ryan and i bet he will happily bump your payout .

in payments what i like is they do offer competitive payouts on the best converting offers. and they do pay on time ,


What kind of support you expect from EWA ? you need  custom creatives  for  your offers? I bet shoot an email to your Am and in reply you will get a bunch of custom creatives created by EWA internal department.  They do provide you training guides also. So you have no need to buy uncle gurus training guides simply because they dont work . You need any kind of advise your affiliate managers are always happy to help you out .

I do love to read Weekly News letter from Ewa Network which gives you insights about what offer is working well and where does it converts most.

Basically its a network which doesnt only recommends you to push offers , Their internal media buying department  keeps pushing offers and based on results they do recommend you offers which are performing best . Literally their  training guides are priceless .

Oh i forgot one more thing being a member of EWA Group i was able to interact with many hiding Affiliate Marketing BIg Dogs and learn a lot from them and not only this many of members like product owners and other offer different types of discount coupons and also advertising coupons. Thats a great help for a guy like me who thinks ten times  before spending even two or three bucks. I do  remember there was a guy offering $1000 advertising coupon for facebook ads or google adwords i dont remember that just because i missed that opportunity ;( ( If any of any of EWA FB group member is reading this post please do reply in comments it was facebook coupon or was google adwords) .

[EDIT : I got it from EWA Dash Board and that was $2000 AdWords
Coupon ]

To be very honest the secret behind success of EWA Network is that they are dedicated and do work really hard as if you visit Ryan Eagles facebook profile he says  :

My business, this is my life. This is what I do better than anything, so why wouldn’t I do it all the time? That is the difference between you and I.

Bird Man Always inspired me and what ever he is today there is a lot of work behind that . His dedication and hard work is what makes EWA Different from all other Networks.

MaxBounty Network Review

Today i have decided to review my very own and network from where i started promoting Non-Incentive offers was maxbounty .This is the network which i prefer most i have affiliation with more than 7 networks but the network i love is maxbounty . My AM valerieh is one of the best Ams i ever had . She is always very supportive and responsive. I do love to drive traffic to this network without any doubt this is one of the best networks in internet world.

They have got their own custom build proprietary network interface which makes finding offers very easy task.Unlike other big networks with very slow and cheap network interface maxbountys own interface is some thing really fast and  makes very easy to find offers.. While working with mabounty things like scrubbing doesn’t exist at all. This is a very  honest and a legit network there are very few CPA Networks which i consider as most reliable network and maxbounty is one of those networks.

MaxBounty always pays on time and every time. their weekly payouts are some thing which attract every CPA affiliate , they do pay you weekly no regardless how much you make and what is your volume how ever you should meet  minimum payment threshold .


  •  Highly Recommended Network
  • Great network Interface
  • High Paying Offers
  • Supportive and very friendly staff
  • Honest Company
  • On Time Payments
  • Weekly Payments
  • A Very Old and reliable Network
  • No Matter How Much You Earn You Can Have Weekly Payments


Are you interested in joining MaxBounty network ? you can signup using my referral link which can increase your chances of getting approved!! so what are you waiting for ? MaxBounty account approval