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When work, commitment, and pleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where passion lives, nothing is impossible.

Hi there my name is K.J and i am first of all a geek and after that i am a full time internet marketer,Website Developer ,Search engine Optimization Expert,Internet marketing consultant and Online Business Analyst ,CPA Marketing Mentor. And a long list of services in fact. Any ways Being a full time marketer as i mainly call myself marketer This thing computer is like oxygen to me the day i don’t sit on computer do not check my e-mails i feel like i am dying . i have been in this field since i was 14 and now i am 20 . i have done some really cool work on internet and got much success in social and marketing , You can call me a all rounder in online money making as i love to learn new things and i have my legs in almost every field from website development , Sales generation for offline local small businesses to internet/affiliate marketing , domination ,social media marketing, Business reports , Business analysis and blahhhh list is endless  .

I am a guy who started internet marketing in very tough financial conditions. Its a story of a Pakistani  boy working as a call center agent on a UK based outbound call center  ( road traffic accident injury project) and as i wasn’t paid what i deserve and due to some other problems  life became very tough i can not forget days when i used to walk from end of one city  to another to go call center in cold nights . Than i started looking for alternatives and started my carrier online as a freelance website developer at www.freelancer.com  (with  only $ 10 which i paid for one month internet bill ) There i worked on many projects . Some of projects i did include Marketing  Plan for a  USA`s  Dental Association , Development of a  Sydney Based Daily Deals Website, Marketing Plan for a Daily Deals Website , and many other projects i was also announced as Fastest word press Fixer on Freelancer.com by one of my client.

kj rocker speech adsimilis meetup dubai

Speaking at adsimilis annual Meetup Dubai

I always had a great intrust in computer machines and it was my dream to make money online. I loved and still love to learn more and more and that was the reason when a client of mine introduced me to CPA Marketing i started reading about it and started applying into cpa networks . It was very difficult for  a newbie and  more than that from a country and region which is well known for fraud in CPA industry to get approved on a reputable network , Anyways i made it somehow and started off with yahoo answers simply because still my financial conditions were not allowing me to even invest a single dollar in website or even in paid traffic . Starting from Yahoo answers i started my career…

that’s all for now i have to go , i  will write more about myself if i got time . enjoy browsing blog and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at contact@kjrocker.com and please do not forget to share your thoughts on articles i write as they tell me,you like my effort or not ! that’s all for today kj signing off ;)

Dubai Update: I moved in Dubai read this article for reasons why i decided to move —->  From zero to Dubai life – Journey of an enterpurner.



From day one, the mission of KJ Rocker F.Z.E is not to make quick money, but to build a successful and long term business. Reputation and quality are the key values that this business was built upon. The Affiliate marketing industry has many cheats, Unethical and black and grey hats, and many of the people who start in the industry waste their time due to their shortsightedness. At KJ Rocker F.Z.E, We are here for long term business. The main aim is to use ethical and best practices to generate leads and sales for our clients, Provide information that will help others and finally, to use our experiences and knowledge to help our clients  with sales/lead generation  and internet marketing.

KJ Rocker F.Z.E has a large scale client base from various sectors. Everything at KJ Rocker F.Z.E  is done with an honest mind, a genuine attitude, and real material. Working alongside people you have never met can sometimes be daunting, as KJ Rocker F.Z.E is a 100% online business, but we have a trustworthy and well known reputation. This allows our clients to comfortably use the services KJ Rocker F.Z.E offers.


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