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Its been a while since i posted any thing about 7Search the reason is that i almost stopped advertising on 7search as i needed more volume and i was busy with media buying and PPV campaigns. I always disagreed with people who dont consider 7search as a quality traffic source and i still will. I never believe on what other people say about a traffic source until i test it myself and that's the reason i still believe 7search traffic does have a potential to convert for CPA Offers and thats why i recommend it to newbies whi are just starting out with low budget , I do have a traffic course on 7search which is considered one of the best course about 7search traffic and many of you may say " kj is just vouching for 7search just because he wants to sell his own course." But the truth is that i never recommended 7search to anyone just to make a sale for my course or any other product,course or any service i review on my blog,recommend on any forum i always try to suggest best service possible .

If you know my background i started off paid traffic with 7search and what ever i am today i am because of 7search , This traffic source helped me to build my budget so i can buy traffic from top advertising networks. Many people ask about niches that work well on 7search i have mentioned many times including in my previous posts about my best converting offers and do 7search traffic convert that i have successfully ran offers ranging from email submits to credit card submits and they did worked. Mainly i promoted payday loan offers, Email submits, Downloads . In Credit card submit offers a few of them were Omaha Steaks and 1ink offer . Try promoting well known and reputable brands ( Neverblue has plenty of well known brands advertising with them) as they tend to work well on 7search.

Here area bit of stats what 7search can get you

7search for cpa offers

And here is what i paid for this campaign


This is a campaign i ran for almost two years started in May 2010 and stopped in november 2012 when offer was taken off and now i have decided to create my own product in similar niche and will resume sending same traffic that's the reason i am not giving away details about campaign and offer because i am once again going to monetize using 7search .Β  For some people 7search may not seem to work the reason in my opinion is that they never take 7search as a serious source of traffic and never work on demographics and who they are targeting to. Most of advertisers onΒ  7search are newbies and they advertise without any research and at the end result is not what they are expecting and they start complaining ,. So my advise for you is if 7search is nt working for you do find out where do you lack ,where you are making mistakes and correct your mistakes in order to make it work .

Let me know your thoughts by making comments below .

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  1. I heard about 7search but never tried.I think now it’s the time to try them.Thank you KJ πŸ™‚

  2. Agree! It works with CB offers as well, and without squeeze page πŸ™‚

  3. I am using 7search to send low cost ($0.05) traffic to a WordPress site that has articles copied direct from Ezinearticles, with the links etc, and Adsense embedded in the posts.

    The niche is a high paying Adsense one (finance) and I am seeing quite a interesting return on the $20 of traffic I put into 7search each time. It’s not guaranteed (especially due to Adsense showing visitors related ads from sites they have already visited) but if you split test the colors and positions of the ads, it should work out ok.

  4. Abdelouahab Boussakka says:

    I’m promoting a Download offer at the present time using 7search.com, and it’s my first time with 7search and CPA in general, I’m learning from mistakes, and making optimization to my campaign every day, and I can see the results are getting better!

    -One tip for newbies like me, never start a PPC campaign without a landingpage (Don’t direct link).

  5. Wow,

    I actually just left 7search after trying a few campaigns and hearing bad stuff about it, I ended up just forgetting about it.

    Could you share what sorts of campaigns you ran on 7search please? I was trying opinion polls and direct linking, and nothing seemed to work. Any tips lol?

  6. Hey guys, can i start campaigns on 7search for adsense having blog site/sites? What would be the chances of ROI and security? And what would be better banner or search as in campaign?

  7. Hey have never done this so i am not sure how it will go TBH