Ryan Eagle starts a new business,Harrison Gevirtz now working for affiture

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This is not a EWA hate post just an update about Ryan Eagke and Harrison Gevirtz what they are up to after closure of EWA Network , According to his facebook profile Ryan Eagle has started a new company called Response Commodities ,Response Commodities is a company that specializes in import trade of electronics, nutraceuticals, tobacco products, clothing and electronic accessories.


screenshot of Ryan Eagle`s Facebook update

Mean while Harrison Gevirtz is now working for affiliate network affiture as its director , Affiture Network is owned by CPX Interactive a well known digital advertising company. According to this press release network was launched on August 09, 2012.

Here is the screenshot of Harrison Gevirtz inviting for his network ..

Harrison Gevirtz

Harrison Gevirtz inviting to join his network


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  1. Thanks KJ, I’m just moving into AM and trying to find my way. I’ll check out your Blog.
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    Affiture needs to get their act together. In fact, I’ve been recommending to all my affiliate connections to stay away from Affiture. I’ve been an affiliate with them for a few months and it’s been the WORST experience with a network ever. My affiliate manager is Ariel Copeland. For the first month, I felt like I was managing my affiliate manager.

    I decided I had to write this one off. Usually affiliate networks get you on an offer asap, not Affiture. I tried to get an offer set up for a month, my “affiliate manager”, if you’d call it that, wouldn’t reply back until a week later, each time I sent a message! As you’d expect I never got anywhere with Affiture, so good luck trying guys.

    I run a plethera of niches, so it’s pathetic business practices to not get me setup with SOMETHING.

    I’m actually relieved I didn’t start pouring money into a campaign. It would have just made me sweat wondering that if something went wrong I wouldn’t be able to get in touch with the “affiliate manager”.