Moscow Affiliate Conference & Party: Autumn Edition

Leadbit Affiliate Network and Stack That Money Forum  hosted  Moscow Affiliate Conference & Party, a  sucessful event this spring, which eventually became the first worldwide affiliate conference in Russia. They are now back in Russia with the autumn edition!

I am gutted due to my busy schedule I won’t be able to attend the event, as I already had a few plans which I can not change. However, I am still trying my best to take time out and somehow be part of this crazy awesome conference.

Moscow Affiliate Conference provides affiliates a great opportunity to learn new things from the best of the best in the industry. It also provides a great location,  you can enjoy visiting mother Russia, and be part of  the crazy Russian style afterparty!

Moscow Affiliate Conference & Party

Moscow Affiliate Conference & Party

Their last event was an instant hit with over around 1500 attendees, networking with the high flyers of CPA marketing, international reports and, of course, awesome evening after party, with unofficial communication.  Have a look at the confrence video :

The Russian style afterparty video is definitely worth watching!

So are you ready for the endless fun ? Pack your bags and note down these dates !!

Date : September 28, 2017.
Location:  Moscow, Russia again!
More Details :

Who knows? Maybe I will be able to attend!

Win $30,000 cash with Hot Summer Rally from admitad & AliExpress

Hey guys, today I wanted to tell you about Hot Summer Rally from admitad & AliExpress. Hot Summer Rally is a promotional competition, aimed at rewarding affiliates, which ends on September 15, 2017.  Since June 15, 2017 every dollar you earn by promoting the AliExpress offer, you will receive one point towards the give away of the grand prize; $50,00, with the total cash rewards worth $30,000 throughout the 3month period.

admitad & AliExpress Rally

admitad & AliExpress Rally

Affiliates are put into 5 classes, based on performance categories (As shown below);

  • Class 5 – an increase of 0.5% of your current compensation
  • Class 4 – an increase of 0.4% of your current compensation
  • Class 3 – an increase of 0.3% of your current compensation
  • Class 2 – an increase of 0.2% of your current compensation
  • Class 1 – an increase of 0.1% of your current compensation

The rally has 3 stages..

The first stage starts from June 15th until July 14th and 5 winners (one from each class)  will win $1000.

At the 2nd stage ( from July 15th to August 14th) the winners in the 1st class will win $3000 , affiliates in the 2nd class will be fighting to win $2500, the affiliates in the 3rd class will compete for $2000, the 4th class  will be competing for $1500  and finally, the affiliates in the 5th class will fight for $1000.

The third and the final stage will last from August 15th till 15th of September 2017, and winners will get  $5000, $4000, $3000, $2000 and $1000 respectively.

You can join the AliExpress Rally here: Or to know more about admitad you can visit their blog .

Some special news about the current Rally

On July 4th The AliExpress Rally participants from the Class A have already earned over $ 900k! In terms of revenue, affiliates have reached over $1 million in less than 20 days, so the stakes are quite high!

Information about AliExpress

Launched in 2010 AliExpress is an online retail service mostly used by small Chinese businesses to sell their products. It is the new ebay of our era, and it provides a unique opportunity for affiliates to receive the best affiliate commission rates.  AliExpress is one of the hottest and best converting offers, with 8-9% conversion rate on admitad affiliate network. It is a huge money maker for the affiliates promoting the offer.

A few words about admitad



admitad is an International CPA network that delivers all your affiliate marketing  needs. admitad offers reliable sources of sales and publishers with new business models to ensure monetization of traffic. Established in Germany in 2009 (Launched in 2010), the network has over 1300 advertisers, and 540000 publishers. admitad has offices in Germany, India, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Turkey with 230+ staff on board. admitad is now introducing incomparable benefits such as WEEKLY PAYMENTS!

admitad is known for its honesty and transparency in working with both advertisers and publishers, so with the tracking tools and strong stats offered, you can be sure to get the results you are working towards.

Amongst the wide variety of benefits of working with admitad, a few are;

  • Unique stats and analytical tools that allow you to track effective traffic channels, which in turn can improve your conversation rate and boosting your revenue
  • High conversion rate offers and attractive advertiser deals
  • As a publisher with admitad, you get access to domain parking, obtaining sub-ID, a link checker tool, ad server, a ‘retag’ tool, access to an extensive list of coupons and deals and product feeds, postback URL, admitad API and many more.
  • You can also earn money every time a user performs target action, for example application sign-up.
  • Regardless of the size of your business, admitad gives the tools you need to fit your needs. For example, deep link generator, Coupons & Deals, Adserver, Retargeting tags etc .      
  • In terms of payments amitad is affiliate friendly network with minimum payment amount of $20 and weekly payments  and variety of payment options, amitad payments policy is unbeatable.
  • Dedicated personal account managers to provide you best possible support and help.
  • antifraud technologies, cross-device tracking, fingerprint tracking, advertiser toolbox, anti-cookie technologies, deep linking options, in-house platform;
  • the “lost orders” tool might be particularly interesting for cashback services — it may be used for sending to the advertisers the information about the orders that were not recorded in the system for some reason, or were rejected by the advertiser by mistake. Please attach a scan of the receipt to the application, and wait for the advertiser to check and confirm the order.

Interview: Tatiana Alshevskaya, Account Manager at Mobidea Network

Hey guys! Its been a long time since we interviewed someone, Finally I was able to get the flow started and today I am very happy to introduce you guys to Tatiana Alshevskaya who is Account Manager at Mobidea.  Here is her short bio..

Tatiana Alshevskaya is a Key Account Manager at Mobidea . Communicating with digital marketers from all around the world is her main passion. She enjoys knowing that her professional and experienced advice gets results, since her affiliates manage to increase their profits thanks to her knowledge. Tatiana is a born communicator and enjoys having profoundly passionate conversations accompanied by a glass of fine wine, looking at a stunning view!

So lets start the interview!!

Tatiana Alshevskaya Mobidea Network

Tatiana Alshevskaya Mobidea Network

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How old are you? Where do you live?

Hello! My name is Tanya. I’m 27 years old. Several years ago, I came from Belarus to Portugal to do my Master’s degree in International Business. Since then, I’ve been happily based in Lisbon. It’s an amazing city with great weather, friendly people, and super tasty food.

How long have you been working in this industry, and how did you get involved?

Upon graduating from university, I worked in an ad agency in Belarus for 3 years. After moving to Portugal, I started working in the digital marketing industry. It’s been two years, and I really enjoy how fast-moving this industry is! At Mobidea, I work as a Key Account Manager and I’m always happy to help media buyers and webmasters on their way to success!

What is the most expensive thing you ever bought?

I prefer spending money on experiences, not things. That’s why I’m burning my hard-earned money on awesome trips that take me everywhere in the world! The memories of the remarkable places I visit stay with me forever and help me learn new things. Moreover, attending affiliate marketing industry events is a great way to meet interesting people and enrich your knowledge.

Please tell us more about Mobidea. What do you guys do?

Mobidea is a mobile affiliate network. We specialize in the monetization of mobile traffic from all over the world. We’ve got offers that have been previously tested for our affiliates, as well as the opportunity to use our Smart link so as to auto-optimize your traffic. You can check this post to understand how mobile affiliate marketing actually works.

mobidea affiliate network

mobidea affiliate network

There are lots of affiliate networks. How is Mobidea different when compared to what we see out there? What sets you apart from the crowd?

Here are some reasons that make us different:

  •  Our experienced team of Mobile Analysts can give you insights to help you make more money. We are doing media buying ourselves, so we know what we are talking about. Our multicultural, multilingual and dedicated support is available 7 days a week.
  •  We pay fast via Wire Transfer, PayPal, Paxum, Firstchoice Pay, Payza, and ePayments.
  •  We monetize mobile traffic worldwide
  •  We pay lots of attention to improving the knowledge of our affiliates with the help of the Mobidea Academy: Affiliate Marketing Training, Guides and Tips . It’s an amazing educational platform for online marketers!
  •  We also have Integrated Tracker Capabilities which allow users to easily deep dive, analyze remarkable amounts of reliable data, and make better decisions when going through the optimization process!

On average, how much revenue are your top affiliates currently generating?

More than enough to live a happy (and rich) life. You probably know those affiliates personally from events and workshops they give, where they may disclose their revenues.

How easy is it for affiliates to join your network? What is the main advice you can give to users who are interested and want to join Mobidea?

We are a pretty newbie-friendly network. You can start running the offers as soon as you fill out the signup form.

Since you can test immediately, we will only ask for documents after you’ve been able to generate your first 50€ in earnings. We request an Identification Document and a proof of address (utility bill, bank statement, etc.) that can be matched with your identity. This verification is important for security purposes. Moreover, affiliates can be sure this process is completely confidential.

If you could give one tip to the newcomers starting out in this fast-growing industry, what would it be?

Be patient. Lots of beginner media buyers quit too soon and try to make too many changes in their campaigns straight away. Imagine you have just launched your first campaign. You need to be prepared to invest some money on actually learning something from the data you get. Information is gold! That’s why one of the first steps is to just gather stats so that you can optimize and earn a lot of money in the future!

Can you tell us which are some of your most effective marketing methods that work on your network to drive traffic?

On our platform, we have a variety of offers. They open up a remarkable opportunity to every single affiliate to build their own strategy, later becoming able to know how to better promote offers. Our affiliates base their strategy on such factors as the offer type, the offer’s flow, the traffic sources, and the GEOs they prefer to work on.

Every year, you need to be more and more creative in order to make your campaigns work. That’s why our affiliates share feedback and really believe that creative materials are very important. A good pre-landing page should engage the user, be related to the offer, and have a professional appearance matching the design of both the banner and offer. Mobidea’s affiliates are constantly testing banners in combinations with pre-landers to see which flow works best.

What are your favorite traffic sources? What niche has worked best for your network?

We have a well-diversified portfolio of offers on our platform. For instance, we work with adult, dating, mobile content, sweepstakes, games and other verticals. We are open to new trends and are constantly diversifying our portfolio. Indeed, we go into Nutra, Finance, Health and Beauty offers, etc. We consistently try to develop our portfolio, so that we guarantee affiliates have the chance to choose the best offer in the niche they prefer to work on. Our industry is very dynamic which means that – as an account manager – I have to keep in touch with affiliates on a daily basis. This is hugely important, because it allows me to share the experience we have and provide advice about emerging opportunities.

On Mobidea, we know that media buying is not something that gets done by hearsay. I would like to point out that – depending on the vertical – different traffic sources can perform well. We’ve even made a detailed comparison of mobile adult ad networks in the Mobidea Academy that you can check. By reading it, you’ll be able to understand that we’ve had a pretty good experience with such big players on the market as ExoClick, Traffic Factory, Traffic Junky, etc.

On mainstream, the offers are even more diversified than on the adult vertical. This means you need to understand that some traffic is working better with a specific type of offers. For instance, sweeps are awesome on pop traffic. In general, on mainstream, I would pay attention to such ad networks as Adcash, Propeller Ads, and Zeropark. We’ve recently created a series of ad network reviews that you need to check.

Thanks KJ Rocker for an amazing interview! It’s always a pleasure to be able to talk about affiliate marketing in general, and Mobidea in particular! Hope to see you again soon! The next time we meet, I’ll be interviewing you instead. Keep creating awesome content! 🙂

I would like to thank Tatiana Alshevskaya for taking time out of her busy schedule and sharing her thoughts with us and telling us about her network. What are your thoughts on the interview? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, if you have any experience with Mobidea, please write a review for them in the comments below.

Adcombo CPA Network Review

Hey guys today I wanted to write about a network I came across a few days ago, Its called “Adcombo“. Normally I don’t write about networks but after working with their team and learning how serious they were about their network I decided to check it out by signing up..

Adcombo cpa network

Adcombo homepage

I must say I really liked their homepage and it’s very unusual for a network in the CPA Industry  to have good looking websites, ( have a look at my blog) but Adcombo has really made a very positive change in this industry and their homepage really looks awesome and gives a great first impression.

What Adcombo has to offer!

Quick and Easy Account Approval

This is  a big headache, especially for newbies these days, I have noticed that the waiting time for the account approval process with majority of  CPA networks is increasing more and more.  CPA Networks are understaffed and have no staff to manage everything properly or their affiliate managers are too busy with managing their existing affiliates( A few very popular networks are best examples).  This results in new affiliates waiting for weeks to get their accounts approved, With Adcombo that account approval time is decreased down to 24 hours, which is great for those affiliates who are tired of waiting for weeks to get approved on CPA Networks. As long as you are sending legit traffic and you know the basics of affiliate marketing you shouldn’t have any problem with the approval process at all .

Easy Payment Terms

Once again unlike many other networks Adcombo provides the best possible payment terms for affiliates. Their minimum payment threshold is $50 which is really helpful especially when you are just starting out! Aside from their minimum payment threshold, they also offer a weekly payment option as well, and their payment options include; Paypal, Payoneer, WebMoney and Wire transfer. These are the most flexible payment terms in whole industry and thats what I really love about Adcombo .. Because money is important right?

Variety of Offers and Geos

With growing competition in Western countries, It’s sometimes really hard to find something which can make you a big profit margin, and so you have to get out of the western market and look around for offers from the countries where there is less competition. In main stream CPA Networks its really hard to find solid offers from different non competitive geo,  I am sure my readers who have been promoting mobile will understand what i am talking about… For example lets talk about India , Pakistan South Asia and the Middle East. These countries are full of potential and they are almost untouched so far, from affiliate marketing. You won’t find many offers for these countries in your mainstream CPA Networks this means there is almost no competition or not many affiliates are promoting in these countries .. Adcombo have hundreds of offers from different countries, giving you a chance to pick up offers for geo of your choice..

adcombo offers

adcombo offers

Responsive Team

There is nothing more annoying than having an affiliate manager who never helps you or answers the questions you ask from them, or even when they do, they give you a canned response. I have seen in almost all networks except 2,3 networks, the majority of affiliate managers will never try to make extra effort to help you out.

adcombo built in support

adcombo built in support system

With Adcombo you are assigned a dedicated affiliate manager who will make sure all your questions are answered on time and they will do their best to help you out. They have also got a built in support area within their CPA Network interface, so you don’t have to goto your email inbox or open skype to get in touch with your affiliate manager. You can simply open a ticket from your network account dashboard.   The awesome support they offer to their affiliates is what I love the most about Adcombo; their team! I would advise you to ask for Ella as your affiliate manager ..

So far my experience with Adcombo has been excellent , Now it’s your turn to join them and let me know what you think by making comments below!

Does PPV Traffic Still Work in 2016?

One of the most common questions I have been asked for years and still people ask me; Is PPV traffic still worth investment and does it still work, especially for CPA offers?

I have been promoting CPA offers for 4 years now. I started off with 7Search in the times when people were talking about how bad quality 7Search traffic is and how it never works for them. However I choose 7search because it was affordable for me ( I had low budget) and also the fact that there was little competition as most of times people were scared of loosing money on 7Search and they considered it as a bad quality traffic source. From there after, building a handsome budget, I moved onto PPV traffic as 7search was working well for me. However, there was also not much traffic volume on that traffic source.

Since then I have been promoting PPV and I still am promoting my campaigns on PPV traffic. I have seen many PPV networks come and go and what I want to say here is that we are in an industry where things keep evolving. Things keep changing and what you need in order to become successful is to keep adopting new trends.

Now to the answer weather PPV is dead or not, Of course for the people who used to simply direct link campaigns all the time, PPV is really dead. Those days are almost gone, specially if you are thinking you can make profits by direct linking same 3 years old offer, that is never going to be possible.

So here are a few things you should consider if you want to become successful with PPV in 2016 …

How to make PPV traffic work for you in 2016

Learn about your traffic network.

How many times have you contacted your account manager with your traffic source? Have you ever asked them about their traffic inventory or what kind of tracking tokens are available etc? For example, I would like to mention most people complain about bad quality traffic from leadimpact. You can easily put a stop to bad quality by asking your account manager to only give you leadimpact’s own inventory traffic, without third parties and also by using %brand% token to filter bad quality publishers and ask your manager to block the bad quality publishers.

Adopt new offers /niches.

When ever you have a new type of offer, you get better conversions; as those offers are not saturated or those products/services which are popular but not yet available on CPA Networks. For example, one of the well-known offers is, we have been promoting that offer directly with for a long time before they were available on CPA Networks. Many popular brands have their own affiliate programs so if you can not find an offer on a CPA Network make sure you contact that brand directly and ask them if they have their affiliate program.

Use Landing Pages.

Last month we created over 100 landing pages and the total size of that folder was above 3GB. One thing I always advise to people is to keep improving your landing pages, once you have created landing pages do not stop and keep improving those landing pages and keep editing them. As I said before, the days of direct linking are gone, If you are looking for examples etc. we have are offering 40+ landing pages as an upsell to PPV Rocker V4 Buyers ( The new Updated PPV course I recently launched)

Focus list building as money is in the list.

This is no secret, money is always in your list, If you have a proper funnel and you can get started with building your lists you can make 5X of what you make by sending your traffic directly to the advertisers. List building offers you two advantages; 1. You can reach your prospects whenever you want without any additional costs. For example, if you are sending traffic to an offer without list if you want to advertise again to the customer you will have to pay again to the traffic source. 2. By building list you have full control over your subscribers and you can send them emails anywhere anytime you want.

The second advantage is that you can promote multiple products to your list, from CPA offers to click bank products or any other traditional network products as well and earn commissions.

Try new traffic networks.

One of the biggest problem of using traditional top networks is that the are full of competition. As when people start learning about PPV they only come to know a few big names, which increases the competition and makes it hard for some people to make profits specially for starters. So if that is what your problem is, start looking out of these networks and you will find many other networks out there which you can use. In fact, there are many networks which share their inventory with the bigger networks as well so you will find many small networks with same traffic quality like the big networks.

Never Give Up.

This one is specially for those who are just starting out and are about to give up, this is normal and happens with all of us. Be it Facebook, PPC, Media buying or any other traffic source you will have to learn the ropes, no one can become a millionaire in just one day and it takes countless sleepless nights to become successful so if you are just thinking to give up because things are not work for you, It would be worth it to find your mistakes and find an expert who can help you with your campaigns.

Interview with Siddhant Satija C.E.O AdUncle network

Siddhant SatijaI know Siddhant Satija for quite a while now and consider him as one of the genuine online entrepreneurs from India. We often discuss affiliate industry in our conversations and specially Asian industry. He is one of the guys who understands Asian industry very well and it is always great to learn from him about  practices being used in India /Pakistan and other Asian countries where 90% of traffic is shady and driven by black hat methods. He is the guy who is trying to change the image of these countries as they are seen countries where majority of traffic is fraudulent and even advertisers based in these regions are not aware of it.

I have been in touch with this guy for almost a year now when he was running a India based network and now he is on mission to expand his network to international market. In this interview we will learn about his journey from an sales guy who used to sell Colgate toothpaste on streets to a C.E.O of a Network.  I could have interviewed him earlier but i am always picky on who to interview as i want to interview and promote only those companies and people who are legit and know what they are doing in an effort to save my readers from working with illegitimate and fraudulent people and networks  . Last month his Network was added to my Kj Rocker Recommended CPA networks list. I personally learned a lot form this guy and seen him working his way up from working with a very little staff to hiring ex-affiliate managers from other networks and training his own team.  So lets start our interview with this inspiring entrepreneur and learn from his personal experiences.
1.Tell us a little bit about yourself. How old are you? Where do you live?

Hi My Name is  Siddhant Satija , you can call me “ Sidd” , I am 23. I put you at New Delhi, India currently. I started my journey online many years back with a Defence careers aspirants portal in India then got into Web 2.0 Trainings and then worked on some exciting projects in the Digital Media Industry for some fortune 500 brands before I landed up to start a network back in 2010. Off the track these terms may seem fancy but my first job to gain exposure into public speaking was of a Mall-boy selling tooth pastes and that is where I got all my skills into marketing from.

2. How long have you been working in this industry, and how did you get involved? What was your first money maker?

I have been in the Industry since last six years. My first dollars have not been making money as an affiliate or from the network but helping Some small industries and organizations to get online and give some value addition to them in their business. When some of these clients wanted some sales online I started looking into performance based models online and from their I accidently got into Affiliate Marketing, and then there was never looking back. All this happened when I was still doing my Bachelor’s in Computer Science.

3. Can you please tell us a little about your background?
I come from a very small town known as Ferozepur, a Very small town in the state of Punjab. I had very humble small town beginnings and the culture I have in me from there helps me stay grounded all the time.

4. What is the most expensive thing you ever bought?

That’s a good One, I always have been serious into saving money always to re-invest into online businesses, One thing I would like to mention here is I just bought a Cycle around a month back. Where cycles in India cost anywhere between 3000-4000 INR I bought a really cool mountain bike for myself for 20,000 INR that’s a Firefox Target. Have already saved a lot of cost on Petrol and that’s my source to stay fit as I cycle out to my office these days, as they say Health is Wealth .

5. What is your biggest achievement so far? And also what are your biggest failures?

Failures have been many, When I was to start as a consistent affiliate making regular dollars online, I burnt a lot of money here and there and then decided need a mentor who could guide and set my mindset, & that was a time when I received the KJ Rocker PPV training email. My biggest achievement is my mindset that I have that I got out of this training. After I became successful myself as an Affiliate in the US/UK markets, then it was never looking back. I took a path to train newbie affiliates that I still do and ask them to do affiliate campaigns at, The network is thus organically growing in this way. That’s the biggest achievement till now.

6. Being an entrepreneur takes many hours of dedication and hard work. What tips would you give to those who want to take the path of entrepreneurship?

Being an Entrepreneur is not a bed of roses, Its sexy to have the title of a CEO on your business card, but the backend is too dark, its tough, sometimes its frightening, sometimes it breaks you up and you have no one besides you. But if you are so serious about something that gets you mad, Don’t think , Just do it. Don’t fear of the results. Success cant come overnight. & its must to fail, you must fail to learn and re learn.

 7. Tell us about your network and why one should join your network?

As our homepage at says “A network for the affiliates by the affiliates” , we are trying to focus on newbie’s, something different from what all other networks target. I myself get involved with affiliates and assist them personally on their campaigns, whether it is via fb ads , ppv or ppc. Besides that we have some unique features with us like an in house Facebook style content locker. There are a lot of potential affiliates in India and that are our major target for US / UK campaigns we are a company registered in India as well as USA , for Indian affiliates working with US companies, when they get their money to India they have to pay a great amount as taxes ( >20%) with us they can save this directly, As we would pay them from our Indian Bank account.

8. How different it is to run an affiliate network from India as compared to countries like USA, UK, and Australia?

People across the globe take time to gain confidence and trust and start working with Indians, specially in the affiliate industry. There have been cases of fraud more than success from here, In fact we too prefer not giving US campaigns to Indians till they prove they really want to get into the industry.  Its more challenging , but that’s the fun of building up a business from here.

 9. I have seen many CPA Networks from India but as soon as they enter international market they are not as successful as compared to other networks why?

I remember when I was a child my grandfather gave me a case study of one of the largest Soft Drinks brand that came to India from the states, for the first three years they were either in loss or with zero profits intentionally where they could have made some profits in these 3 years, But after this time the kind of growth they got was never expected. I am trying to do the same unlike Indian Networks, we are currently working in the US markets at close to no profits. We are just making out our running costs hence giving a value to the affiliates. I think building a brand , a reputation is to be focused right now rather than focusing on making money.
 10. Tell us about your network and why one should join your network? is a CPA / PPD Affiliate Network at the same place. We are at par with any network offering net15/net30 payouts with unmatched support and amazing campaigns with preferred payouts. Unlike the fly by night networks we are an invested company by Amity Capital Ventures and therefore there’s a surety we won’t run away with anyone’s money as is seen frequently in the Industry.

11. What are your plans for the future?

There are two things currently on the Mind at the AdUncle team, create a superb knowledge source for the Industry and get all rock stars on board that is  still under development and would go live in the next 3-4 months. The next one is we are planning to visit USA in the month of August 2014, attend some affiliate events and meet our affiliates out there apart from networking with the peers. We plan to invest in creating some value add tools too for the Super affiliates and that is how we would get hold of them at the network. That’s up for 2014.
12. What are the challenges you are facing right now and how you are planning to overcome those challenges?

We already know that delayed payments and payment cash flow cycles are the biggest challenges for networks and one of the many reasons why networks close down, that’s our challenge too, therefore we are very selective on the type of advertisers we are looking to work with currently.

13. Being from same region what you will suggest to those starting out from Asia as these are the people who really have tough time getting into networks and more than that majority of new affiliates from India, Pakistan enter in industry with no investments at all?

I would like to welcome all these affiliates to our network first of all, You save more than 20% taxes if you work with us. Secondly, I would ask these affiliates to get a mentor if they can who can guide you , For the investment part they should ideally start with 300-500$ minimum and focus on not more than 2-3 campaigns initially for the first month. After small success they have achieved they would be confident of getting into bigger networks too.

14. What are your favorite traffic sources? What niche has worked best for you?

For me and many of my affiliates trained by me, Dating and gaming over fb ads has worked wonders.  PPV traffic via lead impact too has been ok. The biggest asset for me has been traffic via facebook fan pages and strategies involved with them.

15. If you could go back in time and do things differently, what one thing would you change?

If I had that option, I would have had a CPA mentor long back.

16. Is CPA marketing going to die, as other people usually say or it’s already dead?

Its never going to die  I think , When you name the word CPA, everyone thinks of USA as a market, there are many-many unexplored countries that are hidden gold mines for CPA. The competition has suddenly increased in US UK etc. making the cpc/bid costs etc. to be much higher, but If one can be creative , there’s a lot to do there as well.

At  the end what is there any tip or anything you want to share with our readers?

Yes, lastly  as most of the people reading this post would be ideal affiliates, I want to advice them to stick to one method that they love doing, not the method that they read over forum helps making most bucks online. If you love to do some thing, keep doing that, Money as a by product would come soon. Don’t distract yourself by reading N no. of blogs where people say I made x,xxx$ with xxx clicks. Mindset should always be clear and no matter what happens they shouldn’t deviate from that one thing that they love and are a master at.

I would like to thank Siddhant  for sharing his time with us i know he has a vert tight schedule ,If you want to know more about his CPA Network ADUncle.
  ~ Kj

Interview with Stephen Stepanik Founder of CPA Infinity, LLC

Founder of CPA Infinity
We are excited to present  another interview related to our interview series where we interview different people from Affiliate industry. If you would like us to interview you please contact us at …

In today`s interview  we are interviewing Stephen Stepanik founder of  CPA Infinity Affiliate network . if you have any questions or anything you would like to share please feel free to let us know by making comments at the end of this post.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. How old are you? Where do you live?

My name is Stephen Stepanik, I’m currently 20 years old and I live in Pennsylvania.

2. How long have you been working in this industry, and how did you get involved? What was your first money maker?

I have been working in the industry for more years than I could count, if I remember correctly, since I was about 14. I got involved in a unique way. At a certain age everyone gets the mentality of “I need money” – at the age of 14 it’s not “I need money for bills” or anything of the sort, but I was in that mentality and I’ve been on computers ever since I was about 5 or 6 on MSDOS. So I took my love of computers and the need of money, combined the two and the end result is internet marketing. My very first money maker (over $1,000) was via Email Marketing for Adult Friend Finder.

3. What is the most expensive thing you ever bought?

The most expensive thing I’ve ever purchased was a custom mailing setup. I personally don’t spend my money carelessly, I use my money to make more money, to fund other ventures, to try other avenues of money making out. I would personally rather put $50,000 in to a new company than to purchase a new car. Reason being, the new company could turn that $50,000 in to hundreds of thousands in a few months or years, but all the car could do is get me from point a to point b as well as attract unneeded attention.

4. Please tell us more about CPA Infinity, and what you guys do?

We are a performance based advertising network. We strive to provide the best support industry-wide. We work with the largest companies in the industry to provide the best quality offers for our affiliates which in return brings the best quality leads for our advertisers. Currently we are working with fortune 500 companies whilst we open our advertising division this coming year or early 2014.

5. How does CPA Infinity differentiate from the various networks in the industry and what do you do to set yourself apart?

Our reputation speaks for itself, the only feedback we have is positive, all of our publishers and partners are satisified at the end of the day. We work with everyone as much as possible to be as transparent as possible. For those of you that may be unclear what some people mean by transparent – it means that there’s a clear open line of communication. If there is ever a communication problem with an advertiser – we make sure that it gets resolved as soon as possible. We are setting ourselves apart from other networks by opening an advertising division that will have true zero shaving. Personally I’m not in the industry for the money as much I am to make a difference. I’ve seen the highs and the lows of the industry. We will bring back the top quality offers for everyone out there.

6. What are your plans for the future?

We plan to open up our advertising division later this year or early 2014, we are currently working with several fortune 500 companies, web developers with 10+ years of experience, and web designers with 10+ years of experience to make sure everything goes as smooth as possible so we can offer the highest payouts, the most accurate tracking.

Our advertising divison will be the most unique offers to date allowing publishers as well as networks to change the landing pages design to tweak it “on-the-fly” so the offer(s) that are being promoted can be optimized to the fullest allowing the most revenue to be generated for the publisher, network, and advertiser all in one swoop. After we open our advertising division we plan to open up a tracking platform that will be fully customizable as well as affordable.

7. Being an entrepreneur takes many hours of dedication and hard work.What tips would you give to those who want to take the path of entrepreneurship?

Number one tip of all – never give up. It takes 150% dedication. Every second you’re not working towards your own success there is someone that is creeping up behind you that will pass you in the blink of an eye. Patience is key, success is a marathon, not a sprint, if you’re trained to fight 50 rounds, 12 isn’t anything. Also, remember nothing happens overnight except the coming of a day. You should set a goal, a large goal, then break it down in to sections. Such as – “Make $100,000” from there – take an old fashioned pen and paper, write down every legal way you can do it. If you’re in to doing things online, write down the most profitable ways you have experienced in the past, whether it be selling on eBay/Amazon, or YouTube videos, whatever has been proven profitable. I’m sure since you’re reading this, you’ve at least made an attempt to make money online, if not you should at least take a crack at it. The entrepreneurship path is as much of a struggle as walking on glass is, but if you want it bad enough, and if you’re dedicated, it will take a long time, there will be a lot of struggle, days where you want to quit, but eventually you will make it through and once you do, you will be in the paradise you’ve dreamed of since day one.

8. What are your favourite traffic sources? What niche has worked best for you?

My personal favorite traffic source is Email marketing due to the large ROI and low cost.

But my favorite traffic source as far as publishers go would have to be call centers, pay per click, or email marketing.

The niches that have worked best for us in the long run have been Credit Reporting and Payday.

9. If you could give one tip to the newcomers starting out in this vast growing industry what would it be?

Read, learn, take action, fail, get up and try it again. No matter what someone is selling or claiming, always keep the following thought in the back of your head – “if it’s so good, why are they selling it?” Look at it like this. If I have a “brand new” commercial jet airplane, and I offered it to you for $1,000 – would you purchase it? Before you say yes – think of this. Why am I selling it for $1,000? What is the reasoning? Now, if you have to even ask those questions, it’s too good to be true. If I have a money making method that’s making me $10,000 per day, why would I sell it to you for $100? It’s just not good business. Keep a level head on your shoulders and don’t buy in to hype.

10. Can you tell us some of your most effective marketing methods that you use to drive traffic?

I use Email Marketing to drive traffic. For the reasons of – it’s fairly cheap to setup, it’s opportunities are astronomical, and it’s long-term. Email marketing has stood the test of time. It’s been around for over a decade(10 years) as of 2013, and everyday companies large and small still use it, from the mom-and-pop e-shop to eBay and Amazon.

11. If you could go back in time and do things differently, what one thing would you change?

I wouldn’t change anything for the simple reason of – everything happens for a reason. If I where able to go back and change something whether it be something small or large, I wouldn’t change anything, for the simple reason of – if it where changed, there is nothing saying if I would be where I am today for better or worse. I personally wouldn’t risk it as I am comfortable with where I am for the time being.

12. How can network owners improve affiliate relations?

Communication is key in this industry. Don’t treat this industry as a 9 to 5. If would you would like to treat it as a 9 to 5 job, you can go get a normal job. Everyone in this industry from advertisers to publishers is able to send traffic 24/7, so  If you would like to treat it as a 9 to 5 job, you can go get a normal job. That means there is 16 hours per day that traffic is being sent that there is no one available to monitor it or contact publishers or advertisers. I know a lot of network owners and advertisers take the weekends off, that’s everyone personal choice, but I’m sure that when you first got in to internet marketing, you didn’t think “I’ll only do this from 9am to 5pm and take weekends off” – you more than likely thought “I’m going to do this day and night till I have more money than I can count”. More people should get back to that mentality and we would all see more money than we could imagine.


I would like to thank Stephen Stepanik  for taking time out of his busy schedule and sharing his time with us , those of you who are interested to join CPA Infinity click here ~ KJ

Thank you MaxBounty

I have just received a new years gift from  MaxBounty  ( seems i need to update my address with them,As it takes months to make a delivery on my old address) .  They were the first non-incent network i made money with and always great people to work with, and especially their payment terms are unbeatable and they never missed even a single payment so far .  Anyways here are the pics of me holding the awesome calender sent to me by MaxBounty Network.

Maxbounty Present Maxbounty Present Maxbounty Present Maxbounty Present


Want to send me something ? email me at contact @


ewa network

Ryan Eagle of EWA network  announced that they are closing down It is a sad and also a good news for all affiliates. Good news in a way that they did owe huge amount of cash to many affiliates world wide and we have been hearing about EWA payment issues for a quiet a while now , here is the article i wrote about EWA a few days ago Is EWA/BlamAds Really Dead ? . Now at least EWA do acknowledge publicly that they did had some serious problems at EWA network related to payments and instead of promoting them encouraging affiliates to send them more traffic they do admit they have nothing to pay to their affiliates.Check out post on Perform Outsider on how much they owe to their affiliates here Happy Valentines Day To Ewa.

Now bad bit , Yes i do may have problems with the way Ryan Eagle was promoting his network while he wasn`t paying his existing affiliate or problem with his payouts EPCs etc but still he was a Great entrepreneur he worked really hard to take EWA network to heights he was as he used to say “Hated amongst few and loved  by many” affiliates . He was  and is a great example for all CPA Network Owners. Also EWA was one of the industry champions and that will for sure have a very negative effect on industry .

Here is the copy of official EWA Network announcement

Dear EWA Affiliates,

First off, I would like to personally apologize as truly and honestly as I can for everything that EWA Private Network has put our publishers through these past months. It’s been a turbulent road for my company and it’s taken quite the toll on me and the staff around me. Believe it or not, I care about the reputation of my company I care about the publishers in my network – it burdens me daily to see what has happened. We incurred massive losses due to non-paying merchants, combined with internal problems lead to a situation which needed an outside investor to help resolve.

I spent upwards of a year seeking individuals and companies to invest into EWA and the entire process of finding an investor was draining on me – I was lead on and let down many times. Unfortunately, our most recent investor possibility ended up falling through leaving EWA with no other options. We have decided that it’s time to close our doors while we continue to seek a new investor to take over the company. Meanwhile, we will be working with a restructuring agent to liquidating our receivables and sell our assets in a way to repay outstanding payables.

Leaving EWA Network on a note like this was the absolute hardest choice I’ve made in my business career. I gave it my absolute 100% best and tried the hardest that I could, spending hours a day trying to make this company the best that it could be. Running EWA Network for these past four years and interacting with the thousands of EWA affiliates has been one of the best experiences that I’ve had, and I’d like to apologize once again to all our clients for the situation that we were put in.

Finally, I would like to apologize to our staff – especially the account managers, international partners, and our network manager on the front lines everyday. They were put into a situation where they were at the mercy of the companies problems. I accept the blame fully for it, and I want nothing that happened to the company reflect onto their shoulders because they did the best they did with cards they were dealt. When we thought the investor was coming through, I told them to pull – and when we were left empty handed, they were the ones to take the blame. They were the lifeblood of our company and I appreciate every minute they spent making EWA great.

On March 1st, 2013 we will be pausing all traffic to EWA publishers. Thank you for your years of support and the millionsof dollars in revenue that has run through EWA Network. It’s been amazing to see the growth of so many publishers since the beginning and I’m truly grateful for every single one of you.

To Success,

Ryan Eagle, Partner



I would like to wish best of luck to Ryan Eagle for his future and hope he will learn from his mistakes.

For Those of you who are looking for networks like EWA I would recommend you CPA Networks given below , Use my referral links to get approved easily , These networks are so far best networks who pay on time and every time.

MaxbountyPeerflyNever Blue

Is EWA/BlamAds Really Dead ?


Before we continue i would like to make it clear that purpose of today’s post is not at all hurt EWA Network`s reputation any other person associated with the network. But instead share with readers  what is going on at EWA Network as there are many people complaining about not getting paid on almost every forum related to affiliate marketing.

EWA was once a great network to work with,i personally did review post EWA Private Network Review.  But rite now EWA is of of the most popular network being blamed for non payments on many public forums . Almost every private/public affiliate  forum has affiliates complaining about non payments ,  I have also gone through a thread on a forum where Ryan is talking about including outside investor (screen shot below) .EWA Facebook Group which was once best place to hang out and talk with affiliates is also gone dead and many of  affiliates complain about being blocked from the group because they posted in the group about payments. During this time a few staff members left company including Andre Ramsey who was working as Vice President, Incentive Operations  at Eagle Web Assets Inc, And now Goutham Vipparthi another AM at Blamads announced he is no more working with Eagle Web Assets.


ewa network

click to enlarge

It is very hard to say anything about EWA rite now as Ryan Eagle himself  is COO of Gevirtz Receivables which focuses on the collection of charged off internet advertising debts. And his own affiliates are complaining about his own network not paying to them.

We would love to know if you have anything to share about your experience in working with EWA . Please let us know your experience working with EWA and what you think about current situation of EWA network and affiliates complaining about non-payments.


Conclusion: Yes after getting some insights from reliable sources and people who have been in this industry for long time and those who worked with EWA for a long time i agree that EWA/BlamAds is Dead. I have also updated my EWA NETWORK REVIEW page .

What kind of offers work on Christmas

So Christmas  is coming up and i can see more and more people involved in shopping, As Christmas  is considered as a great shopping season and people actually do shopping , buy new things and are actually looking for Christmas  offers from all types of businesses . Christmas  is a great opportunity for all kind of affiliates to make good money and it is the opportunity you get only once a year . So here are a few types of offers i have tested this year and last year which are still converting well for me .

Penny auctions

People do love Christmas Special Discounts. Trust me !

Email submits (with Christmas theme PPV landing pages )

Create your Christmas theme ppv landers and present your same old offers as christmas special offers and see the magic..

Shopping related offers

Who is not looking for discount ? Everyone here wants to save some money , all you need to do is to help them save some money by presenting them discount coupon,gift card offers 🙂

I hope this small post will open new ways for you to get more ideas and make money.

christmas santa