$2,251 in one month using PPV

Hey guys here are stats from one of my most simplest campaign i ran on PPV , With only 9,10 targets involved  this campaign was most easiest one for me . First lets have a look at numbers ,

make $2252 in one month


Tough i do suck at Maths(when i posted it on my fb these stats i did wrong calculations)  but still lets do some maths , Hold on  before that i would like to show you my conversion rate and my EPC on my network .


ROI on cpa offers

CR on cpa offers



 Total Views :  19115

Estimated average CPV ($): 0.020

Conversion rate (%): 5.8

CPA  ($): 2.05

Monthly cost = $382.3

Number of conversions = 1108.67

Projected profit= $1890.47

ROI = 494.5%


What i have learned from this campaign

To be honest this campaign specially its Conversion Rate was surprising or me as i was doing nothing but directly linking to offer. It was my first time i had such awesome results with direct linking  and that’s why i wanted to share this one. I have other campaigns too which do more volume and profits then this one but this offer stands out because of its simplicity and its amazing conversion rates. 1-3% conversion  rate is normal but 5.8 % with direct linking no landing page involved is something really amazing and i was very please so see these results .

Just like i always say and this campaign is an example ,All these results are because of my perfect targeting , Knowing your demographics , How and where to target is very important and thats what i did and you can witness results yourself .

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How i profited from apple iphone5 launch

This was one of the most profitable weeks for me , and for those people in my mailing list who after receiving my email newsletter took action . I am don’t like to keep my savings and money sitting in accounts and doing nothing , instead i prefer to invest it somewhere to make more profits , Back on 4th of September i sent out this email to my subscribers  about upcoming Apple iphone5 launch ,i advised them to to avail opportunity and buy apple shares . Luckily results were positive and all of those people who took timely action ended up thanking me for this advise. Tough i am not at forex and stocks trading but i keep an close eye on markets. I personally bought shares when shares prices were at $610.76 on i guess 31st of july  , And after noticing that apple prices are boosting up i couldn’t stop myself from shooting an email to my subscribers about it and luckily we ended up making huge profits just for a note when i was writing that email prices were at $674.80 on 29th of august  and when this newsletter reached out to inboxes  of people  shares prices were at $674.96 and for today here is a screenshot of apple share prices   . A huge profitable day for me . The analysts on Wall Street are predicting the new smartphone will be a major success.  so i hope share prices wilol even increase more and i will make money from it . Mean while now my eyes are on upcoming Microsoft launches . Their Shares are expected to go up after release of Windows8 devices specially the tabs. And now my next target is to invest into Microsoft shares and make profits out of them ..

It is expected that apple share prices will go more high still you have time to make some good profits if you want to. 

You can invest into shares using online broker etoro  with the minimum amount of $50. Feel free to use my referral link  (i will get $50 into my trader account if you opted to use my referral link) .

85% CTR on PPV traffic

This week is one of my busiest week and really have so many things to do .During these days i for the first time found it hard to even write up for my blog as i have so much work going on here at Rocker interactive . Anyways  these days i was able to achieve my highest CTR of my affiliate carrier on PPV traffic . As title suggests i was able to attain 85% CTR on one  of my campaign and happily it is very stable and its ROI is also mind blowing .I never thought i would be able to get that high ROI and CTR on a very highly competitive payday loans niche …


I know many of you guys must be thinking how is it possible , To be honest it all depends on your research and your approach , how well you know your prospects is the key and also traffic  tracking  plays a major role in making your ppv campaigns successful click here to read my thoughts on all famous tracking solutions in industry  .   I did used almost 8 landing pages on my campaign and spent about $400  on just testing this campaign some people may think it is huge testing budget but to be honest i feel lucky that i made my campaign successful without spending too much money on testing and $400  was not that much big amount for this niche  .

Here are a few steps i would like to advise you when setting up a campaign

switch off your computer once you have selected an offer think about who needs your offer , why they need it and where you can find them (write all this stuff on your pen)

also write down how you are going to target them what approach you will use on your landing pages (hint : find out what problems your prospects face and then provide solution )


now once you know what to do and whom to target get on your machine and make a list of websites you should target using PPV  .


Load your campaign on tracker and on your ppv network .


Start testing , Make sure you monitor all your data very closely and find out what fix your landing pages need and how to fix them once you find that youa re good to go … its all about finding out problems in LPs and then fixing them 🙂

Finally here are screen shots of stats i am talking about





My best converting CPA offers

Hey every one today I want to give you one of my biggest secret using which I made money and my conversion rates are always high .  I have enjoyed very high ROI so far with all kind of traffic sources including sources like PPC ad center, 7search , Social media and   On PPV traffic.

SO what is that secret?

Before going into details let me ask you a question, How Amazon affiliates make money with very low commission percentages from Amazon associates program?  Why conversions rates for Amazon affiliates are always higher?

The Answer is factor of trust! People do trust Amazon and hence affiliates do cash out Amazon’s reputation and the trust people have on it.  As buyers on Amazon don’t hesitate in buying any product because they do trust Amazon.

Basically to convert your traffic earning trust of your visitors is very important. When they trust your ad your provided information and think it is true. They go ahead and take action (subscribe, make a purchase etc).


Now here is what I do in my CPA Campaigns instead of promoting all unknown scammy products etc I do promote well reputed and well trusted brands. You may have red my thread about promoting credit card submit offers (cost per sale offers ) on even traffic sources like 7search  Well this is true I do promote such offers on many traffic sources including 7search (some people say it is bullshit traffic sources but not for me ) . Now some people will say,   OH what? Do we have such offers?  Hell yeah! Majority well reputed networks have got some really good and reputable advertisers. Check out their exclusive offer sections and you will find many of them I highly recommend you to have a look at Never Blue , MAxbounty , Ads 4 Dough , Adsimilis  (use my ref link to get approved easily  )…

The best example will be Offer named Omaha Steaks which was a CPS offer by Omaha steaks and I really killed it on PPV.  The reason these types of offer work is because  people already trust their names , their brands and people are already familiar with their names e.g Omaha Steaks and when they do see some sort of offer ad they go crazy and are very easy to convert. I have used many traffic sources and experienced that such kind of offers work really very well as compared to scammy offers where you need insist a buyer to purchase a scammy product.


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Split testing offers between networks- My experience

Some times during our campaign runs we do forget one most important factor which is to split test offers between networks before declaring a campaign successful . We do have different reasons for that and most common reason is that we do think that network we are using is trustworthy and we can trust on that network which is totally wrong !

We should not stick with a network for personal reasons, Simply business we are here for business not to enhance our relations with someone . I read am member of many online affiliate related forums and communities and one of the most commonly asked question is which network is the best ? . To be honest no one ! Here is the reason, Just like we all of here to make money , similarly networks are here to make money , So for me only that network is the best where i have higher EPC ,

Here is an example of my recent campaign i was running .

I was running a campaign on Lead Impact a few days ago and which was making me 200 + day but suddenly  all my conversions droped , i thought lets wait for some days and lets see , but when after few days i was still unable to make campaign profitable , i decided to test same offer from another network and here is the result.

CPA Network I was using before  EPC : $0.15

CPA Network I am using now        EPC : $ $1.00


A huge difference in EPC also the network i am using now pays more then the previous one .

Let me know what you think by posting comment below.

P.S Please don`t ask about networks lol

Do 7Search traffic convert ?

This is the most common question i get asked is: do 7search traffic convert ?. In my experience 7search traffic does convert but just like other traffic resources it does requires you to take in consideration many other factors also. 7Search allows direct linking but that does nt means that it will convert well on direct linking . just like other PPC Network lets say adcentre to make 7search traffic convert you may need a landing page etc ..


I have promoted offers related to finance , Health and Beauty niche with proper landing pages and without a doubt i have got ROI which i could nt get anywhere else Adcentre bit prices are way too high.

Now when i see people complaining about traffic quality on 7search  i notice that they are promoting nothing else but same offers as other noobs do on 7search. I have learned that who ever gets started with 7search his first campaign is about some apple offer ,Iphones, Macbook, Ipad blah blah ..

I tried to promote these offers too . But never got a positive ROI ,I think reason for that is competition , The higher competition  the tougher it will get to get conversions.


To get conversions first thing you will have to do is to don`t take it as simple as just throwing up a campaign and adding a bunch of keywords and wait for conversions , Instead do a  bit of research find some niches with no competition i have discussed full method in my WSO  link here,  and find niches which have no or very less  competition simply because more competition divides traffic and makes traffic cost way too high . If you have a look at people who are advertising on 7search for a while , Their ads link to their own landing pages and from there they do direct you to CPA offers etc.

My advise to you if you are going to use 7search is that do make sure you have minimum competition and do testing , Use landing pages and direct linking both then rotate your cpa offers and see which one got you  best results !!!


Have any questions or suggestions ? Please let me know through commenting below 🙂


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First 3days in forex trading made $2508.94 by copying forex guru`s

If you are subscribed to my mailing list you must be aware that i was working on Forex trading since last few days and i am excited to present you with results i have achieved by copying guru Forex traders and made $2508.94 in pure profit.

So what did i do i simply copied successful traders using social trading feature of etoro Forex website and made a good amount of money here is the screenshot !!


etoro review


Here is an offer for you if you are interested in Forex trading and want to make money signup using my affiliate link (i will get $50 in my trading account ) and once you are signed up email me at contact@kjrocker.com and i will send you list of traders i copy .

How to check your CPA network is broking offers

Is your CPA Network broking offers from any other CPA Network ?  There is a very easy way to find out whether offers are being brokered  from other network or not where goes.com and put your affiliate link and click Trace Url button  and boom you will easily find out whether your CPA Network is dealing directly with the advertiser or it is broking offer from any other network .

Personally to me this doesn’t bother as long as i am not getting shaved and payout is same as the network from where offer is being brokered from .


With that said there are also some disadvantages of promoting brokered  offers. Specially when you are getting scrubbed here is how it happens,

You are working with network A and your network brokers offer from network B . now their payouts are same that means your network is making money from payout bump which it have got from network B . But Problem occurs when your network starts shaving your leads to make more money off that offer (trust me there are many greedy networks out there who do this) .

Or another major disadvantage is payout difference find out some brokered offer and head over to offervault and you will see what i mean .


Here is an example , I just checked an random offer from a random network and checked link redirects and found that offer is being brokered . the real network from where  offer is being brokered is paying  paying $ 90.00/ lead and other is simply broking offer from it and paying  $76.00/lead   so see the difference ?


Let me know what you think by posting comments below  !!


Increase your CPA Conversion rate on 7search PPC

###KEYWORD### variable is a dynamic text placeholder that you can use to customize the Title, Description, and click-URL of your advertisement. When a visitor is searching for keyword you bid on, that keyword will appear in your Title/Description/click-URL instead of the ###KEYWORD### variable.

Including the “search term” in the text of your ad can help increase the click-through and conversion rates.