Try New Feature: Get Genuine Traffic on Your Terms with Adsterra’s CPA Goal

Try New Feature: Get Genuine Traffic on Your Terms with Adsterra’s CPA Goal

Unleash the Potential of Fully-Automated CPA Goal Optimization!

Empower yourself with complete control over your traffic dynamics using Adsterra’s CPA Goal. Adsterra’s revolutionary CPA Goal optimization tool redefines the path to achieving maximum conversions at a cost-effective CPM or CPC price.

Harness the power of intelligent algorithms, enabling advertisers and affiliate marketers to precisely target traffic based on their desired eCPA or conversion count. Bid farewell to the struggle of acquiring massive traffic while maintaining exceptional quality.

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Highlighting the Advantages of CPA Goal for Advertisers:

  • Emphasizing Quality over Quantity: Rather than simply acquiring a large number of impressions, you have the opportunity to optimize your impressions based on critical marketing parameters.
  • Protection against Overpaying: CPA Goal algorithms meticulously evaluate each placement that reaches the designated spending threshold, ensuring that it delivers the desired number of conversions or meets the target eCPA, safeguarding you from overpayment.
  • Flexible Pricing Configurations: You have the ability to create a customized set of rules that automatically assesses traffic and prioritizes the best segments.
  • Automated Placement Unlinking: Any placement that fails to meet your pre-defined rules will be automatically unlinked.
  • Preventing Unnecessary Unlinking: If an ad placement reaches the spending threshold and continues to deliver satisfactory conversions or maintain the desired eCPA, we will retain it in your campaign. The placement will be reassessed after several days to confirm that it still aligns with your KPIs.

Exploring the Purpose of CPA Goal Optimization:

CPA Goal optimization serves a vital purpose for advertisers who prioritize conversions when acquiring traffic through CPM or CPC pricing models.

Previously, advertisers had to manually remove and blacklist placements that incurred high costs with minimal conversions. However, the introduction of CPA Goal has revolutionized this process, saving CPM/CPC budgets.

CPA Goal automatically unlinks placements that fulfill your specified criteria, whether it’s based on eCPA or the number of conversions. The need to switch between your tracker and Adsterra to create a blacklist is now eliminated, as its intelligent algorithm seamlessly handles these tasks.

Understanding How It Works:

With CPA Goal, you can purchase CPM or CPC traffic and optimize it based on two key parameters: the average cost of conversion and the number of conversions. But how does it function? It’s simple – you set the rule for the intelligent algorithm.

To begin, establish a critical spending threshold. Once this threshold is reached, the CPA Goal algorithm individually evaluates each placement to ensure it meets your essential parameters:

  • Conversions
  • eCPA
Try New Feature: Get Genuine Traffic on Your Terms with Adsterra’s CPA Goal

Discover the Convenience of Adsterra’s CPA Goal feature, enabling you to effortlessly set a rule that targets only the most impactful placements. Our intelligent algorithm will autonomously assess and detach any placements that do not meet your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Bid farewell to inefficient traffic sources and welcome a more streamlined and successful advertising strategy.

Distinguishing itself from previous iterations of similar features in the market, CPA Goal presents a more personalized approach to traffic optimization. It goes beyond the conventional “target payout” criterion. Adsterra’s algorithms take another step by comprehensively assessing each placement that exceeds the crucial spending threshold, ensuring alignment with the desired conversions or eCPA. This meticulous evaluation ensures heightened precision and effectiveness in attaining your advertising objectives.

“Earlier, you would manually remove placements that spent too much while sending very few conversions. First, that’s time-consuming. Second, that demands mastery. And finally, with tons of traffic, you could have missed the right moment for optimization and spent too much,” Gala Grigoreva, CMO at Adsterra, outlines the benefits of CPA Goal. “We’re excited we can now provide our partners with a more advanced way of improving ROI and pulling the best-matching traffic from their targeting. Here at Adsterra, we have a local motto, ‘Make great ROI your rule,’ and that’s precisely what this tool is about.”

to command CPM/CPC traffic and generate conversions on your terms!

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