How to check your CPA network is broking offers

Is your CPA Network broking offers from any other CPA Network ?  There is a very easy way to find out whether offers are being brokered  from other network or not where and put your affiliate link and click Trace Url button  and boom you will easily find out whether your CPA Network is dealing directly with the advertiser or it is broking offer from any other network .

Personally to me this doesn’t bother as long as i am not getting shaved and payout is same as the network from where offer is being brokered from .


With that said there are also some disadvantages of promoting brokered  offers. Specially when you are getting scrubbed here is how it happens,

You are working with network A and your network brokers offer from network B . now their payouts are same that means your network is making money from payout bump which it have got from network B . But Problem occurs when your network starts shaving your leads to make more money off that offer (trust me there are many greedy networks out there who do this) .

Or another major disadvantage is payout difference find out some brokered offer and head over to offervault and you will see what i mean .


Here is an example , I just checked an random offer from a random network and checked link redirects and found that offer is being brokered . the real network from where  offer is being brokered is paying  paying $ 90.00/ lead and other is simply broking offer from it and paying  $76.00/lead   so see the difference ?


Let me know what you think by posting comments below  !!


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