Stay updated with latest trends in CPA Marketing

Do you want to be a successful CPA marketer? The one of the best way to be successful internet marketer is to follow footsteps of people who are making killing in CPA marketing.

CPA marketing is the modest way to invest small and make good money out if it but that requires you to keep an eye on latest trends and latest techniques being used to promote affiliate cpa offers

I myself follow many successful cpa marketers and this not only helps me to find out new ways but also to improve roi of my existing campaigns.  I use Gao Leis website called affiliate daily it is actually a blog, news and twitter aggregator website which is connected with most of successful marketers blogs. And provides all latest posts being made from successful marketers. This is a perfect source of information as while using this website you do not need to search Google for blogs related to CPA Marketing.

It’s a known fact that when you read more and more about something you get more and more command over that specific subject. Same case is here basically what I do is to read all posts from experienced marketer and then I try to create my own strategies and this helps me a lot to think out of the box  I would highly recommend you to read about other successful people but I would like to suggest you not to copy them , instead make your own strategies , Take ideas and put them in work in your own unique way and that`s how affiliate marketing works “Thinking Out of the box”

CPA Promotion on Facebook isn`t dead!!

A few days ago I was one of those people who thought promoting CPA offers on Facebook is a very tough task; I have been hearing from different people that out of their 100 ads only one or two ads were getting approved. I have not too much experience with Facebook , As whenever I have setup my CPA  offer on Facebook al I got was an email from Facebook team telling me that my ad was disapproved . So I never did really bother to try Facebook.

A few days back I was contacted by a very good friend of mine Mahmud Suleman telling me about his new Course about Facebook ads [2 Live case studies] Learn how to make money advertising CPA on Facebook. Luckily I got a review copy and that was literally something I never knew about facebook.  What this course got in it is

A step by step video walkthrough, to setup your campaigns on Facebook.

It includes

How to get your ads approved on Facebook

How to setup your campaign so you get maximum profit of of your ads

How to target your demographics

How to track and optimize your ads

Tips and tricks about getting maximum CTR.

2 Live case studies about promoting CPA offers on Facebook


After going through this course I setup my Facebook ads account and Created my first campaign according to instructions give in video and I was amazed to see that my ad got approved within an hour . Facebook guys were quick in approving my ad just like pof ad department and that was really a great starting for me. Within next 5 minutes I started receiving clicks and also my offers started converting which was a really good sign for a person like me who was always annoyed of Facebook ads team. I really had a great experience with this video course and those 6 videos by Mahmud Suleiman `s video course made me think about pushing my CPA offers on Facebook ads also!!

You may check out his video course details on warrior forum by clicking here

Peerfly CPA Network Review

When it comes to  CPA Affiliate Marketing , Only one name which is suggested to newbies on every forum and every website over internet is  no one else  than . I am an active member of warrior forum the home of internet marketing  and when ever any newbie asks for a well reputable, Trustworthy and newbie friendly network, Peer fly is always suggested in first 3 posts.

I personally am a big fan of luke kling   the Senior Affiliate Manager of the Network ! that guy is very hardworking and a very active member of the network , a highly supportive and a nice personality makes luke kling   star of the peerfly network .

When i personally look into a network i count few things

  1. Payments on time
  2. Honesty
  3. Affiliate support  when needed
  4. Quick response

And peerfly is the network which ticks all my boxes

Peerfly is not Scam its legit network

peerflynetwork is currently ranking #3 on one of the most reputable CPA Network reviews website with over 145 Positive reviews on

And also member of

  • Performance Marketing Association (PMA)
  • Executive Council of Performance Marketing (ECPM)
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)

If you are a newbie i would definitely recommend you to join Peerfly network  looking for referral ? click here and join through my referral link.


How do i promote Offers On 7Search , Pof and by outsourcing

Title used for this post is the Title of my First WSO  Named CPA Offer Mastermind – How do i promote Successful CPA Offers On 7Search , Pof and by outsourcing  I was trying to help out newbies in CPA Field since two months and i also offered free coaching to many of them. Those who took action got success and those who did nt took action or were not serious in CPA Marketing. While majority of people were who just keep on jumping from one method to other and always keep on looking for success in e-books. In my experience such type of guys never get success just because they are not focusing one method , One way to drive traffic . After looking at all the newbies looking for help , Something that can guide them how to push offers, I decided to start free courses but that method did nt succeed because 80% of people i got enrolled for mentoring were just non-serious people who like to nibble every e-book  about making money on internet , So i decided to create an WSO in which i added enough content which can help people who are ready to take action and also by charging them a price of $8 just to keep non-serious people away from the content . And for serious people 8$ is not that big amount if they are serious in making money !!

WSO Experience :

My first WSO A.K.A Warrior special offer  Named CPA Offer Mastermind – How do i promote Successful CPA Offers On 7Search , Pof and by outsourcing

Which is a great success  Its not about how  sales my WSO made but its about how much happy my clients are with this purchase i have got some really Amazing reviews on my WSO and people like  John Owner of one of the authority website when it comes to read about CPA Networks  Purchased my WSO and his review was which  made me very happy he said on my warrior forum offer page

Purchased the WSO and just finished reading it. It’s straight forward and easy to understand. Well worth taking a look at if you would like to make some decent cash on POF & 7search. Well done, KJ:)

Another famous warrior forum member  and owner of successful WSO  Mahmoud Selman  whom i requested to review my WSO came up with his Review

I was lucky to get a review copy of Speedy new WSO and its really a nice read. Short and direct to the point.

He is giving some good and useful strategies to promote CPA offers on 7search, POF and get low PPC cost and earning from almost as low as $0.01 per click.

He is also providing a list of high quality traffic sources such as PPC, PPV and media buys networks. Only the list itself is worth the price of the WSO.
Well done Speedy and thank you.

And it makes me even more happy when i hear back from newbies who bought my WSO and share their Views saying :

This was the best $8 bucks I spent on a WSO! I skyped him a bit ago and he showed me how to use the tracking ID properly and get the cheapest clicks. Also gives great traffic methods that was impressive. Highly Recommended!

Intrested to know more about my  WSO?  click here

Bank more on this halloween from CPA Offers

Halloween  is coming up and if you are one of those marketers who are not using this opportunity to make more money with promoting your CPA offers . you are leaving money on table , It is a fact that people are fed up of Usual get free Laptop type offers .

This is the best time to change your increase your ROI by sim0ple one tweak, That is Changing your Ad-Copies and landing pages.

The offers with Special Occasional Promotional Offers are attractive to masses more than usual get free laptop type offers.

I myself have increased my ROI 3 times as compared to routine ROI . So grab your seat and give it a try i hope you won`t  feel down while implementing this idea .

Let me know what you think by posting your thoughts in comments section 🙂


How to promote CPA Offers for newbies

Most of the newbie’s in CPA marketing fail because they are always looking for shortcuts, a shortcut which can make them money and make them rich over a night. I always advise to newbie’s on warrior forum that there is no such way no such method which can make you rich over a night. If you want to get rich over a night, go and invest in forex but still there you cant make money until you have enough experience. Prefer learning skills over learning methods, there is no shortcut or method which can make you thousands over a night, To Make money you need to learn skills which make you money. If you are running for methods instead of learning skills you will definitely fail. Being in CPA Market for one year and in Internet marketing for 5 years I have seen many people being scammed losing thousands of dollars.  Recently a fellow warrior contacted me on my skype as I was providing free coaching to some of my fellow warriors he told me that he lost $1000  to a scammer who was claiming to make people rich over night.

I would like to give you an example with a method.

Most of people would be familiar with yahoo groups , there is a method using which you join yahoo groups and after joining a group whenever someone posts a message in your joined yahoo group , You get an email notification  with email address of the sender of  message , Now what you need to do is to keep adding those email addresses in your contacts in yahoo mail , And after you have added enough people simply create a facebook account using your email address (with which you joined yahoo group) . and import all the contact into your facebook account and add them as your friends .  and promote offers to those people or make them like your fcebook page .

Fair enough so what's disadvantage?

If you are a total newbie with zero skills, You dont know which offer converts and which not , you don`t know how to make people click on your offer link no doubt you will fail .

This method is temporary as soon as facebook realized people are doing this stuff they put limits on importing contacts. My point is these methods are not long lasting, no guaranteed success.

Try To Be an internet Marketer instead of being a spammer.

promote cpa offers

What you need to know?


While promoting a CPA offer there are some important points which you should always keep in mind.

  • Know your Audience.

You should know what your targeted audience wants. Formula is know what your audience want , Get Grab  an offer which may attract them , provide them information about that specific product , and make them willing to buy that product/ signup for your offer.

  • Know your demographics

You should be aware of what are your targeted demographics, I mean if you are promoting Lonely Cheating Wives offer to teenagers from college, can you expect any leads? . Go to and put url of the offer page and  check Lifestyle  this will tell you what  people who are members of offer website like , Have a look at demographics   age of people who are most interested , Their gender, Household Income, Education Level, Ethnicity.  By know this you will come to know what type of people you want to target  .

  • Reach your targeted demographics

Now once you have selected an offer, Selected targeted demographics now comes how to reach your targeted demographics; you would have to figure out where you could find such type of people.

  • Traffic source

Once you have idea where you can find such type of people next step is to find a traffic source which can help you to reach your targeted demographics, There are free as well as Paid traffic methods also which can help you to reach your targeted demographics, if you are using paid traffic methods PPV ads is the best method to reach your targeted traffic  , that’s doesn’t mean you cannot make money using PPC and Media buying methods . I will write a separate article about all these types of traffic in coming days. You can also use free traffic methods , for example article marketing, squidoo lenses, facebook etc (will discuss in coming days)

  • Tracking, Testing and split testing CPA offers.

Once you get Selected your traffic source and got your campaign running you need to track, spilt test your offers. by this means tracking your profitable keywords, removing keywords with bad conversions , testing new ad copies and making your campaign profitable.

Let me know if you have any questions by posting comments in box below J

How fraudulent publishers are destroying CPA industry

The biggest problem CPA networks face is the fraudsters who try to get into CPA Networks and provide fake leads.  Which result into heavy loss for not only Network but also for the adverser and some times many legit publishers are affected too. A recent example is that an old and well reputed CPA Network is scammed to death , They have stopped all the payments and are currently filtering out all the fraudulent publishers. This is a dreadful situation for a publisher like me whose only source of income is CPA marketing.  No doubt about CPA network they are legit and will pay out their legit publishers but that takes time and a lot of time . For sure CPA marketers who drive paid traffic , they have to pay for traffic out of their pocket  and when they receive your payments late that will surely piss them off .

Today i have decided to research more on how these fraudsters work.

By googling for a bit i came to know a little information about them.

  • They hire freelancers to get mass approvals in CPA networks
  • Their payments vary from network to network.

There main targets are

MaxBounty : $50 per account

peerfly :        $50 per account

Azoogle:       $50

Hydra :          $100

never blue:   $ 100

EWA:            $150

Their main resources to get approval Services :

Before going into resources i would like to tell who are these people who are providing CPA approval services , Mainly there are two types

  • Call Centers

And mainly these call centers are based in India .

  • Individual freelancers

They are mainly from Pakistan, India , Bangladesh ,Philippines

They use mainly VPN`s

They mainly hire these people from O Desk, and A few Black Hack forums

Fradulent people looking for cpa approval service

Fraudulent people looking for cpa approval service

Ruck CEO of convert2media says in his blog post

think it would be safe to say that about 75% of the apps coming into Convert2Media are from publishers looking to fill in their own leads, create ghost leads, fire the pixels themselves


What happens when a hired freelancer calls CPA Networks and is caught you must watch it in video below

Very sad to say these fraudsters also create many problems for legit affiliates as well as for newbies who want to join CPA networks .

Promote CPA Offers Using YouTube

Today I would like to share a very effective a powerful and above all newbie’s friendly method .Its very easy and simple to imply, you may use it as much as you want  . ok so Here is how exactly We Will Work on method.

1. Keyword search and selection.

2. CPA Offer search and selection.

3. CPA Offer review.

4. Video Creation for CPA offer.

5. Video Back linking.

Most of will get what I am talking about and set out to create and rank videos for those who want this explained step by step keep on reading this article.

• What We are Going To do

Basically this plan is about ranking a YouTube video on first page of Google . As Most of You Know its very hard to rank for a website as compared to YouTube (because YouTube is an authority website.) for high Competition Keywords. So we will take benefit from Power Of YouTube and rank a video on first page of Google and drive traffic through it to our cpa offer by putting cpa link in description of the video.

• Keyword research and selection.

First of all I would use Google adwords to find a keyword with good number of exact searches mainly with 15k+ .

• CPA Offer search and selection.

After I have selected a keyword now I would like to select a Offer relevant to the keyword.

• CPA Offer review.

One I have selected relevant offer now I would preview the offer landing page and review offer here you can use different approaches. You may review an offer by creating a how-to video or you can simply review offer and post features of the offers etc. Using a Female Voiceover in your videos will increase your Conversions. So you may Out source this task on Fiver also by paying $5 .

• Video Creation for CPA offer.

Here We Go choose whatever approach you want to use and start creating video`s using software Camstudio or even windows movie maker And upload your video on YouTube and now Make sure you put your Targeted Keyword in title , Description and tags of the video in my experience , If you put your keyword in start of the title and description of the video that is more effective.

• Video Back linking.

Now here comes most important and effective part of the guide. Back linking. Yes it works more back links your video have more ranking you get on Google and YouTube. So Build as much back links as you can use fiver or any other place use senuke x or xrumer service . Building back links help your video to rank on first page of Google. And there is now chance of getting sandboxed unlike websites.

• Tips.

You Can make ranking process much faster by social bookmarking your website and buying YouTube views from fiverr as they will push video to get its place very fast .
I also have tried  twitter bots and they really did worked for me 🙂

Have any questions or suggestions? Let me know in comments box 

How to get accepted in cpa network?

One Of the most commonly asked question when it comes to CPA Networks is how to get accepted into CPA Networks .

In my experience there are some important factors which you should keep in mind when you are applying for a cpa network.

  • Knowledge of CPA Marketing

I dont mean you should be guru in this field or what ever but at least you should have idea about cpa networks .

  • Traffic Promotion Methods

important factor , You should at least have a proper plan how you will promote offers . Give a proper plan in cpa acceptance application so approval manager at least get some idea about your traffic quality . Before applying for CPA network create a plan .

  • Phone Call

This is  most important factor as soon as you have submitted application, Start calling Network manager you can get contact information about all networks from Case you are not able to call network guys or you feel shy at least get them on Skype or AIM. Or try emailing Network Managers and there is no reason they will deny your application .And even if you are denied you can still contact them and ask them to review your application because it happens some networks do not accept publishers from   Some Countries like India and Pakistan . But I am Telling you they do Same happened with me when i was a newbie in cpa marketing And yes i got denied again and again

What type of people are denied  but i never gave up and kept on buzzing them finally i got approved in all top networks .

In case you are not fraudulent affiliate there is no reason you will get disapproved.

Here Are some Of the Newbie friendly networks you should definitely check out


What is CPA Marketing

Most frequently asked question to me by many people I meet on internet and in my daily life is what is CPA marketing or what the exactly is affiliate marketing. SO I decided to write about it on my personal blog that will save lot of my time and also theirs.

What exactly is CPA Marketing?

First of all you should know CPA stands for Cost Per Action and it refers to a type of marketing which involves generating leads/Sales for advertisers and in return advertisers give you a small number of payment for each lead or sale you generate.

Thats how exactly it works:

You get a unique link from advertiser and refer other people to advertiser’s website by giving them your link (Generate traffic). Once your referred person signs up or buys something on advertisers website you are paid a small amount of commission for referring that person. (ranging from $1 to 40 or more depends on cpa offer you are promoting)

How Marketers Promote CPA Offers?

CPA marketers (AKA affiliates ) promote cpa offers using different methods main thing which matters is your convincing power and marketing skills. Some people market CPA offers by using free methods e.g. telling people on Facebook about offer  , Creating own website and promoting offer  etc. etc and about paid methods marketers advertise offers using different advertising  platforms eg Facebook ads, yahoo ads etc  There are many guides you can find on internet about promoting cpa offers . And I will also include some of the best CPA Promotion Guides over here on this blog.

Ok so you got basic idea about CPA marketing so let’s go through how to get started.

Here  I have explained step by step how to get started .

First thing I would like to tell you is to create a proper plan how you will promote cpa offers . Once you have created plan

  1. Signup with an CPA network
  2. Choose best converting offers or choose offers which you can promote easily
  3. Drive traffic to the links given to you.

Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions by leaving a reply to this Post.