Liquid Web 35% off of a VPS for the first 6 months

I always try my best to get the best discount deals for my readers on my blog.. I am really happy to announce today that Liquid Web was kind enough to offer my blog readers 35% off of any of their VPS package for the first 6 months.

I have been using Liquid Web for a while now, Before I was using WiredTree which was acquired by Liquid Web a few months ago and even before that I was working with Beyond Hosting. I have found Liquid Web a very reliable hosting partner and have been hosting everything on Liquid Web now.  So here is the special Discount for you guys..

liquid web hosting discount

liquid web hosting discount

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Last Chance for Discounted SMX East Tickets

If you’re even thinking about going to the Search Marketing Expo (SMX East) event in New York City, you will want to buy your tickets NOW.  SMX East is being marked as the world’s largest search engine marketing conference and expo.  While it is focused on search marketing, it will be extremely valuable to affiliate marketers, digital advertisers and anyone else who is making money through the Internet.

Effective tomorrow, the prices will be doing up by $300 for an All Access conference pass.  In addition, you can save $600 if you add a workshop to your list and another 10-20% if you’re bringing other team members to the event.

Why Attend SMX East?

This is one of the best organized digital marketing conferences around, and has an excellent reputation for providing valuable information to those in attendance.  There will be over 50 sessions including keynote speakers and helpful clinics about paid search, SEO, social media, mobile marketing, analytics and much more.   Some of the items that have been announced so far include:

  • SEO Training – Learn about search engine best practices from the man who actually coined the term ‘SEO,’ Bruce Clay.
  • Social PPC – Social PPC advertising is very effective, but with this industry segment changing so quickly it is important to get effective information from competent sources.
  • Advanced AdWords – AdWords is the largest ad network around, and the information you’ll learn at this presentation will help you to get the best possible results. What you learn here can also be used on a variety of other ad networks quite effectively.

They are also planning a variety of panel discussions to cover important topics in an in depth way that you won’t find anywhere else.  Single-speaker presentations will also be available on many different topics, with Q&A sessions to follow.  You won’t find a better place to learn from the best individuals and groups in the industry.

Of course, there will also be a variety of networking events where you can meet many other like-minded marketing professionals and industry experts.  This is one of the best ways to make new and valuable business contacts as well as friends for life.

This conference is being held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York, NY.  It runs from September 29th – October 1st, 2015.  Registering today will save you hundreds of dollars and reserve your spot at this conference that is almost certainly going to sell out.  Whether you’re an accomplished digital marketer or you’re just looking to take your business to the next level, make sure you take advantage of the great price discounts that are only available for the rest of the day.

What Runs Where Exclusive Review and Discount !

As this year is now in full swing I thought it’s time to shoot out some big guns and throw a review and a new discount out for you to keep you rolling this year! What runs where!

WhatRunsWhere is a competitive intelligence service for online and mobile media buyers. A fancy way of saying, Hey! Let me show you what your competition is doing, where and how. It is one of the most  mind blowing tools in media buying and advertising… Because if you know what’s ahead, you already hold an advantage.

What Runs Where Review

Data junkie!
So when you get onto what runs where and really start playing around … You’ll see so many results, so much information and data and that’s what you need to thrive off! You need to take it all in, let it soak into your brain to saturate what you need and don’t need and then BOOM. What runs where has so much data and stats, you will need to take out a few hours to really benefit from it… And trust me, you will never regret it… They will be some of the most well used hours you have ever used!

Going back to the point, WRW tracks over 150,000 unique publishers for each country, and they also seek out the various advertisers occupying their space! They give you data for 15 different countries including the UK, USA, Canada, Austrailia, Brazil, Germany, France, Russia,Spain and many more! So from their initial 4,5 common ones like the UK and USA a few years ago, they have expanded their reach to give you more! Their data, no matter which country, is freshly updated daily… So you’re get the real cream of the milk and not curd in your custard!
However you can also whisk back up to 4years, incase you like to compare trends and patterns!

WhatRunsWhere allows you to scrape through advertisers and publishers, tracking exact domains and traffic sources, or maybe you’ll discover a traffic source that’s working in YOUR niche or certain campaign, but you just didn’t know it was?! That’s the beauty of spying on your competition, you can see what’s being done, works well and do the same, but maybe better!!

So get your analysis hat on, get your eagle eyes and cup of coffee and get on this beast! I promise you won’t regret it ….

And oh discounts you ask? Well when have we ever disappointed on that?

We have an Exclusive WhatRunsWhere deals set up EXCLUSIVELY for you!

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These are  only available for 30days so grab them quick and get the head start YOUR campaigns need!


P.S. I will be delivering a bonus top 10 tips for the best landing pages session with every purchase, email us for more details!

Box OF Ads Display Pro Review coupon included

Box of ads is a tool i always use and also recommend it to people looking for spy tools or those having difficulty with finding the perfect targets for their PPV Campaigns. Recently they have updated their Display tool which was launched a couple of months ago , With this new update Now Box of ads is no less then any other media buying competitive intelligence tools. In fact Box of Ads is much more cheaper in price and easy to use and much more detailed as compared to its competition. When i was informed about this new update by the Lukasz Jasiak i was very excited and started testing their new features . And they did n`t disappoint me at all ..

boxofads media buy spy tool

I started my test with searching for into search bar and it turned out with the list of their advertising URLs and sub-domain . Being a scrapper BOA also scrapped some un related websites as well and on asking BOA team they told me they are working on it and will update once they fix it  ..   As seen in screenshot above the Spy tool displays information about three things, Display ads used by the advertiser or the banners, Text Ads and it shows list of publisher websites a website is being advertised on and finally the landing pages being used for the campaign.

box of ads display ads

In display ads section, The tool will get all of the banners being used by the advertiser on his campaigns and also show its stats and how well this banner has been performing and where, on which website this banner was advertised as well. This way it provides a very detailed information about banners being used by an advertising and what kind of banners are being successful. With information about landing pages which were used as well as the countries most of traffic came from and top performing keywords for that banner . Which makes this tool a very powerful source for the media buyers where they can get info about what kind of banners their competition is using, What kind of website they are targeting as well as information about their landing pages also.

box of ads text ads

In Text ads section,The tools will scrape the text ads being advertised all over the internet and shows information about top publishers , top networks used to advertise text ad,Top 50 keywords ,Weekly trends with list of publishers  also including the number of clicks they generated as well as the landing pages used for the campaign and the number of clicks sent to that landing page.  Also this section shows they countries from where the advertiser is buying traffic most.  This is a great tool for the PPC advertisers as well as they can exactly know what kind ads their competition is running while showing about their ad copies, keywords , Traffic networks  and landing pages they use in fact this tool will get all the data related to your competition and put it in front of you ..

Over DISPLAY PRO is a great tool for not only Media buyers but also for the PPC advertisers and also PPV advertisers can take benefit from it as well and find a list of URLs of  the advertisers in their niche driving paid traffic . As compared to other Media Buying and PPC Spy tools Box Of Ads DISPLAY PRO is a much more cheaper solution and provides same information as other major tools in the industry . They are offering this amazing tool for only $147/month

Use Kj Rocker Special Coupon and get Box of ads Display Pro at only $99/month with one month free trail

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Affplaybook New discount code

affplaybookHey guys as are aware AffplayBook is one of the best Private Forum for CPA Affiliates specially for those who run PPV traffic. David the owner of the forum was kind enough to offer a special $10 off recurring discount coupon to our readers , You can have a look at my AffPlaybook review here and also my interview with the Owner of the forum David here .

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We also have discount coupon codes for Beyond Hosting , CPV LAB and Box of Ads which are given below !

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Beyond Hosting 50% Discount for 6 months

Hey guys here is a present for you from Beyond hosting for readers , 50% off to Kj Rocker readers for 6 months on VPS Beyond Hosting Starter / Hybrid package. We highly recommend beyond hosting for hosting your landing pages and trackers and we personally use them for hosting our own campaign lander and trackers .

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Box of ads Discount codes

boxofadsHey everyone i hope you remember my review about Box of Ads i posted back in April 2013, Since that time i have been using Box Of Ads to get new ideas and learn about angles i can use with my PPV & Media buying campaigns and i really love this tool, and they were also kind to sponsor my recent give away where they offered life time membership to one of my contest winners.   And feed back i received from you guys was awesome and  most of you were looking for exclusive discount .

You asked for it and i am delivering it  !!! After receiving many requests for special discount code i once again got back to BOA team and got an exclusive deal for my readers .

$50 off on Box of ads   MediaBuy Free Trial, MediaBuy Pro … Click here to Avail

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Box OF Ads Display Pro Review coupon included



Kj Rocker Contest Winners Announced! Prizes worth $900

Hey there guys i know many of you was wondering  and even a few of you asked me, Where is the  KJ Rocker Giveaway Contest winner announcement post , well i do apologize for 7days delay. This delay was caused due to late replies from a few winners and i was making sure they get what they are promised .

Before i continue and announce names i would like to thank again all sponsors for helping me make this Giveaway Successful. We gave away prizes worth $900 (Life Time memberships by Boxofads and Affiliatefix dojo are priceless  ).

Giveaway contest

How winners were selected

There were total 59 entries in the contest and i gave every entry a random number between 1-59 and using Math Goodies,  And the contestants having those 6 numbers were selected as winners .

If your name is not in the list of winners you can still enjoy exclusive deals for readers ..

50% off on beyond hosting for first 6 months  Click here

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So who won ?


Box Of Ads Life time membership

Winner Name : Haris Muhammad    

Affiliate fix Dojo  Life time membership

Winner Name : Afif

CPVLAB one year free license

Winner Name : Honey Syed

Affplaybook one month free membership

Winner Name : Alex

Beyond hosting Starter VPS Package

Winner Name: Diana Kipka  <still waiting for your response)

Free CPA Marketing/Affiliate marketing consultation over Skype from me.

Winner : Tony


KjRocker Giveaway contest

5 ppv tipsHey guys its my blog`s third birthday and as a thank you for reading my blog and helping me make it successful , I have created a Free Giveaway contest and i would like to thank all our contest sponsors for helping us to make it happen, Specially Oliver Kenyon from Affiliate Fix, Lukasz Jasiak From Box of Ads and CPVLAB team .


Okay so here are the prizes :

•   (1) Free Affiliate fix the dojo membership (lifetime membership )
•   (1) Box of ads Membership (lifetime membership )
•    (1)CPVLAB (one year free license )
•    (1)Affplaybook (one month free membership)
•    (1)Beyond hosting Starter VPS Package (first month free , 50% off rest of 5 months)
•    (1)Free CPA Marketing/Affiliate marketing consultation over Skype from me (2 Hours )

Contest ends on 31st October 2013

How to Participate:

In order to participate you must  complete this one simple step.

share this contest on Facebook ,Twitter,Google plus or blog post or on any forum  and provide proof that you shared this post by replying  using comments section below to this post with link to your post!

The post must NOT be deleted after any amount of time.
and provide us proof by replying with link to your posts  in comments below

Contest ends on 31st October 2013

Get 50% off for 6 months On Beyond Hosting

That`s rite the best hosting service for traffic trackers  Beyond Hosting is offering 50% off to Kj Rocker readers for 6 months on VPS Beyond Hosting Starter / Hybrid package,The hybrid (Starter Package ) is the best option for affiliates and it  can handle up to 50K visitors in a day.

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AffPlaybook Private Forum Discount Code

Good news for readers David owner of AFFPlaybook  Private forum was kind enough to share a discount coupon with us.  To avail this coupon code first click here SIGNUP and use coupon code 7CC651CD this will get you $10 off on affplaybook forum .

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