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What Runs Where Exclusive Review and Discount !

As this year is now in full swing I thought it’s time to shoot out some big guns and throw a review and a new discount out for you to keep you rolling this year! What runs where!

WhatRunsWhere is a competitive intelligence service for online and mobile media buyers. A fancy way of saying, Hey! Let me show you what your competition is doing, where and how. It is one of the most  mind blowing tools in media buying and advertising… Because if you know what’s ahead, you already hold an advantage.

What Runs Where Review

Data junkie!
So when you get onto what runs where and really start playing around … You’ll see so many results, so much information and data and that’s what you need to thrive off! You need to take it all in, let it soak into your brain to saturate what you need and don’t need and then BOOM. What runs where has so much data and stats, you will need to take out a few hours to really benefit from it… And trust me, you will never regret it… They will be some of the most well used hours you have ever used!

Going back to the point, WRW tracks over 150,000 unique publishers for each country, and they also seek out the various advertisers occupying their space! They give you data for 15 different countries including the UK, USA, Canada, Austrailia, Brazil, Germany, France, Russia,Spain and many more! So from their initial 4,5 common ones like the UK and USA a few years ago, they have expanded their reach to give you more! Their data, no matter which country, is freshly updated daily… So you’re get the real cream of the milk and not curd in your custard!
However you can also whisk back up to 4years, incase you like to compare trends and patterns!

WhatRunsWhere allows you to scrape through advertisers and publishers, tracking exact domains and traffic sources, or maybe you’ll discover a traffic source that’s working in YOUR niche or certain campaign, but you just didn’t know it was?! That’s the beauty of spying on your competition, you can see what’s being done, works well and do the same, but maybe better!!

So get your analysis hat on, get your eagle eyes and cup of coffee and get on this beast! I promise you won’t regret it ….

And oh discounts you ask? Well when have we ever disappointed on that?

We have an Exclusive WhatRunsWhere deals set up EXCLUSIVELY for you!

3 months for the price of 2… REEDEM HERE


6months for the price of 4..          REEDEEM HERE

These are  only available for 30days so grab them quick and get the head start YOUR campaigns need!

P.S. I will be delivering a bonus top 10 tips for the best landing pages session with every purchase, email us for more details!

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