Fp Traffic Tutorial and Review

Fp Traffic is something which always caught my eye however due to busy schedule I always kept on delaying my plans to check it out, Finally last week after reading one of the Luke’s Posts I decided to give this tool a go and signed up for it, As I was looking to increase the engagement rate for my Dubai Blog’s Fan Page. This was a project I started as a hobby and because of which I always get free hotel stays and free opportunities to check out stuff related to travel industry for free ( I will talk about it some other day in a separate post) . Anyways one of things I always faced was lack of following on the blog’s fan page and wanted to build its following up so that’s how I come to Fp Traffic.

I have been using buffer for twitter before to schedule my tweets before and it gave amazing results however one thing I noticed that they only allow you to add tweets they have chosen into the schedule which limits everything however one thing I learned from buffer was that posting regular and engaging content is crucial for growth, And to keep on posting regularly either you will have to use Buffer or Hire some one for this job which is not an economical option considering you just need someone who keeps on posting content for you on social media .

This led me to try out Fp Traffic and the results I have got so far have really surprised me, Not only with engagement rate but also with how it helped me to decrease my advertising costs on Facebook.. Along with that there are plenty of guides from Luke available about fan growth , monetization and Facebook advertising as well as they have a separate Facebook Group where users share their experience about Facebook advertising and monetization .

Here is a quick video I did for this tool where I share my experience with using Fp tool for my blog fan page , Hope you will find it helpful ..

fp traffic stats

** Red link contains my affiliate Link and Blue link is not without affiliate link either!
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AdsBridge traffic tracker and landing page builder Review

Running successful ad campaigns can be difficult even for the most successful of marketers.  The world of affiliate marketing and advertising is constantly evolving, and competition is becoming stiffer all the time.  This is why an effective marketer needs to have every advantage possible working for them.  One of the most important things you can do is begin tracking all the information related to each campaign to ensure you are making decisions based on accurate figures.

There are many tools out there that can help you to gather information about your marketing efforts.  Finding one that can give you options for learning about where your traffic is coming from with real time stats about keywords, clicks, revenues, costs and much more is absolutely essential.  For many, AdsBridge is the perfect solution considering its Price, Features and user friendly UI.  Before you dive into this or any tracking tool, you’ll want to learn as much as you can about it.

Adsbridge Traffic Tracker


The following review will provide you with some key insights about the tool so you can make an educated decision about whether or not it is right for your affiliate campaigns.

What can AdsBridge Do?

AdsBridge is not your normal ad tracking platform.  It can actually do a wide range of other things that will help keep all your decision making information together in one place.  The following are the key components of AdsBridge that you need to be aware of:

  • Tracking Ad Campaigns – This portion of the program allows you to track virtually every aspect of your ad campaigns so you can see how they are performing.
  • Split Testing – You can run different types of landing pages and also split test different offers to see which ones are producing the best results for you.
  • Creating Landing Pages – This feature will help you to create great looking landing pages that are proven to convert well.

AdsBridge Landing Page Creator

  • Automatic Campaigns Optimization – This feature uses algorithms that automatically and accurately evaluates and monitors your campaigns’ progress and statistics. So you could determine which landing pages and offers are performing better.
  • Having all three of these tools combined into one program is a great way to manage almost everything related to your marketing efforts in one convenient place. To my knowledge there are no other programs that combine these three options into one.

AdsBridge Landing Page Creator

The first portion of the AdsBridge program will help you to make a high quality landing page.  The landing page is an essential part of any ad campaign because if it can’t convert traffic into sales it doesn’t matter how good your ads are, you will never make any money.

The AdsBridge platform has a wide-range of landing page templates that you can use to create your own custom page.  The templates themselves were chosen because they are tested and proven to be effective at converting traffic into sales.  The templates can be customized with your own images, text, videos and other useful components that all combine to form a high-converting landing page that you will love.  Most landing page creation services today charge a monthly subscription fee, but this one is included with the AdsBridge program.

Adsbridge Landing Page Builder


AdsBridge Traffic Tracking

Once you’ve got your landing page up and running, you will want to start tracking the traffic that is sent to it.  Whether you’re running advertisements or relying on some type of organic traffic, learning all you can is absolutely essential.  The tool will track all the most important information about your traffic including the following:

  • Geographic Location – Where your visitors are physically located.
  • Traffic Source – What lead the visitors to your site? Tracking how people got to your site can be an invaluable source of information when planning ad campaigns.
  • Traffic Type – This feature allows you to track Web and Mobile traffic showing you the details about Device type, Browser technology, ISP etc

Within this section of the tool you will be able to take this information and use it to improve your ad campaigns.  You can create campaigns that will target specific types of users based on things like where they are from, what language they use on browser, the type of device or OS they use and much more.  You can also create ad campaigns that only run during certain times of the day or days of the week.

Using a simple tracking pixel system you can track which users are browsing to your sales page and what they are doing from there.  This can help you to identify what type of traffic is converting the best so you can adjust your marketing strategies.  The best part?  This is all done in real time!

Of course, there is also extensive reporting that will organize all of this type of information into one convenient and easy to read place.  This can help you with planning long term strategies to bring your site the best possible traffic and ensure it converts well.

Adsbridge traffic tracker

Split Testing

Finally, the program also includes a variety of options for performing split testing on your landing pages or advertising campaigns.  Split testing is a proven way to learn what works best for your particular business.  Running two landing pages, for example, and directing half of your traffic to each will let you see which one works better.

Is AdsBridge Effective

While it is certainly clear that AdsBridge has a lot of features, the big question is whether or not it is an effective tool in building your business.  On the one hand, this program really has only a few little features that can’t be found in any other tools on the market today.  On the other hand, however, they have done an exceptional job at combining multiple useful tools into one platform.

Having all of these tools and features in one program is in itself a huge benefit.  The different tools can interact, which makes them all more powerful and effective than they could be on their own.  In addition, the price of this tool is lower than many competitor options that offer only one or two of the features contained in AdsBridge. The bottom line is this is a great option for anyone who is looking to manage their sites and ad campaigns from one convenient location.

Final conclusion :

I have been testing AdsBridge for a while now and so far it has proved to be a great tracking solution, It for sure has ability to handle high volume of traffic. A few of its other features also include “Hide referrer” which helps you to hide your traffic referrer, “Custom redirect domain” which allows you to use your own custom domain instead of default one. The biggest edge AdsBridge has over rest of its competitors is its monthly price which makes it affordable for all kind of affiliates fro beginners to those who run high volume traffic campaigns.

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StackThatMoney Sucks

When it comes to affiliate marketing forums, I am not a big fan and I am not active on any of the forums I have membership with. However during Adsimilis Dubai Meetup I heard a lot about Stack That Money forum from many people who were talking about STM and how amazing it was. I had already signed up with the forum back in 2012 but never bothered to activate it,  However on the 30th of September I finally joined the forum as an active member!

My experience with StackThatMoney Forum.

I would advise my readers to join stackthatmoney forum because it is for full time affiliates and  internet entrepreneurs in the affiliate  industry and it has produced people like Benjamin Yong a super affiliate from Asia ,  See below what Mr Green Says about him ..


Benjamin Yong stack that money

And there are many countless success stories you can find in their success stories section.

stack that money

So why did I say it sucks? Because it does! But to the extent that it is truly amazing! Reverse Psychology!

Stack that money forum has almost 178,206 posts and around 5953 members and what makes it different from all other forums is its members are very active and the quality of the information this forum is offering. What makes it different from other forums (i am member of many other forums which i reviewed here and there are many i haven’t talked about ) is its members, They are serious affiliates and business owners who are not here to make a quick buck instead they are working towards building successful businesses and many of them are already running successful business. You will find many people who represent networks, Traffic Networks,  Service providers sharing their experiences about building successful businesses, Affiliate campaigns, Product creation and much more ..

Definitely Stack That Money sucks because it offers too much information for an average joe who wants to earn a quick buck but is not willing to spend money towards his education. So if you are not willing to take affiliate marketing seriously please close this window, However if you are serious about building a long term business and long term income stream keep reading …

Many people, when joining forums, loose interest easily and hardly log-in to the forums they are members with because most of the time they have same topics and people keep discussing same things again and again. But on stack that money forum you always learn about something new, whether its related to traffic arbitrage , Affiliate campaigns or something else.

But wait, there are many super affiliates who actually revealed their  full campaigns. The tips being shared related to different traffic sources are simply priceless in fact there were many things i wasn’t aware of and when i implemented them in my campaigns they turned out pretty good and boosted my ROI.  Especially the scripts being shared on the forum. They also host regular meetups so you can get a chance to make a super affiliate drunk and ask about his secrets (Actually someone shared this cool tip during Adsimilis Meetup Dubai ).


I love the fact that there are many new things being discussed in the forum. As this industry keeps evolving so it is a must for us to grab when ever we see such new opportunities and make most out of them as Abraham Lincoln said “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.


If used properly forums could turn out to be a great source of socializing with the other liked minded people and make contacts. It doesn’t matter if you make contacts with fellow affiliates or representatives from different traffic sources and affiliate networks, you can easily exchange information from them with your campaigns and increase your profits. Stack That Money is exactly that kind of forum where they bring affiliates closer to each other so they can share their experiences and their secrets with others.  Successful affiliates actually help small affiliates and help them succeed.

Mostly affiliates are a “one man army” and they hesitate to share and reveal their secrets to anyone else, where as if they can find and make contacts with a few good liked minded people they can really do well. If you can find a few people like yourself who are willing to work with you and team up with you, you can boost your earnings and make more money than before. However finding such people is a tough job and what i learned after joining with Stack That Money forum is that you can easily find liked minded people from there. Over all it is a great forum with serious people who know what they are doing and are willing to help their fellows and share their knowledge with others .

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Squeeze Matic To The Rescueee!

Hey everyone!

Today I am very excited about offering you an insight into Squeeze Matic because it is about something I always recommend to all the affiliates, something we at Kj Rocker use focus most and I regret I didn’t started doing it at very beginning!

Now, let me run you through how this product is an essential part of your campaigns and marketing…

list building,squeeze page and mailing list

But as an introduction I would like to share with you my personal experiences with list building and its effectiveness. Before I started list building I was driving direct traffic to the offers and doing pretty well but then I realized I was missing something. Once you send direct traffic to the advertiser without capturing the details of your prospects you cannot reach them again, and if you want to you will have to advertise again. That simply means you are leaving lots of money on the table. In case you want to reach those prospects again you will have to advertise again, also if you own a list related to a niche you already know that they are interested in your niche and are much easier to convert and lead quality is also amazing. Your advertisers will love the lead quality as well.

Moving on…..

Firstly, we all know creating squeeze pages can be expensive (when hiring). tedious (when trying to perfect them ourselves) and sometimes confusing (if you don’t have the correct programming knowledge).

So ladies and gentleman, put down your war guns and break those brain racking rods, because “SqueezeMatic” is here to save you! With over 200 graphics and a wide variety of templates and it’s drag and drop interface, one can create professional, and quality squeeze pages in no time! These squeeze pages can then be automatically uploaded onto Facebook using the fast and effective programming Bret has built up for you guys!

Don’t settle for less when you can have more!

Now as a little extra let’s go over to a few questions I asked kj about squeeze pages;

1. Why do you think squeeze pages are effective?

They push people to subscribe and they are much more about lead generation, they attract people to give you their information.

2. How do you use squeeze pages?

To generate leads for my clients and for the purposes of affiliate marketing

3. Why do you think they are better than other ways?

You can retain information of clients and possible leads, it is cost effective, rather than paying for ads over and over again.

So there you have it, why not go check it out for yourself?



Affportal Internet Marketing Tools Review

I have been using Affportal Internet Marketing Tools since i joined the Affplaybook forum and i really loved them as they solved many of my problems specifically when it comes to scrapping targets for my PPV campaigns , Gathering keywords for my Pay per call campaigns and seo analysis of my niche sites, It is a tool i use on regular basis so i thought i should do a review about these amazing tools which have made my life very easier. Its owner Corey is  very well known guy and knows what he is talking about and he himself is a great marketer and  regularly hosts webminars where he talks about different traffic sources  i attended his RTB webminar on Affplaybook and it was very informative and learned a lot form it about RTB.

Weather you use PPV , PPC ,SEO  Or RTB platforms to run traffic to your offers Affportal provides all necessary tools which can help you to make your campaigns successful and more then that profitable. Lets have a look at a few noticeable tools they have …



Advertiser Scraper

This is one of my most favorite options as this gives us ability to  target the those Ad sense publisher websites which sending traffic to a specific advertiser on Google using adsense, For example lets say if i want to promote Groupon USA , I will use this tool to determine which websites from adsense are sending them most traffic and target those websites with my PPV advertisements.

Alexa Scraper

Another great tool which makes life easy for scrapping top Alexa results automatically related to a specific keyword. I always try to get list of websites with less then 100000Alexa ranking however  sometimes i don’t mind even going for sites with less then 1000000 Alexa ranking to gather high traffic urls.

Competition Scraper

This is another great tool which helps to get a list of related sites to the offer , This is basically a SEO tool returns up to 500 direct competitors in organic search by comparing the number of similar keywords that they organically rank for in the top 20 results.

Here is a screenshot of all PPV Tools


Click to Enlarge


PPC Tools

Bing Suggest

Being a bing user i really love to use Bing suggest tool which is a great help in finding related keywords to the campaigns with low bids and more traffic.

Keyword List Builder

Keyword list builder is a tool which is used to build a list of long tail and short tail  keywords

Given below is a complete list of PPC Tools in screenshot


Click to Enlarge

Other include PPV Landing page builder, Banner builder , and many other SEO tools . Affportal is a great tool if you are having trouble with finding right targets for your PPV Campaigns , gathering list of keywords for your PPC campaigns and  also for seo analysis of your websites specially at its price of $37/moth i think it is the cheapest most solution available in the market

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Fb Lead Chef Review

Hey guys,

Miss rocker here, back with something to get you the leads you want… But this time I have taken feedback into account and I will be giving you some more background knowledge about the buildup and benefits of the basis of this product before I tell you what it is!

So I did my research the time and was looking at a few sites and I am giving you something that we have discussed previously on our blog; CUSTOM AUDIENCES (In reference to Facebook Ads).
Facebook is one of the strongest, if not THE strongest social media site these days. There are millions and millions of users each day; from different ends of the world, different cultures, religions and people with different personalities and interests. Where could you get so much diversity?
So let’s talk about Facebook as a social media site, rather than as a tool for advertising….

Let me take you back in time… If you are a constant reader or subscriber you will remember our article (Referenced above) about how custom audiences make big money on Facebook! This is a method that helps you target people who are already in a group related to a certain interest, so you are not second guessing with Facebook, you know where they are coming from, right from the horse’s mouth!
For example, a person who likes a CPA pages shows he has an interest or likes the topic right? So why not get those people who are genuinely interest? Sound good? Then read on and this product is for YOU my friend…

Moving on to the product “FB LEAD CHEF”…

FB lead chef Is introduced as a “Social Intelligence marketing”…. I don’t know about you but when I first read this I got chills up my spine and wanted to know more!!
This product is a software that helps you use the tools Facebook have created for your own marketing to convert like crazy!

So let’s go back to the groups and events that are put together on Facebook, because liking a page is old school, people are making groups and starting events these days! So how would you like to get in on that info? Get it in on those groups and events to use for YOUR marketing? Fb lead chef is going to take you there…… Not only are you going to find people that are truly passionate about your niche…. But you can get access to their information; emails for YOUR LIST!

So what are you waiting for? Don’t waste your time waiting for a google ad to convert, waiting for a page to get a certain amount of likes or building a list from a subscription that you know ip isn’t going to work, let FB KEAD CHEF HELP YOU!

From the dedicated development team, to the quality assurance support team to the team over at Facebook, you have a 110% assurance of support and complaints procedures, problem solvers are ready for your feedback and there is teams of people that are there to answer any questions you may have….


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Evergreen Cash Machine Review

Hey guys!

So it has been a while since we have offered you something smashing, that’s because here at kjrocker.com, we like to offer you “ONLY THE BEST” and this product just couldn’t go a miss because it is a fantastic collaboration! That’s right… James Renouf and Jeremy Kenedy have made something special for you guys! “An evergreen system eve for the FRESHEST newbie can earn from for years”, this method is something unique, not something that is there to show off or try to beat the rest! The definition of “evergreen” from these two superhits is “something that can peform a given action over and over again SUCCESSFULLY, for profit relies on basic principles that have been around for a while right?”

These to are giving you how it is and it is even good for you experts to have a gander at and maybe “tweek” the way you do thing…. there’s always room for improvement right? They go through things that are important; time and methodology and not expertise, because you don’t need to be an expert to know the methods and be able to perform them well. Maybe you fancy a bit of mobile app’ing? List building bonanza? “anxious to build high traffic?” The possibilities are really endless and limitless with this product… because it doesnt matter WHO you are… or WHAT you do… It’s EVERGREEN that matters!!

Ok so maybe you think it’s a bit old or some random theory? STOP, I have tried and tested this on a few people and woahhhh did they like it 🙂 You just need to try things!

This wasn’t designed for a luanch but they used it themselves then wanted to share! Because as we say here at kjrocker.com…




Box Of Ads Is Actually Box Of Money!

Yes, you read it right , Box of Ads is Box of money! So many times I have been asked kj what is the best competitive research tool for PPV advertisers which helps you to stay ahead of the competition. A PPV Spying tool, which will help you to determine what’s working on PPV and what landing pages are being used.

Where Box Of Ads can help ?

If you are starting a new campaign and looking for ideas where to start this is the best tool which will help you to determine.

  • What type of sites you should target
  • How your landing pages should look like
  • What PPV Network is being used
  • What offers are working well

Or if you are looking to spy on your competitors by using box of ads you will be able to know

  • What type of landing pages your competitors are using?
  • What keywords your competitors are using.
  • What offer you’re your competitor is promoting.
  • What else your competition promote.
  • Duration of ads since they are live
  • And on what date they started and ended campaigns.

Features of Box Of Ads

Ok so that was all what box of ads is about now let’s have a look at its features .

Here is how it looks like when you are logged in .


Click to show full image

As you can see it not only offers you to target Using targets (keywords ) , Trackers  but also by landing page (offer lp ) and also lets you select which ppv network you are looking to spy on Traffic Vance or Lead Impact . And also lets you choose start and end date so you can only get those campaigns which are currently being run.

 box of ads review

Click to show full image


In above screenshot as you can see I typed in warriorforum and it s showing the advertisers on PPV who are targeting warrior forum .

Here is how it looks like when I click on one of those campaigns

 box of ads ppv spy

Click to show full image

  1. As you can see here It shows targets (keywords/sites) advertiser is targeting.
  2. Other campaigns being run by the advertiser (owned)
  3. Date and Time when campaign data was captured
  4. Traffic source
  5. Age of campaign (also notice above it start and last seen  date )
  6. Target
  7. Landing page url
  8. Tracker link

In advertiser campaigns tab it shows all the campaigns like this

 box of ads spy tool

Click to show full image


And this is how target tab looks where you can see what targets advertiser is targeting.


ppv target spy tool box of ads

Click to show full image

So ready to roll ?  Click here now and signup with Box Of Ads Now and get 7days Free Trail. And $199/ Month after that but wait! You are on Kj Rocker` s Blog  rite ?  So here you go use coupon BOAKJR52 and get 52$ off from monthly subscription.



Enjoy !

Affplaybook Forum Coupon

If you are aware of affiliate marketing specially CPA industry than you are maybe already  aware of Aff Playbook a private affiliate forum specially focusing on making money in CPA Industry . You can also read my review about Aff Playbook forum and see whats inside aff playbook forum here .

Anyways i was able to get in touch with David owner of  Aff Playbook to get a special discount Coupon for you guys which will get you $10 off  from regular price . To  avail this coupon code first click here   SIGNUP and use coupon code 20C0E99A4A this will get you $10 off on Aff Playbook forum .


CPA Massive Monsoon review

Hey there everybody!


So it’s just gone Christmas and you’re almost pockets out, well don’t worry! The perfect WSO to start your online job is now available..

It covers everything from media buying to tracking and finding the sites you need to earn to big bucks, and much more!

The WSO was created by a fine man called Isaac Burks, a successful market or who wants to share his knowledge with you all!! He goes through topics in enough detail for you to understand and carry out the work needed, but he also uses simplicity, so you are not reading a lord of the rings trilogy book (big thick book, for all those who are jot familiar with lord of the rings).

Burks uses print screens to demonstrate ideas and tips, his success could be you Tommorow!

So if you think you have what it takes to dedicate a few hours a day, after buying Isaac’s CPA Massive Monsoon, if you want to earn some big bucks to recover from an expensive Christmas, or even build a budget for next year.. Go ahead.. Purchase this wonderful WSO and use it, make your future stable.




Free URL Scrapper for PPV

Hey guys ,First of all i would like to apologize for not updating my blog frequently as i just reached UK and  i am taking my time to settle and for sure it takes a bit time . So i am a bit busy in sorting out my own personal life stuff , Coming back to today’s post , Today’s post is about a Google results scrapper crated y a friend of mine mateen from Smart PPV and it is 100% free to use for you , I get many emails where people do ask where to get targets etc so this one tool can surely help you out to find winning targets easily. I have tested many scrappers but this is one which i found most fastest in its operations, Here is the video if youw ant to watch ,


*** Sorry for distortion and other disturbance in voice

 Click Here to visit Smart PPV Now !

DO let me know your thoughts by leaving comments below .