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Fp Traffic is something which always caught my eye however due to busy schedule I always kept on delaying my plans to check it out, Finally last week after reading one of the Luke’s Posts I decided to give this tool a go and signed up for it, As I was looking to increase the engagement rate for my Dubai Blog’s Fan Page. This was a project I started as a hobby and because of which I always get free hotel stays and free opportunities to check out stuff related to travel industry for free ( I will talk about it some other day in a separate post) . Anyways one of things I always faced was lack of following on the blog’s fan page and wanted to build its following up so that’s how I come to Fp Traffic.

I have been using buffer for twitter before to schedule my tweets before and it gave amazing results however one thing I noticed that they only allow you to add tweets they have chosen into the schedule which limits everything however one thing I learned from buffer was that posting regular and engaging content is crucial for growth, And to keep on posting regularly either you will have to use Buffer or Hire some one for this job which is not an economical option considering you just need someone who keeps on posting content for you on social media .

This led me to try out Fp Traffic and the results I have got so far have really surprised me, Not only with engagement rate but also with how it helped me to decrease my advertising costs on Facebook.. Along with that there are plenty of guides from Luke available about fan growth , monetization and Facebook advertising as well as they have a separate Facebook Group where users share their experience about Facebook advertising and monetization .

Here is a quick video I did for this tool where I share my experience with using Fp tool for my blog fan page , Hope you will find it helpful ..

fp traffic stats

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