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When it comes to affiliate marketing forums, I am not a big fan and I am not active on any of the forums I have membership with. However during Adsimilis Dubai Meetup I heard a lot about Stack That Money forum from many people who were talking about STM and how amazing it was. I had already signed up with the forum back in 2012 but never bothered to activate it,  However on the 30th of September I finally joined the forum as an active member!

My experience with StackThatMoney Forum.

I would advise my readers to join stackthatmoney forum because it is for full time affiliates and  internet entrepreneurs in the affiliate  industry and it has produced people like Benjamin Yong a super affiliate from Asia ,  See below what Mr Green Says about him ..

Benjamin Yong stack that money

And there are many countless success stories you can find in their success stories section.

stack that money

So why did I say it sucks? Because it does! But to the extent that it is truly amazing! Reverse Psychology!

Stack that money forum has almost 178,206 posts and around 5953 members and what makes it different from all other forums is its members are very active and the quality of the information this forum is offering. What makes it different from other forums (i am member of many other forums which i reviewed here and there are many i haven’t talked about ) is its members, They are serious affiliates and business owners who are not here to make a quick buck instead they are working towards building successful businesses and many of them are already running successful business. You will find many people who represent networks, Traffic Networks,  Service providers sharing their experiences about building successful businesses, Affiliate campaigns, Product creation and much more ..

Definitely Stack That Money sucks because it offers too much information for an average joe who wants to earn a quick buck but is not willing to spend money towards his education. So if you are not willing to take affiliate marketing seriously please close this window, However if you are serious about building a long term business and long term income stream keep reading …

Many people, when joining forums, loose interest easily and hardly log-in to the forums they are members with because most of the time they have same topics and people keep discussing same things again and again. But on stack that money forum you always learn about something new, whether its related to traffic arbitrage , Affiliate campaigns or something else.

But wait, there are many super affiliates who actually revealed their  full campaigns. The tips being shared related to different traffic sources are simply priceless in fact there were many things i wasn’t aware of and when i implemented them in my campaigns they turned out pretty good and boosted my ROI.  Especially the scripts being shared on the forum. They also host regular meetups so you can get a chance to make a super affiliate drunk and ask about his secrets (Actually someone shared this cool tip during Adsimilis Meetup Dubai ).


I love the fact that there are many new things being discussed in the forum. As this industry keeps evolving so it is a must for us to grab when ever we see such new opportunities and make most out of them as Abraham Lincoln said “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.


If used properly forums could turn out to be a great source of socializing with the other liked minded people and make contacts. It doesn’t matter if you make contacts with fellow affiliates or representatives from different traffic sources and affiliate networks, you can easily exchange information from them with your campaigns and increase your profits. Stack That Money is exactly that kind of forum where they bring affiliates closer to each other so they can share their experiences and their secrets with others.  Successful affiliates actually help small affiliates and help them succeed.

Mostly affiliates are a “one man army” and they hesitate to share and reveal their secrets to anyone else, where as if they can find and make contacts with a few good liked minded people they can really do well. If you can find a few people like yourself who are willing to work with you and team up with you, you can boost your earnings and make more money than before. However finding such people is a tough job and what i learned after joining with Stack That Money forum is that you can easily find liked minded people from there. Over all it is a great forum with serious people who know what they are doing and are willing to help their fellows and share their knowledge with others .

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