AdsBridge traffic tracker and landing page builder Review

Running successful ad campaigns can be difficult even for the most successful of marketers.  The world of affiliate marketing and advertising is constantly evolving, and competition is becoming stiffer all the time.  This is why an effective marketer needs to have every advantage possible working for them.  One of the most important things you can do is begin tracking all the information related to each campaign to ensure you are making decisions based on accurate figures.

There are many tools out there that can help you to gather information about your marketing efforts.  Finding one that can give you options for learning about where your traffic is coming from with real time stats about keywords, clicks, revenues, costs and much more is absolutely essential.  For many, AdsBridge is the perfect solution considering its Price, Features and user friendly UI.  Before you dive into this or any tracking tool, you’ll want to learn as much as you can about it.

Adsbridge Traffic Tracker


The following review will provide you with some key insights about the tool so you can make an educated decision about whether or not it is right for your affiliate campaigns.

What can AdsBridge Do?

AdsBridge is not your normal ad tracking platform.  It can actually do a wide range of other things that will help keep all your decision making information together in one place.  The following are the key components of AdsBridge that you need to be aware of:

  • Tracking Ad Campaigns – This portion of the program allows you to track virtually every aspect of your ad campaigns so you can see how they are performing.
  • Split Testing – You can run different types of landing pages and also split test different offers to see which ones are producing the best results for you.
  • Creating Landing Pages – This feature will help you to create great looking landing pages that are proven to convert well.

AdsBridge Landing Page Creator

  • Automatic Campaigns Optimization – This feature uses algorithms that automatically and accurately evaluates and monitors your campaigns’ progress and statistics. So you could determine which landing pages and offers are performing better.
  • Having all three of these tools combined into one program is a great way to manage almost everything related to your marketing efforts in one convenient place. To my knowledge there are no other programs that combine these three options into one.

AdsBridge Landing Page Creator

The first portion of the AdsBridge program will help you to make a high quality landing page.  The landing page is an essential part of any ad campaign because if it can’t convert traffic into sales it doesn’t matter how good your ads are, you will never make any money.

The AdsBridge platform has a wide-range of landing page templates that you can use to create your own custom page.  The templates themselves were chosen because they are tested and proven to be effective at converting traffic into sales.  The templates can be customized with your own images, text, videos and other useful components that all combine to form a high-converting landing page that you will love.  Most landing page creation services today charge a monthly subscription fee, but this one is included with the AdsBridge program.

Adsbridge Landing Page Builder


AdsBridge Traffic Tracking

Once you’ve got your landing page up and running, you will want to start tracking the traffic that is sent to it.  Whether you’re running advertisements or relying on some type of organic traffic, learning all you can is absolutely essential.  The tool will track all the most important information about your traffic including the following:

  • Geographic Location – Where your visitors are physically located.
  • Traffic Source – What lead the visitors to your site? Tracking how people got to your site can be an invaluable source of information when planning ad campaigns.
  • Traffic Type – This feature allows you to track Web and Mobile traffic showing you the details about Device type, Browser technology, ISP etc

Within this section of the tool you will be able to take this information and use it to improve your ad campaigns.  You can create campaigns that will target specific types of users based on things like where they are from, what language they use on browser, the type of device or OS they use and much more.  You can also create ad campaigns that only run during certain times of the day or days of the week.

Using a simple tracking pixel system you can track which users are browsing to your sales page and what they are doing from there.  This can help you to identify what type of traffic is converting the best so you can adjust your marketing strategies.  The best part?  This is all done in real time!

Of course, there is also extensive reporting that will organize all of this type of information into one convenient and easy to read place.  This can help you with planning long term strategies to bring your site the best possible traffic and ensure it converts well.

Adsbridge traffic tracker

Split Testing

Finally, the program also includes a variety of options for performing split testing on your landing pages or advertising campaigns.  Split testing is a proven way to learn what works best for your particular business.  Running two landing pages, for example, and directing half of your traffic to each will let you see which one works better.

Is AdsBridge Effective

While it is certainly clear that AdsBridge has a lot of features, the big question is whether or not it is an effective tool in building your business.  On the one hand, this program really has only a few little features that can’t be found in any other tools on the market today.  On the other hand, however, they have done an exceptional job at combining multiple useful tools into one platform.

Having all of these tools and features in one program is in itself a huge benefit.  The different tools can interact, which makes them all more powerful and effective than they could be on their own.  In addition, the price of this tool is lower than many competitor options that offer only one or two of the features contained in AdsBridge. The bottom line is this is a great option for anyone who is looking to manage their sites and ad campaigns from one convenient location.

Final conclusion :

I have been testing AdsBridge for a while now and so far it has proved to be a great tracking solution, It for sure has ability to handle high volume of traffic. A few of its other features also include “Hide referrer” which helps you to hide your traffic referrer, “Custom redirect domain” which allows you to use your own custom domain instead of default one. The biggest edge AdsBridge has over rest of its competitors is its monthly price which makes it affordable for all kind of affiliates fro beginners to those who run high volume traffic campaigns.

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Tips To Build Excellent Facebook Landing Page

Make money online TipCreating a great Facebook landing page for your facebook CPA campaigns will help you to get more mailing list subscribers. Your Facebook page should be able to attract people’s attention toward what you are offering to them, make them want to interact with you, and create long-lasting engagement. Here are 5 foolproof tips to build excellent Facebook landing page that attract subscribers:

1. Use Great Cover Photo To Show Your Brand

Your cover photo is really a big deal for your Facebook landing page. That’s because it’s the first thing that people will look when they visit your page on Facebook. So, it is important for you to use your cover photo to show your brand image in a good way. Since Facebook is no longer allowing call to action to be inserted in your cover photo, you can still make your cover photo appealing and motivating your audience to take action by showing your brand image in it.

2. Rearrange Your Facebook Page Tab

The tabs that people can see in your Facebook page can be rearranged or edited easily by going to the edit button near the tabs and edit your tab profile from there. Hide unnecessary tab elements from your main tab and include only the necessary elements that you want your audience to see. There will be four main tabs that you will show to your audience on your Facebook page. Consider those tabs like the main navigation for your website. You want your audience to access only the important part of your page with your main tabs. Of course, it should include the page where you ask your audience to subscribe to your mailing list.

3. Use Your About Me Section Effectively

Don’t give too much of your story in your About Me section. Instead, bring your audience to your website in order to learn more information about your company. As for the company description that appears in your Facebook page, you should use it to lead your audience to your specific squeeze page. Make your about me section as simple and specific as possible and be sure to direct your audience to your business website if they want to learn more about you.

4. Update Your Page Frequently With High Quality Image

In your Facebook page, your main attraction will be your timeline. In other words, what you put on your page is the main attraction that will get read by your audience and keep them engaged with your page. So, update your page frequently with quality image that will hook your audience’s attention, along with good content that worth discussing about. You will not only want to attract people’s attention with your updates, but you also want to attract their likes for each of your update as well as their comments and active discussion.

5. Show Your Free Bonus On Your Page

Be sure to tell your audience clearly about what they will get once they decide to subscribe to your free mailing list. Do not let your audience to be confused with it. You have to show your free bonus on your Facebook page, fair and square. In this way, people will know what they will expect out of your mailing list.

You can follow those foolproof tips to attract more subscribers to your mailing list. Using a single Facebook page, you can attract thousands of fans and subscribers that will become your loyal customers. You just need to tweak some elements of your Facebook page in order to make it a success.

How to Create Successful Advertising Plan to Promote Your Landing Page

Traffic is the most important thing that you have to give to your landing page. Without traffic, you can’t generate sales from your landing page. Your traffic represents your audience, which in turn represents your potential customers. In order to successfully attract traffic to your landing page, you have to use an effective advertising plan that will drive your audience there. Here are 5 tips you can follow to create successful advertising plan to promote your product landing page:


Targeting your audience


Without targeting your audience, you won’t be able to attract targeted traffic to your landing page. Thus, targeting your audience is important because you can only generate maximum conversion rate if you target the right audience for your product. This is your first priority in your advertising plan. You have to locate your audience and narrow it down. The more targeted your audience, the more successful your promotion will be because you’re promoting your product to the right people.


Spreading the words


How will you spread the words about your product? There are many ways to do it. You can do it with article marketing. You can do it with video marketing. You can do it with social media marketing. There are hundreds of ways to spread the words about your product. You just need to pick the right ways to do it. How can you do it? You can find the right way by looking at your product and determining the right way to promote it. If you don’t know what to do to spread the words about the product, then you should do some marketing campaigns with different strategies in order to see what works and what doesn’t.


Cost-effective marketing plan


If you want to pay for your traffic, you should learn how to minimize the cost of your advertising campaign. Remember that one campaign can cost you thousands of dollars if you’re not careful in managing your budget. If you are from a big company, this figure might sound very little or even insignificant, but if you’re just a small business person who is starting to build your first online business, then it can be a big problem. Find a way to do your marketing plan effectively, yet make sure that the cost won’t burn your wallet down.


The SEO aspect


If you are building an online business, SEO is definitely an important aspect that you have to look at. SEO is your ticket to get constant traffic to your landing page without having to do much effort on traffic building. That’s why you should determine the way you can optimize your website for the best SEO practice. Don’t be lured into black hat SEO strategy as it will eventually kill your overall business online. Remember that the right way to do SEO is the gradual way.


The gradual promotion strategy


Don’t launch your promotion all out. There should be gradual process in your marketing strategy. Create several phases in your marketing plan so that you can reach your audience more effectively. For instance, the first phase is to gather audience to your mailing list before your product launch. The next phase is to spread the word about your business on social media by creating an interesting contest. The final phase is to use PPC advertising to attract high quality traffic to your landing page. This is just an example for you. By making your marketing promotion gradual, you will know what you should do in each phase of your business growth. In this way, you can do things more effectively and efficiently.


Those are 5 tips you can follow to create successful advertising plan to promote your product landing page. Traffic is very important for your online business. The way you drive traffic to your landing page will determine your success in selling your product. And it needs careful planning, otherwise you may lose a lot of your time and money. So, you should follow the tips above to create good advertising plan for your online marketing promotion.

AffLanders has Landed! A Great PPV landing page Creator

I am back again with a fantastic product for you guys…

It’s time to boost those PPV landing pages! Create something out of this world for your affiliate campaigns!

All it takes is 3 simple steps;

1. Select (your template),

2. Edit (as per your campaign)

3.  Export (Ping! It’s ready.)


AffLanders is a fantastic way to lure in conversions, create a beautiful PPV  landing page in minuets! The key features of this fantastic software are:

–          No programming is required (This means you don’t need to know all the logistics behind coding and building etc, because everything is there and reading for you)

–          Templates are ready (You just need to customize them to your campaign: New ones will also be added monthly.)

–          Easy Editor (No odd looking or complicated tools

–          Quick to customize and Deploy (Go back and edit and design as much as you want! Then when you’re done you can export it to your computer to use where you wish)

So let me put the product to practice and tell you about how affiliates have used this in the past. AffLanders was made to help those who struggle with landing pages and those who don’t know how to build or make them. They specialize in PPV landing pages because PPV landing pages are amongst those top lead generators in the landing page family. Affiliates use PPV landing pages because they connect the product with the targeted audience, so you are not making random encounters… You are grabbing the people that are likely to generate those leads for you, targeted traffic, in three simple steps.


Sound good? Why waste time on programming when you can get hands on into it and get the results you want to achieve?




Give yourself a break 🙂

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increase affiliate commissions with 5 simple website tweaks

Do you know that little website tweaks can help you to boost your affiliate sales? Your website is your tool of presentation, and interesting presentation can enhance your product sales. That’s simply because if you give interesting presentation about your affiliate product, people will become more interested to find out about it. Thus, you will feed their curiosity and persuade them to action more effectively. To make your affiliate promotion more interesting, you just need to tweak your website a little. Here are 5 simple website tweaks that will help you to make more affiliate commissions:

1. Switch To Professional Theme

First of all, take a look at your website theme. Is it good enough to present your affiliate product? Are you well-pleased with the theme of your website? If so, then you don’t need to follow this first tweak. The first tweak is to switch to professional theme. If you’re still using free template, you have to remember that most free website themes lack of customization option. And they have really similar look with each other. They don’t have any uniqueness. So, it is recommended for you to switch to professional theme so that you can make your website look way better than before. By simply changing your theme, you’ll improve your readers’ experience in your website. Personally i love 3 themes Genesis Framework ( i am using on this blog ) , Thesis Framework by DIY themes  and even Optimize press can be used a a professional blog with Optimize press you can also create launch pages , Sales pages and squeeze pages and membership pages too which is a huge plus.

2. Give More Clean Space In Your Landing Page

Don’t make your landing page look crowded. Make more free space in your landing page. Make it clean. It will improve your landing page presentation. A clean landing page will look more professional and trustworthy. A messy landing page will look unprofessional and scammy. So, you can tweak your landing page to show more white space in between the texts. This is important to enhance the look and feel of your landing page.

3. Beautify Your Copy With Professional Graphics

Can you imagine reading a sales page without any graphical presentation? Can you imagine reading a sales page which consists only of texts and texts, without any images? That would be boring, isn’t it? And of course, it will affect your conversion rate negatively as well. So, to make your copy more interesting to read, you should put some professional graphics that will beautify your copy. Not only that, professional graphics will help you to communicate your message more effectively.

4. Use Smooth And Clean-Looking Fonts

Believe it or not, your font choice will affect your audience’s experience toward your landing page. Some fonts are not comfortable to read and some others are very comfortable to read. That’s why it is important for you to choose the right font for your landing page. My suggestion is that you should take a look at some good landing page copy that you can find online. Make sure that those landing pages come from popular websites with successful product in it. Then, take a look at the fonts that they’re using. You can use the same fonts for your landing page to enhance the comfort of your audience in reading your copy.

5. Minimize Your Banner Advertisements

Be sure to avoid placing too many clutters in your landing page, especially banner advertisements as well as unnecessary links. This will only confuse your readers and make them want to leave your landing page immediately. This is important especially if you have your landing page on your blog. You have to minimize the distractions as much as possible. Focus on promoting one product at a time.

Those are 5 simple website tweaks that will help you to earn more affiliate commissions. If you follow the simple tweaks above, you can make your landing page more compelling and improve your conversion rate significantly.

Huge Dedicated Server Blowout Sale

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  • FREE cPanel
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  • QuickInstall
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  • IP Deny Manager
  • MySQL, phpMyAdmin
  • Unlimited Email and FTP Accounts
  • CGI, PHP, Perl, Python, Cron
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 24/7 Support
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hostgator discount sale

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5 Reasons Why You Can’t Make Money Promoting Affiliate Offers

Affiliate marketing is a good way to earn money online, whether you want to do it in your spare time or full time. But, promoting affiliate offers is not as easy as you might think it is. Yes, the basic process of promotion is simple. You just need to pick a offer that you want to promote and promote it. But, in reality, you can’t make sales that easy. Do you want to know why? Here are 5 reasons why you can’t make money promoting affiliate products:

1. Bad Landing Page Presentation

When promoting an affiliate product, your landing page is everything. The way you present your landing page will affect people’s perception toward your product. If you have an ugly landing page, people will have bigger resistance to buy your affiliate product, no matter how good it is. So, a bad landing page presentation will affect your sales significantly. That’s why you have to focus on making your landing page’s presentation appealing. This includes visual presentation, look and feel, layout, content quality, and graphics. If you are confused about how to create landing pages do check out Optimize Press It is a WordPress theme which contains everything you need.Using optimize Press i have created many sucessful landing pages for my ppv, PPC and media buying  cpa campaigns.

2. Poor Deal Product

People always want to get the most from the money that they spend when they purchase a product. So, if your affiliate product offers very little value for your audience, then it will be considered a poor deal. No matter how good your landing page is, you won’t be able to make good sales if you promote a low value product. Moreover, if the price of the product is unreasonably high, then it will turn off your audience’s desire to buy the product.

3. Lack Of Passion

How passionate you are when you promote your affiliate offer ? Remember that your passion is contagious. People will likely follow your recommendation if you’re really passionate about what you recommend to them. Show your love for the product that you promote. In this way, you will affect people’s emotion toward the product. People will feel your passion and they will follow your recommendation because you’re making the product all the more interesting to them.

4. Lack Of Compelling Copy

Writing a good and compelling copy is essential for your affiliate marketing promotion. Why? That’s because it’s the way you communicate with your audience. Promoting a product is all about proper communication. Can you deliver your marketing message effectively? Can you make your presentation so appealing that people will be persuaded to take action immediately? If you have lack of compelling copy, then it is almost certain that you will not be able to generate any sales from your affiliate promotion.

5. Low Quality Traffic

The quality of your audience will determine the result that you will get. Do you think that you can get rich selling ice cream in the winter? Probably not. Why? That’s because you’re giving your audience something that they don’t want. In the winter, most people want a warm drink, not an ice cream. Thus, it is important for you to choose your audience carefully. The more targeted your audience, the better your result will be. Remember to promote your product to the right people. This is the essence of successful marketing. In other words, low quality and non-targeted traffic won’t bring you easy sales for your promotion.
Those are 5 reasons why you can’t make sales promoting affiliate products. To know how to increase your CTR on landing pages click here . Those are the reasons why you fail in your affiliate marketing promotion. If you understand about the reasons above and willing to improve the way you promote your affiliate offer, you’ll be able to change this failure into a success.

Box Of Ads Is Actually Box Of Money!

Yes, you read it right , Box of Ads is Box of money! So many times I have been asked kj what is the best competitive research tool for PPV advertisers which helps you to stay ahead of the competition. A PPV Spying tool, which will help you to determine what’s working on PPV and what landing pages are being used.

Where Box Of Ads can help ?

If you are starting a new campaign and looking for ideas where to start this is the best tool which will help you to determine.

  • What type of sites you should target
  • How your landing pages should look like
  • What PPV Network is being used
  • What offers are working well

Or if you are looking to spy on your competitors by using box of ads you will be able to know

  • What type of landing pages your competitors are using?
  • What keywords your competitors are using.
  • What offer you’re your competitor is promoting.
  • What else your competition promote.
  • Duration of ads since they are live
  • And on what date they started and ended campaigns.

Features of Box Of Ads

Ok so that was all what box of ads is about now let’s have a look at its features .

Here is how it looks like when you are logged in .


Click to show full image

As you can see it not only offers you to target Using targets (keywords ) , Trackers  but also by landing page (offer lp ) and also lets you select which ppv network you are looking to spy on Traffic Vance or Lead Impact . And also lets you choose start and end date so you can only get those campaigns which are currently being run.

 box of ads review

Click to show full image


In above screenshot as you can see I typed in warriorforum and it s showing the advertisers on PPV who are targeting warrior forum .

Here is how it looks like when I click on one of those campaigns

 box of ads ppv spy

Click to show full image

  1. As you can see here It shows targets (keywords/sites) advertiser is targeting.
  2. Other campaigns being run by the advertiser (owned)
  3. Date and Time when campaign data was captured
  4. Traffic source
  5. Age of campaign (also notice above it start and last seen  date )
  6. Target
  7. Landing page url
  8. Tracker link

In advertiser campaigns tab it shows all the campaigns like this

 box of ads spy tool

Click to show full image


And this is how target tab looks where you can see what targets advertiser is targeting.


ppv target spy tool box of ads

Click to show full image

So ready to roll ?  Click here now and signup with Box Of Ads Now and get 7days Free Trail. And $199/ Month after that but wait! You are on Kj Rocker` s Blog  rite ?  So here you go use coupon BOAKJR52 and get 52$ off from monthly subscription.



Enjoy !

Let me help you to get started with PPV

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For the first time i am making this public, If you are in mailing list you may already know that i do offer Private PPV Coaching for those who want to learn from my experience.   Coaching other affiliates is always a great thing to do as it not only helps other affiliates but also helps me to learn new things too, the new things i discuss with students , Listening to their ideas , helping them to implement their ideas , helping them to test different things its a win win situation for both me as a mentor and also my students. I always keep limited spots as i always want to deliver best to my students and the best way to do it is to always keep number of students limited.

Back to coaching so here is what i am offering with my coaching , First off  See what others have to say about my coaching.

Now lets talk about things you will learn

I will take you by hand and help you with each and turn you into a PPV Traffic expert !  Here are a few things you will learn during coaching .

Note : I also do coach people about generating leads and sales for Empower network, Click Bank , List building and other affiliate programs.

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  • What are CPA Offers and how do they work
  •  How to get accepted into a CPA Network
  • How to setup tracking
  • How to choose a CPA offer
  • How to conduct demographics research (in my eyes demographics research is much more then what mr guru tell you about digging sites like alexa and quantcast.)
  • How to do Create landing pages .
  • How to properly setup PPV campaign
  • How to find targets
  • How to test targets
  • How to split test landing pages
  • How to split test offers
  • How to optimize your CPA campaigns

More then that how to make your campaigns winners and then Scale them

In addition to this, I can also offer a advanced course for experienced marketers , but just need a little extra help and guidance as to where to go ,Also i do offer advance course for list builders on list building uing ppv traffic .

KjRockers Coaching is a PPV training course that will give you everything that you need to get started in the right direction. Please mind it we are not talking about some report here , We are talking about a one one one coaching program where you will have me personally on other side of skype to teach and guide you about PPV & CPA Secrets and also answers all your questions and address all your confusions.

"Not aware of Basis ?"

Don't know what CPA is? Can't get accepted by good CPA networks? Dont worry we will tell you what CPA is and help you to get accepted into CPA Networks.

My entire program is 100% newbie friendly and you can use it regardless of your current knowledge or experience.

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How to get enrolled in coaching ?

Its simple , Hit me up at contact @ and do let me know about your experience and what you have done so far and why you want to get in my Coaching session and you will receive our reply containing details  within 48 hours .

Tips for Effective Lead Generation with YouTube

You can use YouTube videos to attract leads to your offers. If you want to build strong mailing list for your product promotion, you can use YouTube videos to drive targeted audience that will become loyal subscribers for your mailing list. Here are a few proven tips i can give you from my experience which you can follow to effectively attract leads with YouTube videos:

Create a clearly focused video

There is nothing more annoyed than watching low quality video on YouTube. Most low quality videos are created with no clear focus. What they’re talking about is unclear. They don’t have a good structure of presentation. In other words, they seem like talking about random information without any real substance. These types of videos are not good for your promotion. If you want to lead people to sign up to your offer or mailing list, you must first come with a clearly focused video that people can enjoy watching. Have a clear structure in your presentation and present your information in a clear and detailed manner. This will help your video to attract more views as well as drive more targeted traffic to your offer page. Try creating interesting and engaging videos instead of low quality videos.

Learn what people like and dislike

You need to investigate what people like and dislike from other similar videos. For instance, if your niche is weight loss, you should take a look at some weight loss videos posted on YouTube and see the comment section of those videos. How people react to those videos? How many likes and dislikes do the videos get? You need to investigate these things in order to come up with a better video that will attract more likes than dislikes, as well as positive comments. If you can attract positive comments in your video, people will be more interested to follow your lead.

Promote your offer in your video

You need to include the call to action in your video. Don’t just write call to action in your video description. Yes, you need to write the call to action in the video description, but it is better for you to include it inside your video. Talk about it at the end of your video. Tell people to complete your offer , subscribe to your mailing list, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter, and so on. This clear call to action will persuade your viewers more.

Keep your video short

How long should your video be? You should create no longer than 5-minute video. Why? That’s because you don’t want to bore your viewers with long videos. And long videos are boring, really. That’s why you need to keep your video short so that it can attract the most attention from your audience. In fact, if you can create an interesting short video, people will become addicted to your videos. The more people watch your videos, the more traffic you’ll send to your offer page.

Brand your video

Branding is very important because it will increase your video reputation. Your video reputation is important because people will judge your video quality based on your video reputation. Branding will provide an impression that your video is reputable. So, put your website logo in the right down corner of your video. You can also place your website URL there. It will make your video more professional and appealing. Thus, it will attract more leads to your offers.

Those are a few tips for effective lead generation with YouTube. The key is to create an appealing as well as professional video that will attract lots of views as well as drive more traffic back to your website. For landing pages I highly recommend Thesis by DIY Themes.
To know about how to rank your videos i have wrote in my article here

Web Design Tips to Boost Your Landing Page Conversion

Let’s remember something for a while. When you see a landing page, do you consider its design as an important factor that will affect your buying decision? When you see a landing page with outdated web design, do you think that the product worth a look? Do you feel more interested toward buying the product if the landing page design is appealing? Try to remember these things. What’s your answer? If you agree that a landing page design can affect your buying decision as well as your perspective toward the product, then we’re on the same league. You need appealing design for your landing page because it will affect people’s buying decision when they read it. In other words, the more appealing your website design, the higher your conversion rate will be. Here are a few web design tips to boost your landing page conversion:


 Install a good landing page template

If you are using WordPress platform, there are a handful of good landing page templates that are designed specifically to raise your conversion rate . So, if you haven’t done so, you should buy one of such templates so that you can tweak your template easily (I highly recommend Thesis by DIY Themes). If you want to use a HTML or CSS template for your landing page, make sure that you also install a good landing page template for your website, preferably a premium template. This is a good first step to make your landing page more appealing.


 Font optimization

The next thing that you need to take a look is your font, especially your overall font, your headline font, and your subheading font. A good rule of thumb for choosing a good font is that the font should be comfortable to read. If your landing page font is not comfortable to read, then readers will not want to read your copy. That’s for your overall font. Then, you need to make your headline and subheading fonts appealing as well. For those fonts, you should experiment with font type, size, and color. Choose what you think are the best and most appealing for your readers.


 Cleanliness of your design

A clean design will make your landing page look more professional. When people see your landing page and they think that your landing page is professional-looking, they will trust you more. If they trust you, they can easily be persuaded into buying your product. That’s all because you have a professional landing page. And in order to make your landing page look professional, you have to make it clean from clutters. Clutters like ads and scattered images can break your conversion. That’s why you should make it clean from such clutters. Also, you can change the spacing and margin of your paragraphs to make your landing page cleaner and more comfortable to read.


 Professional graphics

Your landing page can look much more appealing if you put professional graphics in it. The quality of your graphics can affect your landing page conversion. That’s why you need to make sure that the quality of your graphics is excellent. Think of your landing page as a good presentation for your product. A good presentation should incorporate high quality graphics that will enhance the quality of your presentation. Your message can be delivered more effectively with the use of enticing graphics. You can also enhance the perceived value of your product if you put a good eCover for it. So, you definitely need to add professional graphics to your landing page to increase your conversion rate.

Those are a few  web design tips to boost your landing page conversion. If you have low conversion rate, try to examine your landing page first. Does it look appealing? If not, try to tweak your website design according to the tips above and see a significant increase in your conversion rate.