What to do when your campaign is not profitable!

Hey Guys ! Its been a long time since I posted something on this blog due to health issues and other time management issues and a busy schedule..

I took a long break from writing something, so today I thought I would write write a quick post about one of the most commonly asked questions about making campaigns profitable.  It’s always a difficult question to answer without knowing anything about the campaign or its details, But i will try to point out a few things which would always help you out to tweak your campaigns. As not every campaign is profitable at the start and you don’t make money.

Failed cpa campaign

How it feels when your campaigns fail.

Know when to direct link or use landing page 

One of the biggest problems is affiliates are creating landing pages and the majority of people who face failures  can’t be bothered to create landing pages. I am not implying that direct linking doesn’t work at all it does but in some cases , Specially when we talk about pay per sale offers, it’s almost impossible to convert them with direct linking .. Unless you are promoting a well known brand or an offer which has a persuasive pre-sell page. The biggest advantage you get with the landing pages is that you can create multiple angles.

For example lets say I am promoting an email submit about Iphone 6…

Such offers have been running for years now, Now if i am direct linking the prospect will get this message ” Get a chance to win a free Iphone 7 by signing up to offer ”

If i use the same offer with a landing page, I can easily use Christmas as my angle and deliver a message which says something like this ” Double your Christmas celebrations by getting a chance to win free Iphone 7 ”

Now by using the landing page I wrapped same old campaign into a Christmas Special Offer. Which is not something people are used to everyday, I simply made it more believable by using Christmas as a reason my prospects should believe/follow me…

If you don’t want to work on landing pages at least ask your affiliate manager or advertiser to provide you with the new or different offer links. On any reasonable offer,   advertisers would be happy to help you out and get you different offer landing pages. If you have good volume the advertisers won’t hesitate to get some new offer landing pages created for you as well.

Figure out the problem

So you got a campaign up and running but after a few conversions and spending 3x or 4x amount of payout you stopped the campaign because its not making you any profits. While quitting or blaming traffic source/ CPA network is easy The real job, the difficult task is to read your data and find out the mistakes you made, Maybe you are not getting enough CTR, or your landing page is bad and the offer isn’t receiving enough clicks, or your offer is receiving traffic but its not converting. Maybe some of the   bad keywords are eating up your whole campaign budget and the ones which convert do not have enough budget allocated to them or they simply need increase in their bids. This is the best time to sit back and find out where you are making mistakes and study the data you have been collecting on your tracker and consult your traffic network and your CPA Network affiliate managers. One piece of advise I always give to people under my CPA Marketing coaching program  is to never hesitate in asking questions, As this is what helps you most and this is why your CPA networks and your Traffic Networks have hired their account managers; to help you out! So feel free to seek advise from your account managers if you are unable to figure out the problems in your campaign. Its always a best idea to test your offer yourself to make sure its conversion pixels fire before starting advertising campaigns.

Collect Data !

So you hear from someone that they are making good money on a specific traffic source and you just jump into that traffic source and find it hard to make your campaigns profitable? Here is the reality, Every traffic source is hard to convert, the only difference between you and the person who is printing money from the same traffic source is that the successful person you are trying to copy has data on that traffic network. Lets talk about a few traffic networks here; Leadimpact, many people would complain about their their rubbish traffic quality but what they forget is that successful people have collected enough data with them that they are able to filter out bad traffic sources, Same is the case with Pop Ads, Zero Park, Cash ads , 7 Search, many other similar networks and Native Adnetworks.

By data I don’t only mean your converting keywords but also the traffic source ids and in native ads placements and widget ids. Once you have a adequate collection of the sources in your data, you can easily filter out the bad traffic sources in your networks and spend your budget on the sources which provide you converting traffic. It’s never hard to mail your Adnetwork and ask them for their tracking features ( what you can track ) and their tracking tokens.

These were a few tips i wanted to share with you guys today , Do let me know if you have any questions by making comments below.

Adcombo CPA Network Review

Hey guys today I wanted to write about a network I came across a few days ago, Its called “Adcombo“. Normally I don’t write about networks but after working with their team and learning how serious they were about their network I decided to check it out by signing up..

Adcombo cpa network

Adcombo homepage

I must say I really liked their homepage and it’s very unusual for a network in the CPA Industry  to have good looking websites, ( have a look at my blog) but Adcombo has really made a very positive change in this industry and their homepage really looks awesome and gives a great first impression.

What Adcombo has to offer!

Quick and Easy Account Approval

This is  a big headache, especially for newbies these days, I have noticed that the waiting time for the account approval process with majority of  CPA networks is increasing more and more.  CPA Networks are understaffed and have no staff to manage everything properly or their affiliate managers are too busy with managing their existing affiliates( A few very popular networks are best examples).  This results in new affiliates waiting for weeks to get their accounts approved, With Adcombo that account approval time is decreased down to 24 hours, which is great for those affiliates who are tired of waiting for weeks to get approved on CPA Networks. As long as you are sending legit traffic and you know the basics of affiliate marketing you shouldn’t have any problem with the approval process at all .

Easy Payment Terms

Once again unlike many other networks Adcombo provides the best possible payment terms for affiliates. Their minimum payment threshold is $50 which is really helpful especially when you are just starting out! Aside from their minimum payment threshold, they also offer a weekly payment option as well, and their payment options include; Paypal, Payoneer, WebMoney and Wire transfer. These are the most flexible payment terms in whole industry and thats what I really love about Adcombo .. Because money is important right?

Variety of Offers and Geos

With growing competition in Western countries, It’s sometimes really hard to find something which can make you a big profit margin, and so you have to get out of the western market and look around for offers from the countries where there is less competition. In main stream CPA Networks its really hard to find solid offers from different non competitive geo,  I am sure my readers who have been promoting mobile will understand what i am talking about… For example lets talk about India , Pakistan South Asia and the Middle East. These countries are full of potential and they are almost untouched so far, from affiliate marketing. You won’t find many offers for these countries in your mainstream CPA Networks this means there is almost no competition or not many affiliates are promoting in these countries .. Adcombo have hundreds of offers from different countries, giving you a chance to pick up offers for geo of your choice..

adcombo offers

adcombo offers

Responsive Team

There is nothing more annoying than having an affiliate manager who never helps you or answers the questions you ask from them, or even when they do, they give you a canned response. I have seen in almost all networks except 2,3 networks, the majority of affiliate managers will never try to make extra effort to help you out.

adcombo built in support

adcombo built in support system

With Adcombo you are assigned a dedicated affiliate manager who will make sure all your questions are answered on time and they will do their best to help you out. They have also got a built in support area within their CPA Network interface, so you don’t have to goto your email inbox or open skype to get in touch with your affiliate manager. You can simply open a ticket from your network account dashboard.   The awesome support they offer to their affiliates is what I love the most about Adcombo; their team! I would advise you to ask for Ella as your affiliate manager ..

So far my experience with Adcombo has been excellent , Now it’s your turn to join them and let me know what you think by making comments below!

How to Install SSL on your tracking domain

One of the most common problems usually affiliates have trouble with conversion tracking with CPVLAB and Prosper is because they don’t have SSL certificates installed on their tracking domains. There are many networks which require you to have SSL installed on your trackers so that they can let you track pixels or in simple words they ask you to have https trackers in order to track conversions on their end, Installing SSL for any site, tracker, domain is same and very simple.

Install SSL certificate

Before we go into details a little about what is SSL and why they are important , SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer” and they make your login information more secure and make the communication with the web-servers secure by applying encryption. Read more about SSL here, It not only helps you to track conversions efficiently but also protects your tracking data as well.

Before you start

Buy SSL certificate , I prefer to buy from SSL 2 Buy or Namecheap, While buying Certificates feel free to choose anyone there is no major difference i prefer to get cheaper ones as we are not using them on any kind of e-commerce sites etc and all we need to do is to setup tracking properly so we can easily track our conversions. And for this we do not need any fancy trust seals  so it is ok to go with the cheaper packages.

One thing you will have to remember is that you will have to dedicate one  Static IP address to a single domain ( On which you are installing SSL certificate), You can also have multiple IP addresses on same server hosting multiple websites. Just like always,  I recommend to Beyond Hosting VPS Servers or Name Hero Servers For hosting   ..

Getting Started

You can install SSL through your hosting Cpanel or using server WHMS ,  http://yourDomain.com:2083 for Cpanel and http://yourdomain.com:2087 for opening WHMS login page .

  • Using CPanel
  • Using WHMS (web host manager )

In this tutorial I will Install the SSL using Cpanel, As it would be easy for people to understand and also many of our readers might not have access to their WHMS panels specially if they are using managed VPS services,  However if you want to do install SSL using WHMS process is almost same as Cpanel..

Step 1

Log into your cpanel and click on SSL Manager as shown in screenshot below


On next screen You will reach in SSL/TLS Manager

Step 2

here you will generate Private Keys so click on “Generate, view, upload, or delete your private keys.” as shown in the screenshot below.


Step 3

Now on next screen scroll to bottom where it asks for you to tyoe in domain or select from drop down select it from drop down or tyoe it (its your own choice) as shown in below screenshot




And click generate , you will see some weird looking code don`t worry its just code , now click on back to ssl manager button and go back to manager screen,

Step 4

Now you need to generate Certificate Signing Requests (CSR) , so click on “Generate, view, or delete SSL certificate signing requests.” and you will see this weird looking code again , Which looks like screen shot given below ,




Now this time leave this window open and open Namecheap in another window assuming you have already bought ssl certificate ,

Step 4

On name cheap menu click on ssl certificates and then your SSL Certificates , as shown in screenshot below


Once you click it you will see another screen like this given below simply select one ssl certificate and click on activate now .


Step 5

in next step select what tyoe of server you have and then paste code we generated in step 4 from both boxes as shown in screenshot


Step 6

in next step they will ask you for your email (with domain like admin@domain.com etc etc etc make sure you have actually created that email if now create it before clicking next ) and enter your personal details and click next )..Once you ahve completed all steps on name cheap they will ask you to wait for their emails . In first email they will ask you for the confirmation to install SSL certificate on your domain in second email they will send you some files in attachments now its time to download those files and move to step 7 .

Step 7

Open SSL manager again and you will see option Certificates (CRT) click on “Generate, view, upload, or delete SSL certificates.” And upload files you received in the email as shown in the screenshot below



Step 8

Once uploaded all of the files go back to the manager and activate ssl and it now time to test our ssl certificate for that open your url http://yourdomain.com and put S in front of http so it becomes https://yourdomain.com you are able to access your website successfully congrats you have installed your ssl successfully , you will see lock before your url in the address bar as shown in screenshot below that means your site is now ssl protected



How to Start Affiliate Marketing with a Team

Hey guys It’s been a while since I posted on my blog , The reason is I have been busy with a few projects I am working on and I will post about them in coming days. So let’s come to today’s topic. Most of successful affiliates I have met so far who are making big number and making living by working as affiliates have one thing in common and that is they have their own team. You can make a few thousands of dollars working alone but i must admit that affiliate marketing space is getting so much competitive that to survive and keep your campaigns up and running it is a must to have your own team.

Now there could be different types for example more than one affiliates working together as partners or having your own team of employees / Freelancers working under you. The biggest benefit you get by having your own team is that you get people with different mindsets and expertise and when you plan a campaign you can get different opinions and suggestions which can really help you to improve your overall campaign building process. Be it creating landing pages, Marketing angles or targeting.  And it gives you more freedom and time allows to spend more free time.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing with a Team

Building an Effective Team

Now this is the toughest part. Because you will have to surround yourself with people you can trust and can easily work with. The biggest problem in affiliate marketing is that most of affiliates fear sharing their ideas with other people and sometimes even this happens. For example when you hire someone and teach them everything or after they have learn how to do affiliate marketing from you they will run away and start affiliate marketing themselves. Or if you are working with another fellow affiliate and once you start building successful campaigns he will end the partnership and start doing everything by his own. No one can stop such things however if you are in affiliate marketing you should know how to deal with such situations and consider them as a part of the game and keep trying as finally you will find someone who you can trust and won’t turn you down when you are successful. Personally this happened many times with me when I hired people for myself and once I trained them and they learned the ropes they simply disappeared, however I always considered it as their own loss and moved on and for sure you will learn something new which you can use again to be successful. So here are a few tips I would like to share from my own experience, what I have learned so far…

Working as partners.

This type of team is best for those who are on a limited budget and can’t afford to hire their own team. In that case the best bet is to find other likeminded people and work with them. The first step in this type of partnership is to analyze your own abilities and skills and make a list of things which you have and also of those skills and abilities you lack in (For example you might be able to create amazing landing pages but can`t think of marketing angles and you are not good at knowing who to target etc.).  Once you have written down all your weaknesses and strengths the next step is to look for the people who can help you with your weaknesses. The best bet is to look out of forums which are specifically for affiliates for example  Stack That Money , Aff Playbook , Dojo and social media pages and groups. I mentioned paid forums because that is where I would be able to find the affiliates who are serious about affiliate marketing and are interested in making affiliate marketing work for them and that is why they are paying monthly membership fees.  One more thing when looking for your partners is that never ignore people because of their experience instead look at what abilities and skills they have and how they can actually help you and if they fill your needs or not. You might find many people who do have good skills but they are not successful because of the limited budget they have in their hands. One more thing you should keep in mind is that when you are doing partnership with someone make sure your goal is to build a long term partnership and be honest and transparent about everything. To start building trust you can start with small budget campaigns and slowly keep on increasing the budget this way you will be able to know that your partner is trust worthy or not.

TIP: Try finding like minded people who are in same region as you and you can meet them physically.

Hiring your own team

This type is more suitable for those who have enough budget to afford hiring their own team. You could simply hire freelancer on part time basis however i prefer to hire people on full time basis.  Now this type again depends on how much help you need and also depends on your affordability for example if you want anyone to only handle your landing page design jobs, or to do research, Manage your advertising campaigns on advertising networks or you want to hire entire team to manage everything for you. when you start hiring people for yourself this task can get very hectic as you will have to train your employees and explain to them how you want them to work and what you are doing. I like to make my employees sign employee non disclosure agreement. So that even if they leave you they are bound by law not to release your data info or use it. Another important thing is to share only those things which your employees are supposed to know over sharing info with your employees and freelancers will always cause problems. Once of the biggest question about hiring is payment terms. Personally paying fix salary to your employees always gives them more confidence as they have the assurance that they will be paid at the end of the month and also adding performance bonus motivates your employees to perform even better. Another great tip is to appreciate your employees when they show good performance is to send them some physical presents as it boosts their morale and keep them happy.  The best bet would be to hire people within your own region and however you can also hire some good and dedicated employees  from countries like Philippines and it won’t cost you thousands of dollars either to hire them on full time basis.
TIP: If you hire employees on remote positions make sure you use team monitoring software to make sure your employees are not wasting time on your expense.

You can use O Desk , Freelancer.com , easyoutsource.com ,onlinejobs.ph to hire your own team.


The concept of one man’s army is slowly fading away with affiliate marketing industry evolving day by day and affiliates tuning into small companies / small startups and competition increasing everyday it is must to have your own team so that you can you can use your time effectively on what you are best at and using other peoples skills where they are the best. By making a team and partnering with other people who have skills which you don’t have, Can make affiliate marketing very easy for you and it can boost your learning process and you can achieve success more easily as instead of just one man trying to survive you will have a team of people who know what they are doing..

Recommendation: If you are a STM member do check out Video recording of STM Meet Up Speech Step by step guide to outsourcing . Or you can join STM by clicking here

{video tutorial}How to create sucessful campaigns with the help of box of ads

My today`s tutorial is about creating successful PPV campaigns using box of ads , A PPV Spy tool i have already reviewed on on blog and also did interview with its owner Luke . Most of people ask me how to get ideas for creating landing pages and also to find good targets in my opinion this is a must have tool which i can say is  answer to all your questions, Do check out this video and also if you need discount for box of ads check this page .

Do let me know about your feedback by commenting below ..

Fb Lead Chef Review

Hey guys,

Miss rocker here, back with something to get you the leads you want… But this time I have taken feedback into account and I will be giving you some more background knowledge about the buildup and benefits of the basis of this product before I tell you what it is!

So I did my research the time and was looking at a few sites and I am giving you something that we have discussed previously on our blog; CUSTOM AUDIENCES (In reference to Facebook Ads).
Facebook is one of the strongest, if not THE strongest social media site these days. There are millions and millions of users each day; from different ends of the world, different cultures, religions and people with different personalities and interests. Where could you get so much diversity?
So let’s talk about Facebook as a social media site, rather than as a tool for advertising….

Let me take you back in time… If you are a constant reader or subscriber you will remember our article (Referenced above) about how custom audiences make big money on Facebook! This is a method that helps you target people who are already in a group related to a certain interest, so you are not second guessing with Facebook, you know where they are coming from, right from the horse’s mouth!
For example, a person who likes a CPA pages shows he has an interest or likes the topic right? So why not get those people who are genuinely interest? Sound good? Then read on and this product is for YOU my friend…

Moving on to the product “FB LEAD CHEF”…

FB lead chef Is introduced as a “Social Intelligence marketing”…. I don’t know about you but when I first read this I got chills up my spine and wanted to know more!!
This product is a software that helps you use the tools Facebook have created for your own marketing to convert like crazy!

So let’s go back to the groups and events that are put together on Facebook, because liking a page is old school, people are making groups and starting events these days! So how would you like to get in on that info? Get it in on those groups and events to use for YOUR marketing? Fb lead chef is going to take you there…… Not only are you going to find people that are truly passionate about your niche…. But you can get access to their information; emails for YOUR LIST!

So what are you waiting for? Don’t waste your time waiting for a google ad to convert, waiting for a page to get a certain amount of likes or building a list from a subscription that you know ip isn’t going to work, let FB KEAD CHEF HELP YOU!

From the dedicated development team, to the quality assurance support team to the team over at Facebook, you have a 110% assurance of support and complaints procedures, problem solvers are ready for your feedback and there is teams of people that are there to answer any questions you may have….


Click here to check it out 

How to make money on Thanksgiving & Black friday

Thanksgiving is the holiday celebrated in United States on the fourth Thursday in november and is one of the major holidays of the year.The event that Americans commonly call the “First Thanksgiving” was celebrated by the Pilgrims after their first harvest in the New World in 1621. This feast lasted three days, and was attended by about 53 Pilgrims and 90 American Indians. The New England colonists were accustomed to regularly celebrating “thanksgivings”—days of prayer thanking God for blessings such as military victory or the end of a drought.

The Black friday is the Friday following Thanks giving day often regarded as the start of Christmas shopping season. This is the time when majority of retailers offer promotional offers to  kick off the holiday shopping season.

affiliate marketingFor affiliates the shopping season is one of the best times when they can bag tons of money by promoting their offers to the people , And if you haven’t prepared yet to bag serious money from shopping season this article is for you where i will share some tips on how to make money form this shopping season.

A little research will show you that almost all major retailers have already started their Thanks giving and Black friday promotional campaigns and you can easily find some crazy deals . For example  on Amazon Black Friday deals page they have already started adding deals, Best buy has also started their deals page here and in their featured deals section . In same way all other major shopping sites and retailers have prepared to offer amazing discounts .

Now you can take advantage of these opportunities by targeting loyal customers of these sites and retailers by offering free email submit and  penny auction offers and by using landing pages with the theme and designs related to thanksgiving black friday . I have seen a huge success myself by promoting finance niche offers in this season as well and without a doubt it is a golden opportunity for to make money in this season , Thanks to PPV which provides you access to shoppers of almost any site and you can target almost every website with reasonable traffic on internet. Remember create attention grabbing landing pages with these special shopping season days in mind and start making money . Its all about wrapping same old offer into new wrapper of Black friday and thanks giving special special discount offer ..

Hope you will make tons of money this season …  Let me know your thoughts by commenting below



Huge list of Affiliate marketing resources

hey guys i have created a list of affiliate marketing resources and wanted to share with you , To be honest it took me almost 3 days to gather all these sources and put them in place and i have worked hard to gather all these sites and also write short descriptions and reviews for them so you could get cream out of cream services , In case i missed anything please do let me know by making comment below and i will add it with your name and website/blog (in case you own one )  , Enjoy !

Traffic tracking software’s



Spying Tools

PPC Keywords Tools

Competitive Analysis Tools

Affiliate Networks

  • Commission junction     A Great Affiliate network to find well known brands
  • Click Bank                         Digital products heaven they offer weeklies now
  • Share a sale                      Another great Rev Share network
  • Link  Share
  • Amazon.com Associates     Commissions are low but conversion rates are higher a must have
  • Affiliate Window                    – Britains CJ

CPA Networks

  • Never Blue    Top Tier affiliate network great support always
  • Click Booth    Another great network dont bother to apply if you don’t have experience.
  • W4                  They dont shave
  • WSM               They got amazing affiliate managers
  • A4D                  Owned by jason akatiff his name is enough
  • MaxBounty     they won’t forget your payments even if you forget yourself  .
  • Peerfly             A very friendly network always pay ..
  • Diablo Media    Another exclusive network
  • Envyus Media
  • NAMoffers  Owned by a good friend Michael Rich a person who knows his stuff .
  • Convert2Media  Another good and successful network
  • Above All Offers  They got plenty of high converting offers
  • MUNDO Media    Plenty of international offers
  • LeadSmack Media  Owned by a good friend Jonathan smith
  • Adsimilis                    Leading CPA Network in dating niche
  • Affiliate.com
  • CPA Way
  • Adknowledge ( formerly known as Hydra network )
  • Monetise   My favorite for brit offers
  • WOW Trk   (Brit Network)
  • FurtherAds

Incentive networks

  • Adscend Media have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name.
  • CPA Lead   King in incent CPA Networks
  • Mobooka   Incent network owned by convert2media
  • incent.ly     Incent network owned by peerfly
  • AdWork Media Recommended by praveen Sharma and Eymard siojo in comments .

Traffic forums


  • kjrocker.com  You are visiting at the time of reading
  • shoemoney   Owned by a well know internet marketer and mentor to many a great person I am his big fan !
  • johnchow.com   Another big name in affiliate marketing
  • mrgreen.am     Name MR Green is enough !
  • whoisandrewwee.com   Never blue affiliate manager Andrew wee at his best
  • lukepeerfly.com   Peerfly Affiliate Manager Lukes blog where he shares some solid tips related to CPA Marketing
  • justindupre.com    An affiliate marketer based in Thailand shares his experiences
  • blog.affiliatetip.com   This is Shawn Collins (CO Founder of Affiliate Summit conference ) blog where he shares his knowledge .
  • performinsider.com   Owned by Pace Latin a affiliate industry insider news website.
  • performoutsider.com   This is Affiliate industry outsider news site always bookmarked on my browser
  • imgrind.com  Amazing blog being run by Ruck always shares valuable content
  • affplaybook.com/blog/   Another rgreat blog being run by David from affplaybook forum .
  • zacjohnson.com   zac Johnson is another regular industry blogger always working hard to provide high quality content to its users.
  • backlinko.com   All about SEO Blog
  • Ipyxel Creations Blog   Official nlog of Ipyxel creations a good source of information and to get tips
  • amnavigator.com   Another good blog about affiliate industry by Geno Prussakov
  • tylercruz.com  Tyler Cruz shares his experience on his blog about affiliate marketing and general internet marketing experiences
  • boostctr.com   Want to boost your click through rate ?
  • ppc.org   Its Name says it all a great source to learn PPC
  • dailyconversions.com  A great blog owned by Brian where he shares his wisdom.
  • viperchill.com A very old affiliate blog where Glen is sharing his knowledge since 2005
  • missyward.com   Owned by co –founder of affiliate summit another old and a good resource of information for affiliates
  • shockmarketer.com    No fluff, just proven copywriting and conversion optimization
  • FinchSells  A affiliate blog being run by a 24 years old Brit Finch

Traffic Sources


Facebook ads  Advertise on facebook , Worlds largest social website.


POF ADS   Advertise on dating site okenty of fish , Heaven for dating niche

POF PRO POF ad buying/tracking/automation/optimization platform

Media Buying

  • Tribalfusion  -  One of the best and premium media buying networks with reach to 431 Million people per month worldwide.
  • Site Scout  - Self-serve ad platform with real-time bidding and reporting
  • Adperium  - self serve banner buy network
  • Buy Ads –  Find, buy and manage premium advertising on some of the best websites all through an easy self-service interface.
  • Buy sell ads   Self serve banner buy network
  • Engage BDR - engage:BDR is a leading Integrated-Media Advertising company with extensive marketing solutions that provides brands High Performing and Cost Effective Display Advertising.
  • Blogads  -  Advertise on blogs
  • Casale Media - Casale Media is a core technology company that maximizes digital media value for the world's leading publisher & advertiser brands.
  • Valueclick  - ValueClick Media is the leader in online advertising – across display, mobile and video – and we back it all up with the best data in the business.
  • Burst Media    have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name.
  • Adengage   have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name.
  • CPX Interactive   have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name.


  • Lead Bolt   Satisfactory traffic  quality
  • Bing Ads   Love them , Good mobile volume plus good quality traffic.
  • Airpush     have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name .
  • Jumptap  have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name .
  • Inmobi    have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name .
  • Millennialmedia   have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name .
  • Mojiva   have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name .
  • Pontiflex  have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name .
  • Admoda   have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name.
  • 4th-screen   have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name .
  •  Huntmads   have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name .
  •   Buzzcity   Cheap but not good quality traffic



  • ·         Google Adwords     Best quality PPC Traffic Source
  • ·         Bing Ads    Another Top PPC Traffic source
  • ·         7Search     I used them for two years , Low traffic volume good source fopr noobs tpo start
  • ·         Marchex   have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name .
  • ·         AdSide   have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name .
  • ·         Advertise.com    have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name .
  • ·         Advertising.com  Good volume and great quality a bit expensive but great inventory using them you can advertise on many news sites.
  • ·         AdClickMedia  have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name.
  • ·         Bidvertiser   Used once Didn’t liked them
  • ·         Looksmart    Not recommended , I once tried and even after pausing my campaigns they kept running and charging me



  • ·         Ad Roll   Retargeting platform
  • ·         Adblade    Retargeting platform
  • ·         Perfect Audience  Target your visitors on facebook



  • ·         Media Traffic    Better than Adon and Direct CPV but too much bad quality traffic
  • ·         Trafficvance   Top PPV Network  
  • ·         DirectCPV   Waste of money and time  
  • ·         AdOnNetwork   Good quality than Direct CPV
  • ·         Lead Impact   Best PPV Network love it <3


  • ·         WordPress   I use it and I love it . My most preferred CMS
  • ·         Joomla   More secure but not as common as WordPress plus a bit complex to manage
  • ·         Drupal    More developer friendly and if you know coding this CMS is for you .

Auto responders

  • ·         Aweber  I dont like em but thats personal reason you may like themJ
  • ·         Get Response  (Get them they are the best )
  • ·         interspire     Best possible self hosted  solution if you can afford its price
  • ·         Campaign Monitor  Havent used them so far so I have no idea about them ,  have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name .
  • ·         Constant Contact  Another well known auto responder
  • ·         Mail chimp  If you are affiliate forget using them .

WordPress plugins

  • ·         WordPress SEO Plugin by yoast    Has  everything you need for blog SEO
  • ·         pippity    Must have for list building using your blog
  • ·         shareaholic  Social Sharing plugin Great plugin to get social traffic
  • ·         WP Touch Pro   For mobile version of your mobile
  • ·         OIOpublisher Ad Manager    A must have plugin for every bloggers maker advertisement management easy tons of features.
  • ·         Math reloaded *     Spam, Tons of spam  the more your traffic increases the more you start getting spam .  Plugin Captcha intended to prove that the visitor is a human being and not a spam robot. Plugin asks the visitor to answer a math question.
  • ·         Easy Contact Forms *   Makes your life easy
  • Limit Login Attempts  ** As its name suggests·

Word press themes

  • Thesis      Perfect theme for creating blogs one of the most favorite theme of internet marketers a bit difficult to manage but highly customizable.
  • Genesis    Another great theme, I personally am using it for kjrocker.com  Easy to manage. Easy customizations using hooks.
  • Optimize Press      A perfect theme for creating landing pages and membership sites, A good theme to use for creating Affiliate landing pages I also use it as landing page for PPV a great theme to make simple and squeeze landing pages and to create stunning funnels.

Word press Membership  plugins

  • Wish List member  A great Membership site plug-in I am using it for Rocker Labs and I am satisfied with it , it’s easy to use and manage.
  • A Member  Another great plugin to create membership sites I havent used it but I have seen many people using it best feature I like about it is it has built in affiliate system.
  • Premise    Another membership plugin I used it but wasnt really impressed from its performance .


  • Max CDN             I used it and I love it much more better than Other CDNs, Easy to manage and great support . Love these guys there friendly support made me write this article
  • Cloud FLARE   I was using them with hostgator and wasn’t satisfied ever.
  • Amazon Cloud front  Amazon`s CDN service


  • Beyond Hosting  (for trackers is must have)  Faster redirects and great support .
  • Liquid Web     Best option for VPS & Dedicated servers   .
  • Name Cheap      Great for bloggers
  • Host Gator          Ermm NO (my personal opinion ) but you should have a look at it
  • Amazon Website hosting   Good choice pay as per you use
  • Dream Host  have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name.
  • Bluehost  have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name.
  • Just Host  have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name.


Let me help you to get started with PPV

— > See my New : CPA Marketing Coaching Offer here

For the first time i am making this public, If you are in mailing list you may already know that i do offer Private PPV Coaching for those who want to learn from my experience.   Coaching other affiliates is always a great thing to do as it not only helps other affiliates but also helps me to learn new things too, the new things i discuss with students , Listening to their ideas , helping them to implement their ideas , helping them to test different things its a win win situation for both me as a mentor and also my students. I always keep limited spots as i always want to deliver best to my students and the best way to do it is to always keep number of students limited.

Back to coaching so here is what i am offering with my coaching , First off  See what others have to say about my coaching.

Now lets talk about things you will learn

I will take you by hand and help you with each and turn you into a PPV Traffic expert !  Here are a few things you will learn during coaching .

Note : I also do coach people about generating leads and sales for Empower network, Click Bank , List building and other affiliate programs.

— > See my New : CPA Marketing Coaching Offer here

  • What are CPA Offers and how do they work
  •  How to get accepted into a CPA Network
  • How to setup tracking
  • How to choose a CPA offer
  • How to conduct demographics research (in my eyes demographics research is much more then what mr guru tell you about digging sites like alexa and quantcast.)
  • How to do Create landing pages .
  • How to properly setup PPV campaign
  • How to find targets
  • How to test targets
  • How to split test landing pages
  • How to split test offers
  • How to optimize your CPA campaigns

More then that how to make your campaigns winners and then Scale them

In addition to this, I can also offer a advanced course for experienced marketers , but just need a little extra help and guidance as to where to go ,Also i do offer advance course for list builders on list building uing ppv traffic .

KjRockers Coaching is a PPV training course that will give you everything that you need to get started in the right direction. Please mind it we are not talking about some report here , We are talking about a one one one coaching program where you will have me personally on other side of skype to teach and guide you about PPV & CPA Secrets and also answers all your questions and address all your confusions.

"Not aware of Basis ?"

Don't know what CPA is? Can't get accepted by good CPA networks? Dont worry we will tell you what CPA is and help you to get accepted into CPA Networks.

My entire program is 100% newbie friendly and you can use it regardless of your current knowledge or experience.

— > See my New : CPA Marketing Coaching Offer here

How to get enrolled in coaching ?

Its simple , Hit me up at contact @ kjrocker.com and do let me know about your experience and what you have done so far and why you want to get in my Coaching session and you will receive our reply containing details  within 48 hours .

Never Use Freelancer.com

I when ever get asked always strongly oppose newbies to fall for freelancer.com where freelancers provide fake leads. I  already posted about similar topic two years ago with title How fraudulent publishers are destroying CPA industry. Covering how CPA network accounts were sold on freelancer.com how ever its a good news that they no more allow such projects on their website how ever , Still i have seen many fraudulent fake lead providers scamming people for years using this website for example  user name Ayjamtech This user is here for years now and still working actively to provide people fake leads , even after i reported him to freelancer.com while i was working for my article two years ago and still he is actively working , When ever you contact Freelancer.com staff , Their response will be something like this

freelancer.com scam

Once you contact them and ask them why don`t you promote cpa offers yourself, They will respond you with answer ” i am from Pakistan/Bangladesh Most of the Affiliate Network will not accept Publishers from our country “ or “Networks use PayPal as payment processor and pay pal is banned in our Country “.

in case you ask them how they are going to promote your offers , You will be shown  a free wordpress blog similar to this one .

I would advise you to never fall for such scams ever and read this thread made by Steven Sauve from MaxBounty

Finally here is a list of a few fake lead providers .

  • ayjamtech
  • signupexpert31
  • Elbbubtech
  • cpaleads60
  • vertexbd01
  • leadsvision

Know more scammers providing fake leads  ?  contact us with proofs and we will add them here .

Secrets of Successful Facebook Marketing for New Affiliates

Facebook is a well known traffic source for all CPA affiliates. I used facebook to drive traffic to my offers when I was nt able to afford paid traffic  and it is a great source to make money if done right, here are a few tips for those of you struggling with facebook traffic.

1. Create a Facebook Page

You don’t need to create a website in order to promote your cpa offers, but you need a sort of landing page to do the job. Facebook Pages are a great tool for promoting affiliate offers, and it can be an effective landing page as well. So, the first step is to create a Facebook Page for your affiliate offers. But don’t create a page about your offer. Create a page about relevant topic. For instance, if you’re promoting a dating offer , you can create a Facebook Page about dating tips and so on. Don’t forget to pretty up your Facebook page to make it more interesting and unique.

2. Go to relevant Facebook groups

Once your page is ready, you can go to relevant Facebook groups and ask people there to like your page. Of course, you need to do it in proper way. Don’t write spam comments on those groups. You just need to participate in the discussion and then promote your Facebook page later. The more involved you are with those groups, the more effective your promotion will be. Be active in participating in relevant Facebook groups. You’ll find lots of people start following you later. I would say again dont spam instead provide useful information and people will start following you .

3. Build strong fan base

Your job is to get as much likes as possible. You want people to come to your Facebook page reading your tips. That’s why you need to get as much likes as possible for your page. Do what is necessary to get more fans for your page. You can even run Facebook ads and promote your page. You can also use other PPC platforms just to promote your page. The good thing about promoting a fan page is that you only need small investment to do the job. Go for the lowest cost per click and people will still like your page, provided that your page has quality.

4. Choose the right offer

Promoting the wrong offer can get you into trouble. That’s why you need to choose the right offer  for your promotion. You might not get a good response from your audience if you promote an unrelated offer. But, you might get good response from your audience if you promote related offer. Remember that people are using Facebook to strengthen their social circle and possibly get a date. So, promoting a good dating product might interest them.

5. Provide free content update

Don’t forget to update your page regularly. You don’t want to leave it barren and dead. You want your page to be full of life by updating tips and information every day. This is what makes your page more interesting to follow. People like reading good free information on their Facebook timeline, so keep giving them useful tips and information. However, don’t spam and avoid blatant advertisement. You want to refer your affiliate product in a friendly way.

Those are a few secrets of successful Facebook marketing for new affiliates. By using the tips above, you’ll be able to unleash the power of social traffic and turn it into real profit. If you are looking for best facebook course do check out this review.