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AdsKeeper Advertising Network Review 2023


Adskeeper, founded in 2013, is one of the top native and push notifications advertising networks. Originally Ads keeper began to cater to the betting and gambling Native Advertisers. However, in 2015 they expanded their reach and started serving traffic with mainstream verticals too. In 2018, they introduced the push notifications advertising format, and since then they are serving billions of impressions daily. 

Today Adskeeper is a global native advertising network with more than 5k premium publishers and 15+ billion content recommendations DAILY. AdsKeeper is delivering high results in such verticals as iGaming, Dating, and Health & Beauty products. With AdsKeeper you get access to:

  • ● Worldwide traffic for almost any offer of your choice
  • ● Native ads from 0,01 cents and Push Ads from 0,003 cents
  • ● 24/7 support and campaign optimisation services
  • ● Wide targeting options and retargeting
  • ● Real-time statistics & selective bidding optimization

Ad Formats:

Native Advertising

This is the advertising format AdsKeeper is mainly known for. As compared to common native advertising networks, their CPC rates are low and less competitive. This makes AdsKeeper a great option for advertisers looking for untapped traffic sources.

Push Notifications

It’s been 2 years since Adskepper introduced Push Notifications, their conversion rates are amazing for lead generation campaigns. I personally find their traffic to be of a high quality, as compared to other push notification networks. 

What Works Best On AdsKeeper Native:

  • Sexual Health
  • Weight Loss
  • Diabetes
  • Bones and Joints
  • Varicosis
  • Dating
  • Options
  • Video Games
Native Ads Preview on Adskeeper
Native Ads Preview on Adskeeper

What Are The Top Performing GEOs and CPC’s On AdsKeeper Native:

For Mainstream traffic:

  • India – $0.007
  • VietNam – $0.022
  • Indonesia – $0.038
  • United States – $0.16
  • South Africa – $0.08
  • Brazil – $0.034
  • Mexico – $0.022
  • Russia – $0.031
  • Ukraine – $0.025
  • Turkey – $0.012

What Works Best On AdsKeeper Push:

  • Casino and Gambling
  • Sports Betting
  • Crypto
  • Options
  • Forex
  • Dating
  • Sweepstakes
push notification example Push Notification Subscription prompt

What Are The Top Performing GEOs and CPC’s On AdsKeeper Push:

  • VietNam – $0.015
  • India – $0.006
  • Indonesia – $0.007
  • Philippines – $0.011
  • Russia – $0.032
  • Ukraine – $0.027
  • South Africa – $0.06
  • United Kingdom – $0.06
  • Brazil – $0.011
  • Mexico – $0.011

Payment Options: 

When it comes to payments, You can make payments using the following options : 

  • WebMoney  
  • Capitalist
  • Paxum 
  • Card pay ( Credit/Debit Card Payments ) 


Whenever I am working with a network one of the most important things to me is Customer support. Adskeeper’s fantastic team shines, I would like to specially mention Alexander Stashko, Anastasia Shulga, Yuri Privalov from Advertiser support and Mary for the fantastic support they provide me. They have a very active support team on skype and are always willing to help out with your advertising campaigns. 

My stats on Native Ad campaign
My stats on Native Ad campaign

Push Marketplace by AdsKeeper

AdsKeeper, the leading ad recommendation platform, today announced the availability of push ads marketplace supplied by 273 push providers on its platform. 

AdsKeeper clients can get access not only to the top providers of push notifications, including Propeller Ads, Dats Push, AdMaven, ClickPush, and RealPush but to all 273 push providers available on the market. All these sources of push notifications are easily accessible from the AdsKeeper dashboard, with no hidden domains.

Using the AdsKeeper platform as a marketplace, users will be able to scale up their campaign in just a few clicks and achieve faster real-time optimization with minimized losses. For top-performing verticals such as iGaming, Dating, Health & Beauty, it would be possible to increase ROI up to 40% with the same traffic and capping up to 5.0. From now on, you can reach the highest performance by optimizing your campaigns by sorting out push providers and subscribers’ lifetime. 

Compliance and Terms

Adskeeper is an affiliate friendly network and easy to work with as compared to many other networks. To make all the guidelines clear and form a clear vision of moderation steps and eliminate misunderstandings in the processes of moderation, Adskepper has a step-by-step guide on how the content and creatives are reviewed.

Final thoughts & Experience:

I have always loved networks with active support teams and good quality traffic. For me, Adskeeper was a perfect match, as they provide perfect support for their advertisers and also, their traffic converts great for mainstream campaigns. Their Native traffic quality is amazingly high and converts great on the backend. 

One thing I would also like to write about is their in-house campaign & creative support service. In my interview with my friend Fasial Zaman, I was surprised how he also hired media buyers, The reason I never did so? Because I never had to, Thanks for the Managed Ad account services of networks like Adskeeper, who also provide campaign support to their advertisers. All you have to do is to bring in the best converting offers, and good converting landing pages, Their team will help you do the rest. 

My Test Results:

In my own campaign ( For which I also shared the screenshot above, Here is the summery of stats :

Cost: $2960
Revenue: $4570.50
Offer payout: $2.5-3.5
Niche: Lead gen
Landing Page CTR: 35.69% (My landing Page dev team is awesome)
C.R: 1.36%
Profit: $1610.02

Make Most out of AdsKeeper

Having your Dedicated Account Manager is a must with any network! With Adskeeper you can get a Dedicated Account Manager by depositing only $500 into your account. This way you can get a point of contact who can provide you insights on what works best on the network and also their team will help you create and manage your campaigns.

Only till the end of the month, you can receive $250 + $250 to run your push campaign in AdsKeeper till 31.08.2020. Follow the link to receive this exclusive bonus and find more about this offer. 

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