UnSubCentral Creates Preference Center for Improved ROI on Email Marketing

UnsubCentral is an email marketing company that has a strong focus on helping performance marketers reach out to potential customers.  They have been around for quite a long time and while they are not the largest provider of email marketing services, they are quite well known.  In an effort to help their customers improve conversion rates, reduce unsubscriptions and generally boost ROI, they have developed a new ‘Preference Center’ for those who subscribe to lists.

The preference center will make it easier for subscribers to customize what types of emails they get, and how often they are received.  In addition, it will help marketers to build relationships with their potential customers, rather than just sending them a lot of messages.  Another benefit is that it can help improve compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act.

The newly designed platform will let consumers customize their preferences so they are getting only emails they actually want.  This is different than the way most email marketing platforms do it (and how UnsubCenteral did it prior to this update).  Most platforms give users the option to get the emails that marketers send them, or opt out of all the messages.

In many cases, however, users will want to receive only some of the messages.  Giving them the option to customize what they do and don’t get will help them to remain active on a list and may even increase open rates.

Since users will be more in control of what messages they receive, and when, they are much more likely to open the messages and actually read them. This, of course, will lead to an increase in clicks and sales.  Or at least it seems like that will be the case.

Todd Boullion, the General Manager of UnsubCentral said, “This is just the latest feature in the new UnsubCentral, as we continue to roll out new ways to help Fortune 2000 companies leverage the proven, effective email channel to engage with their target consumers.  We are looking forward to seeing the positive impact the new Preference Center will have on decreasing email opt-out rates and increasing subscriber retention.”

While it will take some time to get the information needed to see what type of benefits this system will bring users, it does sound like a great idea.  Helping to build confidence in consumers will almost certainly lead to an improved ROI and a decrease in unsubscribes to just about any email marketing list.

Social Kickstart- To iron out all your Facebook “Neck Pain”

Facebook is one of the biggest ways to connect to people these days and as professional digital marketers our job is to connect to people! Today I want to talk about how Facebook helps us, the processes we go through to get connected to people and how Social Kickstart can help you save so much time!

So first up, why Facebook? If not the millions and millions of users that use it every day, then the vast amount of tools and marketing activity one can get from Facebook! There’s the obvious Facebook Ads that EVERYBODY runs these days, then we have Facebook pages, groups, Events, Posts, Shared media from Other media sites… Facebook is a one in all package for all your marketing needs right? But wait… What is the most important thing to a marketer these days?


Our time is so precious these days that we are always looking for ways to save time but not cut the corners right? Before I go into any detail about how you can save time let me go through a few of the tools that Facebook offers and why they are beneficial to YOUR campaigns, how they can help you monetise.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook has become very commercial over the years and their privacy policy is shooting out the roof these days, but for us marketers, thats excellent news! Facebook will record users data and interests, track what they like and don’t like and follow up on what each user does in and out of Facebook using their mad crazy softwares and god knows what else… but the point I am trying to make is that Facebook is like any other traffic platform, you just need to input your data, tell Facebook who you want to see your ad and they will hunt those people down for you.

Facebook Fan Pages 

These little beauties will keep your sales floor open 24/7, re-targeting at its peak. If you can create successful fan pages n your niche and get people liking,sharing, posting and interacting…. you are well on your way to monetising your campaigns.. but is ONE really enough? (To be discussed later). Fan pages allow you to offer customer service and not just spam mail or spam post or spam in general, you can offer insightful information and updates about the product/service you are trig to sell, you can create a group of people who are genuinely interested in your product/service and what it has to offer. It is also great for brand awareness, but be sure to keep the page updated to get your brand to the skies!

Viral content marketing

Facebook Events 

Now the thing about events is that it excites people, we ran a survey amongst Facebook users about these “Event pages” and we learnt that Events excite people! You could be hosting an event, co-hosting, it could be a product launch, an event you will be speaking at? Let’s say it’s a product launch, You have ran some ads, got some traffic “Attending” Your virtual product launch, whats next? You need to throw some content their way sister!! (or mister). You want to keep them engaged, get them pumped and ready! Let’s say you are launching a service launch for a new dating offer? Why not create a “I’m getting lucky” Event, get people talking, throw some love potions about, talk about how this amazing dating site has a “special offer” , make them feel as if it is a REAL event, not just virtual?


So you have all these pages, groups, Ads, But how do you manage them all? Isn’t a “Pain in the neck” to post on each one, share on each one, make ads for each one… everything gets ab it too much and before you know it you’re getting confused which pages is which… Learn to my friends, Social Kick start has come to the rescue to create that “Kickstart” Your pages need!

Social Kickstart is a software that allows you to scale out and manage your Facebook pages AND groups all in one place. You can schedule your posts for your pages and groups all in one place, all under one column. You can favourite content, drag and drop your Facebook ads, Link up your Tee Spring research… and much more…  This will allow you to focus on multiple campaigns or go ALL OUT for one campaign… and the best part is? YOU SAVE TIME, because we all know… TIME=MONEY!

Stay tuned and grab your Social Kickstart now, because We have secured a exclusive interview with Mark Thompson to discuss Social Kickstart, JUST FOR YOU GUYS!!



Google Announces Significant Change to Display Network

When it comes to digital advertising, there is no name bigger than Google.  With millions of people relying on them for online advertising it is important to keep a close eye on all their activities.  That is why the announcement from the VP of product management of the Google Display Network, Brad Bender was so important.  When speaking at the SMX East conference in New York he said, “I’m pleased to announce that GDN is moving to 100% viewable.  We’re going to migrate all of the CPMs in the system to viewable CPMs.  All advertisers will be able to see viewable metrics so they can make better decisions.”

This is a move meant to address the issue that many marketers have complained about.  They would pay for a set amount of displayed ads, but would be charged for ads that were never actually seen.  These ads would load on tabs that were not active or would load on a page below the ‘fold’ so people couldn’t see them.  In fact, Google has said that about 56% of online display ads are never seen at all, and that is those that are actually loaded.

Google has taken steps to help protect marketers from this issue in the past.  In the speech he confirmed that last year alone Google did not charge advertisers for about 70 billion ad impressions.  These ad impressions occurred, but since they were not seen they did not have to be paid for.  That is, however, only a fraction of the total number of ads that were not seen according to many people’s estimates.

The move by Google will improve the overall results for marketers, and will help to build advertiser confidence in their display network.  It could also make people more likely to buy straight CPM ad campaigns rather than going with click focused options, which have long been the more popular choice.

Of course, we’ll have to wait and see how all of this plays out.  No matter what, this is a good move by Google since it will give markers more information and a better overall experience.

This change will be rolling out over the next couple weeks to all current and new advertisers using the Google Display Network.  If you use Google’s ad network, make sure you keep a close eye on the information you have available to see how it impacts your overall campaign.  It stands to reason that the adjustment on Google’s end will improve the overall return on investment for most marketers.

Introduction to Tenancy Deals

If you’re a successful affiliate marketer you are likely always looking for ways to increase your overall profits while also diversifying your income.  One great option that many people overlook is running a tenancy deal.  A tenancy deals is a process where advertising space is purchased on the website of an affiliate and can often be on top of the normal CPA agreement.  If you’re thinking about offering (or even asking for) one of these types of deals you need to know some of the key pieces of information that you need to evaluate.  The following is a quick introduction to some things to consider to help ensure you get the best results possible.


Like with most things you do as an affiliate, performance will be a key factor to consider.  Performance metrics should be discussed by all parties involved to ensure it is a mutually beneficial experience.  Talking about how much traffic the advertisement should see, for example.  In addition, decide what will happen should traffic levels go up or down significantly.  This is not only important for ensuring all parties know what to expect, but also to allow for longer term deals that can thrive through the ups and downs of normal business.

Activity Commitments

An issue that can cause problems with these types of agreements is the inactivity of the website owner.  All too often marketers will set up a new website, fill it with content and work very hard to get traffic flowing and sales being made.  Once that process is completed and they have income and advertisers in place, they may slow down on keeping the website active.  This can, of course, reduce the amount of traffic or even the quality of the traffic quite significantly.  To avoid problems with this, the amount of activity on the site should be guaranteed when making a tenancy deal.  In most cases, activity will be based on the number of posts per week or month.

Major Changes

Another concern that many advertisers who are interested in a tenancy deal will have is that the site owner will make major changes to the layout of the page.  While this can be an important part of keeping up to date and improving a business, it can also reduce the effectiveness of any ads on the page.  If a major design or style change is being planned, the advertiser should have the option to either exit the deal at the time of the change or have say in the approval of the updates.

Maintaining the Relationship

Affiliates know that any type of business is built around a trusting relationship, and the tenancy deal should be no different.  If you’re running a site and looking to have an advertiser come in, make sure you respect their wishes and work hard to provide them with as much value as possible just like you would with a customer looking to make a purchase of one of your products.  The more value you provide the other party, the more likely they will be to continue to renew the tenancy deal long into the future and provide you with a nice income stream.

Valuable Workshop on Lead Generation Coming from the FTC

If you are in the business of online lead generation, you know (or at least you should know) how important it is to remain in compliance with the many rules and regulation put forth by the FTC.  If you step outside of what they consider unfair or deceptive practices, you could be facing significant fines or other penalties that can quickly shut down your business.

Fortunately, the FTC isn’t just here to cause your business problems.  They are also willing to help you to learn how to avoid issues and even generate more leads.  This is what they will be doing at an upcoming workshop titled, “Follow the Lead: An FTC Workshop About Online Lead Generation.”   The workshop is scheduled to take place on October 30, 2015.

While the full lineup of topics to be covered has not yet been finalized, the FTC has released some valuable information about the types of things they will be discussing.  The topics include:

  • How Lead Generation Works – The FTC has confirmed they will talk about how online lead generation works throughout a variety of industries. They specifically mention consumer lending and education thus far, but other industries will likely be added.
  • Potential Lead Gen Legal Issues – They will cover what types of conduct could be in violation under the FTC Act’s regulations surrounding unfair and/or deceptive practices.
  • Best Practices – A list of industry best practices will be provided. This will likely include a variety of details on what has been proven effective, while still in line with the FTC regulations.
  • Consumer Protection – The FTC will cover a variety of ways that consumers can protect themselves in the online market place.

While the FTC has provided quite a bit of information so far, they are not yet done.  In fact, they have asked people from within the online lead generation industry to provide them with recommendations on different topics they should cover or research on this industry.  They are also looking for potential panelists to present during the workshop.  If you have any recommendations for the FTC, you can email them the information by August 25, 2015.  They can be reached at leadgen@ftc.gov.

The majority of online marketers use lead generation in one way or another.  Whether you seek leads from other marketers or you sell them to third parties, it is always important to get a good understanding of what you are doing and how you can stay in compliance with the FTC’s regulations.  If you are able to make it to this workshop it is sure to prove to be extremely valuable.

The workshop is free and open to the public so start looking into attending as soon as possible.

Five Content Options for Attracting Traffic

When it comes to making affiliate sales one of the most important things you need is a steady stream of traffic.  For most marketers today, that means putting up new content on a regular basis.  New content provides visitors a reason to come back, encourages sharing, builds links and helps give the search engines the information they need to rank you well.  It can, however, be hard to think of content options that are related to your niche without getting overly repetitive.

The following five options have been proven to engage readers, encourage sharing and bring in traffic both while it is published and for months afterward.  When done properly, these ideas can give you an almost endless number of ideas that you can turn into blog posts, videos, tweets, Facebook posts, infographics or any other type of content that you need for your site.

Case Studies

These don’t have to be overly complex studies to be informative and important for your readers.  Find something that you’re doing anyway, and write down each of the steps you take.  Take a little extra time to document the results and you’ve got yourself a very useful post.  If you have recently brought in a new customer, for example, you can write about the steps you took to get the customer to make their first purchase.

Customer Interaction or Reviews

If you can get a customer to take a picture with your product or record themselves opening it or using it, you can turn that into a very popular post.  People love seeing real people with products before buying them.  Consider offering a ‘bonus’ if they provide you with an honest review, a picture, an ‘unboxing’ or some other type of user content for your site.

Responding to Customers

If your customers are asking you questions or making comments on your social media pages, you can take those and turn them into posts.  Choose a few of the best questions or comments, put them up in a post and then reply to them.  You can also record yourself reading the posts and giving a response on camera.  This is a very good way to show your customers or potential customers that you really do care about what they do and say related to your brand.

Tips & Tricks

Come up with 5 or 10 ways to help people who have purchased your product to get even more out of it.  Simple tips that can make what they already purchased even more valuable than it normally would be.  This will not only show potential customers that you care, but will also get existing customers to come back again and again.  Even if you’re just promoting an affiliate product you can still offer this type of content to show that you’re more than just a portal to buy.  You’ll be there for the customers well after the sale.

Timely Posts

Look at the news or look at what time of year it is and try to associate your content with that.  If it is the start of a new school year, consider writing something about how your product can benefit students.  If it is almost spring, write about your product and spring.  Any holiday, news event or other time specific item will due.  This not only gets extra popular when you post it, but each year at that time you can often get a resurgence of traffic, especially if you remember to ‘reshare’ it.

Grabbing at Business Opportunities when Seeing One

If you want to find ideas to start up a new Business, then you have to grab at any business opportunity that appears to you. Well, I can hear you asking: How can I spot these opportunities when it seems that almost anything that was mean to be in the form of a business has already been created and developed?

Business Opportunities

You may be right with this one, but this doesn’t mean that opportunities should be always innovations. There are all sorts of ideas that can spring out of an already existing one, but all you need to do is to keep your eyes open and be creative. You can add so many other things to an already established type of business, think about it. More than this, there are all kinds of needs that people are looking to satisfy that the range is very vast and perhaps not even filled up completely.

Let’s see how you can get started in the process of grabbing at any business opportunity that may be right in front of you and you are simply too distracted to take a god look at them:

* Checking with the new market trends in various fields of activity, you may easily spot something that was there for some time but you simply ignored it. Once recognizing that possibility you will have to start gaining more information and see the matter from all sides without omitting anything. In the process, you should never let negative thoughts or behaviors to suppress your thinking and power of foreseeing things in the future.

* Another way to spot a business opportunity can appear by solving a problem, for instance. In case you confront with a situation where you need to find a solution for a problem, you can even see that as a business opportunity for you. Yes, as mentioned above, businesses are created to solve all sorts of people’s needs and in the process they can make as well a lot of profit. So, again, being there looking to solve a problem, may be the start for building a business that can address people’s problems.

* Check with the things that you like to do as your pastime or simply look for those issues that can prevent you from having fun while approaching those things. Also you can start by looking at the things that you don’t like doing and find in there a business opportunity to solve that issue. It can be a great start into helping community with providing it services or products they have been for long time looking to acquire.

* Brainstorm business ideas with a group of friends and see what lucrative possibility goes out of it. This can be just a way to help another friend to deal with a problem and while finding solution in the group, a business opportunity might be right there in front of you.

Advertising Competitive Analysis with AdClarity

AdClarityBecause it is so profitable (and, some would argue – so easy!), the online advertising ecosystem has gotten fiercely competitive.  Ensuring your continued (or newly found) success in it depends on constantly monitoring your competitors and the industry as a whole.  But constantly monitoring and analyzing uses up your resources.  How can you constantly be in the know without sacrificing the time you need to work on your own media plans?

The answer is, naturally, getting someone else to do it for you.  But hiring and training people comes with its own headaches.  And humans are error-prone and require a lot of time to manage . . . No, you don’t need employees – you need ROBOTS!

Enter AdClarity’s Advertising Competitive Analysis.  This automated system is a god-send in its ability to track the industry, monitor competitors, reduce test budgets, and save time.

 How does it do this? Basically, it uses principles of competitive intelligence and applies them to advertising.  AdClarity monitors the display ecosystem and aggregates immense amounts of data into meaningful and useful information you can use to:

1.Find new traffic sources

By analyzing competitors’ successful traffic sources, you can find new markets to target, new publishers to use, new networks to mediate through, and much more.

2. Avoid costly mistakes

By keeping up with test campaigns your competitors (and other industry players) run, you can avoid the tests that don’t work.  This saves you both time and money.

3.Learn from others

By revealing the messaging, offering, creative designs, and networks that others work with, you can deduce what works for them.  This way, you can easily duplicate (and improve on!) their success.

4.Be in the know

You don’t have to manually research the industry.  Automatic updates find you any time a competitor launches a new campaign in a new market, a network launches a new media initiative, or any other important event occurs.

5.Get connected to the right people

When you use MI to find the sites and networks you want to work with, AdClarity can give you the correct contact details for the people you need to connect with.  No more filling out generic contact forms.  No more calling the main number and being stopped by the gatekeeper.  You get access to the right person’s name, email, and phone number.

AdClarity has many features and part of its usefulness is that each person can use it in the way that best suits their operation.  Overall, it is definitely a tool that is a necessity in the cut-throat competition of online media.  You know that you need advertising competitive analysis – using AdClarity is the smart way to get it.

The SearchEngineJournal says: “If you want to truly outperform your competitors, the first step is investing in a user-friendly, comprehensive competitive intelligence tool . . . AdClarity has just what you need.”

But you don’t need to take our word for it.  You don’t need to take Search Engine Journal’s word for it.  What you need is to see it in action, try it yourself, and decide if it is beneficial to your own operation.  Visit www.AdClarity.com for more information.

Disclosure :This is a sponsored post.

Why i hate Empower Network And MLM programs

MLM-Scam-Pyramid-Scam-Work-From-Home-Scam-I first time came to know Empower Network a few years ago when i started working as a freelancer. And a client (Who was a member)  wanted some help with his blog. From his blog i first heard about it and tried to understand how it works  etc, I watched a few videos and all the time all i could understand was them “Selling Dreams”.

After that i came to know many MLM schemes where even a few close friends of mine who were doing CPA as well involved as well and they also asked my multiple times to join them but i always refused simply because of the fact that they really dont have any product to sell. I have never used Empower Network but i have done enough researcher about it and i dont understand. Why would one pay $25 for a word press blog ? Maybe a few people would say because of its alexa rankings 341 Global rank and 171 US rank of Alexa and that means this is an authority site , Well wait , WordPress which offers you 100% free usage  has 19th Global as well as US Alexa rank as well ...  The base of EN are its products lets have a look one by one and see how this network works .

Basic membership

Paying $25 for something which is not under your full control ? Id prefer buying $3 /month from host gator and run a blog which is 100% under my control instead of a blog which i write for years and as soon as i stop paying $25 /month my all the hard work and content i created for years go into drain.

Lets come to Product #2: Inner Circle Audios

I dont understand why one should one pay $100 monthly recurring fee for a bunch of audios which do nothing but sell you the dreams ?  Reminds me of time when me and Miss Rocker met a guy who was trying to sell us some MLM  in a meetup and when we refused he replied "Oh so you dont want to make 1million a month from home?” And my reply was are you making 1 million ? if so why do i feel you havent even made one thousand from the crap you are trying to sell ? and that made his face go red however he refused to admit what he was doing is Utter B.S and is nothing you can rely on for a long time .

Product #3: Costa Rica Intensive

Why would  some one pay $500 to learn how to become a master at convincing, selling and achieving success in life by changing your mindset about business and money. Id prefer spend $13 abd buy this book 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive (watch out i have my amazon aff link attached). and this one for $20 How to Change Things When Change Is Hard instead of watching nothing but who tom and bob made tons of money and how i can make too if i buy blah blah blah

Product #4: 15k Per Month Formula

Ok so pay me  $997 one-time fee and i will get you a bunch of completely outdated videos and guides sharing information which can be found anywhere on the internet for free . I always appose buying WSOs but trust me head over to Warrior forum and you will find much more better and updated WSOs covering everything in this so called 15k Per Month Formula and at a very less price .. Or start reading blogs related to internet marketing and you will find much more better information than this over priced bunch of b.s .

So again lets revise products for a bit , You pay $25 for a blog which you can get for free or even self hosted under 100% your own control at $3 /Month .  You have to pay $100 for so called Inner Circle which is nothing but people telling you “Empower Network changes your life and how i made XXXX amount , pushing you to buy upgrade “..  Better headover to TED and learn something new from successful people. Next product is Costa Rica Intensive a bunch of videos id prefer watching this video again and again rather than listening to all B.S

And finally is 15k Per Month Formula really worth paying  $997 ? I dont think so .... Products name makes it look more shady ...

So that was the detail about the products they sell to their members , Now mind it if you are a basic member  paying $25 and you refer somebody to them and he decides to buy anything above $25 basic blogging package , you wont get anything you will just earn $25 till that person is member and thats it .. Now that means to get most out of your referrals you will have to buy all those crappy products and than you will be able to avail all the commissions. So that means you have no other option but buy all that useless stuff and not only you but your referrals will also have to buy this rubbish.  And thats how this system works , Find a troop of idiots and targets those people who just have no idea how a real business work.  Its all about buying crap and selling it to other people nothing more than that …  And i would never ever recommend my readers to join any of MLM or Empower Network and waste their money . To understand how ponzi schemes work do read a post series by finchsells about banner brokers.

Are you a Network marketer ? Want to share your thoughts or your side of story ? Prove me wrong ? mail me a contact [@] kjrocker.com

have anything to say ? make comments below ..

Ways To Use Social Media Marketing To Launch Your Product

Make money online TipSocial media is big for one reason: it is a great place for viral and word-of-mouth marketing. Thus, it would be great for you to use social media for your next product launch. Why? That’s because you can attract your audience more easily, engage them in lively conversation about your product, and let them spread the word about it. Here are 5 effective ways to use social media marketing to launch your product:

1. Create a Series Of Exclusive Content For Social Media

 The first step that you need to do is to create some kind of teaser for your launch. To do this, and since you are doing this in social media, you need to create a series of exclusive content that is available only for your social media followers. Do not release this content to the public. You can tell your website visitors about this exclusive content, but don’t reveal it in your website. Instead, take them to your social media page and ask them to follow you in order to get the content. This series of content should include educational information that is related with the product that you are going to sell.

2.Give a Time For Your Audience To Warm Up With Your Launch

 You need to build your social media following long before your launch date. In other words, you have to gather your audience to your social media page several months before launch. This will allow your audience to build curiosity about your product launch. With the regular teaser content that you release for your audience in your social media page, they will become more and more curious about your product. Do not reveal your product information just yet, at least not until the launch date is near.

3. Make Your Launch Informative And Fun

 Create a kind of mysterious feeling for your product. But, keep your pre-launch content informative and fun. You don’t want to make your readers to feel bored before they can see the product that you are selling. Make each of your update interesting to look for. Use good images that triggers even more curiosity. With each new update, you should lead your audience closer to the full reveal of the launch. But, don’t give them any unnecessary spoilers before the launch date.

4.Attract Hot Discussion About The Launch

 The biggest advantage for using social media for your product launch is that you can easily gather your audience and initiate good discussion about your launch in just one page in your social media. Be sure that each of your update encourages people to comment on it, ask questions, and create hot discussion about the launch. The more people talk about your launch, the more people will become interested in it. Thus, you will attract even more people to your social media page.

5. Motivate People To Spread The Word About The Launch

 You should also encourage your social media followers to spread the word about your product launch. You can even give special bonus for those who are willing to spread the word about the launch, such as a free report, free video course, and so on. Just be sure that you can really motivate people to spread the word about the launch because it will bring you a great advantage when the launch date is due. The more you can reach your audience, the more successful your product launch will be. Fortunately, social media will let you to spread the word about your launch very easily. The only thing that left is to encourage people to do it.

Using social media is a smart strategy to gain more momentum for your product launch. Those are some effective ways that you can follow to make your product launch a success.This post is for all of you guys who asked me for helping them with Tee Spring .. So here is your Kj Rocker`s special advise for all of you ..

Psychology in Internet Marketting

Hey everybody 🙂 Miss Rocker here!

I have recently started to look into Psychology a little deeper, it has always been an interest but I have taken it up as more of a passion these days. So now you are wondering how does this relate to CPA Marketing?

Well psychology can be used to analyze and capture your consumers brains so you can know them before they know your product.


So Here are 5 Tips on how to use a persons brain for the your benefit, because if you know what they are thinking or how their mind works before you even target that mind, chances are you will hit the right targets and get the better outcomes. Which ultimately can be translated to knowing your sellers minds and preferences before you sell.


1. Steer don’t sell

This is a mistake many marketers make and I myself have made many times, it takes time to master but once you have got it you are in control. Do not SELL to your consumers, STEER them in the right direction. This means don’t offer them your product or tell them “How it will change their life” but show them a direction as to what you are selling. For example do not use language such as “If you buy this your life will change” or telling them prices (Never give away price at first hand), have the attitude that your product has already been bought. Using phrases like “When you buy this product yourl ife will change” and “You can see…” This makes the consumer feel comfortable and like you are offering something they own but hey just need to claim. Don’t make them feel they are missing out, because most people like to be unique or buy products and services that they do or have but they just need claiming.

2. Curious George

Most products that sell well have a “secret” and that is a their “secret” doesn’t make sense? Let me make it simple, if a product has something mysterious or secretive about it, a consumer is more likely to buy it JUST TO FIND OUT WHAT THE SECRET IS. So add in a twist or “secret” because curiosity is a psychological weakness in people, it’s the breakdown between walking away and the checkout.

3. Special Attention

This may seem like rocket science but the purpose of this post is to explain how these things work and not just state they work. The human brain is prone to special attention and even the most independent people want to feel special and hear about themselves sometimes. So personalize your products where possible and give options and offer personalization to individuals. This is where a mailing list may come in handy, at least the offer is being offered on a personal basis.

4. T.E.E. to Obtain the Product

It is said that a consumer identifies his/her wants and then buys it depending on the time, effort and energy to obtain it. The ratio of risk and investment will be balanced out in their mind as they walk more towards the want, However the ultimatum will depend on what they have to get this. For example, Social Media is a common and fast growing tool in promotion and marketing, Using Facebook in specific; consumers are already on Facebook, they are likely to buy when they see things on something they use regularly. A constant reminder will ultimately leave them to give in, and Facebook ads can also be targeted to specific people depending on pages they like, gender ages and countries.

5. Cute Cues

The final tip is related to people who don’t think as much as the above, they don’t think carefully about T.E.E (Time Effort and Energy). This means you need to try more to grab their attention and influence them using cues. These include music, bright colors, emotional stories or attractive speakers. This type of mentality ignores the facts,logic and information and leads to instant sales due to “Cute Cues” as stated above. This is why testing and tracking is important, see the LIST OF AFFILIATE MARKETING RESOURCES for more advice on tracking and testing.