Introduction to Tenancy Deals

If you’re a successful affiliate marketer you are likely always looking for ways to increase your overall profits while also diversifying your income.  One great option that many people overlook is running a tenancy deal.  A tenancy deals is a process where advertising space is purchased on the website of an affiliate and can often be on top of the normal CPA agreement.  If you’re thinking about offering (or even asking for) one of these types of deals you need to know some of the key pieces of information that you need to evaluate.  The following is a quick introduction to some things to consider to help ensure you get the best results possible.

Introduction to Tenancy Deals


Like with most things you do as an affiliate, performance will be a key factor to consider.  Performance metrics should be discussed by all parties involved to ensure it is a mutually beneficial experience.  Talking about how much traffic the advertisement should see, for example.  In addition, decide what will happen should traffic levels go up or down significantly.  This is not only important for ensuring all parties know what to expect, but also to allow for longer term deals that can thrive through the ups and downs of normal business.

Activity Commitments

An issue that can cause problems with these types of agreements is the inactivity of the website owner.  All too often marketers will set up a new website, fill it with content and work very hard to get traffic flowing and sales being made.  Once that process is completed and they have income and advertisers in place, they may slow down on keeping the website active.  This can, of course, reduce the amount of traffic or even the quality of the traffic quite significantly.  To avoid problems with this, the amount of activity on the site should be guaranteed when making a tenancy deal.  In most cases, activity will be based on the number of posts per week or month.

Major Changes

Another concern that many advertisers who are interested in a tenancy deal will have is that the site owner will make major changes to the layout of the page.  While this can be an important part of keeping up to date and improving a business, it can also reduce the effectiveness of any ads on the page.  If a major design or style change is being planned, the advertiser should have the option to either exit the deal at the time of the change or have say in the approval of the updates.

Maintaining the Relationship

Affiliates know that any type of business is built around a trusting relationship, and the tenancy deal should be no different.  If you’re running a site and looking to have an advertiser come in, make sure you respect their wishes and work hard to provide them with as much value as possible just like you would with a customer looking to make a purchase of one of your products.  The more value you provide the other party, the more likely they will be to continue to renew the tenancy deal long into the future and provide you with a nice income stream.

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