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Psychology in Internet Marketing

Hey everybody 🙂 Miss Rocker here!

I have recently started to look into Psychology a little deeper, it has always been an interest but I have taken it up as more of a passion these days. So now you are wondering how does this relate to CPA Marketing?

Well psychology can be used to analyze and capture your consumers brains so you can know them before they know your product.

So Here are 5 Tips on how to use a persons brain for the your benefit, because if you know what they are thinking or how their mind works before you even target that mind, chances are you will hit the right targets and get the better outcomes. Which ultimately can be translated to knowing your sellers minds and preferences before you sell.

1. Steer don’t sell

This is a mistake many marketers make and I myself have made many times, it takes time to master but once you have got it you are in control. Do not SELL to your consumers, STEER them in the right direction. This means don’t offer them your product or tell them “How it will change their life” but show them a direction as to what you are selling. For example do not use language such as “If you buy this your life will change” or telling them prices (Never give away price at first hand), have the attitude that your product has already been bought. Using phrases like “When you buy this product yourl ife will change” and “You can see…” This makes the consumer feel comfortable and like you are offering something they own but hey just need to claim. Don’t make them feel they are missing out, because most people like to be unique or buy products and services that they do or have but they just need claiming.

2. Curious George

Most products that sell well have a “secret” and that is a their “secret” doesn’t make sense? Let me make it simple, if a product has something mysterious or secretive about it, a consumer is more likely to buy it JUST TO FIND OUT WHAT THE SECRET IS. So add in a twist or “secret” because curiosity is a psychological weakness in people, it’s the breakdown between walking away and the checkout.

3. Special Attention

This may seem like rocket science but the purpose of this post is to explain how these things work and not just state they work. The human brain is prone to special attention and even the most independent people want to feel special and hear about themselves sometimes. So personalize your products where possible and give options and offer personalization to individuals. This is where a mailing list may come in handy, at least the offer is being offered on a personal basis.

4. T.E.E. to Obtain the Product

It is said that a consumer identifies his/her wants and then buys it depending on the time, effort and energy to obtain it. The ratio of risk and investment will be balanced out in their mind as they walk more towards the want, However the ultimatum will depend on what they have to get this. For example, Social Media is a common and fast growing tool in promotion and marketing, Using Facebook in specific; consumers are already on Facebook, they are likely to buy when they see things on something they use regularly. A constant reminder will ultimately leave them to give in, and Facebook ads can also be targeted to specific people depending on pages they like, gender ages and countries.

5. Cute Cues

The final tip is related to people who don’t think as much as the above, they don’t think carefully about T.E.E (Time Effort and Energy). This means you need to try more to grab their attention and influence them using cues. These include music, bright colors, emotional stories or attractive speakers. This type of mentality ignores the facts,logic and information and leads to instant sales due to “Cute Cues” as stated above. This is why testing and tracking is important, see the LIST OF AFFILIATE MARKETING RESOURCES for more advice on tracking and testing.

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