Psychology in Internet Marketting

Hey everybody 🙂 Miss Rocker here!

I have recently started to look into Psychology a little deeper, it has always been an interest but I have taken it up as more of a passion these days. So now you are wondering how does this relate to CPA Marketing?

Well psychology can be used to analyze and capture your consumers brains so you can know them before they know your product.


So Here are 5 Tips on how to use a persons brain for the your benefit, because if you know what they are thinking or how their mind works before you even target that mind, chances are you will hit the right targets and get the better outcomes. Which ultimately can be translated to knowing your sellers minds and preferences before you sell.


1. Steer don’t sell

This is a mistake many marketers make and I myself have made many times, it takes time to master but once you have got it you are in control. Do not SELL to your consumers, STEER them in the right direction. This means don’t offer them your product or tell them “How it will change their life” but show them a direction as to what you are selling. For example do not use language such as “If you buy this your life will change” or telling them prices (Never give away price at first hand), have the attitude that your product has already been bought. Using phrases like “When you buy this product yourl ife will change” and “You can see…” This makes the consumer feel comfortable and like you are offering something they own but hey just need to claim. Don’t make them feel they are missing out, because most people like to be unique or buy products and services that they do or have but they just need claiming.

2. Curious George

Most products that sell well have a “secret” and that is a their “secret” doesn’t make sense? Let me make it simple, if a product has something mysterious or secretive about it, a consumer is more likely to buy it JUST TO FIND OUT WHAT THE SECRET IS. So add in a twist or “secret” because curiosity is a psychological weakness in people, it’s the breakdown between walking away and the checkout.

3. Special Attention

This may seem like rocket science but the purpose of this post is to explain how these things work and not just state they work. The human brain is prone to special attention and even the most independent people want to feel special and hear about themselves sometimes. So personalize your products where possible and give options and offer personalization to individuals. This is where a mailing list may come in handy, at least the offer is being offered on a personal basis.

4. T.E.E. to Obtain the Product

It is said that a consumer identifies his/her wants and then buys it depending on the time, effort and energy to obtain it. The ratio of risk and investment will be balanced out in their mind as they walk more towards the want, However the ultimatum will depend on what they have to get this. For example, Social Media is a common and fast growing tool in promotion and marketing, Using Facebook in specific; consumers are already on Facebook, they are likely to buy when they see things on something they use regularly. A constant reminder will ultimately leave them to give in, and Facebook ads can also be targeted to specific people depending on pages they like, gender ages and countries.

5. Cute Cues

The final tip is related to people who don’t think as much as the above, they don’t think carefully about T.E.E (Time Effort and Energy). This means you need to try more to grab their attention and influence them using cues. These include music, bright colors, emotional stories or attractive speakers. This type of mentality ignores the facts,logic and information and leads to instant sales due to “Cute Cues” as stated above. This is why testing and tracking is important, see the LIST OF AFFILIATE MARKETING RESOURCES for more advice on tracking and testing.


Reasons Your Online Marketing Promotion Fail and How to Fix It

kjrocker fail saturdayDo you think that you’ve failed at online marketing? Online business is not for everyone. But, even though you know this is the truth, everyone can still benefit from it. Everyone can still learn the right way to do their online business. Whether  you’re affiliate marketer,  selling online or whatever business that you want to promote online, failure can still be your biggest risk. But, if you can handle it, it will give you a better result. In other words, your failure is not fixed upon you. You can always fix it and change your result. Here are 5 reasons why your online marketing promotion fail and how to fix it:

1. Lack of marketing power

You’ve got your product ready to promote and you’ve got the plan of promotion ready. Now, what should you do? Most people will simply tell you to execute your plan and start the promotion process. But, most people don’t do that. They stuck at planning and they have the lack of action to execute their plan. Lack of action will lead you into failure in whatever you’re doing. Planning alone is not enough. Action is important to execute your plan. When you have lack of marketing power, you should examine the way you do things. Most importantly, you should put more emphasize on action instead of theory or planning.

2. Inefficient marketing method

The method of promotion that you’re using will also affect the result that you will get. For instance, a good promotion method for weight loss products might not be a good promotion method for video game products. This is what you should see. Inefficient marketing method that you use will lead you into failure. If your product is more suitable to be promoted via visual presentation, then you should focus more of your promotion on video marketing. If it’s more suitable to be promoted in social media, then do it.

3. Bad understanding about the product

The way you present your product to your audience will determine their action toward it. A well-promoted product will likely get more attention than a product that is promoted badly. This boils down to your understanding about the product. What’s the strengths and weaknesses of your product? You have to know about your product inside out. That’s because your knowledge and understanding about your product will lead you into bringing a good presentation about your product to your audience. More importantly, passion is important when you promote your product. You can’t ignite passion in your promotion until you understand fully about your product.

4. Not understanding your target audience

Your target audience represents your potential customers. Remember that it is very important for you to understand about what they need and what they want from you. This understanding is important because it will help you to to communicate your message better. When you know what your audience wants, you can offer your product in a way that will appeal their deepest desire. Most unsuccessful promotion is caused by lack of understanding about your audience’s needs and wants. So, learn about what you can do to appeal to your audience’s needs and wants in your promotion.

5. No goal to attain

Without a goal to attain, you will not seriously do your online promotion. Since you have no vision about what are you going to accomplish in this project, you’ll not taking it seriously. However, you should understand that this is serious business. If you can succeed in your online promotion, it can change your life for the better. Therefore, you should set a goal for your promotion so that it can motivate you to achieve it. In this way, you will have more passion in place and you will put more effort in your online promotion that will inevitably lead you to success.

Those are 5 reasons why your online marketing promotion fail and how to fix it. Remember that your failure can be changed. There’s always the way for you to improve the result in your online promotion. The key is to know what it is and do it.

Introduction post –

Hey evey one my business is growing and things are getting pretty bigger recently I have decided to re locate in Dubai UAE (official announcement coming soon). And things are going pretty good here at land when is started this business I never thought I will have that much of success, Anyways my todays post is about my very important team member and my business partner Miss Rocker ( you might have already seen her articles and posts here on If not you may check them here ).

Any ways we have decided that as we are growing more and more bigger miss rocker will manage offline business consultancy department and business development where as i will focus on affiliate marketing / Lead generation and advertising specially PPV and PPC  sections , That does nt mean this decision will affect this blog instead we have another addition and that is MISS Rocker Blog Where Miss Rocker will share her experiences about internet marketing and also about offline business consulting business , You can expect new things coming up at her blog as we are working hard to create more case studies and create working business models specially focusing on offline business consultancy where we will help offline businesses to increase their sales . You might have a look at  .  She is already working on some great interviews and you can expect some real info on her blog soon . If you are looking forward to expand and diversify your income do keep an eye on as big things are coming out very soon .

Ways to find good product suppliers for your E Bay Business

I usually write about affiliate marketing on this blog how ever i personally know many people who living by selling products on Ebay. Its a total different business model how ever i thought why not share the biggest problem people face when starting out with Selling on Ebay , I will try my best to keep posting about Ebay selling on my blog and also invite a few of my friends to share their ebay business experiences with you. Anyways the problem i am going to talk about today is  as i have already mentioned in title how to find good product suppliers for your Ebay Business.


If you want to make money selling products on eBay and build solid business from this, you need to find good product suppliers that you can really depend on. There are hundreds of product suppliers offering competitive price for wholesalers, but their products are often cheaply made and low quality. You need to filter the good from the ugly. Here are 7 ways to find product suppliers that give satisfaction to you and your customers:

Always Do The Comparison Before Using Any Supplier

There are hundreds of suppliers you can use. So, naturally there will be good and bad suppliers out there. You have to do some research and comparisons before using any supplier that you choose. For instance, if you find that supplier A is the best supplier you can use, take a look at other suppliers first before deciding to use this supplier. In this way, you’ll be able to really choose the right supplier for your eBay business.

The Price And The Real Quality

Of course, you should choose a supplier that can provide you with cheap products in high quality. You don’t want to disappoint your customers on eBay later. That’s why you need to find the best deal. Always buy a few samples before deciding to buy wholesale products for your business. Check the quality first. Make sure that your suppliers really provide high quality products with cheap price.

The Variety Of Products

You need a supplier that can provide you with variety of products that you can choose. Remember that your eBay customers will be very delighted to see variety of products that they can choose. If you only provide monotonous products with very little choice, you can’t make your eBay store interesting for your customers. For instance, if you’re selling flash drives on eBay, be sure to find a supplier that can provide you with hundreds of unique varieties of flash drives.

Big Profit Margin

How big your profit margin will be? You can find cheap products on your supplier’s website, but if they can’t give you big enough profit margin for your eBay business, you’ll not be able to earn maximum profit in your business. Choose a product that can bring you big profit margin. For instance, you might want to sell clothes on eBay for the average price of $15. Then, you try to find a supplier that can provide such clothes with only $5 apiece, but with good enough quality that you can sell it for $15 without getting any complaint from the customers. This is how you find a supplier that can give big profit margin for you.

Lowest Shipping Cost

You need to purchase lots of products from your suppliers and they need to ship your products on regular basis. If the shipping cost is too high, you might not be able to gain enough profit from the transaction. That’s why you need to find a supplier that can provide the lowest shipping cost for you.

Find Suppliers That Can Provide The Products You’re Looking For

It is good for you to find a supplier that can provide enough products that you’re looking for. Make sure that your supplier has abundance of stocks for the products that you’re looking for. This is important because if you have lots of demands from your customers for certain products and your supplier can’t provide any more products for you, then it can be dangerous for your business. You might lose many sales. That’s why you need to find a reliable supplier that can provide the products that you’re looking for.

Good, Reliable, And Responsive Customer Service

Customer service is an important part of any business. Your supplier has to have good, reliable, and responsive customer service. This is important because if your supplier is accessible every time you need them, you won’t have to worry about problems related to your products. You can just call them and they’ll assist you immediately to resolve it.

Those are 7 ways to find product suppliers that give satisfaction to you and your customers.

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This is what i made doing exactly what kenster teaches in his coaching

This is what i made doing exactly what kenster teaches in his coaching

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Huge list of Affiliate marketing resources

hey guys i have created a list of affiliate marketing resources and wanted to share with you , To be honest it took me almost 3 days to gather all these sources and put them in place and i have worked hard to gather all these sites and also write short descriptions and reviews for them so you could get cream out of cream services , In case i missed anything please do let me know by making comment below and i will add it with your name and website/blog (in case you own one )  , Enjoy !

Traffic tracking software’s



Spying Tools

PPC Keywords Tools

Competitive Analysis Tools

Affiliate Networks

  • Commission junction     A Great Affiliate network to find well known brands
  • Click Bank                         Digital products heaven they offer weeklies now
  • Share a sale                      Another great Rev Share network
  • Link  Share
  • Associates     Commissions are low but conversion rates are higher a must have
  • Affiliate Window                    – Britains CJ

CPA Networks

  • Never Blue    Top Tier affiliate network great support always
  • Click Booth    Another great network dont bother to apply if you don’t have experience.
  • W4                  They dont shave
  • WSM               They got amazing affiliate managers
  • A4D                  Owned by jason akatiff his name is enough
  • MaxBounty     they won’t forget your payments even if you forget yourself  .
  • Peerfly             A very friendly network always pay ..
  • Diablo Media    Another exclusive network
  • Envyus Media
  • NAMoffers  Owned by a good friend Michael Rich a person who knows his stuff .
  • Convert2Media  Another good and successful network
  • Above All Offers  They got plenty of high converting offers
  • MUNDO Media    Plenty of international offers
  • LeadSmack Media  Owned by a good friend Jonathan smith
  • Adsimilis                    Leading CPA Network in dating niche
  • CPA Way
  • Adknowledge ( formerly known as Hydra network )
  • Monetise   My favorite for brit offers
  • WOW Trk   (Brit Network)
  • FurtherAds

Incentive networks

  • Adscend Media have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name.
  • CPA Lead   King in incent CPA Networks
  • Mobooka   Incent network owned by convert2media
  •     Incent network owned by peerfly
  • AdWork Media Recommended by praveen Sharma and Eymard siojo in comments .

Traffic forums


  •  You are visiting at the time of reading
  • shoemoney   Owned by a well know internet marketer and mentor to many a great person I am his big fan !
  •   Another big name in affiliate marketing
  •     Name MR Green is enough !
  •   Never blue affiliate manager Andrew wee at his best
  •   Peerfly Affiliate Manager Lukes blog where he shares some solid tips related to CPA Marketing
  •    An affiliate marketer based in Thailand shares his experiences
  •   This is Shawn Collins (CO Founder of Affiliate Summit conference ) blog where he shares his knowledge .
  •   Owned by Pace Latin a affiliate industry insider news website.
  •   This is Affiliate industry outsider news site always bookmarked on my browser
  •  Amazing blog being run by Ruck always shares valuable content
  •   Another rgreat blog being run by David from affplaybook forum .
  •   zac Johnson is another regular industry blogger always working hard to provide high quality content to its users.
  •   All about SEO Blog
  • Ipyxel Creations Blog   Official nlog of Ipyxel creations a good source of information and to get tips
  •   Another good blog about affiliate industry by Geno Prussakov
  •  Tyler Cruz shares his experience on his blog about affiliate marketing and general internet marketing experiences
  •   Want to boost your click through rate ?
  •   Its Name says it all a great source to learn PPC
  •  A great blog owned by Brian where he shares his wisdom.
  • A very old affiliate blog where Glen is sharing his knowledge since 2005
  •   Owned by co –founder of affiliate summit another old and a good resource of information for affiliates
  •    No fluff, just proven copywriting and conversion optimization
  • FinchSells  A affiliate blog being run by a 24 years old Brit Finch

Traffic Sources


Facebook ads  Advertise on facebook , Worlds largest social website.


POF ADS   Advertise on dating site okenty of fish , Heaven for dating niche

POF PRO POF ad buying/tracking/automation/optimization platform

Media Buying

  • Tribalfusion  -  One of the best and premium media buying networks with reach to 431 Million people per month worldwide.
  • Site Scout  - Self-serve ad platform with real-time bidding and reporting
  • Adperium  - self serve banner buy network
  • Buy Ads –  Find, buy and manage premium advertising on some of the best websites all through an easy self-service interface.
  • Buy sell ads   Self serve banner buy network
  • Engage BDR - engage:BDR is a leading Integrated-Media Advertising company with extensive marketing solutions that provides brands High Performing and Cost Effective Display Advertising.
  • Blogads  -  Advertise on blogs
  • Casale Media - Casale Media is a core technology company that maximizes digital media value for the world's leading publisher & advertiser brands.
  • Valueclick  - ValueClick Media is the leader in online advertising – across display, mobile and video – and we back it all up with the best data in the business.
  • Burst Media    have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name.
  • Adengage   have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name.
  • CPX Interactive   have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name.


  • Lead Bolt   Satisfactory traffic  quality
  • Bing Ads   Love them , Good mobile volume plus good quality traffic.
  • Airpush     have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name .
  • Jumptap  have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name .
  • Inmobi    have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name .
  • Millennialmedia   have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name .
  • Mojiva   have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name .
  • Pontiflex  have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name .
  • Admoda   have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name.
  • 4th-screen   have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name .
  •  Huntmads   have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name .
  •   Buzzcity   Cheap but not good quality traffic



  • ·         Google Adwords     Best quality PPC Traffic Source
  • ·         Bing Ads    Another Top PPC Traffic source
  • ·         7Search     I used them for two years , Low traffic volume good source fopr noobs tpo start
  • ·         Marchex   have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name .
  • ·         AdSide   have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name .
  • ·    have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name .
  • ·  Good volume and great quality a bit expensive but great inventory using them you can advertise on many news sites.
  • ·         AdClickMedia  have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name.
  • ·         Bidvertiser   Used once Didn’t liked them
  • ·         Looksmart    Not recommended , I once tried and even after pausing my campaigns they kept running and charging me



  • ·         Ad Roll   Retargeting platform
  • ·         Adblade    Retargeting platform
  • ·         Perfect Audience  Target your visitors on facebook



  • ·         Media Traffic    Better than Adon and Direct CPV but too much bad quality traffic
  • ·         Trafficvance   Top PPV Network  
  • ·         DirectCPV   Waste of money and time  
  • ·         AdOnNetwork   Good quality than Direct CPV
  • ·         Lead Impact   Best PPV Network love it <3


  • ·         WordPress   I use it and I love it . My most preferred CMS
  • ·         Joomla   More secure but not as common as WordPress plus a bit complex to manage
  • ·         Drupal    More developer friendly and if you know coding this CMS is for you .

Auto responders

  • ·         Aweber  I dont like em but thats personal reason you may like themJ
  • ·         Get Response  (Get them they are the best )
  • ·         interspire     Best possible self hosted  solution if you can afford its price
  • ·         Campaign Monitor  Havent used them so far so I have no idea about them ,  have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name .
  • ·         Constant Contact  Another well known auto responder
  • ·         Mail chimp  If you are affiliate forget using them .

WordPress plugins

  • ·         WordPress SEO Plugin by yoast    Has  everything you need for blog SEO
  • ·         pippity    Must have for list building using your blog
  • ·         shareaholic  Social Sharing plugin Great plugin to get social traffic
  • ·         WP Touch Pro   For mobile version of your mobile
  • ·         OIOpublisher Ad Manager    A must have plugin for every bloggers maker advertisement management easy tons of features.
  • ·         Math reloaded *     Spam, Tons of spam  the more your traffic increases the more you start getting spam .  Plugin Captcha intended to prove that the visitor is a human being and not a spam robot. Plugin asks the visitor to answer a math question.
  • ·         Easy Contact Forms *   Makes your life easy
  • Limit Login Attempts  ** As its name suggests·

Word press themes

  • Thesis      Perfect theme for creating blogs one of the most favorite theme of internet marketers a bit difficult to manage but highly customizable.
  • Genesis    Another great theme, I personally am using it for  Easy to manage. Easy customizations using hooks.
  • Optimize Press      A perfect theme for creating landing pages and membership sites, A good theme to use for creating Affiliate landing pages I also use it as landing page for PPV a great theme to make simple and squeeze landing pages and to create stunning funnels.

Word press Membership  plugins

  • Wish List member  A great Membership site plug-in I am using it for Rocker Labs and I am satisfied with it , it’s easy to use and manage.
  • A Member  Another great plugin to create membership sites I havent used it but I have seen many people using it best feature I like about it is it has built in affiliate system.
  • Premise    Another membership plugin I used it but wasnt really impressed from its performance .


  • Max CDN             I used it and I love it much more better than Other CDNs, Easy to manage and great support . Love these guys there friendly support made me write this article
  • Cloud FLARE   I was using them with hostgator and wasn’t satisfied ever.
  • Amazon Cloud front  Amazon`s CDN service


  • Beyond Hosting  (for trackers is must have)  Faster redirects and great support .
  • Liquid Web     Best option for VPS & Dedicated servers   .
  • Name Cheap      Great for bloggers
  • Host Gator          Ermm NO (my personal opinion ) but you should have a look at it
  • Amazon Website hosting   Good choice pay as per you use
  • Dream Host  have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name.
  • Bluehost  have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name.
  • Just Host  have you used them ? Comment below  with your review and I will publish it with your name.


Tips To Make Money Promoting Affiliate Products In Hobby Niche

You can make money helping people to solve their problem. This is the most common way to succeed in affiliate marketing. You just promote a product that can give the right solution for people’s problem, and you’re in. You’ll make tons of sales. But, do you know that you can also make tons of sales promoting affiliate products in hobby niche? Take for instance a golf niche. There are lots of passionate people wanting to immerse themselves in this hobby. They want to know lots of things about golf in order to master it. It’s the same with video game niche. It’s a kind of hobby niche that is very lucrative for affiliate promotion. So, do you want to try it out? Here are 5 tips to make money promoting affiliate products in hobby niche:

What’s Your Hobby?

It is important to make your affiliate marketing business enjoyable. Most people take their affiliate business too seriously. As a result, they can’t achieve the success that they want. If you don’t enjoy in what you’re doing, then how can you expect success in it? You can’t be really successful in your business if you don’t enjoy it. You’ll only feel miserable. So, if you want to successfully promote affiliate products in hobby niche, you have to choose a hobby niche that you really enjoy. Yes, you have to choose your hobby. What’s your hobby? What do you really enjoy about? This should be your niche.

Build A Website Based On Your Hobby

Whether it is fishing, golfing, video gaming, basketball, soccer, football, or anything else, the next step for you to do is to build a website based on your hobby. This website will become your marketing tool. This is your channel to make money online. Before building your website, you have to think about what you’ll put in it. In other words, you have to design the website structure first. Then, once you’ve really certain about what you’re doing, you can start building your website.

Give Tips And Tricks Related To Your Hobby

The most important characteristic in a successful hobby website is passion. You have to always infuse passion in what you’re writing for your website. Thus, you can attract good amount of followers and loyal readers very quickly and easily. So, once your website is built, you have to give tips and tricks related to your hobby regularly. You should keep your website updated regularly. This is very important to slowly drive long-term consistent traffic to your website.

Give Regular Product Recommendation In Your Website

Make sure that you have good amount of traffic already before you start giving product recommendation in your website. Therefore, you should keep giving tips and tricks to your readers until you can attract good amount of traffic to you. Giving a regular product recommendation is the way for you to monetize your website. You can find the products that you can promote in various affiliate networks. Ideally, you should mix between digital products and physical products to keep your website in balance. Promote only high quality products that will help your audience to experience more about their hobby. When you promote only quality products, it can help you to build solid reputation in your niche.

Don’t Appear Too Commercial

The hobby website that you build should be the tool for you to share your passion with your audience. It shouldn’t be too commercial-looking. Why? That’s because if your website is looking too commercial, you have a high chance to lose your audience quickly. People don’t like being bombarded with ads. This is not a good way to promote your affiliate products to your audience. The best way to do it is to recommend the products that you consider good to your audience. Remember that if your website appears too commercial, you are no longer recommending your products. Instead, you’re selling those products. This is not the best way to monetize your website.

Those are  tips to make money promoting affiliate products in hobby niche. Now, you can turn your hobby into solid online income if you follow the tips above.

Huge Dedicated Server Blowout Sale

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Here are the details of Basic server package :

  • Intel Xeon E3-1220LV2 2.3GHz
  • 10 mbps Uplink
  • 4 GB DDR3 Memory
  • 500 GB RAID-1 Drives
  • 10 TB Bandwidth
  • Up to 5 Dedicated IPs
  • FREE cPanel
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Private SSL Support
  • QuickInstall
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • IP Deny Manager
  • MySQL, phpMyAdmin
  • Unlimited Email and FTP Accounts
  • CGI, PHP, Perl, Python, Cron
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 24/7 Support
  • No Contract


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hostgator discount sale

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How you can get free traffic to your affiliate websites within 24 hours!

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Box Of Ads Is Actually Box Of Money!

Yes, you read it right , Box of Ads is Box of money! So many times I have been asked kj what is the best competitive research tool for PPV advertisers which helps you to stay ahead of the competition. A PPV Spying tool, which will help you to determine what’s working on PPV and what landing pages are being used.

Where Box Of Ads can help ?

If you are starting a new campaign and looking for ideas where to start this is the best tool which will help you to determine.

  • What type of sites you should target
  • How your landing pages should look like
  • What PPV Network is being used
  • What offers are working well

Or if you are looking to spy on your competitors by using box of ads you will be able to know

  • What type of landing pages your competitors are using?
  • What keywords your competitors are using.
  • What offer you’re your competitor is promoting.
  • What else your competition promote.
  • Duration of ads since they are live
  • And on what date they started and ended campaigns.

Features of Box Of Ads

Ok so that was all what box of ads is about now let’s have a look at its features .

Here is how it looks like when you are logged in .


Click to show full image

As you can see it not only offers you to target Using targets (keywords ) , Trackers  but also by landing page (offer lp ) and also lets you select which ppv network you are looking to spy on Traffic Vance or Lead Impact . And also lets you choose start and end date so you can only get those campaigns which are currently being run.

 box of ads review

Click to show full image


In above screenshot as you can see I typed in warriorforum and it s showing the advertisers on PPV who are targeting warrior forum .

Here is how it looks like when I click on one of those campaigns

 box of ads ppv spy

Click to show full image

  1. As you can see here It shows targets (keywords/sites) advertiser is targeting.
  2. Other campaigns being run by the advertiser (owned)
  3. Date and Time when campaign data was captured
  4. Traffic source
  5. Age of campaign (also notice above it start and last seen  date )
  6. Target
  7. Landing page url
  8. Tracker link

In advertiser campaigns tab it shows all the campaigns like this

 box of ads spy tool

Click to show full image


And this is how target tab looks where you can see what targets advertiser is targeting.


ppv target spy tool box of ads

Click to show full image

So ready to roll ?  Click here now and signup with Box Of Ads Now and get 7days Free Trail. And $199/ Month after that but wait! You are on Kj Rocker` s Blog  rite ?  So here you go use coupon BOAKJR52 and get 52$ off from monthly subscription.



Enjoy !

Best Platforms For Your Membership Site

There are so many membership platforms out there that it is now a minefield you have to tiptoe through if you want to find something good to power your site, fortunately I have been there and done that and I think there are really only 4 choices:

Get Response – $15 a month

That’s right; you can run your whole membership site through an autoresponder. This works well for smaller membership sites with a small monthly fee. You get them to sign up after payment for the autoresponder series and then have the messages queued up so they get one straight after signup to give them the first set of content, then email them once a month with new videos and content.

You can give them information in the actual email and/or refer them to a page on your site which has the bulk of the content for that month. This is not as robust as having a membership system because for instance your billing will be manual, if someone cancels their account then you’ll not have to remove them from Get Response yourself so they don’t get content for free. Also people can’t login and browse through all the content, but it is a cheap and easy way to deliver content and I have been a member of a few sites run like this and enjoyed them.


Wishlist Member – $97

I am using this one personally for Rocker Lab and i am loving it , it is a plugin for WordPress so you get the easy content management of WordPress combined with a powerful membership site script.

You can install it on a new or existing blog and it locks up any content you don’t want people to see without paying. It integrates with Paypal and Clickbank etc and can handle multiple membership levels and prices.

It also comes as standard with sequential content delivery so you can release new content each month to each member. All in all it looks like a powerful and easy script to use, although it doesn’t seem to handle the affiliate program so it is not as powerful as the next one, but can handle that side of things. – $179.95

This is more expensive but you are getting serious now, this is a high-end script which is harder to use but packed full of features. It has a built in affiliate program, it can handle payments so it knows when people have cancelled and after their month expires they lose access (with Paypal at least). You can setup multiple levels of membership with different content and prices, you can even drip-feed content but you’ll need a $40 add-on for that.

Installation is done by their team for free when you purchase the script so you don’t need to worry about that, but you’ll need to get to grips with everything inside yourself. The member’s area is essentially just a locked website, so you can use whatever template you have and the script forwards people to the right page after they login.

It can also email all your members and even has protection to stop people sharing their login details, so it can lock people’s accounts if it detects too many IP addresses logging in to one account in a short amount of time. This is what I use now.

For your first site then you probably aren’t going to want an expensive script, but then upgrading once you have members is going to be a pain, you’d have to manually setup accounts for them and manually remove those members when they leave.

I’d probably recommend the $97 script to start you off as it gives you lots of functionality while still giving you the ease of use provided by WordPress.