How To Create Profitable Info Products Using PLR

PLR products can be a goldmine! Yes I know you are probably thinking now that all PLR is total junk that you wouldn’t even give away for free… but there are different levels of PLR material and also we’re not going to just dust it off and sell it, we’re going to use it as a base for something else, Just look around and you will see many so called Guru`s distributing PLR products and they do sell like hot cakes , For example consider courses with with tons of Bonuses  and you will see that these bonuses are actually PLR contents anyways lets come back to the topic.

So the first thing you need to do is grab yourself some quality PLR, often that means not touching the generic junk on the big PLR stores you find which sell thousands of products. They are more than likely going to be really cheap and nasty products that were created just to sell to other people with PLR, not to actually be read by a customer!

I’ve purchased them before as I wanted a bonus to give away when somebody purchased through my affiliate link for clickbank products i promote, I spent a few hours trying to reformat it to make it look better, correcting things as I went along and planning how to bring it up to scratch, but after a few hours I realized even though it looked nice now, the content was awful! So it was scrapped and I wrote my own much shorter but better quality bonus to give away.

The place to find high quality PLR products is through writers who sell their own PLR stuff, like Tiffany Dow through and you can also find them on the in the WSO section when people either sell some limited licenses to a product they have already been selling before (if they need some quick cash) or writers come on and sell a guide they have written.

This way the writer is putting their reputation on the line and they are therefore going to make sure the content is good! I have purchased some superb quality PLR from both places so I know you can get it, but also use Google to search for more places as I am sure you can find lots more. Once you have a product then you need to start to dissect it.

The PLR guide is going to serve as a framework for your product, first read through it, correct any mistakes and remove any parts you really don’t like, then you’ll know what position you are starting from.

Add in any chapters to the table of contents that you think it is lacking, that gives you a structure to follow, then work on each chapter in turn. So go to the first chapter, read through it again, read through any research you have on the niche if you are not familiar with it, then either add to it if you think you can, or delete it and start again if you have to. If you add to it then do it in another colour and don’t be afraid to jump about and leave the PLR paragraphs in places they belong.

Go through and add in bits, move stuff round, just focus on it and don’t think that much about it, later on your can polish it but now you are just trying to lay down a foundation.

Repeat that with each chapter, if you have a chapter you added in so it is blank, then read everything you have as research ready for that chapter, twice, then put it down and just start writing, don’t make major corrections as you go, correct small spelling mistakes and that is it.

If you can do that then not only will you get things done WAY faster, but you’ll probably have a much higher quality chapter in the end which flows much better. If you let yourself get distracted and start correcting things etc then you’ll lose the flow of the writing and it’ll show both in how long it takes to finish and how the final article reads.

Once you have finished the whole guide in this way, then and only then do you go back and start to correct and finish each chapter off.

Another great way to use PLR to create a quality product is to find good quality PLR, then turn it into videos! You can just repeat the information in the PLR guide on slides and talking in a video (use screen capture software of slides, you don’t have to be on it) which will give you a premium product, you can now sell it for more than you could as a guide!

Or turn it into a physical book, how cool would it be to have your own physical book? Well with places like then you can have your own physical book up and running easily and selling on too. All you need to do is put a link in the back of the book to your ‘web only’ bonuses where they sign up to your list for some goodies, and you can leverage offline products (physical products) to help you build your online business!

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