Interview: Tatiana Alshevskaya, Account Manager at Mobidea Network

Hey guys! Its been a long time since we interviewed someone, Finally I was able to get the flow started and today I am very happy to introduce you guys to Tatiana Alshevskaya who is Account Manager at Mobidea.  Here is her short bio..

Tatiana Alshevskaya is a Key Account Manager at Mobidea . Communicating with digital marketers from all around the world is her main passion. She enjoys knowing that her professional and experienced advice gets results, since her affiliates manage to increase their profits thanks to her knowledge. Tatiana is a born communicator and enjoys having profoundly passionate conversations accompanied by a glass of fine wine, looking at a stunning view!

So lets start the interview!!

Tatiana Alshevskaya Mobidea Network

Tatiana Alshevskaya Mobidea Network

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How old are you? Where do you live?

Hello! My name is Tanya. I’m 27 years old. Several years ago, I came from Belarus to Portugal to do my Master’s degree in International Business. Since then, I’ve been happily based in Lisbon. It’s an amazing city with great weather, friendly people, and super tasty food.

How long have you been working in this industry, and how did you get involved?

Upon graduating from university, I worked in an ad agency in Belarus for 3 years. After moving to Portugal, I started working in the digital marketing industry. It’s been two years, and I really enjoy how fast-moving this industry is! At Mobidea, I work as a Key Account Manager and I’m always happy to help media buyers and webmasters on their way to success!

What is the most expensive thing you ever bought?

I prefer spending money on experiences, not things. That’s why I’m burning my hard-earned money on awesome trips that take me everywhere in the world! The memories of the remarkable places I visit stay with me forever and help me learn new things. Moreover, attending affiliate marketing industry events is a great way to meet interesting people and enrich your knowledge.

Please tell us more about Mobidea. What do you guys do?

Mobidea is a mobile affiliate network. We specialize in the monetization of mobile traffic from all over the world. We’ve got offers that have been previously tested for our affiliates, as well as the opportunity to use our Smart link so as to auto-optimize your traffic. You can check this post to understand how mobile affiliate marketing actually works.

mobidea affiliate network

mobidea affiliate network

There are lots of affiliate networks. How is Mobidea different when compared to what we see out there? What sets you apart from the crowd?

Here are some reasons that make us different:

  •  Our experienced team of Mobile Analysts can give you insights to help you make more money. We are doing media buying ourselves, so we know what we are talking about. Our multicultural, multilingual and dedicated support is available 7 days a week.
  •  We pay fast via Wire Transfer, PayPal, Paxum, Firstchoice Pay, Payza, and ePayments.
  •  We monetize mobile traffic worldwide
  •  We pay lots of attention to improving the knowledge of our affiliates with the help of the Mobidea Academy: Affiliate Marketing Training, Guides and Tips . It’s an amazing educational platform for online marketers!
  •  We also have Integrated Tracker Capabilities which allow users to easily deep dive, analyze remarkable amounts of reliable data, and make better decisions when going through the optimization process!

On average, how much revenue are your top affiliates currently generating?

More than enough to live a happy (and rich) life. You probably know those affiliates personally from events and workshops they give, where they may disclose their revenues.

How easy is it for affiliates to join your network? What is the main advice you can give to users who are interested and want to join Mobidea?

We are a pretty newbie-friendly network. You can start running the offers as soon as you fill out the signup form.

Since you can test immediately, we will only ask for documents after you’ve been able to generate your first 50€ in earnings. We request an Identification Document and a proof of address (utility bill, bank statement, etc.) that can be matched with your identity. This verification is important for security purposes. Moreover, affiliates can be sure this process is completely confidential.

If you could give one tip to the newcomers starting out in this fast-growing industry, what would it be?

Be patient. Lots of beginner media buyers quit too soon and try to make too many changes in their campaigns straight away. Imagine you have just launched your first campaign. You need to be prepared to invest some money on actually learning something from the data you get. Information is gold! That’s why one of the first steps is to just gather stats so that you can optimize and earn a lot of money in the future!

Can you tell us which are some of your most effective marketing methods that work on your network to drive traffic?

On our platform, we have a variety of offers. They open up a remarkable opportunity to every single affiliate to build their own strategy, later becoming able to know how to better promote offers. Our affiliates base their strategy on such factors as the offer type, the offer’s flow, the traffic sources, and the GEOs they prefer to work on.

Every year, you need to be more and more creative in order to make your campaigns work. That’s why our affiliates share feedback and really believe that creative materials are very important. A good pre-landing page should engage the user, be related to the offer, and have a professional appearance matching the design of both the banner and offer. Mobidea’s affiliates are constantly testing banners in combinations with pre-landers to see which flow works best.

What are your favorite traffic sources? What niche has worked best for your network?

We have a well-diversified portfolio of offers on our platform. For instance, we work with adult, dating, mobile content, sweepstakes, games and other verticals. We are open to new trends and are constantly diversifying our portfolio. Indeed, we go into Nutra, Finance, Health and Beauty offers, etc. We consistently try to develop our portfolio, so that we guarantee affiliates have the chance to choose the best offer in the niche they prefer to work on. Our industry is very dynamic which means that – as an account manager – I have to keep in touch with affiliates on a daily basis. This is hugely important, because it allows me to share the experience we have and provide advice about emerging opportunities.

On Mobidea, we know that media buying is not something that gets done by hearsay. I would like to point out that – depending on the vertical – different traffic sources can perform well. We’ve even made a detailed comparison of mobile adult ad networks in the Mobidea Academy that you can check. By reading it, you’ll be able to understand that we’ve had a pretty good experience with such big players on the market as ExoClick, Traffic Factory, Traffic Junky, etc.

On mainstream, the offers are even more diversified than on the adult vertical. This means you need to understand that some traffic is working better with a specific type of offers. For instance, sweeps are awesome on pop traffic. In general, on mainstream, I would pay attention to such ad networks as Adcash, Propeller Ads, and Zeropark. We’ve recently created a series of ad network reviews that you need to check.

Thanks KJ Rocker for an amazing interview! It’s always a pleasure to be able to talk about affiliate marketing in general, and Mobidea in particular! Hope to see you again soon! The next time we meet, I’ll be interviewing you instead. Keep creating awesome content! 🙂

I would like to thank Tatiana Alshevskaya for taking time out of her busy schedule and sharing her thoughts with us and telling us about her network. What are your thoughts on the interview? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, if you have any experience with Mobidea, please write a review for them in the comments below.

Exclusive interview with the Creator of Social Kickstart !!

As some of you may recall we did a review article for Mark Thompsons SOCIAL KICKSTART , and now we bring to you an exclusive interview for that extra personal detail from the creator himself! Enjoy!!

Tell us a bit about who you are and why you created Social Kickstart. 

I’ve been an Internet Marketing for 10 years now.  My primary company, creates marketing software that helps marketers to grow their presence, drive traffic and make sales.

What is the USP of Social Kickstart?

Social Kickstart is an all-in-one Facebook marketing application.  Its unique to the fact that SK allows you to quickly find content that is already proven on other social media sources (ie: Facebook Groups/Pages,

Pineterst, YouTube, Instagram, etc…) and help to curate that content for your own Pages and Groups.  It also includes a suite of tools like a drag and drop Ad Builder

Is Social Kickstart newbie friendly and if so why?

Extremely. Everything is 100% web-based with nothing to install or configure.  It is simply point and click.

What experience do you personally have in digital/online marketing?

I have 10+ years of experience with everything from managing client marketing campaigns, to managing technical software products, to full-blown product launch sequences.

Do you have any offline business experience?

Yes, I own a company called of which we manage offline businesses marketing campaigns.  We offer services such as SEO, PPC, Email marketing, Social Media Management and overall marketing consulting.

What are your predicted forecasts for Social Kickstart? 

We will continue to develop Social Kickstart based on our customer feedback and suggestions.  Any software that we build, we like to create the core functionality, then let our customer tell us what new features are most needed.  SK has been around for 2 years now and we continue to improve on it.

What are your future plans?

We are working on a new payment and affiliate system that will allow vendors to accept payments and affiliates to promote those products.  We are hoping to release PayKickstart in early 2016.

                  Click here to get your exclusive Social kickstart today !!! 

Tips and Tricks for Affiliates from an Affiliate Network CEO

Tips for CPA Affiliates from an Affiliate Network CEOMatt is the managing director of  WOWTRK CPA Network. Matt has been involved in the CPA/CPL industry since the age of 12, when he setup one of the first cash back websites in the UK. In 2007, at the age 16, Matt setup WOWTRK which has become a leading international network, working with many well-known, multi-national organisations.

Tips for CPA Affiliates from an Affiliate Network CEO

Tell me about yourself, what do you currently do?

I’m Matt, the Managing Director of WOW Media, a multidisciplinary marketing agency specialising in Affiliate Marketing. I set-up the company in 2007 and since then the business has grown from strength to strength, particularly within the performance marketing sector. We currently have six dedicated WOW sites, including WOW Trk our CPL affiliate network, our freebie website, a voucher code website and various other projects too.


What was the inspiration behind WOW Media, how did you get into the industry?

I started out in the industry when I was very young. When I was 12 I started selling sweets in the school playground, after I’d made my first £20, I invested it and made my first website. It was a cashback site which later became ‘British Rewards’. Users would complete affiliate based offers and earn cash back in their member accounts. This propelled me into the world of affiliate marketing at a time when it was a fairly new concept.

What is Affiliate Marketing & does it work?

Affiliate marketing is when an individual or even another business, promotes a product or service on behalf of a merchant and receives a commission for doing so. It enables an advertiser to reach a much wider customer base through the various different ways their affiliates promote the offer.

An Affiliate network is a platform that connects the right affiliates with various advertisers and then tracks the performance using various tracking methods. When a WOW Trk affiliate makes a sale or generates a lead, the action is shown in their account. They are then awarded the commission when the advertiser has confirmed the quality of the lead.

What’s the best thing about Affiliate Marketing?

It allows publishers to earn a second income, monetise their existing blogs and websites or even act as a platform for setting up their own business. This is appealing because it’s a flexible way of making money online – You could travel and earn a living, it’s great for stay-at-home Mums or for anyone wanting to work remotely in the digital space.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to face in business?

I would have to say growing the business with no financial support has been the hardest challenge. Obviously at such a young age I had no income to inject into projects, in the early days I re-invested all profits back into the business. It really was a case of starting with nothing and turning it into something.

How do you stand out against competition?

We’ve introduced a lot of unique tools for our affiliate network, WOW Trk. This really sets us apart from other networks and allows us to focus on quality leads. For example, our fraud detection platform WOWDETECT enables us to increase an Advertiser’s return on investment, it’s a superior platform in comparison to the typical fraud prevention methods used by other networks.

We also offer a range of tools to help Affiliate’s increase their sales and earn more money from the platform, such as a plugin that can be installed on their WordPress websites, this enables them to quickly start promoting WOW Trk offers with minimal effort.

What Defines the way you approach business?

Relationships are what underpin business and ultimately success in business. Our Affiliates, our merchants, our business partners are all built on solid relationships and understanding from both sides. As long as there is good communication, good collaboration and of course a common goal, then your approach to business is on the right track.

What different ways can an Affiliate make money?

There are so many methods and so many different offer types to promote. If you’re interested in selling something to your visitors you might promote a ‘CPS’ offer and earn a commission for every sale you generate. For this you need a good pre-sell, lots of interesting content and information about the product. WOW Trk is predominantly a CPL network; affiliates generate leads rather than sales and earn a fixed amount for every lead they deliver. This can be more appealing because you only need to generate interest, you don’t need to close the deal.

In terms of how they promote the offers, it does vary between advertisers, sometimes there are certain restrictions but usually it can be a combination of website traffic, social media, email marketing, even PPC. This opens affiliate marketing up to almost anyone who has access to an audience in the online space.

What’s the most common mistake you see new Affiliates make?

Trying to promote offers that are unrelated to their audience. Generally, if you have blog traffic related to something very niche or specific, those visitors are unlikely to be interested in a service or product that’s completely different. You could call it lack of targeting, that’s a very common mistake. As an Affiliate you should be segmenting your emails, adding relevant and relatable advertisements to your website and building a targeted community on social media.

What’s your top tip for a new Affiliate?

That’s a difficult one, I would have to say research and keeping up to date with everything in the industry are the most important things. Research, because you can’t pre-sell something unless you’ve taken the time to learn about what it is you’re promoting and get an understanding for the brand. In order to compete with the top affiliates out there, you also need to keep your digital skills fresh and utilise new tools and platforms that can help you increase your sales.

Is Affiliate marketing a long-term profitable avenue?

Affiliate marketing has been around for quite a few years now and it’s definitely here to stay. For merchants it can totally transform their marketing strategy, they could have hundreds or even thousands of other people helping build their brand awareness, reaching more customers than they could ever have reached without it. More and more advertisers are starting to see the benefits of this model, so affiliate marketing is only going to develop in the future.

I would like to thank Matt for taking time out of his busy routine for us. I really enjoyed Matts interview and I hope my readers would also like to read this interview, It was a great pleasure for me to interview him. I have plans to keep on interviewing more people related to performance marketing industry, So if you want your favourite people interviewed please mention their names in comments below and i will make sure they are interviewed in our upcoming posts. Also  I would highly recommend my readers to try  out WoW Trk

~ Kj

Meet the man behind the Thrive Tracker – Tom Fang

In todays interview I have Tom Fang with me, Tom is the Founder of iPyxel Creations company which managed Thrive Tracker, which he funded out of his own pocket upon leaving an early career in real estate private equity. I hope you all would enjoy reading his interview with us and learning about his tracker.

tom-thrive tracker

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How old are you? Where do you live?

I am 28 years old, and I currently live in Santa Monica, CA, about a half block from the beach.  I moved here recently and am really loving it.
Life wasn’t always as stable though.  My parents immigrated to the US from China when I was 5, and I didn’t see them again until when I was 9, when they brought me over to spend the rest of my childhood in Fargo, North Dakota.

They separated pretty much right away, and I was raised by my mother, who really struggled tremendously trying to survive with me in this country while having nothing and no ability to legally work (student visa).

I am truly grateful to this country for the opportunities and the benefits that children are able to get, else I would not be here today.  I think we often times take for granted how it is here in comparison to a lot of the world.

How long have you been working in this industry, and how did you get involved? What was your first money maker?

Depends on the definition of “the industry”. I first started dabbling in internet marketing about 5 years ago when I was still working but unfulfilled.  I started working with a partner who had introduced me to spamming.

That didn’t sit well with us for long, so we started to get into paid traffic and started to buy from Plenty of Fish (POF), which was hot at the time.

Because I was very good with Excel, I built an entire automated model to optimize our POF operation that would allow us to run hundreds of campaigns and thousands of ads at one time with relative ease as the model would spit out the best and worst performers.

At peak, we did a little over $30,000 revenue in one month, but my passion was never to run campaigns.  I wanted to turn what I built into software so others can use it.

Can you please tell us a little about your professional background?

I was lucky enough to get into the best business school in the country and graduated from Wharton with a degree in finance. After school, I went to work for Walton Street Capital, which is a multi-billion dollar private equity fund for large commercial real estate investments, where the biggest deal I worked on was a $310 MM+ debt deal where we foreclosed on 2.65 MM square feet of office space in Seattle.

While I still have strong interest in real estate and love my finance background, I was always more interested in technology and the internet, and pretty early on, I knew I had to try to build a software business.

What is the most expensive thing you ever bought?

I’m really not too materialistic. I think the most expensive thing outside of business expenses would be that I recently spent over $3,000 on a personal training package at the Venice Gold’s Gym.  I am now in the best shape of my life.  If we’re talking about a thing, then I think my $1,500 Surface Pro would be it.

What is your biggest achievement so far? And also what are your biggest failures?

My biggest achievement would definitely be building my company iPyxel and our latest product Thrive. I am a non-technical, solo founder of a bootstrapped, profitable early stage SaaS startup targeting the high traffic, data-heavy performance advertising market. You don’t hear that combination every day, and it’s through a desperate determination and a lot of time and effort that we are here today.

What is your Daily Routine?

Work – whenever I wake up naturally
Personal Training
Relax for a few hours
Work a little more before bedWeekends are more fun though, and I go swim in the ocean almost every weekend.

What tips would you give to those who want to take the path of entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship can take on a lot of forms depending on your definition, but if we’re talking about starting a company, I say:Don’t do it. It probably won’t work, and the risk-adjusted return for your time isn’t worth it.But, true entrepreneurs can’t NOT do it.  That’s how you know you should start a company.  I believe if you’re an entrepreneur, then you would be an entrepreneur, despite great odds of failure.  You’d already be doing it, or at the very least, you have concrete plans on when you’ll be quitting your job and doing it full time.If you are going to do it, I suggest you self-fund it or raise a little bit from friends and family and try to sell your product until you can make enough to live.

Are you an affiliate yourself?

No, I have not been an affiliate for over 3 years, since the POF days. I have a lot of close connections with affiliates so I know what affiliates need in a product and service, but, I believe it is a major conflict of interest to be running traffic and also build a tracking platform.

Tell us about Thrive and what inspired you to start this service?

Originally, I started Thrive because all of the self-hosted trackers out there at the time were really bad and did not have a world-class development team behind it who could product a cutting edge product for modern times. We’re still, by far, the best self-hosted tracking option. Today, Thrive has a self-hosted plan, but also a much bigger, and thriving Cloud Service, where we’re competing head to head with Voluum on. When we started offering a cloud option, I didn’t expect the demand, but today, our Cloud Service is 2/3 of our total revenue, and we’re reinvesting massively into greatly improving our cloud platform for years to come.Our Cloud Service is deployed on 8, soon to be 9, of Amazon’s data centers.  Our complex caching system keeps all the data loading fast, no matter how much data you have over time. Lastly, I think trust is a big thing.  We have a lot of big affiliates use Thrive simply because they trust us, as we’ve demonstrated we have the user’s best interest every single time.  We don’t have media buyers, and we never run traffic ourselves.

Thrive tracker

As we all know setting up tracking platforms like yours is not a bed of roses, what was your biggest problem when you started?

The biggest problem in the beginning was figuring out how to handle huge scale. We want to serve the affiliate who is just starting, but we also want to serve the biggest affiliates in the industry.We really hammered this home and went after this relentlessly, and we will soon be able to claim that we have the most scalable tracker with the fastest redirect speeds worldwide.

What are special features in your tracking platform which we can not find in other trackers?

The devil is always in the details. Thrive does a lot of things that make your lives easier, and it’s hard to point to specific things.  For example, Thrive adds automation capabilities so that if an offer goes down, Thrive has an offer swap function that allows you to instantly swap that offer from all of your campaigns for a different offer.If I had to name specific features, here are a couple more:Cloaker/Bot Filter:  We have pre-configured filters to filter out bot traffic so that they do not contaminate your actual data, and we log all of the bot clicks in a separate report.  You can also design your own cloaking system and send any unwanted visitors to a ‘safe page’ by creating multiple layered rules based on IP, referrer, URL-parameter, geo, device, browser, OS, etc.Multi-User Access:  You can create multiple roles and users that only have specific access to certain parts of the application or even specific sets of campaigns.  You want to grow your business eventually right?  Then any employees/outsourcers can have their own logins and not be exposed to the rest of your business.  You can also have multiple media buyers only responsible for their own campaigns and you have the ability to view everything

Can your tracker handle large traffic volume?

As mentioned previously, this was the first thing we focused on. I didn’t want to build another “me-too” tracker that could not handle high volume at fast speeds.On our Cloud Service, we have some users who are running over 10 million clicks/day, and we’re looking to continually bring on even bigger affiliates and media buying groups.The great thing about us is that if you run over 1 million clicks/day, you start to see significant savings over our competitors like Voluum.  At the biggest volumes, we’re about 50% less expensive, which makes a BIG difference at that kind of volume.

How large is your team? How many people work under you?

Our full-time team right now is still small at 4 people. We have a few more part-timers, and I use a lot of contractors for specific, specialized tasks.  We’re extremely lean, and we’re proud to have accomplished so much with so little.For a long time, it was just me and David, our VP of Engineering.  This next year we are planning on growing more.

There are a lot of tracking solutions these days, what makes yours different and how does it stand out?

We’ve discussed scale, we’ve discussed speed and performance, we’ve discussed our dedication to privacy and trust, and we’ve discussed some awesome features.I think in addition to all of that, it’s worth mentioning that Thrive has the ability to track pretty complex funnels and upsell sequences.We have a “Branches” feature where you can create multiple rotations on the same page, in a sequence, or otherwise link to it anywhere in a funnel.This allows you to do multiple steps, multiple split tests of different steps, and keep “branching” off in your funnel as many times as you want to track the most complex funnels.Additionally, we cater to power users. We have a fully documented and dedicated API for all users.  You can control all reporting and campaign management functions through the API.Recently, LPOptimizer integrated with Thrive, and we hope more 3rd party products utilize Thrive’s API.

Lastly, I think it’s worth mentioning that any of our users will tell you we have the best support in the industry.  The only thing we care about is providing the best tracking product and service for our users.  Our recent adoption of ZenDesk is another commitment to provide better support.

We get a lot of tickets that come in and be answered within 10 minutes, and our users are often surprised like, “wow, that was quick!”

What are your plans for the future?

We’re going to continue to work our asses off to improve upon Thrive and build the best tracking product and service in the industry. We have huge huge plans for Thrive, including integration of call tracking, affiliate network tracking capabilities, mobile app tracking, and vertical-specific tools.

What are the challenges you are facing right now and how are you planning to overcome those challenges?

Our biggest challenge is finding the best software engineers and convincing them to come work for us, because it’s often hard to understand this industry if you’re an outsider.Great software engineers in the US are very expensive, but we’re committed to building a world class engineering organization in the US.

What are your favorite traffic sources? And why?

We are completely traffic source-agnostic as we never look into user data to assess whether something is doing well or not. We’re fully focused on providing our users the best platform to do their jobs.

If you could go back in time and do things differently, what one thing would you change?

I would have spent a lot more of my pre-college days learning to code and taking a crack at building things and entrepreneurship.I would have also have us built and launch Thrive earlier so we could be first movers instead of second.

What budget do you suggest to start advertising with affiliate marketing?

I think a lot of people who start media buying expect to make a lot with very little.The mindset needs to change to the fact that you are starting a business, and a real business requires investment and the right tools.I think you should make at least $10,000 from a job first, then set it aside to invest in your business. Don’t skimp on the tools, the hosting, the domains, etc. etc.  Give yourself the best shot.

Is there anything else you want to share with our readers?

I hope everyone will find a way to give us a shot. At the very least, just start a conversation with us.  Email if you’re interested in our products, and we will answer any questions and concerns you may have for your specific use-case.  We will not miss a single email.If you’re a high volume user, please contact us, and let us know roughly how much you run a day, and we will provide you with a quote.  Doesn’t hurt to ask and start a conversation at least!


I would like to thank Tom Fang for taking time out of his busy routine for us. I really enjoyed interviewing Tom and it was a great pleasure for me to interview him. I have plans to keep on interviewing more people related to performance marketing industry, So if you want your favourite people interviewed please mention their names in comments below and i will make sure they are interviewed in our upcoming posts. Also  I would highly recommend my readers to try  out Thrive Tracker.
~ Kj

FTC Reps Interviewed at BlackHat Conferences

If you happened to be at the Black Hat DefCON conference this week in Las Vegas, you might have been surprised to see two major players from the Federal Trade Commission hanging around.  Don’t worry though, they aren’t looking to bust anyone (not today anyway).  FTC Commissioner Terrell McSweeny and Chief Technologist Ashkan Soltani were there seeking the help of some of the world’s best hackers and security researchers who would be in attendance.

The FTC is well aware of the fact that it is virtually impossible to stay ahead of the game when it comes to the complicated digital world, which is why they regularly reach out to outside people to get valuable insights.  While at the conference, McSweeny did an interview with The Washington Post and provided some valuable insights about the FTC and how they interact with the digital world (including digital marketing). Below are some of the most essential points from the interview.  To see the full interview, follow the link at the end of this post to visit the Washington Post page where it was published.

When asked specifically why the FTC was at the event he replied saying, “We’re also here talking to the security researcher community because the FTC is really on the front lines of trying to protect consumers’ data security and privacy – and we find it incredibly beneficial to have direct communication with the folks in this community who help us understand how technology is working and how it’s impacting people.”

Another question asked was about whether or not the FTC is planning on doing additional enforcement in the tech space.  To this McSweeny replied saying, “I don’t know that I would characterize it as more enforcement so much I would say we’re going to continue to protect consumers wherever they are.  And we’ve made this massive transition to the mobile ecosystem.  Even 10 years ago, people really didn’t have apps or smartphones and now we have advertising cases involving the marketing of apps and we have mobile payment systems that are we’re looking at very carefully.  We try to adapt to protect consumers.”

When asked about what he was learning about cyber security and the community’s view of the FTC he talked about the fact that it is an ongoing relationship.  The FTC is regularly attempting to engage with the hacker/cyber security community.   He mentioned that, “…we share a very similar inclination, at least in the White Hat context here, to protect consumers and make sure that as customers are using more and more technology – which is terrific, we love that it can improve consumers lives – that they’re getting correct information about how their information is being used and how it’s secured.”

All in all the interview was quite informative and well worth the read for anyone working with digital marketing, cyber security or online in general.  Keeping up to date with what the FTC is doing is always going to be beneficial to your business since they have the potential to play such an important role in it.

You can read the full interview HERE.

Interview with Thomas Founder Tapfiliate

Today i am very excited to present 1oth interview with Thomas van der Kleij founder of Tapfiliate.

Thomas founder tapfiliate

Thomas is a 28 Year old entrepreneur from Amsterdam. Previously founded a free printing service for students. Originally he had a commercial background (studies) but picked up programming to push the company forward faster. After selling the IP of that organization, he took a job setting up a social network for startups (built the platform and developed it commercially). That company was sold. Then he set up Tapfiliate.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How old are you? Where do you live?

My name is Thomas van der Kleij and I am 28 year old entrepreneur from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I have been an entrepreneur for 8 years.

How long have you been working in this industry, and how did you get involved? What was your first money maker?

Tapfiliate is my first 100% affiliate marketing related gig. I used to run a free printing service for students, funded by ads. We used our excess ad inventory to place affiliate adds. Coincidentally we had created one of the first cloud printing services in the Netherlands. We sold the intellectual property out of that company.

Can you please tell us a little about your professional background?

I completed a studies in audio engineering, as well as Commercial Economics. The latter is the most related to what I do know. Regarding my professional background: As said, I founded a free printing service. Thereafter I set up a social network for startups in the Netherlands, which was also sold.

What is the most expensive thing you ever bought?

My house 🙂

What is your biggest achievement so far? And also what are your biggest failures?

Building a database of over 15% of the dutch student population was a pretty big deal, as well as selling the IP of that company. The free printing service could have been a lot bigger if we had made some different choices down the road. I view that as my biggest failure.

What is your Daily Routine?

I usually start out the day by having good, thorough look at our metrics. We use Google Analytics, Woopra and an in house dashboard to keep track of everything that is important to us. In this phase I am also spending a lot of time on product development. This means a lot of programming, which I absolutely love.

What tips would you give to those who want to take the path of entrepreneurship?

Learn as much as you can from a wide array of subjects. Don’t let anyone fool you.

Are you an affiliate yourself?

I used to be. Now I focus on advertisers.

Tell us about Tapfiliate and what inspired you to start this service ?

When I was running my first business, I tried working with an affiliate network. Unfortunately they were too expensive for my taste. Next to that, I already had a good idea of how I wanted to recruit affiliates myself, However, I didn’t want to pay network commissions for those affiliates. So, I decided it would be best to get an in-house solution. Most of the solutions I found felt old and bloated and I couldn’t believe there wasn’t something better available. So I built a solution myself.

As we all know setting up a affiliate platforms like yours is not a bed of roses, what was your biggest problem when you started?

Getting the tracking technology right was tricky. Next tot that, we had to work very hard to set up a good customer journey. Our software is basically interesting to everyone for whom the conversion takes place online. We have chosen to market our product to a broad audience. That means that you will also have to make your product understandable for people with less to no experience in affiliate marketing. It can be hard to take a step back and really look at your product through the eyes of someone who is new to it.

How large is your team? How many people work under you?

The team size shifts based on what we need at which moment, but we are currently with 4-6 people most of the time.

There are a lot of affiliate solutions these days, What makes yours different and how does it stand out?

I think we have hit a nice balance between simplicity and powerfulness with our product. Next to that, we treat our advertiser’s affiliates as first class citizens. They are the key to our customer’s happiness.

Do you have any plans to launch self-hosted version of Tapfiliate ?


What are your plans for the future?

We are currently working hard to make our product better and further expand our growth. We do have cool plans for the future, but I’ll keep those to myself for now 🙂

What are the challenges you are facing right now and how are you planning to overcome those challenges?

We really want to speed up product development. We have currently investigating different options of doing so.

What are your favorite traffic sources? And why?

I love that our own clients are using our own affiliate program to promote our software to their peers. It is a great multiplier.

What budget do you suggest to start advertising with affiliate marketing?

That is very dependent of scale. Our software starts at $29 per month 😉

Is there anything else you want to share with our readers?

I would love to invite your readers to join our own affiliate program (which we are of course running using our own software). We offer 20% lifetime recurring commission and have great conversion rates. They can join our Affiliate program here


Interview with Robert Gryn CEO Codewise

Robert Gryn is the CEO of Codewise the company behind Voluum and Zero Park traffic network. I met Robert and his CTO Bartek at Adsimilis Meetup in Dubai. It was a good experience meeting these guys as I wanted to know about their tracker and I had many questions and concerns about it, and also about their traffic network. Both of them were pretty cool about it and answered all my questions. In fact that meeting convinced me to try both their products. To share more about their products I decided to interview Robert on my blog and share his views with my readers. Okay so lets start with the interview …

Robert GrynTell us a little bit about yourself. How old are you? Where do you live? etc

My name’s Robert Gryn, I’m 28 years old and I currently live in Krakow, Poland where my company Codewise is based.

How long have you been working in this industry, and how did you get involved? What was your first money maker?

I started with affiliate marketing almost in 2005, when I started promoting a pay-to-surf type site thru it’s referral program. I got into CPA marketing in 2009.

Can you please tell us a little about your professional background?

After I finished my studies, I got a job at a startup called Elephant Traffic. What they did is similar to what ZeroPark does now.  When working there I got involved with everything, including marketing, finances, operations, IT management, project management, sometimes even HR. It’s the experience that changed my life and gave me the balls to start my own company after I quit.

What is the most expensive thing you ever bought?

Erm, an apartment 🙂 I don’t really splurge out on fancy things. I like a good pair of shoes and a nice watch, but I’m quite reasonable.

What is your biggest achievement so far? And also what are your biggest failures?

Biggest achievement is having grown Codewise to where it’s at today which is 36 people based in a fantastic office space. I honestly sometimes feel like I’m dreaming when I try to get my head around where we’re at and how far we can now go.

Biggest failures.. I try not to think in such terms as I don’t believe in regretting decisions and/or looking back unless you can learn from it. Purely financially, there was one day where I lost $300k due to an IT error in our internal tracker. That was tough to bounce back from.

What is your Daily Routine?

Get up around 7-8AM (I don’t use an alarm clock) shower with loud music, do some light exercise and stretching. I either walk or bike to work. At work I typically have a couple of meetings, product meetings, management meetings and what not – I like to know what’s going on. In regards to the actual work.. I’ve now delegated all of my tedious small tasks to others so I work on business development and think about the bigger picture for Codewise. Be it planning our next project, or seeing how we can grow ZeroPark and Voluum.

What tips would you give to those who want to take the path of entrepreneurship?

See question #21. There are many tips but going back to question #3 I highly recommend getting a job at a startup. There’s no better way to learn than at someone elses expense.

Are you an affiliate yourself?

I’m no longer an active affiliate. As strange as this may sound to some, it’s made me a happier person. I was burnt out, couldn’t look at any more LPs, I also realized I wasn’t motivated by money. The only thing that kept me going was the fact that we needed the cashflow to sustain growth at Codewise as we weren’t profitable yet. As soon as we turned profitable I ended my media buys with great pleasure and relief as I wasn’t able to focus on the big picture doing nitty gritty things. I still read about AM on various forums as I like to stay in touch with trends.

Tell us about Voluum  and what inspired you to start this service ?

We created a custom tracker for my needs as I was sick and tired of CPVLab crashing on me weekly, having to wipe all my data 2 times a day and all that. Then at Affiliate Summit West 2013 I showed a couple of guys our tracker and I pulled up 500 million clicks of data within 30 seconds. Their reaction was “WTF, is that a screenshot?” I said, no, that’s our internal tracker. To which they responded, build a public version and take our money! That’s all we went off of to start working on Voluum later after the conference.

As we all know setting up a tracker like yours is not a bed of roses, what was your biggest problem when you started?

The biggest challenge is that you’ll never know what the needs of others are until they start using your product. That’s the exact reason I pushed back the paid launch twice, by 6 months in total. We built it the way I thought would be suitable to affiliates, not looking at other self-hosted solutions as we didn’t want to take too much ‘inspiration’. The postponement of the launch allowed us to add critical features that would justify us charging money for our platform.

How large is your team? How many people work under you?

Codewise is currently 36 people – 70% developers. Nobody works under me as we have a horizontal structure 🙂 By next year we’ll be around 70 people and to accommodate, our new office building is being built right next door as I write.

There are a lot of Tracking solutions these days, What makes yours different and how does it stand out?

Nobody has put in the level of investment and time into a tracker as us. In fact, in our company, we do not consider any self hosted tracker as competition. It’s not us being cocky, it’s just that building a self-hosted tracker limits you to being just that. Our plans go beyond that.

We’re a heavily tech company, we’ve built our own database solution which not many companies in the world have done. We’ve also set up and built a highly sophisticated server infrastructure on Amazon Web Services to handle the billions of visits and clicks (soon impressions). We’re actually one of their largest customers in central Europe. We also constantly revise the technologies that we use to stay in the forefront of the IT world. This approach keeps us dynamic, competitive and perhaps most importantly, it keeps our developers motivated as they’re extremely passionate about new tech.

To sum up, what makes us the most different is that we are thinking next level. Tracking is just the beginning for us but it opens us up to many very exciting opportunities for consolidating a heavily fragmented industry – the whole performance marketing industry.

Many people argue it is not a good idea to have their all your tracking data including offers and keywords on someone else`s server what you would say about it?

To be honest, I always knew this would be a challenge. At the same time I knew it was a matter of educating people and also, a matter of building a product so good, that people would just forget about it and appreciate the fact that they can focus on what they do best: affiliate marketing.

The biggest fact that proves the shift in mindset is that Voluum grew to now nearly 3000 users purely by word of mouth. We only attended a few conferences and posted on a couple of forums, the rest spread via our users recommending Voluum to one another.

Do you have any plans to launch self-hosted version of voluum ?

We will not be launching a self-hosted version. It’s not a scalable business long-term. I’m happy to leave that part of the market to the smaller players in the tracking space.

Tell us a little about about Zero Park?

ZeroPark is our bread & butter so to speak. It started out as a self-serve platform to resell domain traffic, and we’ve now moved to other forms of traffic such as pops. Currently we have close to 8 billion visitors (redirects) available a month, and that will double very soon. Think of ZeroPark as a PPV network with a twist.

What are your plans for the future?

We’re constantly hiring talented developers as we want to continue growing both ZeroPark and Voluum. More importantly, we’re now starting a third project which in terms of scale will trump both. More details will come on that soon 🙂

What are the challenges you are facing right now and how are you planning to overcome those challenges?

Our main challenge is hiring right now. Especially support and account management type roles where experience is key as well a fluent English. We work with about 10 recruitment agencies and attend various job fairs in Poland. We’re also looking to bring people in from abroad which we’ve done already a few times. We’re also playing with the ideas of opening an international office(s).

What are your favorite traffic sources? And why?

I used to be a high volume CPA media buyer. So I wouldn’t do much optimization myself, I’d work with 3rd parties that run thru AppNexus and in the older days RightMedia. On the buys that I would optimize myself I liked 50onRed due to the scalability, and for mobile PlugRush was my fav.

Lastly and shamelessly, ZeroPark, as I don’t know of any other self service traffic source with that amount of volume 🙂

If you could go back in time and do things differently, what one thing would you change?

I wouldn’t change a thing – honestly I cannot believe we’re in the place that we’re at now with 2 successful projects and what’s more exciting are the opportunities that lay ahead of us as we have all the resources anyone could dream of to take them head on. Things fell in place nicely!

What budget do you suggest to start with affiliate marketing?

I would say $5-$10k.

Is there anything else you want to share with our readers?

I have two presentations that some of you could benefit from. I know a lot of affiliates dream and think about starting a real business. This is something I’ve finally managed to do and it took me not only a lot of time but what was more difficult.. it took a lot of personal development. I was an introverted lone wolf type for most of my life and in my talks I touch upon my personal experience of overcoming that.

Transferable Skills – Affiliate Marketer to Business Leader:

Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur:


I would like to thank Robert for taking time out of his busy schedule and sharing his time with us , those of you who are interested to buy traffic from Zero Park click here or check out his awesome tracker voluum here ~ KJ

Interview with Mal Campbell from

Its my pleasure  to interview a great friend of mine; Mal Campbell, the owner of one of the industry`s top emerging blog InternetCodex where you can read latest news about whats going on in the Affiliate Industry and the Internet Marketing Industry overall. InteretCodex has secured its prestige place in our industry, in very little time.Mal’s hard work, passion and drive to achieve success and recognition in the industry is a mission complete. He is an inspiring friend whom I have known since I started, he has seen me grow and I have overtime considered Mal as one of the very few people I aspire to be beside one day.

mal campbell

~So here we go… Mal Campbell…

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How old are you? Where do you live? Etc

My name is Mal Campbell, I’m 26 years old and I live in the beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I’m the founder and Chief Creative Director of Codex Media Group, among our web properties is an Internet Marketing industry blog.

 How long have you been working in this industry, and how did you get involved? What was your first money maker?

I’ve been building websites since I was about fifteen years old, as a matter of fact my first website was an online magazine dedicated to Playstation One video game reviews. Yet, I didn’t start doing Internet Marketing full-time until I was 18 years old. My first money maker was in mortgage lead generation in early 2006. I quit my only full-time job within three months of starting that campaign.

I built out the mortgage lead business from 2006 until late 2008 when I closed up shop during the mortgage crises. After that I dabbled with a few other niches until I started managing PPC & affiliate campaigns for insurance companies as their Agency of Record. That was in 2011 and I’ve been on the network/advertiser side of the business since.

 Can you please tell us a little about your professional background?

I got into Internet Marketing within a few months of turning 18 years old after reading a few classic marketing books including “Guerrilla Marketing” by Jay Conrad Levinson, “The Sales Bible” by Jeffrey Gitomer, “Confessions of an Advertising Man” by David Ogilvy, “Ogilvy on Advertising”, “Marketing Management” by Philip Kotler, and many, many, many more.

As for as jobs go I’ve only had one and that was as a business development specialist for TCF Bank in downtown Chicago, Illinois, USA. I was hired as a teller and promoted in a matter of weeks, it only took me a few more months to quit after realizing I didn’t want to live an average life.

 When the mortgage business died down I decided to pursue a higher education and enrolled in a university’s extension program in economics. I later switched to a community college, but dropped out after about two weeks as I didn’t have the time or patience for schooling.

So I guess you can say that my professional background is entirely centered on nearly a decade of the Internet space with sporadic fits of higher education.

 What is the most expensive thing you ever bought?

Traffic. If you cumulatively add up all of the traffic I’ve bought it’s well into the millions so I think it’s safe to say that nothing comes close.

 What is your biggest achievement so far? And also what are your biggest failures?

My biggest achievement is definitely my son who turns one year old today. He’s my shining testament of life, happiness, and love. Everything else is insipid, shallow, and unimportant in comparison to my son.

 What is your Daily Routine?

I start my weekdays around 4:30am to 5:00am and spend the morning responding to emails, missed instant messages, and working on whatever projects are in queue until about 9am. I’ll then eat and drive to my office in the financial district around 10:00am where I’ll be there until about 9-11pm. I tend to leave my office for luncheons, networking, and meetings a few times day so it’s not as if I’m behind a desk for twelve straight hours. During the week I also throw networking events and meetups in the building so I do my best to keep myself accessible and known locally.

There is a gym and pool on 6th floor’s patio so I’ll probably get myself to workout there eventually, but as we just opened up the office I’m admittedly falling behind in the fitness category.

I’m normally home and asleep by midnight and ready to repeat the process from Monday through Friday. On the weekends I’m generally playing baseball, coaching, partying, traveling, or shopping. I literally try to squeeze as much living as possible out of everyday and play as hard as I work.

 What tips would you give to those who want to take the path of entrepreneurship?

If I was talking to someone who was telling me they want to be an entrepreneur I’d speak as candidly as possible and say something along these lines:

 You need to be the hardest worker in every room you walk into, everyday for the rest of your natural life.

  • The fear of failure is far more damaging than actually failing and you need to be able to cut your losses quickly.
  • Lastly, make sure that you really want this. Most people don’t want to be entrepreneurs, they just want a lot of money and those are entirely different concerns.

Are you an affiliate yourself?

I was never a full-time affiliate and I’m running minimal traffic to offers that aren’t mine. My income has always derived from the systems and processes that I’ve created or managed, most traffic I’m managing is either going to an offer I’m managing or own.

Tell us about Internet Codex and what inspired you to start blogging?

We’re building out an entire data management business behind so I figured that I might as well start a blog to put a public face to everything that I’m doing. I really can’t talk anymore about what it is though as we’ll be one of the first to market in the Internet Marketing space. Yet I’ll just say that we’re launching everything in July of 2014.

While there are a few affiliate marketing news websites and blogs out there and I think we can execute much better than what everyone’s grown accustomed to reading.

 As we all know setting up a blog like yours is not a bed of roses, what was your biggest problem when you started?

There weren’t any problems starting it as I’ve been building out WordPress sites for years before launching this particular one so I knew exactly what to look out for. It wasn’t until we started expanding our product offering and building a network did I see an issue with maintenance and scaling. The Codex has students throughout the world logged in and taking an affiliate marketing course on one install, we’re building a database of job seekers on another install, launching web development projects on another, and we’re getting thousands of readers a month to the main blog.

This has been an exercise in scaling and redundancy to say the least.

How large is your team? How many people work under you?

There are five of us and all of them work under me. I plan on starting to hire within the next few weeks as I’m building out the remote management systems needed to employ the best people no matter where they live.

There are a lot of internet marketing blogs these days, What makes yours different and how does it stand out?

I come from a family of journalists and novelists so from adolescence I’ve been imbued with a higher set of editorial standards than typical Internet Marketers. The Codex will continue to create high quality content in a far superior format than what’s currently out there and we’ll do it by focusing on quality over quantity. Every story we post will have a particular level of human interest driving it and will be written in a manner that leaves you coming back for more.

With all due respect, most of the affiliate marketing industry news sites and blogs are terrible and the few that are any good are written by successful entrepreneurs who are genuinely busy running their businesses (ie ShoeMoney, Nickycakes, Charles Ngo, & Jason Akatiff).

The Codex already stands out, just go to it and read it for a few minutes and then visit the most popular industry news websites out there. I dare you to not come back and read a few more articles; I don’t think it’s a matter of being different now, it’s just about getting the word out that we exist.

Interestingly enough I receive at least one message or email a day congratulating me on the quality of the blog and most of the time it’s from some I’ve already admired from afar and they all tell me that the Codex needs to take out another affiliate news site.

The thing is, I’m looking past the affiliate space. I don’t want his traffic, I want Business Insider’s traffic.

 What are your plans for the future?

To continually grow the Codex into something special. We’ve been throwing large meetups since late 2013 and I’m working on my organizing our first business to business conference now.

 What are the challenges you are facing right now and how are you planning to overcome those challenges?

I would really appreciate having a few more hours in a day, my weakness is in not delegating enough. I’ve noticed that I’ve been buying books in themes throughout the years, first they were books on motivation and how to make money, then they were on technical skills and achievement, lately they’ve all been on management and human capital.

 What are your favorite traffic sources? And why?

Facebook is my favorite by and far. I love how scalable it is and it’s extremely affordable.

 If you could go back in time and do things differently, what one thing would you change?

I would of started a mortgage banking net branch instead of just selling the mortgage leads. I also would have been less apprehensive once that mortgage business died. It took me a while to get back into the groove of things and I had to learn how to cope with failure over a year’s time.

 What budget do you suggest to start with affiliate marketing?

I’d suggest that someone allocates at least $4,000 in risk capital towards their affiliate marketing efforts if they really want to make an impact in their lives. They need to test and test to really understand the nuances of traffic that can’t be taught in a course. Even more importantly though I’d recommend that they educate themselves with a mentor if possible.

There’s a lot of crap being sold out there, so be careful. Look for people already doing it and make money doing things other than selling courses on how to make money online.

Is there anything else you want to share with our readers?

Check out and start reading it today. Please subscribe via email and join our open Facebook group by searching “Internet Codex”.

Aside from that: Work hard, play hard, and love gently.


~We would like to thank Mal for his time and effort into answering the questions as fully as possible. I hope this will inspire you all and help you in YOUR IM Journeys….

Interview with Luke from Box OF Ads

One of the tools i regularly use and always recommend to my blog readers specially those who are running PPV Traffic is Box Of Ads, Its a wonderful tool to keep an eye on your competition and to see what new ideas and promotional angles are being used in PPV Traffic and by Media Buyers . Since i started using this tool i never looked back and always loved it . More than that i always found their support team very helpful and they are always there no matter its about providing support or you have any other questions. Even when i approached Box Of Ads team to get a special discount for my blog readers they were happy to provide me 2 Box of ads Discount coupons . And they also sponsored the KJ Rocker Giveaway Contest where one of our readers was given lifetime access to Box of Ads. It was all because of Luke the man behind the Box Of Ads and his team. Luke is one of the most friendly people in our industry who is always there to help whenever you ask them ,So I requested Luke to do an interview with us, So we can find out more about him and his website Box Of Ads. So lets see what he has to share with us …


1.    Tell us a little bit about yourself. How old are you? Where do you live?

My name is Luke and I’m 24, living in a great city with old pre-war buildings Wroclaw In Poland huge fan of video games, board games and psycho fan of french bulldogs.
2.    How long have you been working in this industry, and how did you get involved? What was your first money maker?
I’ve met my current business partner Bartek in 2010; this is when we have started working on “IM thing” our first money make was from YouTube marketing using incentive offers “free ebook on world of Warcraft gold making” sort of thing.
3.    Can you please tell us a little about your background?
I have finished high school and moved to new city where I’ve started our internet ventures moving slowly starting from free methods like one mentioned above,moving to paid advertising  and now product co-founder. Slowly achieving my own goals and milestones on the way.
4.    What is the most expensive thing you ever bought?
I believe that would be my audio-video set, ye as a huge fan of gaming I needed one 😉 but low on time to fully enjoy it. I’m glad Christmas is coming which should free up some of my time at least for a couple of days
5.    What is your biggest achievement so far? And also what are your biggest failures?
Whole I would count as a success. From ground we have launched a product that is used by users around the world and it helps them to achieve success. I think this will be our biggest success so far including satisfaction it gives when people reach out to you on Skype or mail to tell use that they enjoy your software.
For failures I would say that our company focus in affiliate field on USA market only ,as this one is the easiest to find offers and there is no language barrier but one change might ruin your whole campaigns and from our current experience it ain’t that hard to take same campaign and move it to europe with little tweaks.
6.    What is your Daily Routine?
I wake up pretty late due to being from Europe and my need to stay out till late hours in order to chat with folks in USA or Canada which means I have privilege to get to office at 12.00 after that I move on with  responding to support emails and finding out what was going on with campaigns a day before and rest of the day at the office I try to split between campaigns, contact with partners and whole product development thing to plan with our team what will be next.
Later on I move to my home office play some old school rock music and talk on skype with our partners or talk with our customers on a live chat.
7.    What tips would you give to those who want to take the path of entrepreneurship?
I will try to stay out from those obvious ones that you read all over the web like “always keep testing”  as I think everyone knows that already.
-Find a good business partner- I take care of whole business side and my business partner has a IT degree it helps us to join our ideas into something that works and makes profit.
-Try to become independent – if you find something that works think how much of that process could be done on your end only.
-Your job never ends – Ye not sure if this one is a good one but I have a feeling that I never stop working. After working in this field for some time you will see that ideas come up at strange time and sometimes it’s required of you to stay in working mood for a longer. I’m sometimes jealous of people that do 8hours job 😉
8.    Are you an affiliate yourself?
Oh yea of course this is how it started and I always try to include features that I would make use of in this was created for our affiliate marketing ventures but later on it switched to full product.
9.    Tell us about Box of Ads and what inspired you to start Box of Ads? is PPV Spy Tool and Display Advertising Spy tool. We are a solution that combines two really great traffic sources into one software. First of all we have started with Pay-Per-View Traffic with major networks: TrafficVance,Leadimpact and last month we have added 50OnRed.

Our Second Module is for Display Advertising we collect data from over 80 networks that display banners all over the web. We provide data that tells you information on exact activities of advertisers including banners and landing pages used by them in order to promote their product.

How did it start? We started  affiliate adventure at those PPV networks and we always wanted to know what is being promoted by others it’s really tidiouse job if you want to see exactly what’s up you commit lots of time in order to see exactly what’s going on. That’s why we decided to make this process much easier and accessible for us
10.    As we all know setting up a website like yours is not a bed of roses, what was your biggest problem when you started?
You bet this was hard due to couple things including that we just started out. First of all we weren’t know for any previous software or product on the affiliate community so getting people to trust us with their money wasn’t easy thing.  I would say that this was our biggest problem to get people to trust us and try our software.

11.    What is Box of Ads and why one should join it?
I won’t over do it If I  say that is a software that collects your competitors exact ads,when they were shown and on what target or placement they occurred. I would prefer your users to tell me if they see point in joining our software.
Will database of 1,500,000landing pages and almost 500,000 banners with exact information where was it seen and what offer it is promoting would be worth to you? To know what type of landing pages and offers are currently promoted on traffic source that you spend 500usd+ daily.
If it’s not worth to you believe me it’s worth it for your competition 😉

12.    What is the difference between Box of Ads and Other similar providers in the market?
First of all quality. There is not much going on in PPV spy tools on the market so even by being almost only company that provides it, we update our software every week with new features and tweaks example of it is 50OnRed network that we have lately added to our software that is unique thing for the whole market.
For Display we are only software on the market with advanced search. For a downside, we have much lower data when you compare to competition but it’s obvious due to being much younger but we are slowly catching up. Trying to come up with unique features that will make marketers live much easier in the future and none has it.
By choosing BoxOfAds you support a company that listens to their users and understands that their success is our success. That’s why you can so many times talk with me on a live chat. I always try to help people that visit our webpage even if they are not customers.
Adding that factor was biggest improvement in understanding point of view of our users and not only assuming they might be thinking similar to me. I most likely will never fully outsource live chat 😉 as this is something I really enjoy doing.
13.    How many modules does Box of Ads offer?
Currently 2. For Pay-Per-View Traffic and for Display Advertising more coming on the way but those will be announced soon.
14.    How one can make most out of Box of Ads PPV spy Module, What you would suggest to your existing users to do when they are using your service?
There are 2 ways you can do it: Dark way and Light way just like in star wars 😉
Dark way is much easier and much more tempting but it’s not long term and you won’t take much out of it except quick bucks here and there. Which means simple copy paste of landing pages used by other affiliate.
Light way is by trying to understand data we provide and try to come up with something unique and new. From our experience looking at landing pages and combining them into something new or moving approach to whole new niche results in really long term campaigns and it’s really easy.
You may say that you will be copied by who cares about it if you have a knowledge to come up with those new campaigns just like this. We are owners of software and still have campaigns that are so old that it’s unbelievable that those still work with little tweaks.
15.    How Display Ad module can help Media Buyers? What makes your module so special?
It’s helps in similar way as pay-per-view spy tool do. We show you data that you can use and learn from in order to implement it into your own business. Seeing what big guys like ATT or  (from affiliate field) big point are doing is a great way to learn what works for them what to show up mostly on your banner and what info to provide in order to grab users attention. Knowing how to use that data into your own campaigns is crucial in our opinion for affiliate.
16.    How large is your team? How many people are behind Box of Ads? has 7 people in its team including my business partner and myself. Currently heart of our company consists of people taking care of tech side and graphic side.
17.    What are your plans for the future?
We are working hard to create technology and coverage for as many countries and traffic sources as possible.
18.    What are the challenges you are facing right now and how  are you planning to overcome those challenges?
Trivial one but still a thing that wakes me up at nights 😉 are credit cards. Due to international nature of our business and different regulations in different banks around the world we plan splits test in order to make our credit card system work as smoothly as possible and to not make our signup 3 page submit ;P It’s like a whole new level of split testing.
19.    What are your favorite traffic sources? And why?
I would say PPV most likely because it was our first and it doesn’t stress you too much as you care mostly about advertising guidelines and not whole problem that Facebook has with account bans or  PPC quality scores.
20.    If you could go back in time and do things differently, what one thing would you change?
I would say I would fix things that we are working on now and focus on international coverage in our affiliate activities. Starting earlier if that would be possible as this is hell of a fun ride since it started 😉
21.    Generally people think PPV Traffic is of low quality what you would like to say about it?
I would say that they have tested it wrong. We make money out of it since 2011 and judging by amount of data our software collects people are making money out of it too.  Hey even blinkxx bought adonnetwork for 35 mln some time ago so I think more people except of me believe there is plenty of money there.
22.    What budget you suggest to start with PPV Traffic and Media Buying?
We have started seeing our first successes after about 500usd spent on testing so this is a budget that might work for you as well. Just don’t go berserk on testing everything that is on your CPA network
23.    What tools you suggest to those who are just starting out with PPV and Media Buying?
CPVlab and good hosting company like  Beyond Hosting those are things we have started with and I believe those are things that should be enough for people wanting to achieve first profit.
24.    At the end is there anything you want to share with our readers?
Ye I wanted to share a photo of my bulldog that my business partner doesn’t allow me to place on any of our sales pages. So I hope you won’t mind if I send it over 😉 He’s a crazy bastard that loves hard rock music and sleeps on my laps when I’m working.

box of ads bulldog

Thank you Luke for taking time for us and sharing awesome informatiopn about Box of Ads and yourself and oh yeah your beautiful bull dog picture. For our readers  Luke was kind to share a discount coupon with us and if you are running PPV Traffic or you are a media buyer i would highly recommend you to check out Box Of Ads .  For discount coupons click here ..
  ~ Kj

Interview with Siddhant Satija C.E.O AdUncle network

Siddhant SatijaI know Siddhant Satija for quite a while now and consider him as one of the genuine online entrepreneurs from India. We often discuss affiliate industry in our conversations and specially Asian industry. He is one of the guys who understands Asian industry very well and it is always great to learn from him about  practices being used in India /Pakistan and other Asian countries where 90% of traffic is shady and driven by black hat methods. He is the guy who is trying to change the image of these countries as they are seen countries where majority of traffic is fraudulent and even advertisers based in these regions are not aware of it.

I have been in touch with this guy for almost a year now when he was running a India based network and now he is on mission to expand his network to international market. In this interview we will learn about his journey from an sales guy who used to sell Colgate toothpaste on streets to a C.E.O of a Network.  I could have interviewed him earlier but i am always picky on who to interview as i want to interview and promote only those companies and people who are legit and know what they are doing in an effort to save my readers from working with illegitimate and fraudulent people and networks  . Last month his Network was added to my Kj Rocker Recommended CPA networks list. I personally learned a lot form this guy and seen him working his way up from working with a very little staff to hiring ex-affiliate managers from other networks and training his own team.  So lets start our interview with this inspiring entrepreneur and learn from his personal experiences.
1.Tell us a little bit about yourself. How old are you? Where do you live?

Hi My Name is  Siddhant Satija , you can call me “ Sidd” , I am 23. I put you at New Delhi, India currently. I started my journey online many years back with a Defence careers aspirants portal in India then got into Web 2.0 Trainings and then worked on some exciting projects in the Digital Media Industry for some fortune 500 brands before I landed up to start a network back in 2010. Off the track these terms may seem fancy but my first job to gain exposure into public speaking was of a Mall-boy selling tooth pastes and that is where I got all my skills into marketing from.

2. How long have you been working in this industry, and how did you get involved? What was your first money maker?

I have been in the Industry since last six years. My first dollars have not been making money as an affiliate or from the network but helping Some small industries and organizations to get online and give some value addition to them in their business. When some of these clients wanted some sales online I started looking into performance based models online and from their I accidently got into Affiliate Marketing, and then there was never looking back. All this happened when I was still doing my Bachelor’s in Computer Science.

3. Can you please tell us a little about your background?
I come from a very small town known as Ferozepur, a Very small town in the state of Punjab. I had very humble small town beginnings and the culture I have in me from there helps me stay grounded all the time.

4. What is the most expensive thing you ever bought?

That’s a good One, I always have been serious into saving money always to re-invest into online businesses, One thing I would like to mention here is I just bought a Cycle around a month back. Where cycles in India cost anywhere between 3000-4000 INR I bought a really cool mountain bike for myself for 20,000 INR that’s a Firefox Target. Have already saved a lot of cost on Petrol and that’s my source to stay fit as I cycle out to my office these days, as they say Health is Wealth .

5. What is your biggest achievement so far? And also what are your biggest failures?

Failures have been many, When I was to start as a consistent affiliate making regular dollars online, I burnt a lot of money here and there and then decided need a mentor who could guide and set my mindset, & that was a time when I received the KJ Rocker PPV training email. My biggest achievement is my mindset that I have that I got out of this training. After I became successful myself as an Affiliate in the US/UK markets, then it was never looking back. I took a path to train newbie affiliates that I still do and ask them to do affiliate campaigns at, The network is thus organically growing in this way. That’s the biggest achievement till now.

6. Being an entrepreneur takes many hours of dedication and hard work. What tips would you give to those who want to take the path of entrepreneurship?

Being an Entrepreneur is not a bed of roses, Its sexy to have the title of a CEO on your business card, but the backend is too dark, its tough, sometimes its frightening, sometimes it breaks you up and you have no one besides you. But if you are so serious about something that gets you mad, Don’t think , Just do it. Don’t fear of the results. Success cant come overnight. & its must to fail, you must fail to learn and re learn.

 7. Tell us about your network and why one should join your network?

As our homepage at says “A network for the affiliates by the affiliates” , we are trying to focus on newbie’s, something different from what all other networks target. I myself get involved with affiliates and assist them personally on their campaigns, whether it is via fb ads , ppv or ppc. Besides that we have some unique features with us like an in house Facebook style content locker. There are a lot of potential affiliates in India and that are our major target for US / UK campaigns we are a company registered in India as well as USA , for Indian affiliates working with US companies, when they get their money to India they have to pay a great amount as taxes ( >20%) with us they can save this directly, As we would pay them from our Indian Bank account.

8. How different it is to run an affiliate network from India as compared to countries like USA, UK, and Australia?

People across the globe take time to gain confidence and trust and start working with Indians, specially in the affiliate industry. There have been cases of fraud more than success from here, In fact we too prefer not giving US campaigns to Indians till they prove they really want to get into the industry.  Its more challenging , but that’s the fun of building up a business from here.

 9. I have seen many CPA Networks from India but as soon as they enter international market they are not as successful as compared to other networks why?

I remember when I was a child my grandfather gave me a case study of one of the largest Soft Drinks brand that came to India from the states, for the first three years they were either in loss or with zero profits intentionally where they could have made some profits in these 3 years, But after this time the kind of growth they got was never expected. I am trying to do the same unlike Indian Networks, we are currently working in the US markets at close to no profits. We are just making out our running costs hence giving a value to the affiliates. I think building a brand , a reputation is to be focused right now rather than focusing on making money.
 10. Tell us about your network and why one should join your network? is a CPA / PPD Affiliate Network at the same place. We are at par with any network offering net15/net30 payouts with unmatched support and amazing campaigns with preferred payouts. Unlike the fly by night networks we are an invested company by Amity Capital Ventures and therefore there’s a surety we won’t run away with anyone’s money as is seen frequently in the Industry.

11. What are your plans for the future?

There are two things currently on the Mind at the AdUncle team, create a superb knowledge source for the Industry and get all rock stars on board that is  still under development and would go live in the next 3-4 months. The next one is we are planning to visit USA in the month of August 2014, attend some affiliate events and meet our affiliates out there apart from networking with the peers. We plan to invest in creating some value add tools too for the Super affiliates and that is how we would get hold of them at the network. That’s up for 2014.
12. What are the challenges you are facing right now and how you are planning to overcome those challenges?

We already know that delayed payments and payment cash flow cycles are the biggest challenges for networks and one of the many reasons why networks close down, that’s our challenge too, therefore we are very selective on the type of advertisers we are looking to work with currently.

13. Being from same region what you will suggest to those starting out from Asia as these are the people who really have tough time getting into networks and more than that majority of new affiliates from India, Pakistan enter in industry with no investments at all?

I would like to welcome all these affiliates to our network first of all, You save more than 20% taxes if you work with us. Secondly, I would ask these affiliates to get a mentor if they can who can guide you , For the investment part they should ideally start with 300-500$ minimum and focus on not more than 2-3 campaigns initially for the first month. After small success they have achieved they would be confident of getting into bigger networks too.

14. What are your favorite traffic sources? What niche has worked best for you?

For me and many of my affiliates trained by me, Dating and gaming over fb ads has worked wonders.  PPV traffic via lead impact too has been ok. The biggest asset for me has been traffic via facebook fan pages and strategies involved with them.

15. If you could go back in time and do things differently, what one thing would you change?

If I had that option, I would have had a CPA mentor long back.

16. Is CPA marketing going to die, as other people usually say or it’s already dead?

Its never going to die  I think , When you name the word CPA, everyone thinks of USA as a market, there are many-many unexplored countries that are hidden gold mines for CPA. The competition has suddenly increased in US UK etc. making the cpc/bid costs etc. to be much higher, but If one can be creative , there’s a lot to do there as well.

At  the end what is there any tip or anything you want to share with our readers?

Yes, lastly  as most of the people reading this post would be ideal affiliates, I want to advice them to stick to one method that they love doing, not the method that they read over forum helps making most bucks online. If you love to do some thing, keep doing that, Money as a by product would come soon. Don’t distract yourself by reading N no. of blogs where people say I made x,xxx$ with xxx clicks. Mindset should always be clear and no matter what happens they shouldn’t deviate from that one thing that they love and are a master at.

I would like to thank Siddhant  for sharing his time with us i know he has a vert tight schedule ,If you want to know more about his CPA Network ADUncle.
  ~ Kj

Interview with Affiliate Venture Group CEO Ricky Ahuja

\Today in our interview series we are interviewing Ricky Ahuja CEO Affiliate Venture Group and also a well-known blogger .\
Interview with Affiliate Venture Group CEO Ricky Ahuja

Tell us about yourself and how you got into this industry?

I actually got into this industry by accident. I used to own an internet café in Chicago (Go Cubbies) and some of the patrons who frequented the café needed a website and search engine optimization done and I happened to have some contacts in the space which truly enabled me to find out the benefits and rewards of Internet marketing and haven’t looked back since.

How your daily routine is like?

My day is anything but routine. Spend a lot of time with the fam, travel or just hang out with some good friends. We routinely get together monthly and have an all night poker games. If there is any time remaining, I like to work on some side projects and my blog (though I have procrastinated quite a bit).

What is your favorite traffic source and why?

I prefer Flying over Driving. 😉 – Cheap jokes aside, I love FB and Social Media – has performed the best for me. Back in the day it used to be a little search engine called Google.

If you had to start from beginning what would you do?

Even if I had to start over again, it would not be much different than what I do now. Family is job #1 and to ensure their happiness is all that matters. It’s the little things, a hug from the daughter first thing in the morning or giving cereal to the wife before she goes to bed (yes true story).

However, if I had more time, I would devote a fair share of my time to help my wife start up free clinics to help those who cannot help themselves. Without getting into the politics of it all – the hospitals have become so administrative, insurance driven and bottom line focused that good patient care has become a footnote. This is not why she spent a good portion of her life going through medical school.

Tell us about your network and why one should join your network?

This part truly excites me, this is my baby and I and my team has spent countless nights to get it to where it is now. We are a private network which initially focused on internal sub-prime offers but with the acquisition of AVG by Pab67Media, LLC a few years ago – it has opened doors for us which were otherwise not reachable. As evident by doing a simple search on Google – we have built a niche for being very affiliate/customer-centric network and going above and beyond the call of duty. At the end of the day – it is all about the brand and the trust and I feel we at AVG have done a great job of establishing both.

I realize there are already so many affiliate networks out there but only one Ricky Ahuja. I am not so concerned with what others are doing or not doing as I am with what I am able to provide. We do not hide behind a privately registered website from some off shore country but at the forefront of affiliate marketing industry, compliance and transparency. I am probably one of the most easily accessible person there is and call it like it is. You can get more insight into who I am at my blog (cheap plug) at

What is your biggest achievement so far? And also what are your biggest failures?

Achievement – outside of having an amazingly beautiful wife and an absolutely adorable daughter, I think that the accomplishment I am most proud of would be the recent buyout of AVG. It has been a couple of years in the making but I feel it was done the right way. It is about creating a recognizable brand with a reputed team and I think we are almost there. The other accomplishment would be of course making it to your interview on this blog, I know you have numerous choices and I am glad you chose me (I sound like an airline). 😉

Failure – I do not consider anything I have done a “failure” per se (unless you count that one semester in college ) but rather a stepping stone from which to learn and advance. As it pertains to Affiliate Marketing – the frustrations are many: fraudulent affiliates, compliance issues, AMs who will say anything to make a buck, people asking the wrong questions, etc. But you know what, that is what makes our industry so unique and dynamic, keeps things in check.

Is CPA marketing going to die, as other people usually say or its already dead?

There will always be a place for performance based marketing, expected to be a $4 Billion + industry so not too worried.

What advise you will give to guys who are just starting out with CPA marketing?

Great question – I am reminded of a quote by Theodore Roosevelt: In any moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.

New affiliates take in a lot from the over load of information out there (not all of it good mind you) – but many do nothing at all. There is this fear of failure that’s inherent to all of us – but I assure you, once you get started – it’s gets easier. Remember, a long journey starts with a single step.

Being from same region what you will suggest to those starting out from Asia as these are the people who really have tough time getting into networks and more than that majority of new affiliates from India, Pakistan enter in industry with no investments at all?

Another great question. Though I have been in the states for over 38 years – I still hold a great affinity for affiliates from my homeland. There is so much potential it’s mind boggling. The challenge/issue has been that the mentality from the onset for many starting out there is that this is easy money and tend to resort to under handed tactics to generate traffic and leads and that has got to stop. The amount of effort it takes to think of a money making scheme – if they allocated to developing a solid strategy, would have taken them a lot further.

We actually have a program at AVG to help develop their skill set and fund their media buying – provided of course it is legit and they are willing to put in the time to learn and improve.

Tell us about your blog and what inspired you to start blogging?

While majority of my time had gone into building the network – when I do get a chance, I like to blog. More often than not however, it is not about affiliate marketing – it has more to do about life stories and the people behind many of these companies. There is a lot we can learn about a business by knowing the person behind it and I think that is where the true value lies. One has to put themselves out there and take chances.

The best advice I have been given has been from my father and it is to not be afraid to take risks. Even if it doesn’t work out, you can always learn from the experience and apply it towards your next venture. There is quote from T.S. Elliot that I like: “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”

Anything else you want to share with our readers?

Why yes – so glad you asked. As you may or may not know, last year I placed in 3rd for the top blogger contest with Revenue Wire – they have once again nominated me so I ask you and your readers to vote for me ( that would be ) and let’s see if we can get 1st this time around:

I would like to thank Ricky for taking time out of his busy schedule and sharing his time with us ,If you would like us to interview you please contact us at …