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Interview with Eugene, Head of Customer Success for Rich Push

Today I am going to Interview Eugene Kuznetsov, Who is head of customer success for Rich Push. In today’s Interview we are going to talk about Push Notification Traffic. We will discuss affiliate marketers can take advantage of Push Notifications Traffic and increase their revenues.

The Topics we are going to discuss include :

  • Background of Rich Push Advertising Network.
  • Biggest Advertisers on Push Notification Networks and how much they are spending.
  • What Kind of traffic does RichPush have and do they have their own inventory?
  • What are the top converting niches on Rich Push Network.
  • What are the top converting countries on Rich Push Network.
  • What are the top converting devices and browsers on Rich Push Network.
  • How beginner level affiliates can get started on Rich Push Network.
  • Black Listing and How does it work.
  • What happened to push-traffic in 2019?/ What are the main trands/ tendencies to push-traffic in 2019?
  • Is it a good time to start with push-notifications?
  • A lot of people come to push from pops or native ads. What difficulties may they have?
  • Which verticals/types of offers are the best for the newbies?
  • What are the main setting-points for launching a successful push-campaign? or  How to set up your campaign properly.
  • Are creatives they important?
  • What are the most popular mistakes in creatives?
  • Why prelanders are so important? What you need to know about landing pages on mobile and desktop?
  • What indicators can help to understand that your campaign was set up properly and works well?
  • What mistakes are still the most popular during optimization?

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