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Interview With Alex OM: Chief Marketing Officer AdPlexity Competitive Intelligence Tool

A few days ago I sat down with Alex OM, Chief Marketing Officer Adplexity Competitive Intelligence Tool. One of the best ways to get ideas about what is working in the market and to monitor your competitors is by using competitive intelligence tools.

Tutorial: How To Find Native Placements Using Adplexity Native

Adplexity is one of the best and a must-have a tool for any digital marketer. They offer a variety of competitive intelligence tools Including :

  • Adplexity Push
  • Adplexity Mobile
  • Adplexity Desktop
  • Adplexity Native
  • Adplexity Adult
  • Adplexity eCommerce
  • Adplexity Carriers

I would like to thank Alex for his time and sharing insights with us …

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