Importance of Keeping Your Site Secure

One of the most important assets you have as a digital marketer of any type is your website.  This is where many marketers direct their traffic to enter their sales funnel, to learn more about the products or even to make the final purchase.  Of course, this is also where people sign up for email marketing lists and take most other actions, so it is obvious that the website is an invaluable resource for many businesses.  Unfortunately, it can also be a major vulnerability.

Online Security Technology

If you’re one of the millions of people who have their pages on the WordPress platform, for example, you have (hopefully) noticed that there were two updates in the past several weeks.  These updates were put out to close serious security flaws in the WordPress platform that have made millions of sites vulnerable to a variety of different types of hacks.

While WordPress does a fairly good job at keeping their software up and fixing security flaws as they are discovered, it is typically a game of catching up with the bad players.  Only when hackers get into enough sites does WordPress find and fix the flaw, which means your sites are potentially insecure at all times.

Why Security is Important

Most people know that keeping their site secure is important because they don’t want to lose access to their site, even for a time.  There are many additional risks, however, that marketers need to be aware of, including the following:

  • Malware – Many hackers don’t actually want to take over a site. They simply get into the back end of the page and inject malware into the code.  This malware then gets passed to everyone who visits your page.  This puts your customers at risk, and if they find that the problems came from your site, you will lose their trust.
  • Link Saturation – Other hackers attempt to put in hidden links onto your page. This can help improve their SEO efforts, while damaging your own.  In many cases, these links are invisible and can be in place without you even knowing they are there.
  • General Mischief – Some hackers are essentially just doing it for fun and may ‘vandalize’ your site by putting up their own images, content or other things. This can cause your page to look very unprofessional.

Keeping Your Site Safe

While it is impossible to be 100% secure from all hackers, there is a lot you can do to put in some added levels of protection.  Taking all the precautions you are able will help to ensure you don’t have any unnecessary downtime or other issues with your business.  The following are some critical safety measures you should consider:

  • Backing Up Your Site – Running backups of your site on a regular basis will allow you to restore your page quickly in the event of a disaster. Many hosting companies offer this service for free.  Make sure, however, that the site is backed up at least weekly, if not more often.
  • Updating Software – Keeping your site’s software up to date is also very important. Whenever a new version of WordPress or whatever CMS you’re using comes out, update it right away.
  • Keep Info Updated with Hosting Company – In the event that your site is hacked, you may need your hosting company to provide you access. Keeping your personal information updated with them will make it easier for you to verify your identity so they can help you faster.
  • Malware Detection – There are many plugins available for most types of content management systems. Make sure you have one installed and you use it to monitor for any unwanted software.

If you ignore the security of your site, you may quickly find yourself in a situation that is impacting your business.  These types of problems often take a long time to fix, and can ‘scare’ away customers for life.  You don’t want to wait until it is too late to take action.  Start working to protect your site today.

Small Yet Forgotten Tactics Of The Successful Viral Content Marketing

Most bloggers in existence might be craving for viral content for one reason and one reason only. They want their content to hit the crowd because in that way, they can get more traffic, and as a result, more profit. However, viral content has been a mystery for most bloggers since it is not easy to make any content go viral, and it is certainly not a work to be done in a day, a week, or even a month. In order to make your content go viral, you will always need a strategy that works perfectly to create enough buzz around your content, make people notice it, and let them spread it around. Here are 5 small yet forgotten tactics of the successful viral content marketing:

Content Marketing

The Power Of Negative Headline

When we take a look at many news websites, there are a lot of news that become overnight sensation because of their negative headlines. Negative headlines also tend to create controversy, and in so doing, fueling hot discussion that will often go viral very quickly. This is something that you can use to your advantage. Negative headline works better at creating buzz for your content than the positive headline.

Short Content That Surprises Your Readers

There is an important element of viral content that needs to be exploited as well. If you want to create a successful viral content, be sure to give bits of information that is short and easy to read. However, the information needs to bring surprises for your readers. What kind of surprises? That is, the information needs to be shocking and helps your readers to expand their knowledge about many things, especially the things that they can relate personally.

Slowly Spread Your Content Over Time

The successful strategy to make your content go viral can’t be done overnight. You have to create a strategic marketing plan to spread around your content over time. You just don’t want to do massive marketing for your content today, and stop doing it a week later. If you really serious in making your content go viral, you need to do the marketing tactics slowly, but surely. Promote your content in different places online in the course of several months, and the traffic will come in consistently.

Evergreen Tips That Work

You don’t want to make old content go viral if the information is no longer relevant in the present time. That’s why it is better for you to present evergreen tips in your content, rather than offering information that is not going to last for long. Following the trends is good, and it may become viral for the short period of time. But, giving away evergreen tips that people can follow anytime will help your content to go viral in the long run, bringing evergreen traffic to your website.

Long, Information-Rich Content

Also, another good way to make your content go viral for a long time is to offer long and rich information content. This is the type of content that is used by many bloggers to attract viral traffic to their blog. Information-rich content will always win the bigger traffic because search engines are looking for this type of content as well. When you write long and information-rich content and it goes viral, it will get indexed by the search engines in the first page, making it even more powerful in delivering the traffic back to your site.


Those are the small and forgotten tactics that you should implement to start your viral marketing campaign. Many new bloggers are just trying to make their content go viral by buying ads on Facebook and hoping that people will spread their content further. But, instead of wasting your thousands of dollars in social media promotion, it is better for you to apply those strategies and make the process more natural and automatic without spending big advertising budget.

How to create content that will keep going viral for years

What’s the secret to create a viral content? Creating viral content is not easy. You need a mix of good preparation, good luck, good strategy, and good timing. Ideally, the best type of viral content is the content that will keep gaining momentum day after day, years ahead. You don’t want to get some huge traffic this month and nothing the next month. So, here you’ll need a long-term strategy to make your content go viral for years to come. Here are some tips you can follow to create content that will keep going viral for years:

Create viral content for Viral Marketing

1.Inject your passion into your content

Passion is contagious, and passionate content will turn your audience into passionate readers. Content that is without passion will not impress your readers at all. It has lack of excitement, and of course, it won’t attract traffic. If you cannot create your content passionately, then you will not be able to attract passionate readers toward your content. It is such a necessary ingredient to create a popular content.

2. Be powerfully charming and persuasive

Still about passion, you need to also show your charm and persuasion in your writing. When you write, be true to yourself and write what you want to write without fearing anything. Persuade your audience with the way you tell your story, and don’t forget to add some humor into it as well. This will make your content even more appealing and shareable.

3. Go for high emotion

Whether positive or negative, high emotional content will always go viral more quickly as compared to the content with no emotion at all. So, you should always aim to arouse the emotion of your audience and connect with them on a personal level. Always go to inspire your readers and make them feel better. Remember, it is always better for you to create positive emotion rather than negative emotion for the sake of building good reputation for your brand.

4. Make it practical, helpful, and valuable

Practical, helpful, and valuable content will always win the traffic of the internet. Why? That’s because there are bunch of content that offers some tips about many things, and these tips are impractical, bogus, not helpful, and not valuable at all. People don’t go for these types of content. Instead, they go to the content that offers real practical help for their life situation.

5. Create the gem of the internet

Can you make your content the gem of the internet? The internet is full of content because it is the life and blood of the internet itself. Without content, the internet is nothing. There are lots of useful websites and interesting content to be found on the internet, but they are only on the minority. Most internet content are misleading and you can call it junk. That’s why the search engines are fighting against these types of junk content all the time to refine their search result. But, if you can create the kind of gem of the internet, your content will have higher chance to get viral for a long period of time.


So, if you want to make your content to go viral for years, you can take those tips with you and implement them into your content creation phase. It will help your online business tremendously.

How to build your subscribers without spending a penny

The more subscribers that you have on your blog, the better chance you will have to promote your products. Isn’t that true? Yes, that’s true. If you sell or promote any product on your blog, you will earn better income if you have lots of subscribers, because in this way, you can have lots of sales coming from your email promotion. But, what can you do to increase the number of your blog subscribers? Should you spend some money on PPC and social media advertising? The answer is not. You can still boost your subscribers without having to invest on such expensive advertising platforms. Here are 5 ways to boost your blog’s subscribers without spending a penny:

list building

Give more to your subscribers.

When you give more, you receive more. That’s true in real life, as well as in business. In business, especially in your blogging business, what you give to your readers will determine what you’ll get back from them. So, if you want to get more subscribers on your blog, the simplest way is to give more stuff to those who subscribe to your blog. In other words, you have to increase the quality of your mailing list. If you offer free stuff, don’t offer just one product. That’s too common. You have to go another mile by giving more free stuff to your subscribers. Give two or three premium products, and you’ll be sure that more and more people will be interested to join your list. And remember, keep improving the quality of your mailing list as well.

Install A Pop-Up Subscription Box.

Don’t let your blog readers get confused about where should they go in order to subscribe to your blog. Remember that simply by putting your subscription box on your blog sidebar won’t help you much in attracting more subscribers to your blog. You have to show your readers, especially your first-time readers, that you have something special for them who subscribe to your blog’s mailing list. So, when your readers are reading your blog for the first time, a pop-up subscription box will appear and give them irresistible offer that they can’t refuse. It will compel them to join your list and stay with your blog for a long time. I really recommend Pop up domination.

Create a dedicated squeeze page on your blog.

Many bloggers just put their subscription box on their sidebar, without creating a dedicated squeeze page where they pitch the pre-subscribers into subscribing to their blog. Did you know how important it is to have your own squeeze page? It is very important. You can drive traffic directly to your squeeze page from whatever source that you prefer. It will give you more chance to convert your traffic into subscribers. For instance, you can promote your blog on forums or by using YouTube videos, and you can direct the traffic that you get from those sources directly into your squeeze page, instead of your blog homepage. In this way, you get more people joining your list.

Promote your mailing list on each of your post.

Many people complain about how pathetic their mailing lists are. They don’t have too many subscribers on their list. They only get about 10 to 20 people on their list, without any sign of increasing. How about you? Do you have a pathetic mailing list as well? The reason behind this failure in attracing subscribers to your blog is the way you promote your mailing list. Most bloggers are passively promoting their mailing list to their readers. You shouldn’t follow their way. You have to promote your list actively, within each of the blog post that you write. At the end of each post, you should ask your readers either to subscribe to your list (by also giving a link to your dedicated squeeze page) or to follow you on social media. This will be a great way to increase your blog subscribers exponentially.

Write A guest post on some popular blogs.

“I have written many guest posts in the past, but none of them can bring me good additional traffic to my blog.” You might think that guest posting is a futile attempt to increase your blog traffic. But, is it true? People who fail to attract good amount of traffic from their guest post are writing their guest post for blogs that are not popular enough. It is important for you to write guest post only to popular blogs that already have lots of traffic in place and more then that are well known and provide quality content otherwise Google will hunt you down. Why? That’s because you need that traffic to be funneled into your squeeze page. If you write guest post to a struggling blog, then what are you doing? You will not be able to bring additional traffic to your blog, and that’s not useful. So, always write guest post only for popular blogs, and be sure to direct the traffic to your squeeze page, not to your blog homepage. This is a surefire way to add more subscribers to your blog in a matter of hours after your guest post got published.

Those are some ways that you can follow in order to increase your blog subscribers for free. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars in order to attract more people to join your list. Those tips are enough to fill your mailing list with stream of new subscribers each and every day.

Expert Blogger’s Tips To Work Less And Achieve More

Some people might say, “Blogging is too much work,” and yes, they are correct. Blogging can be a really daunting work for you. There are many things that you need to do beside writing new blog posts every day. You have to manage your blog by yourself, you have to ensure that you get the best visuals for your blog, you have to manage your mailing list, you have to write guest post, you have to keep your visitors happy with your blog, and much more work to do. Knowing the nature of blogging, can you make it simpler so that you can work less and still get better result? Here are 5 expert blogger’s tips to work less and achieve more:

Determine The Unnecessary Tasks That Only Waste Your Time

Most bloggers are bogged down by the tasks that they don’t need to do, but they do anyway. You might already be bombarded with lots of tasks to do every day. But, can you spot some tasks that you don’t really need to do? If you can’t do it, try to find a value behind each task that you do. If a task can contribute something beneficial for your business as a result of doing it, then you should continue to do it. But, if a task can’t give you any valuable result after certain period of time, you should kill the task and focus only on what gives you real value.

Create A Simple Blogging Plan That Will Always Work

If you haven’t done it before, it’s time for you to create a kind of blogging business model for yourself. Prepare a blank paper and write your own blogging blueprint there. You can draw a mind map in that piece of paper and make it your blogging blueprint. It is important for you to create a simple blogging plan that will always work for you. I mean, the plan that will never fail to produce income from your blog. You should formulate this kind of plan. Make it as simple as possible, and follow the plan.


Focus On Quality Instead Of Quantity

Many bloggers are wasting too much time because they are focusing on quantity instead of quality. For instance, many bloggers prefer to write 10 quick posts per day rather than one detailed post per day. Why? That’s because they think that the more they write for their blog, the more people will come to their blog. But, this is not completely true. While people will come to your blog when you have lots of content to offer, the quality of each content that you offer needs to be present as well. Quick posts don’t give enough value for your readers, and they will less likely keep people interested toward your blog. But, a detailed post will give more insights to your readers, allowing them to learn more from your blog and motivating them to come again later.

Designate The Time For Your Blogging Activities

You need a schedule for your blogging business. If you have a good schedule for your blogging business, then you will most likely accomplish your task on time. The most common obstacle that many bloggers are experiencing is procrastination. They keep on delaying their writing activities due to various reasons, mostly because of laziness or distraction. You can end this common problem. By creating a fixed schedule for your blogging activities, you will be able to keep your productivity intact for your blog, without having to face procrastination along the way. You have to designate the time that you will use for your blogging activities, as well as how long you will do each activity.

Simplify Your Goals Into A Single Goal

You might say, “My goal is to increase my subscribers, increase my blog traffic, earn more from my blog, make my blog popular, as well as dominate my niche.” Well, that’s a lot of goals that you have. It sounds too complicated, isn’t it? It is better for you to keep your goal simple in order to avoid stalling in the middle of your project. In blogging, you have to simplify your goal into one simple goal. For instance, instead of having lots of goals for your blog, make it to become a single goal, such as, “My goal is to give the best value to my readers.” In this way, you will do each of your blogging activity with a purpose, which is to give the best value to your readers. A single goal will give you a single purpose, and it will also help you to ease your work along the way.


Those are the expert blogger’s tips that you can apply in order to work less and achieve more. If you are a blogger with more than 10 hours of work time per day, you have to simplify your blogging business right now. You are working too hard. Those tips can help you to give you more peace of mind, while at the same time give you better result for your business. let me know your thoughts by making comments below…

Simple Elements That Will Make Your Visitors Leave Your Blog Immediately

Some blogs have very low bounce rate, and some other blogs suffer from very high bounce rate. What is bounce rate? Bounce rate is an important term in web analytics that suggests the percentage of visitors that exit your blog after accessing it for some time (usually several seconds). So, instead of continuing to read more content on your blog, they choose to leave immediately. The percentage of those people will be reported as your blog’s bounce rate. Do you know why people will exit your blog immediately after they access it? Once you understand about the reason behind their behavior, you will be able to significantly minimize your bounce rate. Here are 5 simple elements that will make your visitors leave your blog immediately:

5 ppv tips

Annoying Pop-Up

What will you do when you see persistent pop-up in a website or blog? Will you click on the pop-up image? Of course not! Most people don’t. And you might click the close button immediately. Why? That’s because it’s annoying. You don’t ask for it, but it comes to you persistently. If you are greeting your visitors with pop-up every time they visit your blog, then your blog visitors will perhaps blacklist your blog and never visit it again. But remember that persistent pop-up is different from intelligent pop-up. You can put a pop-up on your blog (to show your subscription box) as long as it will only show up in front of first-time visitors, not repeat visitors.

Complicated Blog Navigation

Navigation, categorization, and tagging on your blog should be made as simple as possible. Why? That’s because you want your visitors to feel comfortable with your blog layout so that they can read your blog or find their desired information comfortably. However, some blogs don’t give much attention on the tidiness of their blog navigation. Remember that if you want to win the heart of your blog visitors, you have to make everything easy for them to explore your blog. Sure, there is a search bar installed on your blog, but people will rarely use it. They will tend to browse through your blog categories in order to find the information that they want. So, be very careful in structuring and organizing your blog.

Ugly Blog Design

Almost all popular blogs nowadays use modern blog design. Why is it important for you to change your blog design into a more modern one? That’s because ugly blog design can really repel visitors away. Did you think that your visitors will stay on your blog, while reading your content comfortably, with your 90s blog design? Many people don’t have such kind of patience. They will tend to switch between blogs very quickly, and they will only stay on blogs that catch their attention immediately. That’s the blog with modern, eye-catching, and comfortable design. If you are still using ugly design for your blog, then that might be the reason behind your high bounce rate.

Too Slow To Load

Turning your blog into a modern blog design doesn’t mean to add every multimedia elements that you can get on your blog. Yes, it’s nice to add HD videos and HD images on your blog, but it will only nice if your visitors can load them completely within several seconds. The truth is that those types of multimedia content may take forever to load on slow internet connection. And if you do this, the one who is going to lose is you. Why? That’s because you will lose your visitors more. Slow blog loading speed is a big problem for your blog, and it should be fixed immediately before you send all your visitors away to your competitors. An ideal blog should be lightweight, fast, and beautiful. So, aim for this ideal for your blog.

Not Mobile-Friendly

If your blog is not mobile-friendly, people who access your blog from their smartphone or tablet will not going to read your blog comfortably. Thus, they will close your blog immediately in favor of other mobile-friendly blogs that they can read comfortably while they are on the road. So, be sure that your blog template is mobile-friendly. It is important that it has a responsive theme so that it can adapt to any screen size without sacrificing your readers’ comfort and satisfaction. This is even more important if your blog contains heavy images, because those images can slow down the loading process on their tablet or smartphone.

Those are some simple elements that will make your visitors leave your blog immediately. Those are the reasons why your bounce rate is so high. In order to lower your bounce rate, you have to fix those problematic elements of your blog and turn them into a more reader-friendly elements that will increase their satisfaction toward your blog even more.

Important Dating Lessons That You Can Apply To Your Blog

I know many of you at some point might have worked with dating niche, and now if you are running  any blog in any niche this post at is for you. Attracting more traffic to your blog is more or less similar with the way you date a woman. If you do it wrong at first, you might lose the chance to date her further. That’s why you can always apply the lesson that you get from dating a woman to the way that you run your blogging business. Here are 5 important dating lessons that you can apply to your blog:


The Most Important Thing Is The First Impression

If you want to make a woman fall in love with you, you need to build a good rapport first. That’s true for your blog as well. If you want to make your readers fall in love with your blog, you need to build a good first impression for your blog. A good first impression can be built by adhering to two simple rules. First, your blog needs to have a good visual (Theme ). Second, your blog needs to have an interesting content. Those two fundamental rules should be adhered by any blogger who wish to have a likeable and popular blog. It’s a matter of first impression, and you only have few seconds to convince your readers that your blog is great. In other words, you only have very little time to create that positive first impression before your readers decide to leave your blog.

Your First Date Can Affect Your Relationship Further

If you ruin your first date, you shouldn’t expect for the second or third date. That’s a common truth in dating. It is also true for your blog as well. If you can’t catch your readers’ attention the first time they see your blog, you might not come back to your blog again. So, again, it is important for you to be able to engage your first-time blog visitors and to lower your bounce rate. You should at least provide enough guidance for the first-timers on your blog so that they are not lost within your blog conversation. Remember that if you already have lots of content posted on your blog, your first-time readers may have difficulty to know about where should they start reading your blog. As a blogger, you should point the right direction for your first-time visitors so that they don’t feel lost and disappointed with your blog.

Keeping Your Date Engaged With You

When you are dating a woman, it is important for you to keep her interested in your conversation. It is important for you to build really meaningful conversation with her. For your blog, it is also important for you to build meaningful conversation with your readers. So, your role as a blogger is not only to produce good content to read, but also to keep your readers engaged in your conversation. You shouldn’t only become a content producer, but you should also become a conversation starter as well. With your blog post, it is important for you to encourage your readers to discuss it further via the comment section within your blog. In this way, they will keep their engagement with your blog, and you will keep attracting new readers to your blog.

The Importance Of Grooming

Can you go to your date with dirty clothes and an ugly appearance? Of course, you can’t. You will ruin your date if you do so. It’s the same with your blog. What will happen when you use ugly template on your blog? Will people read your blog anyway? Most of the time, your readers will leave your blog if they see that your template is not clean enough. If you clutter your blog with ads all over the place, then who will want to read your blog? The answer is that most people will not want to read it, since it is so cluttered with ads and so uncomfortable to read. It is important for you to install a good template for your blog, as well as to avoid cluttering your blog with ads. Make your blog as clean-looking as possible. It will help you to build reputation and authority on your blog.

Nervousness And Other Things That May Ruin Your Date

Some things like nervousness, shyness, and fear can inevitably ruin your date. Why? That’s because those things will make you to act like someone who is not interesting and not desirable at all. That’s why if you want to keep your date interested in you, you have to learn to deal with your nervousness, shyness, and fear. It’s the same with your blog. If you are writing your blog content as if you are afraid of something, such as being afraid that your readers might not like your writing, then you will usually come up with a crappy piece of writing. Nobody will want to read it because it is full of unclear ideas and grammatical errors everywhere. You don’t want to ruin your readers’ satisfaction with low quality content. That’s why you have to fully express yourself and your ideas without fear while writing your blog content. This will create a great impression on your readers’ mind, and help your blog to be recognized as an authority blog simply because you have high quality content to offer.


Those are some important dating lessons that you can apply to your blog. The success of your blog will depend on the application of those dating lessons on your blogging business. So, the next question is: Can you do it? Let me know what are your thoughts and about blogging and dating going together by making comments below.

Blogging Monies Last Part (10)- Dominating Your Niche And Build A Big Reputation For Your Blog

top 10 cpa blogsWelcome to the tenth and the last part of Blogging Tutorial Series by In this part of the series, you will learn about how to dominate your niche and build strong reputation for your blog.

No matter how big your business, reputation is always important to keep people coming to it. If your blog has a good reputation, people will trust what you write in it and willing to follow your recommendations. And with strong reputation, you can dominate your niche and turn your blog into an authority blog. To do that, you need to apply some strategies to your blog. Here are 5 tips to dominate your niche and build a big reputation for your blog:

1. Infiltrate All Your Niche Categories

There are various categories that you can cover within your niche. You shouldn’t limit your blog just to three or four categories. In fact, you should infiltrate all your niche categories in order to offer more information to your readers. Of course, you don’t need to do it all at the same time. You can just do it gradually so that you can adapt yourself to the demands of your blog. By covering all categories within your niche, you will have more chance to dominate your niche in the search engines as well.

2. Network With 50 Popular Blogs In Your Niche

Do not just write one occasional guest post to one relevant blog per week. Make it a blast. You have to network with at least 50 popular blogs in your niche and submit your regular guest posts to them. It might sound impossible for you, but again, you have to do it gradually. Moreover, you can always make it easier for you to have some staff writers in your blog to do the guest posting tasks. When you’ve made enough profit from your blog, it will be good for you to hire more content writers to expand your blog further.

3. Connect Your Blog With Your Social Media Account

Connecting your blog with your social media account will help you to dominate your niche. For instance, Google+ allows you to claim your internet content so that your profile picture can appear in the search result. It will attract more attention to your blog as well as create instant reputation for your blog. People will most likely choose to visit your blog whenever it appears in the search result if you have it connected with your Google+ account.

4. Deliver The Best User Experience

You have to be able to deliver the best user experience for your audience. This is the only thing that will keep long lasting traffic to come to your blog. Readers who feel satisfied with your blog will likely want to go back again to your blog later. They will even try to follow your blog everywhere. They will subscribe to your mailing list, follow you on social media, watch you on YouTube, read your guest posts on other blogs, etc. When your blog is becoming your readers’ favorite, the time for niche domination has come.

5. Intensify Your Content Production

The last thing that you need to do is to produce more and more content on your blog. You have to give more to your readers in order to receive more. Do you know how popular websites are getting even more popular? That’s because of their user-generated content. Millions of pages are being added to those websites every year. Think about it. If you can do the same for your blog, you’ll be a king in your niche. To do that, you can start accepting guest posts and guest writers in your blog. In this way, you can intensify your content production and make your blog the leader in your niche.

Niche domination is the last strategy that you need to apply in order to build a successful blog. Once you’ve dominated your niche, your blog will only have more traffic for years to come. It will only increase in rank, popularity, and readership.

You’ve reached the end of the Blogging Tutorial Series. Thanks for reading all of the posts in this series and we hope that you can learn something good from it. Visit for more tips, tricks, and tutorials related to blogging and making money online.

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Blogging Monies Part 9 – How To Build Your Blog Brand And Increase Your Blog Popularity

Blogging Monies Part 9 – How To Build Your Blog Brand And Increase Your Blog Popularity

Welcome to the ninth part of the Blogging Tutorial Series by In this part of the series, you are going to learn about how to do branding for your blog and increase your blog popularity in the right way.

5 ppv tipsBranding is an important part of your blog because it will give your blog the identity that will make it unique among others. With proper branding strategy, you will be able to make your blog known throughout your niche and increase its popularity gradually. Not only that, you will also be able to make your blog more reputable and authoritative in your niche, so that people will trust your blog more and willing to do business with you. Now, how can you build a good brand for your blog and increase its popularity? Here are some tips you can use to build your blog brand and increase your blog popularity:

1. Create An Identity Around Your Blog

Branding is all about creating a unique identity. It’s about creating a personality for your blog, so that people will see your blog differently from the rest of the blogs in the same niche. And how can you create an identity around your blog? First, it’s all about the visual appearance of your blog. You have to create a nice logo and header for your blog, and brand your other elements with your blog identity, such as your mailing list, free report, content, guest post, and so on. Second, you have to create a personality for your blog so that people can get to know your blog personally.

2. Establish A Core Philosophy For Your Blog

It is a part of personality creation for your blog. You need to have a working philosophy to live by, at least for your blog. Create some kind of principles of business practice for your blog. Also, put your goal in it as well. What are you going to do with your blog? How can your blog help your audience? This core philosophy will help you to craft solid identity for your blog. Once you do this, you will be able to distinguish your blog from others.

3. Have A Consistent Writing Style

Your writing style is a part of your branding strategy. If you are consistent with how you write your content, people will recognize that it’s from your blog the first time they read a paragraph of your content. Also, this will help you to be recognized in many other popular blogs if you manage to publish regular guest posts to those blogs. It is okay to have other writers for your blog, but you should distinguish yourself from them. It’s your voice, and people will recognize the voice of your blog through the way you write your content.

4. Use Social Media To Strengthen Your Brand

Create a solid presence in social media to make your branding process even easier. Social media can actually strengthen your brand, if you use it properly. The strategy is very simple. Let’s take an example of Facebook. You just need to build a Facebook page for your blog, put your blog logo there, and fill out the information about your blog in your page. Then, you simply add more fans to your page by various means, so that people will become increasingly aware of your blog presence.

5. Build Yourself As An Expert Blogger

Lastly, you have to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. You should not hide yourself behind your blog. In fact, you have to promote yourself as well, and link your name with your blog brand, such as John Smith from This will help you to establish yourself as an expert blogger in your niche, which will also help you to establish good reputation and build popularity for your blog.

Branding is actually a process of giving a unique identity for your blog. Once it is established and constantly promoted, popularity will come fairly quickly.

The next part is the last part of the Blogging Tutorial Series. You will learn about how to dominate your niche and build reputation for your blog. So, don’t miss this last lesson.

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Blogging Monies Part 8- Blog Promotion Basics

Hello! Welcome to the eighth part of the Blogging Tutorial Series by If you want to attract maximum traffic to your blog, here’s the right place to learn. In this part of the series, you will learn about the basic promotion strategies for your blog.

Writing content alone is not enough to attract traffic to your blog. You need to promote your blog as well. Without a constant effort in promoting your blog, you won’t be able to build your audience and grow your blog traffic. You already know about numerous methods of traffic building for your blog. But, to tell you the truth, there are only several core strategies that you need to apply to your blog in order to bring you the best result. Here are 5 basic promotion strategies that will never fail to bring consistent traffic to your blog:

blog promotion

1. Guest Posting

This is the best way to bring new readers to your blog. With guest posting, you are writing content for other blogs that are relevant with your blog. You will submit your content to popular blogs and expect them to publish it. You will leave your resource box in your content, which will lead people to visit your blog after reading your guest post. This is a win-win solution for you and the host blog. You will get traffic to your blog for free, and your host blog will get new content for free. If there’s only one promotion strategy that you want to apply for your blog, it is guest posting. Another great way is to send goodies to other fellow bloggers and trust me that always works.

2. Video Promotion

Your blog should exist on YouTube. You need to create your own YouTube channel and publish regular videos to it. Remember that YouTube is the largest video sharing website on the internet, and many blogs are having millions of new visitors thanks to YouTube. This is a traffic gem for your blog. If you don’t use it, you’ll never get the benefit of it. Video promotion is one of the best ways to make your blog go viral quickly. What you need to do is just to publish informative and entertaining videos to YouTube regularly. You can even embed your videos to your blog posts if they are relevant enough. How ever its purpose should n`t be only getting back links but should provide some useful information to the readers.

3. On-Page And Off-Page SEO

When you apply on-page and off-page SEO, you will be able to optimize your blog for the search engine, which means you will increase the chance for your blog to get more organic traffic coming. On-page SEO is about optimizing the elements within your blog for SEO, such as your title, images, content, headings, links, and so on. Off-page SEO is about giving outside support for your blog in order to gain prominent ranking in the search engine, such as by doing link building. Make sure you have SEO Plugin WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast installed on your blog.

4. List Building

List building will allow your blog to keep the loyal readers glued to your blog and make them come to your blog again and again. You know, many people are losing their traffic because they can’t keep it. By creating a mailing list in your blog, you can ask people to enter their email address in exchange for something valuable. Then, you can send follow-up emails that will attract them to come back to your blog. You can even promote your products to your list and earn more money from your blog.

5. Social Media

Search engines are giving more importance for social media in their ranking algorithm. Due to its heavy user base, social media is growing fast on the internet. It’s a great place for you to promote your blog content, connect with your audience, and make your blog popular. This is your holy grail of content marketing. By establishing your presence in social media, you will be able to network with your audience and create buzz related to your blog, which will likely go viral in a short amount of time.

Those are the basic blog promotion strategies that you should focus on. There are still many more tactics that you can apply to attract more traffic to your blog, but those are enough for you to attract good amount of traffic that will let you to earn good profit from your blog.

In the next part of the series, you will learn about how to build your blog brand and increase your blog popularity. We’re getting closer to the end of the series.

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Blogging Monies Part 7– Setting Up The Monetization Plan For Your Blog

moneyWelcome to the seventh part of the Blogging Tutorial Series by In this part of the series, you are going to learn about how to create a good monetization plan for your blog.

Blogging is a business. In fact, it will be a big business for you if you can do proper planning for it from the start, especially about how you will monetize your blog later. You can’t just put any ads on your blog and expect money to start rolling in without any more effort on your part. It doesn’t work like that. What you need to do is to pick the monetization method that you’ll use from the start so that you will not get tempted with thousands of ways to make money from your blog later. Here are some tips to set up the monetization plan for your blog:

1. What Is The Focus Of Your Blog?

If you are focusing on broad niche, then there will be a potential of high traffic coming to your blog if you can really expand it to the maximum level possible. For this type of blog, you better put some ads in your blog in which you will get payment per click, such as Google AdSense. But, if you are focusing on narrow niche, then your audience will be centered toward one type of niche. The traffic potential will not be too high, but your audience is laser targeted. If you have this type of blog, it’s better for you to promote affiliate products in your blog in which you will get your commission based on the sales that you make.

2. Do You Want To Offer Your Own Product?

Whatever your blog type, it is possible for you to create your own product and sell it to your blog. The question is whether you want to do it or not. You can even offer your own service to your readers if you want. So, think about it from the start. By offering your own product, you’ll get the full profit out of your sales. But, you have to deal with the customers directly. If you already have a plan to put ads or promote affiliate products in your blog, then selling your own product will be an additional monetization method for your blog. However, you can also make it your primary way of making money with your blog.

3. How Is Your Potential Traffic?

You might not see any good traffic coming to your blog already, but you can decide your monetization model based on your potential traffic. Think about it from now on. Imagine if your blog already get high amount of traffic now. What will you do? How will you monetize it? With traffic, everything is possible. You will always be able to monetize your blog in any way you choose. Your focus should be to earn the maximum income from the traffic that you have.

4. Who Is Your Audience?

Also, based on your audience, you will be able to determine how you will make money from your blog later. If your audience is generally a freebie seeker or a freeloader, don’t bother selling any product to them because they will only pay little attention to it. Just put some ads in your blog and you’re good to go. But, if your audience is looking for something specific, like a way to solve their problem, then it’s better for you to give them the available solution for their problem. There are many specific products that will help them solve their problem.

5. Advertising Versus Selling Your Own Product

It’s always a big debate whether you should sell your own product or put advertising materials on your blog. The answer is that what you earn will depend on various factors. Even though you can create a good product to sell in your blog, it might not be successful because your readers are mainly not interested for such type of product. So, selling your product is not always an easy way to earn big bucks from your blog. What you need to do is to constantly do the trial and error process and analyze your result. This is the best way to determine what’s good for your blog.

So, have you choose the monetization plan for your blog yet? If not, you should start thinking about it today. Of course, you might need to change your plan later, but you’ll do better if you have a plan in mind.

The next part of the series will talk about the basics of blog promotion. This is the way to make your blog popular.

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