Blogging Monies Part 5 – How To Write Fascinating Blog Content

Welcome to the fifth part of the Blogging Tutorial Series, and here, you are dealing with the meat of your blog—your blog content. In this part of the series, you will learn about how to keep your readers feel excited with your blog by creating content that they’d love to read.

Most people say that content is the meat or lifeblood of your blog. Without it, your blog will simply die and nobody cares about it. With it, your blog will live and start making big bucks. The only thing that you need to when creating content for your blog is that you need to make it fascinating to read. That’s it. When your readers feel excited to read your content, you’ve done your work as a blogger. They’ll come back to your blog again and again. So, how can you make this happen? Here are some simple tips that will help you to write fascinating blog content:
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1. The Value Of Entertainment

Your blog content needs to have the entertainment value for your readers. Think about your blog like a TV program, only that it consists of text as its main content instead of audio video. Remember that it’s not only the informational value that you have to give to your readers, but the entertainment value as well. Most successful blogs are successful because they are entertaining to read. So, try to change the way you write your content. Information is important, but making your readers feel satisfied with your content is also important.

2. Grab Attention All The Time

When you write a piece of content for your blog, you have to be able to grab your readers’ attention all the time. Yes, all the time. If you can only grab their attention in the headline, then you’ll not going to make them read your content. You have to make everything that you write so interesting that it will keep your readers glued with it. The easy way to make it happen is to write in a relaxed style. You don’t need to be too nervous with what you are writing. Nobody is going to judge your writing.

3. Create Outline To Keep The Flow

Many bloggers don’t create outline before they write their blog content. As a result, they are prone to writer’s block problem. You know, outlining is very important in blogging as it will help you to map things that you’re going to write in your blog. Also, it will keep your content in the flow so that you will not write your content sluggishly. You’ll write it smoothly from start to finish because you know what you’re going to write. This is the main benefit of outlining.

4. Sparking The Willingness To Discuss Further

Your content should be able to make your readers want to comment on it. It’s important to keep your blog post active so that search engines will keep checking your post and update your rank for the better. Blog activity is one of the secrets of successful blogging. If you can keep your blog active with comments and discussions, you will be able to attract more traffic toward your blog.

5. Create A Lively Conversation

Lastly, you should be able to converse with your readers with your content. Your content shouldn’t be just a one-way communication between you and your readers. It should stimulate two-way communication. In fact, you should write your content as if you are conversing with your friend. That will make your content very friendly to read, and people will like it. The truth is that you don’t need to be cold to your readers. Be friendly and try to establish real conversation through your blog content.

If you follow the tips above, you’ll be able to write fascinating blog content that your readers will be addicted to read. They will want to read more and more from your blog if you just can keep their interest with your content.

The next part in the series will talk about how to keep being consistent in writing your blog content. You shouldn’t miss it.

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