Simple Elements That Will Make Your Visitors Leave Your Blog Immediately

Some blogs have very low bounce rate, and some other blogs suffer from very high bounce rate. What is bounce rate? Bounce rate is an important term in web analytics that suggests the percentage of visitors that exit your blog after accessing it for some time (usually several seconds). So, instead of continuing to read more content on your blog, they choose to leave immediately. The percentage of those people will be reported as your blog’s bounce rate. Do you know why people will exit your blog immediately after they access it? Once you understand about the reason behind their behavior, you will be able to significantly minimize your bounce rate. Here are 5 simple elements that will make your visitors leave your blog immediately:

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Annoying Pop-Up

What will you do when you see persistent pop-up in a website or blog? Will you click on the pop-up image? Of course not! Most people don’t. And you might click the close button immediately. Why? That’s because it’s annoying. You don’t ask for it, but it comes to you persistently. If you are greeting your visitors with pop-up every time they visit your blog, then your blog visitors will perhaps blacklist your blog and never visit it again. But remember that persistent pop-up is different from intelligent pop-up. You can put a pop-up on your blog (to show your subscription box) as long as it will only show up in front of first-time visitors, not repeat visitors.

Complicated Blog Navigation

Navigation, categorization, and tagging on your blog should be made as simple as possible. Why? That’s because you want your visitors to feel comfortable with your blog layout so that they can read your blog or find their desired information comfortably. However, some blogs don’t give much attention on the tidiness of their blog navigation. Remember that if you want to win the heart of your blog visitors, you have to make everything easy for them to explore your blog. Sure, there is a search bar installed on your blog, but people will rarely use it. They will tend to browse through your blog categories in order to find the information that they want. So, be very careful in structuring and organizing your blog.

Ugly Blog Design

Almost all popular blogs nowadays use modern blog design. Why is it important for you to change your blog design into a more modern one? That’s because ugly blog design can really repel visitors away. Did you think that your visitors will stay on your blog, while reading your content comfortably, with your 90s blog design? Many people don’t have such kind of patience. They will tend to switch between blogs very quickly, and they will only stay on blogs that catch their attention immediately. That’s the blog with modern, eye-catching, and comfortable design. If you are still using ugly design for your blog, then that might be the reason behind your high bounce rate.

Too Slow To Load

Turning your blog into a modern blog design doesn’t mean to add every multimedia elements that you can get on your blog. Yes, it’s nice to add HD videos and HD images on your blog, but it will only nice if your visitors can load them completely within several seconds. The truth is that those types of multimedia content may take forever to load on slow internet connection. And if you do this, the one who is going to lose is you. Why? That’s because you will lose your visitors more. Slow blog loading speed is a big problem for your blog, and it should be fixed immediately before you send all your visitors away to your competitors. An ideal blog should be lightweight, fast, and beautiful. So, aim for this ideal for your blog.

Not Mobile-Friendly

If your blog is not mobile-friendly, people who access your blog from their smartphone or tablet will not going to read your blog comfortably. Thus, they will close your blog immediately in favor of other mobile-friendly blogs that they can read comfortably while they are on the road. So, be sure that your blog template is mobile-friendly. It is important that it has a responsive theme so that it can adapt to any screen size without sacrificing your readers’ comfort and satisfaction. This is even more important if your blog contains heavy images, because those images can slow down the loading process on their tablet or smartphone.

Those are some simple elements that will make your visitors leave your blog immediately. Those are the reasons why your bounce rate is so high. In order to lower your bounce rate, you have to fix those problematic elements of your blog and turn them into a more reader-friendly elements that will increase their satisfaction toward your blog even more.

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