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Blogging Monies Part 6 – How To Be A Productive Blogger And Create Your Content On Schedule

blogger scheduleWelcome to the sixth part of the Blogging Tutorial Series by In this part of the series, you are going to learn about how to keep writing content for your blog consistently so that you can keep consistent traffic coming to your blog, which will result in consistent profit for you.

Content is the main commodity on the internet. Without it, the internet is nothing. So, it’s also the main commodity of your blog. Without it, your blog is nothing. But, it’s not just content that you need to create. You need to be consistent in publishing new content to your blog. You can’t just publish some content and then leave your blog for years without updating any new content on it. If you do that, don’t expect any good traffic to come to your blog. People will simply avoid reading your blog if it’s not being updated regularly. So, you have to learn about how to consistently produce content for your blog. Here are some tips you can follow to be a productive blogger and create your content on schedule:

1. Start With Small And Consistent Effort.

It is better to succeed at small efforts rather than to fail at a big effort. Don’t try to be a super productive writer at the start, thinking that you can write 5 blog posts in a day on your first day. No, you better go for small and consistent effort that will build gradually. It’s a habit. If you want to build a good habit, start small. And then, you can expand from there. So, if you can’t write one blog post per day, start with writing a half blog post per day. How’s that sound? That sounds good if you can do it.

2. Find The Right Time To Write.

You have to recognize the best time for you to write. You know, you have to find out the time that will allow you to write freely without distraction. This is important. Writing is mostly a mental activity. So, you absolutely need a clean mind if you want to write a good post for your blog. For that, you need to find the right time to write. Once you find it, you can focus all the writing process in that time. It will be your most productive moment in your day.

3. Create A Realistic Schedule.

Now, create a realistic schedule about when you will publish your new blog post. For instance, if you are writing your post in the morning, you might want to create a schedule to publish your post every 10 AM in the morning. If you only work on weekdays, you can create a weekly schedule about what to write each week and when to publish each piece of writing. Just remember to be realistic about it. Create the schedule only if you can fulfill it. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of time and space.

4. Adjust Your Plan When Necessary.

Remember that everything is not written in stone. You can always change your plan or schedule whenever it is necessary for you to do so. You can always adjust it so that you can keep up with it better each day. The goal is to execute your plan as effectively as possible. The better you can execute your plan, the better it will be for your blog. You will allow your blog to grow every day.

5. Take A Break When You Need It.

You don’t need to force your body and mind to work on your blog all days. Don’t be too attached with your blog since it won’t give you any peace of mind in the end. And then, when you are too worked up, you will end up being lazy again the next day. So, it’s better to take a break when you need it. Listen to your body. If you have enough rest in your blogging activity, you will keep your productivity on a stable condition.

You can be a more productive blogger when you follow the tips above. Consistent content update in your blog will bring about consistent traffic to your blog. This is your aim.

For the next part in the series, you will learn about how to plan your blog monetization. It’s time to start making money.

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