How to build your subscribers without spending a penny

The more subscribers that you have on your blog, the better chance you will have to promote your products. Isn’t that true? Yes, that’s true. If you sell or promote any product on your blog, you will earn better income if you have lots of subscribers, because in this way, you can have lots of sales coming from your email promotion. But, what can you do to increase the number of your blog subscribers? Should you spend some money on PPC and social media advertising? The answer is not. You can still boost your subscribers without having to invest on such expensive advertising platforms. Here are 5 ways to boost your blog’s subscribers without spending a penny:

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Give more to your subscribers.

When you give more, you receive more. That’s true in real life, as well as in business. In business, especially in your blogging business, what you give to your readers will determine what you’ll get back from them. So, if you want to get more subscribers on your blog, the simplest way is to give more stuff to those who subscribe to your blog. In other words, you have to increase the quality of your mailing list. If you offer free stuff, don’t offer just one product. That’s too common. You have to go another mile by giving more free stuff to your subscribers. Give two or three premium products, and you’ll be sure that more and more people will be interested to join your list. And remember, keep improving the quality of your mailing list as well.

Install A Pop-Up Subscription Box.

Don’t let your blog readers get confused about where should they go in order to subscribe to your blog. Remember that simply by putting your subscription box on your blog sidebar won’t help you much in attracting more subscribers to your blog. You have to show your readers, especially your first-time readers, that you have something special for them who subscribe to your blog’s mailing list. So, when your readers are reading your blog for the first time, a pop-up subscription box will appear and give them irresistible offer that they can’t refuse. It will compel them to join your list and stay with your blog for a long time. I really recommend Pop up domination.

Create a dedicated squeeze page on your blog.

Many bloggers just put their subscription box on their sidebar, without creating a dedicated squeeze page where they pitch the pre-subscribers into subscribing to their blog. Did you know how important it is to have your own squeeze page? It is very important. You can drive traffic directly to your squeeze page from whatever source that you prefer. It will give you more chance to convert your traffic into subscribers. For instance, you can promote your blog on forums or by using YouTube videos, and you can direct the traffic that you get from those sources directly into your squeeze page, instead of your blog homepage. In this way, you get more people joining your list.

Promote your mailing list on each of your post.

Many people complain about how pathetic their mailing lists are. They don’t have too many subscribers on their list. They only get about 10 to 20 people on their list, without any sign of increasing. How about you? Do you have a pathetic mailing list as well? The reason behind this failure in attracing subscribers to your blog is the way you promote your mailing list. Most bloggers are passively promoting their mailing list to their readers. You shouldn’t follow their way. You have to promote your list actively, within each of the blog post that you write. At the end of each post, you should ask your readers either to subscribe to your list (by also giving a link to your dedicated squeeze page) or to follow you on social media. This will be a great way to increase your blog subscribers exponentially.

Write A guest post on some popular blogs.

“I have written many guest posts in the past, but none of them can bring me good additional traffic to my blog.” You might think that guest posting is a futile attempt to increase your blog traffic. But, is it true? People who fail to attract good amount of traffic from their guest post are writing their guest post for blogs that are not popular enough. It is important for you to write guest post only to popular blogs that already have lots of traffic in place and more then that are well known and provide quality content otherwise Google will hunt you down. Why? That’s because you need that traffic to be funneled into your squeeze page. If you write guest post to a struggling blog, then what are you doing? You will not be able to bring additional traffic to your blog, and that’s not useful. So, always write guest post only for popular blogs, and be sure to direct the traffic to your squeeze page, not to your blog homepage. This is a surefire way to add more subscribers to your blog in a matter of hours after your guest post got published.

Those are some ways that you can follow in order to increase your blog subscribers for free. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars in order to attract more people to join your list. Those tips are enough to fill your mailing list with stream of new subscribers each and every day.

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