EWA Private Network Review

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Today i have decided to review Bird mans CPA Network.Before We go on network i would like to introduce you with Bird Man, Ryan Eagle is one of the top ten teens who made their First Million Online. He found Eagle Web Assets, Inc. at the age of 16. In 2004. And started off doing full time SEO, diversified into CPA advertising in 2005 and in 2007 he was a full time CPA affiliate . But this real gangster  did nt stopped here he launched EWA Private Network.

EWA Private Network Review

EWA is made up of very few hand selected marketers ,Media buyers best example Gabriel Zota from Rock Star Media and  SEM Pros . Without a doubt no other network can beat their Affiliate support. The team of 7 affiliate managers is always available online 7 days a week. And thats what differs EWA Private Network  from all others,simply because EWA Network does nt sleep .Dont believe on my words because i am not native and my grammar is crap checkout EWA Facebook Grouop yourself .


EWA supports you with weekly payouts regardless of volume. If you are doing really good with some offers shoot an email to Ryan and i bet he will happily bump your payout .

in payments what i like is they do offer competitive payouts on the best converting offers. and they do pay on time ,


What kind of support you expect from EWA ? you need  custom creatives  for  your offers? I bet shoot an email to your Am and in reply you will get a bunch of custom creatives created by EWA internal department.  They do provide you training guides also. So you have no need to buy uncle gurus training guides simply because they dont work . You need any kind of advise your affiliate managers are always happy to help you out .

I do love to read Weekly News letter from Ewa Network which gives you insights about what offer is working well and where does it converts most.

Basically its a network which doesnt only recommends you to push offers , Their internal media buying department  keeps pushing offers and based on results they do recommend you offers which are performing best . Literally their  training guides are priceless .

Oh i forgot one more thing being a member of EWA Group i was able to interact with many hiding Affiliate Marketing BIg Dogs and learn a lot from them and not only this many of members like product owners and other offer different types of discount coupons and also advertising coupons. Thats a great help for a guy like me who thinks ten times  before spending even two or three bucks. I do  remember there was a guy offering $1000 advertising coupon for facebook ads or google adwords i dont remember that just because i missed that opportunity ;( ( If any of any of EWA FB group member is reading this post please do reply in comments it was facebook coupon or was google adwords) .

[EDIT : I got it from EWA Dash Board and that was $2000 AdWords
Coupon ]

To be very honest the secret behind success of EWA Network is that they are dedicated and do work really hard as if you visit Ryan Eagles facebook profile he says  :

My business, this is my life. This is what I do better than anything, so why wouldn’t I do it all the time? That is the difference between you and I.

Bird Man Always inspired me and what ever he is today there is a lot of work behind that . His dedication and hard work is what makes EWA Different from all other Networks.

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  1. Thanks for the great review! We truly appreciate doing business with you, let’s continue ROCKIN’ out Rocker!

  2. You are always a great inspiration bird man 🙂 learned a lot from you , keep hustling 🙂

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