KJ Rocker's Choices: Top 10 CPA Networks in 2024

KJ Rocker’s Choice: Top 10 CPA Networks in 2024

Let’s admit it, affiliate networks are very important for every affiliate. Whether you are a new affiliate or a super affiliate, you will need a reputable affiliate network to work with.

Why so?

Well, my friend, the very first step to launching a successful affiliate campaign is to find a good offer that converts well and also pays the best payouts. Most networks these days offer the same payouts as they did back in the 2010s, and with media buying costs increasing every year, it’s almost impossible for affiliates to sustain.

What to look for when working with a CPA network?

A few things you need to consider are:

Professional Affiliate Managers: It’s important to have an affiliate manager who is willing to provide you support and help you find the right offer, help you optimize and scale your offers, and provide you with the best advice when needed.

Quality Offers: High payout is important, but it’s not everything. It’s crucial to have offers that are high-converting and provide the best conversion rates to the affiliates. Many networks just broker offers from other CPA networks, which can end up costing affiliates money due to pixel misfires and tracking issues.

Payments: While you are spending money to promote a CPA network’s offers, it’s important to ensure that you will get paid at the end of the day. This is why it’s super important to work with a network that is actually capable of paying you on time.

10 Best CPA Networks in 2024

Okay, let’s move on to KJ Rocker’s Top 10 CPA (Cost Per Action) Affiliate Networks in 2024 that are leading the industry with their innovative approach, efficient system, on-time payments for their affiliates, and lucrative offers for their affiliates to make money from.

Pin-Up Partners

Based in Cyprus and founded in 2016, Pin-Up Partners stands out from many other traditional affiliate networks. Super focused on iGaming offers, this specialization perhaps is what makes them one of the most successful affiliate networks too. The network is present at almost every affiliate event and sponsors everything related to affiliate marketing, often with the largest booth at almost every affiliate conference. Their offer payouts range between $25-$50 and they also offer recurring payouts to their affiliates if they choose to opt for it. Their strongest point is the robust support they provide to their affiliates, where they supply all the necessary resources. They offer unique promo materials, payouts every 2 weeks, and even earlier for affiliates with high volumes.

Pin-Up Partners
Pin-Up Partners

Perform CB

Perform[CB] is one of the oldest and longest-standing affiliate networks with a very impeccable reputation. Previously, it was known as ClickBooth Network and it is the only network which gave me the toughest time to accept me as an affiliate. It is one of the very elite and hard to get into affiliate networks. I won’t be wrong to say that it is an affiliate network which is used by the super affiliates. Throughout my decade of affiliate marketing career, I never heard anyone complain about Perform[CB].

Join Perform CB Today

Perform[cb] CPA Network
Perform[cb] CPA Network

Digital Media Solutions (DMS)

W4, also known as Digital Media Solutions, is another great network that I would happily recommend to anyone. One of the reasons I really like them as a network is the professionalism of their affiliate managers. For example, Mike Semira, my affiliate manager, is super helpful and always responsive whenever approached, whether I run any volumes with them or not, and he also regularly sends out a list of top revenue offers in an Excel sheet. All the offers are super organized, allowing affiliates to have a menu of affiliate offers in their email every week they can pick and choose from. W4 as well has been around for a while and never had any payment delays or issues.

Join DMS Today

Digital Media Solutions (DMS) CPA Network
Digital Media Solutions (DMS) CPA Network


Leadbit CPA Network
Leadbit CPA Network

Leadbit is being headed by a personal friend of mine, Alex Omelianovych, who we even interviewed for our podcast when he was CMO at Adplexity. Leadbit is a Limassol-based network which was established in 2014. They specialize in COD, Nutra, and Trial offers with over 5000 affiliates. One thing that really made me list Leadbit on our top list is because of their 24/7 support for affiliates. They are one of the most responsive and affiliate-friendly networks with a presence at almost all industry conferences.

Leadbit – CPA Affiliate Network Reviews 2024


MaxWeb is one of the well-known Nutra affiliate networks, which is headed by Anna Gita. With over 300+ CPA offers, 40,000+ active affiliates, and 30 support members available 24/7, MaxWeb has been among the leading CPA networks for the last 18 years. A network that is focused not only on helping its affiliate marketers to succeed financially, but also on educating their affiliates and showing them how to upskill themselves. With a weekly payment frequency for affiliates, those who earn over $15,000, MaxWeb offers payments twice a week (Monday & Wednesday). Weekly payments are every Wednesday (default, if revenue falls below $15,000 a month). If you are one of those lucky affiliates who earns over $30K, they offer payouts three times a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. MaxWeb is a perfect network for affiliates in the nutra space.

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Maxweb Affiliate Network
Maxweb Affiliate Network


A4D is another great network owned by the industry godfather, Jason Akatiff. Jason Akatiff is one of the OGs of the industry and a mentor to many affiliates and network owners. Just like Jason, his network has seen many years within the industry and has experienced both good and bad days. There was a time when A4D was sued by the FTC and they had to make a settlement with the FTC in 2012. The great thing about A4D is that they not only recovered but thrived after learning from their experience and are at the moment one of the most leading lead generation and mass tort affiliate networks with high converting offers.

Join A4D Today

KJ Rocker’s Choice: Top 10 CPA Networks in 2024
A4D Affiliate Network


Our friends at Adsterra are not only an advertising network but also run a very successful affiliate network. With over 200+ high-converting and exclusive CPA, CPL, CPI offers, featuring offers from verticals like ANTIVIRUS, UTILITY, FINANCE, SOFTWARE, SWEEPSTAKES, and GAMING. They have a minimum payment amount of just $5 for ePayments, Webmoney & Paxum payment systems, making them one of the networks with the lowest payout thresholds.

With conversion rates up to 10% and great payout rates, they stand out in the industry. Like other top networks, affiliate support is Adsterra’s top priority, and they offer support for their affiliates with 24/7 expert live support available to every affiliate.

Adsterra Affiliate Network
Adsterra Affiliate Network


MaxBounty is probably the only network that has been consistently recommended for years on this blog. The reason is simple: on-time payments and ease of access for newbie affiliates. With more than 30,000 affiliates and 3,000+ active offers, MaxBounty has made its name in the industry since its foundation in 2004. MaxBounty has always been a reliable and easy-to-access affiliate network for beginner-level affiliates with weekly payments. There have been no complaints related to payment delays against the network since its founding. MaxBounty is also one of the very few affiliate networks with their own proprietary affiliate tracking platform.

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KJ Rocker’s Choice: Top 10 CPA Networks in 2024
MaxBounty Affiliate Network


Zeydoo CPA Network
Zeydoo CPA Network

ZeyDoo is another network run and operated by our friends at AdTech Holding, the parent company of PropellerAds. Some of their really well-known offers, which almost every affiliate has tried by now, include Global Finance Survey, Sweep Survey, Sport Survey, and Social Survey. The best thing about ZeyDoo is their offers and payment terms. They offer twice-a-month payments, with a personal schedule available upon request and fast quality checks within approximately 24 hours. They also provide tested and proven pre-landers with high conversion rates, along with 24/7 affiliate support, like other major players within the industry.

Join Zeydoo Today


Yellana CPA Network
Yellana CPA Network

Yellana is another CPA network which owned by our friends at RichAds. With 500+ direct offers and payout thresholds starting from $100 per week & top verticals include iGaming, Software, Utilities, Apps, Dating, and more, it’s a perfect affiliate network for affiliates with the push and native traffic. They are also a very social CPA ad network which constantly participation in events and conferences such as Affiliate World Europe, IGB LIVE and SIGMA. 

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I hope you enjoyed reading this article. I wish you the very best of luck on your journey as an affiliate. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to get in touch with me. This list was compiled based on my own experience working with and knowing affiliate networks. I did my best to include networks that are reputable and ones that I work with or would consider working with. Remember, these are suggestions, and you should make decisions based on your own judgment. I won’t be responsible for any losses or take any liability. Let’s make some money!

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