Join #WorldAdTechDay Online Celebration with the Global Ad Tech Community

AdTech Day
AdTech Day

Do you consider yourself a part of the global adtech community? 

Write your name into the annals of World AdTech Day celebration today (it’s as easy as ABC)! 

World AdTech Day (#WorldAdTechDay) is a novel celebration set to spark on March 27, 2024. This special day recognizes and appreciates the valuable contributions of ad tech professionals who drive innovation in advertising and form the global marketing landscape. The celebration marks a shift from ad tech’s service function to a trend-setting role in the industry.

Join the universal festivities! Share your own story or express your love and admiration for partners and competitors alike within the ad tech industry. 

Several leading figures in the adtech market, including Adsterra, RichAds, CrackRevenue, Evadav, MyLead, Keitaro, Binom, Yellana, CPV Lab Pro, Bemob, TrafficShark, and more, have already pledged their support to the cause.

CPA and ad networks, Media buyers, algorithm developers, big data analysts, RTB programmers, PPC managers, and affiliate marketers are encouraged to join the celebration on March 27, 2024, and beyond.

Choose your preferred form of participation here:

Key events, activities, and announcements related to the celebration will be highlighted on the World AdTech Day’s website.

👁️‍🗨️ World AdTech Day Encourager

World AdTech Day is an initiative by our friends at #Adsterra, a global advertising network that has been fueling the adtech industry since 2013.

Renowned for its innovative in-house ad formats, Adsterra also develops smart solutions for marketing automation, always prioritizing responsible and caring communication with clients, as stated in its Partner Care Program.

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