Cpamatica Affiliate Network Review

Reviewing Cpamatica – The Best Dating Network in 2024

In this article, we’ll review Cpamatica Affiliate Network, an international affiliate marketing network in 2024. Powered by expla, a marketing engineering company, Cpamatica Affiliate Network has been working to provide a win-win solution for everyone since 2015. It is a Ukraine-based network that provides top offers with the highest conversions and competitive payouts. They specialize in providing high-converting offers, especially in Europe, Latin America, and the US.

Cpamatica Affiliate Network

Overall, it has a user-friendly interface with an easy way to monetize your traffic. The basic target of Cpamatica Network is to provide doable and effective advertising solutions that bring all the affiliates under one umbrella. 

Perks for Affiliates

Cpamatica comes with several perks that make it stand out among its competitors. It is a one-stop network for affiliates who are willing to make money as much as possible. Let’s face it, a common trend among almost all affiliate networks is their high dependence on smartlinks to locate the perfect traffic sources. So here are some special features of Cpamatica Network that make it a solid network for affiliates in 2024.

Cpamatica Network

Payments and Pricing

The affiliates can receive payments weekly (NET-3) via a wide range of different payment methods such as PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, Wire Transfer, BitCoin, Capitalist, and Tether. 

There are also a variety of smart pricing models, such as SOI, DOI, PPT, PPS, and Revshare. The minimum payout is $50 and varies from system to system. Every Thursday is a payday!

Verticals and High-Quality Traffic Sources

Speaking of the top converting verticals, Cpamatica provides 1000+ active offers, including white-label and in-house exclusives in mainstream dating, adult gaming, and cams. Still, Cpamatica primarily works with adult (casual) dating. You also get in-house dating products without any broker’s commission. You can work directly with the top converting adult dating offers. 

Cpamatica provides 10+ high-quality and transparent traffic sources to its affiliates. It also supports multi-ad formats such as banner, in-app, email, members area, native, pop-under, in-page, SEO/SEM, search traffic, social media, teaser, and web view.

Loyalty Program (Cpamate Shop)

All the affiliates get ready to receive some awesome gifts from Cpamatica via an outstanding loyalty program. If you’re an ambitious affiliate and looking to do more in the industry than just running a few successful ads, Cpamatica is willing to send prizes your way that are worth more than $200,000! Get ready to discover this awesome platform. Who knows, you might get a luxurious camera, PlayStation games, Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Essential, AirPods Pro, iPhone 15 Pro, DJI Mini 3 Pro, MacBook Pro, or even Tesla, apple watches, and much more!

Loyalty Program

All you need to do is bring high-quality traffic from authentic sources, and you earn more points!

Cpamatica affiliate program

Personal Manager

To make sure that affiliates experience a flawless advertising experience, Cpamatica provides each affiliate with a personal manager. Its team consists of highly competitive managers who bring a wealth of knowledge to the table and offer professional support. These managers have a partnership-first mentality, attention to detail, and creative ad campaign management skills to maintain a healthy partnership with the affiliates. 


Cpamatica offers a special feature to its affiliates known as “FLOW”. It is an in-house custom smartlink tool operates as a multi-offer analyser. It allows affiliates or their dedicated managers to hand-pick all the high-converting offers for every traffic segment such as device type, GEO or operating system OS.

FLOW makes sure that the high-quality traffic is distributed equally among the chosen offers, landing or pre-landing pages. Now, you can simply optimize the FLOW based on real-time stats by performing optimization tests for offers in every funnel

Why Use Flow?

You should use this tool for several reasons. First, Flow will allow you to see every nitty-gritty of the stats for your active offers. You can easily conduct multiple split tests for all your campaigns considering factors like Geos, OS, device type, etc.

Reviewing Cpamatica – The Best Dating Network in 2024

Flow also helps you analyze which offers are working the best and which ones are underperforming, In this way, you can delete all the failing offers and can only work on the top-converting ones. Overall, Flow ensures the maximisation of your EPC. 

Another factor that makes Cpamatica stand out from the rest is it’s capability to become fully automated. To experience hassle-free advertising process, you can delegate the entire “optimization” process to this network altogether and see the magic for yourself. 

Cpamatica offers its special smartlinks that primarily work similarly to any other classic smartlinks. With the help of its smartlinks, Cpamatica automatically redistributes your traffic to offers having the highest earnings per click (EPC).

The dating smartlink offered by Cpamatica is one of the strongest on the market. This network has been operating in the industry since 2015 so it knows most of the high-spending advertisers in the industry.

Referral Programs

Cpamatica offers a unique referral program where each affiliate can suggest this platform to other colleagues and get a 2% commission on whatever they earn. Also, Cpamatica offers one point of credit for every $10 of earnings.

Top Offers

Cpamatica provides a ‘Top Offers’ section where they list all their offers based on the network-wide traffic volumes of all the partners over the last 30 days. Additionally, you can check the average EPC and CR per offer and filter by market (Tier-1, Tier-2, Tier-3) and by the vertical you’re working with.

Furthermore, you can sort offers by the highest average EPC in the same categories. It’s very rare for the network to share real-life statistics, so you can truly understand what’s currently booming in the network.

Cpamatica Affiliate Network Review

Detailed Revenue and Notification Chart

Cpamatica is the simplest and easiest platform to run ads and keep an eye on the stats, and overall revenue and get notified instantly. 


Affiliates get a dedicated dashboard separately to view all the new notifications and to stay updated on their ad revenue.

Revenue Chats

Mobile-Friendly Interface

Cpamatica ensures ease of use for its users so affiliates can also use this network on their smartphones. So you do not need to carry your laptop everywhere!

Cpamatica Affiliate Network Review

How to Register?


The registration process for Cpamatica Affiliate Network is really simple, just give some basic information as shown in the screenshot below:

Register with Cpamatica


Cpamatica will ask you to share your overall experience in affiliate marketing so that it can bring about the best results for your campaign. So, just fill out some more info related to your expertise.

Registration form


Share the info about the top-converting verticals and ad formats you prefer for your campaign.

It is a good idea to share every nitty-gritty about your ad campaign so that generating the best results becomes a piece of cake!

Reviewing Cpamatica – The Best Dating Network in 2024


Once you have provided all the basic and necessary information regarding your ideal ad campaign, a dedicated manager will reach out to you and provide access to Cpamatica’s user dashboard.


As mentioned, Cpamatica provides 1000+ active offers in adult games and dating. The dashboard shows its preview in the following screenshot.



In the screenshot below, the description for each offer contains some special information. Simply click the  “Activate” button in front of each offer to get access.


You will need to activate each offer separately because your personal manager will allow you access to each one of them.


You can get help from Cpamatica’s “FLOW”, a customisable link that enables you to split traffic among the top-converting offers as per your choice. 


Smart Tips for Registration

Though Cpamatica is a highly user-friendly network still, getting your account approved can be tough sometimes. But don’t worry, we have brought you some tips you can use so that your account gets registered and accepted instantly. 

  1. Make sure you have ample time to fill up the complete application form
  2. Provide only the authentic and correct information
  3. If you’re a beginner in the dating vertical, mention that
  4. In case you have experience with other networks, be open about it

Platform Authenticity and Partnerships

Cpamatica has been competing among other reliable affiliate networks for almost a decade now. Over the years, this platform has fostered a mutually beneficial relationship with several clients. Considering the facts, Cpamatica is in partnership with the top industry-leading companies like Binom, Redtrack, Adplexity, TrafficStars and PeerClick.

Working with Cpamatica allows you to gain offers for the services that are directly provided by its partners. So, Cpamatica basically functions as a gateway for affiliates to connect to top brands directly. Talk to your manager about it, and Cpamatica will process your request. 

A Quick Overview of Plus Points 

Overall, there are many reasons for which I would recommend Cpamatica. It offers in-house dating products to affiliates and also provides a referral program. The customer support service is great. There is a representative available 24/7 to resolve your queries. Also, affiliates get a dedicated personal manager to handle all the campaigns and do the basic homework. Other than that, you get special creatives for your ads and considerable discounts on all products of Cpamatica’s partnering companies.

Here Are Some Cons Though

Well, there are some great features of Cpamatica, but it offers only a few verticals. This might be the biggest turn-off for affiliates who work with various top-converting verticals simultaneously. Furthermore, the registration process is also pretty complicated. You need the manager’s approval to register your account. But, if you’re an experienced affiliate and have worked with the other affiliate networks, you will easily get approved! 

Register Now!

Overall, Cpamatica is one of the top dating affiliate networks that offers a secure network with authentic data using its own in-house software. Furthermore, you can choose among 1000+ active offers best for the dating vertical and get access to all the stats on their user dashboard. 

If you’re looking for a fully automated ad network for the dating and adult gaming network, I say this is one of the best ones. With Cpamatica, chances skyrocket for each of your offer to convert to the highest sale. So, register right now to have the best advertising experience online!

The customer support of Cpamatica is efficient and expert in their field. A dedicated affiliate manager will ensure setting up and registering your account smoothly. However, since the verticals are fewer, this might not work for some of you. Still, if you’re sticking to dating or adult gaming verticals and looking for an authentic and professional affiliate network with high payouts, Cpamatica might be the best choice.

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