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How to Choose Profitable CPA offers in 2024

Let’s admit it, we affiliates are lazy people, we are always looking for easy ways to get things done and that’s what all smart people do. To have a quick system for those tasks that take longer and make more time to focus more on our productivity.

One of my biggest problems in the past few years has been communication, I receive hundreds of emails everyday, going through all those emails, replying to people etc takes a lot of time. Let’s say reading and replying one email takes 1 minute of your time and you go through 50 emails / day. You are spending almost 2 hours of your time just on emails.  Of course you can hire a VA, however I like to read and respond to every email myself ..  And that’s why whoever communicates with me is always happy with me, Because I always try my best to respond in as much detail as possible, personally.

Ok so let’s talk about our main topic for today again. First of all to answer your question; how can you choose profitable offers ? The answer is simple, ask your affiliate manager for the top converting offer sheet and they will send you an excel sheet which they update every week/month. It’s a great way to know what kind of offers are working and what you should be promoting etc. However, asking one network about their top converting offer sheet isn’t enough. Below are a few reasons why.

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If I want to get an idea what’s working industry wide, not just one specific network, I will get a better idea if I ask multiple networks.  Some networks have lists sorted based on traffic sources so that gives you a better Idea about what’s working on which traffic network as well as what is working in general. Adding to this, you can compare conversion rates between networks and it gives you a better idea of who is performing better based on a specific offer and so on.

Now emailing multiple networks could be very time consuming. I work with/have worked with almost 97 affiliate networks, So emailing and asking all of them individually would be very time consuming and a huge pain. So how we can simply this process? The answer is CRM (Customer relationship management)

Why CRM!

I always believe that building long term business connections and adding a personal touch with people you are doing business with is crucial to every successful campaign. For example, if you are in my list and you emailed saying good things about me back after reading one of my emails, I will make sure I add that in the notes associated with your contact details. So every time you email me, I know who you are, how you have responded and I will do my best to help you as much as possible… In the same way, for affiliate managers I always keep notes; who is helpful and who isn’t, whose birthday is coming next week and so on … This has always helped me in my business, For example, I remember my managers at an ad-network mentioning his wife wasn’t well, so the next time we spoke I asked him about his wife, He really appreciated me asking about that’s what gave me access to their premium traffic inventory which otherwise required a  hefty deposit.  So this is the reason I use a CRM, not just to keep things organised but to allow me to personalise the people I work with to create long term business relations.

How to get Started !

I personally use the Agile CRM, it’s easy and simple to use. With their free version you can store up to 1000 contacts. So to start with, you will need to build a list of affiliate managers. I would recommend you to include as many aff manager contacts as possible, even from the networks you are not a member of. Who knows where you will find a great converting offer which you could make killing with..  To get an Affiliate Managers contact details you can goto and collect affiliate manager details and store them into an excel sheet, here are a few details I personally like to collect;

  • Name
  • Email
  • Network Name
  • Network Website
  • Phone Number ( With extension )
  • Skype Id
  • Twitter Profile ( If any )
  • Facebook URL ( If any )
  • linkedin URL ( If any )
  • Network Postal Address

Once you have a excel sheet with all these details ready, you can Import all these contacts into your CRM ( You can also add tags like “affiliate manager” etc incase you have other similar lists like ad network managers etc in CRM) .

Affiliate Manager Contact List
Affiliate Manager Contact List

In the next step, you need to create an e-mail template which you should be able to send to your affiliate managers. It can be a very simple email asking them for the top converting offer sheet, here is what I use:

Email Template for requesting top converting CPA offers
Email Template for requesting top converting CPA offers

If you are too lazy to type I have pasted the above email in the text below you so you can copy it too :

Dear {{first_name}} ,

I hope you are doing well, I just wanted to connect with you and see if you could send me the top converting offers sheet if you have one? I am looking to start new campaigns with “Your Traffic Source” traffic and I would love to see if I can find offers on your network which are converting well for traffic sources I use.

Thanks and Best Regards

“Your Name”

Make sure you replace “Your Traffic Source” with the traffic source you are using and  “Your Name” with your own name.

You can also automate the process and set this email to be sent to your affiliate manager every month so you don’t have to ask them for the list again and again, instead the CRM would manage this on your behalf and you will have a fresh sheet every month. I would also like to mention that not every affiliate manager will get back to you with the list, so in such cases if they tell you they don’t have  it, you can simply suggest that they should build one. You could also give them names of a few networks which have these sheets. Make sure you focus on affiliate managers who actually care and are professional.

I have also created a Video For My Youtube Channel You can watch it below!

P.S let me know what YOU do to simplify and automate your daily time taking tasks !

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