Adsterra Anniversary Giveaway: Join and Win Exciting Prizes

Adsterra Anniversary Giveaway: Join and Win Exciting Prizes

Adsterra has launched its incredible Anniversary Giveaway, offering fantastic prizes to fortunate souls who remain active for at least 15 days till August 31st.

Participating in the Giveaway is easy:

  1. Have a publisher’s, advertiser’s, or affiliate’s account.
  2. Leave your login details in the form at the bottom of Adsterra’s anniversary landing page to join the Giveaway.
  3. Stay active by running ad campaigns or monetizing traffic for the specified duration.

For the past 10 years, Adsterra has been welcoming individuals and businesses ready to embrace challenges and achieve greater goals.

Throughout this decade, numerous startups have blossomed into successful enterprises, thanks to the exposure and revenue facilitated by the Adsterra network. The platform’s Self-Serve tools and platforms have played a significant role in empowering publishers and affiliates to reach new heights of success.

Adsterra feels fortunate to collaborate with countless skillful and dedicated publishers, affiliates, and advertisers, whose efforts have led to remarkable revenue generation and conversions. Currently, the platform boasts 28,000 publishers earning $65 million annually and 13,000 advertisers generating 1.34 billion conversions yearly. However, it’s not just about the numbers alone.

Adsterra partners are more than mere clients, customers, or users. The company feels privileged to serve as their companions on a journey towards profit growth. Strong bonds have been established with partners through unique Partner Care Standards and a mutual strive for development.

Adsterra celebrates its 10th birthday with one central idea in mind: to provide partners with more than just traffic and offers, aiming to offer them something extra in this milestone celebration.

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