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MegaPush Review 2024: The Ultimate Guide for Success

One of the best ways to stay ahead of your competition in CPA Marketing business is to always adapt to new trends, Technologies and traffic sources. A smart affiliate marketer always looks for new opportunity instead of waiting for one.
I have been looking for new traffic sources for the past few months now especially in the international market, I have been playing with push notifications for a while now and use them for my blog as well ( On desktop you can see the red bell icon on bottom right or on mobiles you can see a prompt asking for your permission to send you notifications).

What are Push Notifications

In simple words push notifications is a message or a prompt that pops on a mobile device or within your browser. A few common examples are when you receive a new message on your WhatsApp, There is a notification which appears on your mobile screen or when you receive a new message on skype you get a notification on your desktop/mobile devices. To check exactly how they work you can subscribe to my blog’s push notifications:P

push notification example
Kjrocker.com Push Notification Subscription prompt

What is possible with Push Notifications

What I really love about push notifications is the possibilities they provide you to make most out of this relatively less saturated traffic source. And The power it has as compared to other traffic sources. You can not only target all types of browsers but also send out push notifications on Desktops, mobile devices, mobile browsers.

Push Notification Example
Push Notification Example

What is MegaPu.sh

Megapush Push Notification Network
Megapu.sh Push Notification Network

MegaPu.sh is a Push notification advertising network using which you can send Push notification advertisements to the users. Mega.Push is one of the major push notification advertising networks with over one hundred six million active users as of today and delivery over 19 million clicks daily.  They also claim to be the first Push Advertising Network as well. Megapu.sh works on a Pay per click model you only get charged when a user clicks on your push notification only.

What kind of CPA Offers Work With Push notifications?

During my test, I have tested all sort of offers, however, the ones which perform the best include. Mobile app installs Lead generation, Health, and Beauty, e-commerce. Especially with e-commerce of I would highly recommend you to check with the advertisers and see if there are any promotions going on, With “Special Promotion” angles conversion rate is amazingly high. Here are a few ideas for now ( Not all of these programs I have tested yet), Flipkart India, Noon & Namshi UAE, Groupon, Amazon reviews or pages with discount widgets etc can perform really well….

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MegaPu.sh demographics

Promoting offers on a network without knowing your target audience is a bad idea so let me help you here a bit with the details of demographics on Megapu.sh network.

Female – 20%
Male – 80%
Under 18 years of age – 17.7%
35 – 44 years – 11.7%
18 – 24 years – 10.1%
55 years and older – 7.5%
45 – 54 years – 32%
Literature and teaching materials – 31.2%
Cinema – 31.8%
Business – 18.7%
Software – 20.9%
Tourism – 22.4%

Megapush CPA Marketing Demographics
Megapu.sh Demographics

Creating your first campaign

Creating a campaign on MegaPu.sh is almost the same as creating a campaign on any advertising native traffic Advertising Network.

Create Push Notification Advertising Campaign
Create Push Notification Advertising Campaign

Campaign name: You will have to give the campaign a specific name

Link: Here you will include your tracking link, Following tracking tokens, are available at megapu.sh which you can add in traffic source section of your tracker.

Title: First of all you will have to Add the Title of the notification, I have received better results when using {city}  Variable with text reading something like: Sale Alert for {city} Residents
Don’t Forget: The maximum characters length is 30

Message: After the title, you are required to add your ad text message. You can add more details about your offer in this section
Don’t Forget: The maximum characters length is 45

Image: Just like usual native advertising networks here you are required to include an Image with 492*328 dimensions, Try to add some attractive and eye-catching image creative you can find plenty of stock photos at pixabay or find more at paid stock photo sites. Adding borders to the images usually helps you increase your CTR on your images and attracts more people.

Icon: Another integral part Shown to the right (mac) or left (windows) of the notification text. As its name suggests is a small icon displayed along with the push notification title, Message, Main Image.

Next steps involve selecting your target country, Cost Per Click (CPC ) in Cents you are willing to pay, ISP If you want to a specific ISPs, IP Range filtering/targeting, Browsers, Device Targeting, and Operating system targeting. If you want to run a campaign during specific times only you can also set start and stop times.

You can also include Budget limit, Click Limit, Profit and ROI limit ( Very useful filter to stop losing campaigns automatically).

Feeds: Using this section you can select the feeds you want to buy traffic from as Megapu.sh not only allows you to buy traffic from their own traffic inventory but also they allow you to buy traffic from third-party push notification providers (They have over 50 feeds available). Here are a few of those feeds I Know of.

MegaPu.sh – {feed}
AdMaven – {feed1}
AdSterra – {feed2}
PropellerAds – {feed3}
Advexxx – {feed4}
Offergate.pro – {feed5}
Ararat_B {feed8}
Mikoyan_N {feed9}

Get Started With MegaPu.sh!

Once you have finished steps above you can also setup post back with your tracker so you can keep your traffic source update with the latest stats. You can do so by passing your tokens to following postback URL. ( If you want to use ROI limit option this is a must)


{clickid} = click identificator
{feedid} = feed identificator
{payout} = lead cost (usd)
{cur} = payment currency

My Own CPA Marketing Campaigns with Megpu.sh

I started using MegaPu.sh at the beginning of this month and I started with using offers from Adcombo network, I chose Italy and Indonesia as my GEOs for the campaign. For tracking purposes, I Used Binom Tracker.

Usually, I expect my campaigns to fail at the start as I am collecting data on Italy so 2 conversions after $25 ad spend were nothing new to me however, I also decided to try out Indonesia one of the countries with the biggest volume on Megapu.sh and the campaign was an instant hit. Right after a few dollars of ad spend I noticed conversions started flowing in and as I said above usually with totally new traffic sources I expect to bleed some money first and very rarely I see this good quality traffic from a traffic source these days. Especially after dealing with tons of pop ad networks and native ad networks I must say Megapu.sh traffic quality is really high and this is what excited me most about this traffic source.

I won’t go into detail about the campaigns I am running with Megapu.sh right now [ For keeping my campaigns I have invested time and money in private] but after initial two campaign, I was able to optimize and scale my campaigns easily into highly lucrative and profitable campaigns. And I am still testing all sorts of niches to see which one outperforms the other…

CPA Marketing Campaign With MegaPush
Screenshot taken on 3rd October


Megapu.sh and push notifications overall have really Impressed me and I am really Impressed, Megapu.sh has reminded me of early days of my PPC campaigns on bing ads when I used to convert pay per calls on a few cent ad spend or when I used to push pay per call campaigns on PPV before tech support and all sort ruined and saturated the whole traffic source. So if you are looking for an opportunity, avail it now before everyone else and their dog starts promoting on push notification networks, Make your most out of this fresh traffic source with cheap traffic volume in totally untapped GEOs.

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