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MyBid Fully Managed Advertising Network Review

As I have mentioned many times in my previous articles, One of the best ways to make the most out of your affiliate campaigns is to take advantage of the new push notification advertising networks. Whenever you find a new unsaturated ad network, jump right into it and make the most out of its unsaturated traffic before everyone realizes its potential and saturates the traffic. One such ad network is MyBid.

What is MyBid?

MyBid is a new advertising network in the town, though not entirely new, as they have worked privately with select partners and advertisers for the last two years. Recently they made their platform public and opened it to all advertisers to take advantage of their unsaturated traffic.

What makes MyBid a good choice for advertisers, and what are its best features?

What Sets MyBid Apart From Others?

  • Wide Range of Ad Formats
  • Push Notification Ads
  • Widget Notification Ads
  • PopUnder Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Low Minimum Deposit

Available Advertising Formats

Here are the available advertising formats on MyBid.

·   Push Notification Ads

Push notification is one of the most effective advertising formats that help you reach your audience without breaking the bank. The traffic is engaging and works wonders. Push notification ads are served once advertising platforms send a push notification to the browsers and phones of subscribers who have signed up to receive notifications from advertising networks and their publishers.

·   PopUnder Ads

In short, Whenever a user opens a publisher website in his window, Another window in his browser opens in a window under the tab. Popunder ads are super cheap as compared to other formats and work great in particular niches.

·   Widget Notification

Widget notification is a display advertising format that combines all the advantages of In-Page and Calendar. Huge volumes of traffic, a strict filtering system, as well as a unique display mechanics allow you to find a high-quality and interested audience.

·   Native

You may have seen ads on news websites or blogs that look like part of the content. Those ads are called native ads, and native advertising is one of the most powerful advertising formats, especially if you are looking for quality traffic. In my tests, native ads had higher conversion rates compared to Facebook traffic, and it was only second to google search traffic in terms of quality. You can download my free native advertising guide if you want to learn more about native advertising.

·   Banner Ads

Probably one of the most commonly used and oldest advertising formats on the internet. Banner Ads format helps you display your banners across the advertising platforms publisher website network.

·   Video

In-stream videos are a rapidly growing ad format these days. Video ads help advertisers evoke customer emotions and help them visualize the product or service they are offering, Helping customers make a quick decision.

Minimum Deposit Amount

The minimum required deposit amount is $100 /- Which is low for a fully managed platform as usually fully managed platforms set their min deposit amounts in thousands.

MyBid also provides for newbies with a pleasant +20% bonus to their account when replenishing from $100.

Just tell your manager the promo code: kjrocker20. The bonus is valid only for the first deposit.

How Do You Monitor The Performance

MyBid Offers you access to their user dashboard, Where you can see the campaign reports and all the stats related to your campaigns. The dashboard is simple and has a user-friendly UI.

To Sum It Up, Working with MyBid is super easy.

  1. Create an Account and Add Funds
  2. Create a Campaign by providing all the campaign info to your account manager
  3. Wait for Campaign Optimization by Your Account Manager
  4. Profit!

So now once you are ready to take the action and give MyBid a try here are a few steps which you need to follow.

Step 1: Create an Account and Add Funds

If you don’t already have an account, Just head over to the My Bid website and create your account by clicking the signup button and fill in your basic details.

MyBid Fully Managed Advertising Network Review

The next step is to top up your account. You can make payment either through your Visa/mastercard debit/credit card or you can also make payments in crypto currency.

MyBid Fully Managed Advertising Network Review

Step 2: Create a Campaign with your personal manager

Now that you have loaded your funds into the account,  You should be connected with your account manager by now through skype and the next step is to prepare your tracking link for the offer and send it off to your account manager.

You are supposed to send the following :

  • Icon 192×192 JPG PNG
  • Main image 720×480 JPG PNG
  • Title (no more than 30 characters)
  • Description (no more than 30 characters)
  • 3-5 creative variations

For the purpose of this article : I choose a VPN offer from yellana network with a default prelander .

Set up tracker

To create tracking links you can find default template for MyBid on almost all of the tracking platforms, For Bemob I simply selected the tracking template and added MyBid as traffic source , All the details were already present in the template so i didn’t have to do anything except choosing my bid from the template.

MyBid Fully Managed Advertising Network Review

I sent all the details to my account manager, I asked my AM to use the best performing creatives they have as I was too lazy to come up with my own ( That’s where fully managed ad networks shine to offer you everything so you can be lazy 😛)

MyBid Fully Managed Advertising Network Review

The Bottom Line

Unlike other self-managed/self-serve advertising platforms, MyBid is a fully managed advertising platform. Unlike self-managed platforms where you have to choose and select the targeting, find and optimize creatives, set bids, and do all the campaign optimizations, Fully managed platforms remove all the headaches by offering you a completely managed service.

It means you don’t have to worry about optimizing placements, setting bids or spending time creating campaigns. Instead, spend your time sourcing high-converting offers with reasonable conversion rates and plugging them in with MyBid, Leaving all the headache of managing and optimizing your campaign on MyBid’s experienced account managers who work as your media buyers.

I came across many people who are skeptical of fully managed platforms; however, In the last three years, I have worked with many fully managed advertising platforms and never faced any issues, which is one of the reasons I have a powerful team when it comes to market research, technical stuff and other things. Still, media buying is mainly done through account managers.

Another helpful thing I found is that account managers understand their own platform very well, making it easy for them to launch killer campaigns that produce results. It is a perfect solution if you want to scale your campaigns fast.

MyBid is a unique platform and one of the first networks to open their fully managed platform to all the affiliates, Making it very easy for the affiliates to launch campaigns as you no longer need media buyers. To work with MyBid, you only need a good converting offer and a great angle. Rest you can leave on their team to optimize and scale your campaigns for you.

They have good traffic volumes in Tier 1 geos, Latin America, and Asia. Additionally, with the minimum deposit requirement of $100/- MyBid is the only network which allows affiliates with low budgets to enjoy the benefits of fully managed platforms. Finally, I found their support team to be very responsive, and their account managers are quick to contact and very responsive, which I love about any company.

Have You Tried MyBid yet ?

If not, try them out today!

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