20 Top Affiliate Marketing Blogs To Follow in 2018 featured

20 Top Affiliate Marketing Blogs To Follow in 2024

Reading blogs sounds like a old fashioned idea, compared to today’s era when we can simply watch videos on social media and find the answers to our questions. However, reading blogs isn’t a thing of the past just yet, in my eyes. It takes less time and effort for bloggers to produce content as compared to generating video content.. Personally whenever I run into a problem related to my affiliate marketing business, my first choice is to look around on different blogs, as blogs cover all the issues in much detail and I can easily dig out the bits of content which I need.

Moving on, affiliate marketing is a very huge competitive industry, where you have to adopt new technologies fast and master  them before others even start using them. This is what gives you a huge edge over your competitors, and makes you successful. The reason behind  this post is to give you a list of blogs I have been following for a while, to stay ahead of my competition. I have also used them to ;earn about new technologies, new and unique approaches and angles to use in my marketing campaigns and also to troubleshoot and find solutions to my problems.

The Basis on Which I choose the blogs.

Before we move on to the list I would like to clarify a little about the process of choosing these blogs. There is no certain ranking order or favorites etc. each and every blog has been equally and priceless helpful to me with my business.

My list includes not only blogs by famous affiliate marketers but also a few blogs which are outside the affiliate marketing industry or owned by the companies, the reason for that is that the purpose of this article is to make a list of blogs which can provide value to affiliates and digital marketers in general. Personally I think it’s a great idea to look around and especially snoop outside your industry, as relying solely on your own industry blogs/people is a big mistake in my opinion. This is because the information you get from them is already secondhand, so it’s always better to go after the source and places where you can learn new things and be the first one in the industry to implement new things and try them out..

I think it’s a great idea to look around and especially snoop outside your industry, as relying solely on your own industry blogs/people is a big mistake in my opinion. This is because the information you get from them is already secondhand, so it’s always better to go after the places where you can learn new things and be the first one in the industry to implement new things and try them out..

List of affiliate marketing blogs

20 Top Affiliate Marketing Blogs To Follow in 2018
20 Top Affiliate Marketing Blogs To Follow in 2018


He is a frequent speaker at search engine marketing and affiliate conferences, Although these days his own articles publishing activities have declined and mostly articles are published by guest authors, but regardless of that his content is always super helpful and in past he has shared some amazing guides, For example this one Getting Press for Your Website, Application, or Service , At the end of his article he says don’t try this stuff on me but I did try it on him and it worked great 🙂 , Here is another great example How to Exploit Bad News

Matthew woodward

Matthew is a british blogger who writes about SEO, he has been regularly blogging since 2012 and has a Great understanding to SEO. He has also won many awards for example HubSpot Top 5 Internet Marketing Blog March 2015 , Affiliate Summit Best Affiliate Blog 2013 , The Best Of Search Engine Journal 2012 and many more. His Guides about SEO are always helpful and the unique tricks he shares are very helpful here is an example of kind of stuff he writes about Ecommerce SEO: How To Increase Traffic To Your Store

Luke peerfly

Luke kling is peerfly Network’s affiliates manage beside being a blogger. He has been working with facebook traffic for years and have posted some great content and case studies on his blog. His blog posts are mostly covering facebook and social media traffic where he shares his tips about social media marketing. Check out one of his guide about  Building a Social Media Empire

Charles ngo

Charles is one of the well known name when it comes to mobile marketing in affiliate marketing space. He not only shares great guides on mobile advertising on his blog but he specially focuses on building systems and atomizing the processes involved in affiliate campaigns. His guides help readers to structure their business empire and manage everything efficiently. They talk about how building a team/s is/are priceless. Check out His guide : How to Find and Hire Your First Rockstar Team Member
In an Industry where people are highly secretive he provides great info on how to build your   team.

Zac Johnson

He is probably one of the oldest affiliates still in affiliate marketing industry ( he started in 1995/1996).  Regular updates and a great informative blog that looks at infographics and tips. His content is mostly around blogging however he also shares some great tips and marketing angles which can be used anywhere for example check out one of his article here : How to Make Money Promoting Survey and Quiz Affiliate Offers


A must have for any affiliate or digital marketer who is involved with SEO traffic, It’s one of the most known blogs in the industry, with many industry leaders sharing their thoughts and tips with their readers. It’s also one of the best places to learn about new developments in the industry and learn about new technologies. For example; for the past few weeks I have been researching on Voice search, AI and their effect on SEO and every time i ended up finding some great pieces of content on MOZ Blog. For example check this out : How Voice Search Will Change Digital Marketing — For the Better

Hoot Suite

Hootsuite is not only a social media management platform but they have another secret section, (Actually multiple secret sections we will talk about them in the end) where they share some very informative content on how to make most out of your social media marketing campaigns, Now a little about their other secret sections, those include guides, webinar, research sections where they share insane amount of useful stuff free of cost. Check out their guides and case studies here

Hub Spot

Hubspot is without a doubt inbound marketing boss. Personally for my business as a tool and blog both, Hubspot has change everything the way I do everything, It has helped me to systemize and improve overall my business practices and to create new SOPs for my business. Their guides have helped me to build new unique angles, manage everything efficiently and above all helped me to improve my conversions and life span of my mailing lists/leads. Their blog can be a great resource if you follow their content and apply it in your affiliate marketing business..  Check out : How to Set Up a Lead Bot: Qualifying and Routing Leads to Sales

Marketing Land

Affiliate marketing is one of the worlds most fastest evolving and competitive industries, as we are a direct technology driven industry, so the only option we have is to adopt new technologies and that’s where marketing land comes in with its features about new marketing technologies and articles on how we can use that to our benefit.. Staying one step ahead is the only option in this industry and if you follow this blog it will help you stay ahead of your competition. You can also learn the latest about the marketing world and what is happening in the marketing world .. Check out : How to take advantage of Facebook’s Advanced Matching Pixel

Business Insider

Remember what I said about staying ahead of your competition in the opening paragraphs of this article? Business Insider Advertising news section is a great resource for you to stay updated with the new developments as they happen. If not daily, I would highly recommend you go through their newsfeed at least once a week to stay ahead of your competition and take advantage of the new developments. Check it out here

Influence and Co

Their The Knowledge Bank specializes on guiding modern marketers on how to grow and educate your niche audience. They cover a wide variety of content from social media, contact marketing to leadership. If you are one of those affiliates who loves to educate and interact with their audience, this is a must visit blog for you and I can guarantee it will help you to improve your conversions and make your relationship with your audience stronger.
P.S Don’t forget to check out their guides.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the smartest marketers around in the market, his content is always worth reading and always gives you new ideas on taking unique approaches on getting things done. He mostly covers SEO but he also writes about and answers the issues and road-blocks that  affiliates and digital marketers usually face on a daily basis. Besides this, he is an amazing guy to be around and very friendly in person. I loved hanging around with him at Arab Affiliate Summit in Cairo last year where we both were speaking at the conference. Check out 4 Facebook Algorithm Hacks to Bring Your Reach Back from the Dead


This one’s a new project by Matthew Singleton & Partners, again it’s a great replacement for Pace Latin’s performance insider as Mrkthub brings some great industry news and a way to stay updated with the latest affiliate and advertising industry news. Check out:  What We Found Going Undercover As An Affiliate With 50 Networks

What The Aff

Wtaff.co is an amazing brain child of Manu Cinca, It’s not a blog but his weekly newsletter is full of all the things you might want to read; How about having someone who scans all the industry blogs and finally sends them to you in your inbox of daily basis? What The Aff is just that .. Check their Newsletter archive!


The child blog of aff marketing industry facebook Mrktrs group and Stack That Money Forum, where Affiliates share their pictures. What i really love about this blog is their newsletters which has tons of industry relates insights and guides. Check out their latest newsletter here


The only Affiliate Network with a really strong content marketing game, their blog posts are consistent and they have a great content marketing team working behind it to provide the best possible content and guides to their readers and affiliates. The Mobidea Academy is another free resource where beginner level affiliates can learn the basics of affiliate marketing.
Check out : Best Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing Pros


Want to learn how to make most out of an advertising network ? Here is a great blog being run by Global Advertising Network (and our sponsor of the month). Propeller Ads, They provide top notch guides for their customers, and their blog is full of useful insights and tips which you can use while promoting affiliate offers.  Check out : Optimize the costs with CPA Goal and new SmartCPM

Bitter Strawberry

Another CPA Network with a very active and informative blog; sharing guides on how to promote offers, especially Nutra offers  and how to overcome the problems you face as an affiliate. Check out : Advertising Alternatives That Bypass Ad Blockers

Wp Beginner

If you are using wordpress, this website is something which must be bookmarked on your browser. It’s a massive tech support blog site for wordpress, you can find detailed guides on making sure your wordpress runs smoothly and above all its loading speed is fast. This is a website which would have answers to any of your wordpress related problems.  Check out : 7 Best WordPress Backup Plugins Compared (Pros and Cons)


This one is heaven for any content creator, with tons of useful information, it covers everything about content creation and writing online copy. As copywriting is one of the core skills every affiliate needs, I always suggest people to follow Copyblogger to learn. It’s the must have skill which helps you acquire customers and above all convert those customers and retain them.
Check out:  10 Secrets to More Magnetic Copy



The good old offervault is not only good for searching affiliate offers but its blog section named offervault Scoop has been informing its readers about latest developments in the Industry for years, They have some amazing content out there from which you can learn and also stay updated with the latest developments. Check out : The Hidden Mystery behind Affiliate Tracking

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