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Push House Review 2023: Push Notification Ad Network

Since I started writing about push notification advertising networks, My articles have become very popular among push notification advertisers, And in my feedback, I always get asked about writing reviews about more push advertising networks. As on this blog, I always try to introduce untapped traffic sources with a great opportunity for affiliate marketers.

Today I am writing about another push advertising network based in Slovakia, called Push House. Founded in 2018 it has almost three hundred forty-four million active subscribers which makes it one of the biggest push notification advertising networks.

Network Stats

As of 17 February 2021 these are their top 12 geos and bids

GEOMin CpcRecCpcMax CpcMobileDesktop
IN0.0020.0040.0050~ 6 951 195~ 33 299
ID0.0020.0040.0060~ 2 163 036~ 108 073
BR0.0020.0040.0230~ 507 933~ 57 729
RU0.0180.0320.0450~ 443 514~ 107 674
UA0.0130.0230.0550~ 419 307~ 66 969
MA0.0020.0040.0080~ 326 898~ 2 730
MY0.0020.0040.0080~ 321 541~ 791
PK0.0020.0040.005~ 294 807~ 567
IQ0.0020.0040.0060~ 288 310~ 8 764
IT0.0070.0120.0300~ 274 923~ 3 234
UZ0.0040.0070.0141~ 252 063~ 42 693
US0.0100.0180.0900~ 236 955~ 56 413
push house Network Traffic Stats

Creating Your First Campaign

Signup Process

The signup process on the push house website is simple, All you have to do is to visit the homepage and complete signup form by filling up your details.

Funds Deposit

The deposit minimum amount is $50 which makes it an easy network to start with if you want to just test the traffic at the start. Push House accepts Visa, Webmoney, Bitcoin, MasterCard payments, Safe Charge and Capitalist.

Push House Review 2023: Push Notification Ad Network
push house Account Deposit Options

Selecting Your First Offer

We are going to discuss how to promote a CPA affiliate offers with push house this article so if you are promoting something else you may skip this step however everything else will remain the same. The most important step is to choose the right offer, In my opinion, simple offers work best on push notification traffic, for example, SOI offers, App downloads, one-page lead submits etc. I have already written about how I choose my CPA Offers, You can read this article if you are confused about selecting the right offer. 

Campaign Creation

Once you have your affiliate offer and affiliate link tracking in place, The next step is to create your campaign on the Push House Advertising network, You will have to give your campaign a name, And also add your campaign link ( which you generate from your tracking platform, Most of the Tracking platforms have Push House saved as traffic source template already). 

You will also have to create push notification Advertisement, You will have to add the title and descriptions there, and also the icon and the main creative image, If you have any issues, Push House offers ready-made ads as well which you can check out. 

In Countries and prices everything is fairly standard, Just make sure you check out Network Volume Page to see what are the bid prices in your target GEOs. Another great feature is the availability to be able to target subscribers based on age ( In days) as in my experience on push the fresh subscribers are, the better conversion rates you get. 

Push House Review 2023: Push Notification Ad Network
Campaign Creation On Push House

Campaign Settings

Push House Review 2023: Push Notification Ad Network
Push House Filters

Once you have your basic settings done for the campaign the next step is to choose the campaigns Schedule, Push House allows you to run campaigns whenever you want and pause campaigns during the specific time hours or specific days.

The Ad Limite section allows you to set a budget for your campaign, You can limit your campaigns based on, total budget limit, Daily budget, Total Clicks Limit and Daily Clicks Limit.

Push House also empowers its advertisers with powerful options to filter out bad quality feeds, Exclude Certain IP ranges, BlackList/WhiteList Site Ids, Filter feed Ids

Once you have gone through all these steps, The next step is to save and submit the campaign for moderation and once the campaign is approved, You can start collecting data and after that optimization process for your campaigns.


Push House is an ad network with a professional team behind it. They are a good choice for the push notification advertisers who are looking for Push Notification Networks where you can target fresh subscribers. Also, their deposit limits allow beginner level affiliates to get their feet wet with the paid traffic as well.

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