The Ultimate 2024 iGaming Network Review: Pin-Up Partners

If you have been to any affiliate marketing conference lately, you would have noticed that iGaming as a vertical is trending, and many affiliates are making good money by promoting iGaming offers. Within this popular vertical, one company that stands out among the rest is Pin-Up Partners. They are one of the leading direct advertisers in the IGaming space, known for their very creative exhibition booths and amazing parties. Their success stories of affiliates who have made significant profits with them are truly inspiring.

But that’s not all. PIN-UP Partners is renowned for effectively monetizing affiliate traffic, as evidenced by their awards from respected organizations, including our very own Affiliate World Conferences,  Conversion Club, SIGMA, Gambling Pro,, SIGMA Balkans & CIS, SIGMA Eurasia.

PIN-UP Partners features exclusive offers owned by the PIN-UP brand with various products and licenses and accepts traffic from multiple countries in South and North America, as well as from  Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, India, and Bangladesh.

The Ultimate 2024 iGaming Network Review: Pin-Up Partners

PIN-UP Partners Special Features

PIN-UP Partners offers a comprehensive affiliate program designed to optimize the monetization of traffic and boost the user experience with various clever features:

  1. Localization and Customization: Offers are localized and translated into 10 languages, catering to a diverse global audience. This localization extends to all pre-landings, promotions, and creatives, ensuring that they resonate well with regional references and languages. All translations are of a very high quality. 
  2. Region Specific Offers: The platform offers customized landing pages based on the events to suit regional preferences, providing quick access to games and sports that are popular in specific countries for example their cricket landing pages for the Bangladeshi and India audience are kickass. This targeted approach helps in maximizing user engagement and conversion rates.
  3. High Conversion Tools: PIN-UP provides affiliates with effective marketing tools, including customized creative materials and powerful analytics, to help optimize campaigns and increase conversion rates.
  4. VIP Support and Services: For Super affiliates with high volume, PIN-UP Partners offers VIP bonuses, and dedicated support around the clock.
  5. Direct advertiser. PIN-UP Partners is the direct advertiser of PIN-UP iGaming products, 
  6. Licensed Operations: It holds licenses from Curacao and local licenses in Ukraine and Kazakhstan, providing compliance and reliability. 
  7. Efficient Player Registration: Their products offer a single field registration form to streamline the process and improve conversion rates. 
  8. Competitive Player Incentives: Offers a low minimum deposit requirement and an attractive bonus program to retain players. 
  9. Extensive Game and Event Options: Over 10,000 slots and more than 50,000 sports events are available. 
  10. Detailed Analytics: Provides comprehensive traffic statistics, including cohort analysis and activity breakdowns for each player. 
  11. Clear and Fair Compensation Models: Transparent revenue share formulas with no hidden fees and clear KPIs for traffic assessment. 
  12. Mixed Earning Models: Offers various payout models, including CPA, RevShare, and Hybrid options. 
  13. Dedicated Account Management: Experienced account managers provide personalized support and insights. 
  14. Community and Support: They are active within the community and readily available to meet and network with their affiliates at industry events. 
  15. Affiliate Tools and Benefits: Includes apps for affiliates, a loyalty program, and options for automatic payouts and custom creatives.

Earnings Potential of PIN-UP Partners

PIN-UP Partners offers a variety of earning models tailored to different affiliate needs, maximizing the potential for revenue generation. The platform’s diverse compensation structures are designed to accommodate various strategies, from those preferring immediate payouts per action to those interested in long-term revenue sharing.

PIN-UP Partner has three main commission structures, including CPA, Rev-share, and hybrid (upon request). It offers up to 50% Rev-share and $25-$50 for CPA. The referral commission to refer affiliates is 3%. PIN-UP Partners is currently working with a variety of GEOs worldwide, particularly the regions of CIS, North and South America, Asia, Bangladesh, and India. 

1. Cost Per Action (CPA) Model:

  • Overview: In the CPA model, affiliates are paid a fixed amount for each player who signs up and makes a qualifying deposit through their referral.
  • Rate Variability: The payout ranges from $12 to $150 per deposit, depending on the traffic source, the player’s geographic location, and the negotiation with a personal manager.
  • Regional Specifics: Each region has differentiated rates reflecting its market characteristics:
    • Ukraine: $40-$65
    • Kazakhstan: $25-$50
    • Azerbaijan: $35-$70
    • Brazil: $20-$30
    • India: $20-$60
    • Turkey: $40-$70
    • Peru: $35
    • Chile, Mexico, Uzbekistan: $30
    • Canada: $80-$150
    • Bangladesh: $12-$20
  • Payment Schedule: 

Under the CPA model, the PIN-UP Partners makes payments twice a month, typically after reconciling the reporting period (usually the 1st-15th and the 16th-30th or 31st of the month).

2. Revenue Share (RevShare) Model:

  • Overview: Affiliates earn a percentage of the net revenue generated from their referred players’ activities, calculated over the lifetime of the player’s activity.
  • Rate: The standard RevShare rate is 40%. Adjustments to this rate may be applicable based on the quality of affiliate traffic, as well as the results and volumes they generate.
  • Formula: The formula used is straightforward:  

Earnings by RS = (SUMbet−SUMwin)×Y−(SUMdep×K))×RSRate

●       SUMbet = total bets

●       SUMwin = total wins.

Y – 10% commission to the Games provider

K – 10% commission to the Payment providers

●       RSRate= Revshare Rate 40%

  • Pros: Continuous earnings from players referred, with some affiliates benefiting from revenues years after the initial referral.

For Revenue Share payments, you can request them any day, and they will typically be processed within 3 working days.

3. Hybrid Model:

  • Combination of CPA and RevShare: This model offers the benefits of both CPA and RevShare, providing immediate earnings per qualified action plus a share of the ongoing revenue.
  • Customization: Terms are negotiable and can be tailored to the affiliate’s specific needs, often determined after an initial trial period.

How To Register with PIN-UP Partners

The Ultimate 2024 iGaming Network Review: Pin-Up Partners

The sign-up process with PIN-UP Partners is hands down the most straightforward. As shown in the screenshot, you just need to fill in your name, email, and phone number. 

Select a messenger from WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Jabber and Viber and their corresponding login details. 

Choose a password, and you’re good to go. You’ll immediately receive a confirmation email. 

Their dedicated account manager will contact you within 24 hours to proceed with further account setup and verification. Note that their affiliate support is available 24/7.

The Main Dashboard

The Ultimate 2024 iGaming Network Review: Pin-Up Partners

This is the section that appears right after you log in to the platform.

  • The top bar shows your balance, current date, clicks and number of registrations referred by you. 
  • The left menu shows different sections of your account. The right side of the screen displays all the latest news from the platform.
  • On the bottom left of the menu, you’ll see an option to contact your affiliate manager.
  • To give you a glimpse of stats, when you scroll down there is a featured graph displaying the details of your last earnings.

The Promo Section

The Ultimate 2024 iGaming Network Review: Pin-Up Partners

This section of your account holds the most importance. It contains all the promotional content and marketing materials for your affiliate campaigns.

PIN-UP Partners have localized their promos and landing pages into different languages, including English, Hindi, Bengali, Kazakh, Turkish, Ukrainian, Brazilian, and Portuguese. This section contains links to all of those landing pages and materials.

You can also request custom promotional content by talking to your manager.

The Statistics & Reports

When it comes to checking your campaign stats, PIN-UP Partner offers highly insightful details and a smart user interface for monitoring and analyzing your traffic stats.

PIN-UP Partner’s platform is best known for providing hands down the most comprehensive stats based on the following five factors:

  • General Statistics
  • Promo-Based Stats
  • Referral-Based Stats
  • Player-Based Stats
  • Cohort Analysis

General Statistics

The Ultimate 2024 iGaming Network Review: Pin-Up Partners

This interface shows an overview of your stats based on different parameters such as period, traffic volume and total registrations. 

It also includes stats based on gaming measures such as total bets and winnings, affiliate income, total deposit and withdrawal amount.

Promo Stats

The Ultimate 2024 iGaming Network Review: Pin-Up Partners

This section shows stats based on the performance of your promotional content that contributed to the most conversions.

The stats are based on landing pages used for the campaigns and give the breakdown of the number of visitors to each landing page and total registrations and deposits. 

Referral Stats

The Ultimate 2024 iGaming Network Review: Pin-Up Partners

PIN-UP Partners offers an incredible referral program for affiliates. If you know other affiliates who generate high quality traffic for the Igaming vertical, you can refer them and earn additional income. Every time your referred affiliates earn, you’ll also benefit. This section provides details on the revenue generated through your referred affiliates. Under the referral program set by PIN-UP Partners, affiliates are entitled to a 3% commission for each successful referral.

Player Stats

The Ultimate 2024 iGaming Network Review: Pin-Up Partners

This section provides detailed statistics for each player you’ve referred to, allowing you to closely monitor their performance. You can view metrics such as the player’s country, registration date, and the time and date of their most recent login. Additional data includes the affiliate and product ID, streams, subIDs, deposits, current balance, and the currency used for transactions by analyzing specific data points like a player’s activity level, total deposits, withdrawal amounts, and overall gaming activity. You can further optimize your marketing campaigns to improve ROI.

Cohort Analysis

The Ultimate 2024 iGaming Network Review: Pin-Up Partners

This is the reporting section of your traffic on a deeper level. Based on the multiple filters and time periods, you can easily calculate the total profit on any particular campaign or traffic source.

Create Your First Promo

The Ultimate 2024 iGaming Network Review: Pin-Up Partners

Now that you have familiarised yourself with the PIN-UP Partners affiliate platform, it’s time to create your first promo. In the top left corner of the dashboard, click on “Create new promo.” Select the best offer and preferred commission model. 

By default, the commission model is set to Revenue Share, However you can choose CPA when onboarding with your affiliate manager.

You can choose among different types of promos such as banners, videos, landing pages and direct links.

The Ultimate 2024 iGaming Network Review: Pin-Up Partners

Select your promo’s language, click on your preferred GEO and choose a creative and pre-landing page. 

Click on the red “Get Links” button.

The Ultimate 2024 iGaming Network Review: Pin-Up Partners

You are ready to load your affiliate link with the trackers and start making money. 

Please note: The “My Promo” section of your account will contain all the links that you have generated for your campaigns so far.


Alright, folks! Let’s wrap up our review with what makes Pin-Up Partners a must join affiliate program in the world of iGaming. These guys are not just another affiliate program; They’re really setting the bar high with their supercharged approach to making sure their affiliates get the most bang for their buck, and we see that during all in-person events with our own eyes as well.

Pin-Up Partners nails it with their custom tailored features, specially designed, keeping in mind the interests of the affiliates. They make sure everything from their offers to their support is spot on for the diverse needs of affiliates. Whether it’s their landing page and creative localization, killer converting funnels or VIP treatment for their affiliates, they’ve got everything covered for you.

The variety of commission models, CPA, RevShare, and the flexible hybrid model, give affiliates the freedom to choose what best fits their strategy. Not to mention their impressive lineup of bonuses and promotions. And let’s not forget the community vibe. They’re all about building relationships, whether it’s through their high-energy events or personal account management and support.

So, if you’re looking to step up your game in the iGaming vertical, joining Pin-Up Partners might just be your best move. Trust me, signing up with them could be the start of something great!

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