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Exclusive: The Inside Story of My Journey from Affiliate to Head of Strategy

Hey everyone! For those of you who aren’t in the loop yet, I’m thrilled to share some fantastic news. I’ve recently joined Istack Holdings as the Head of Strategy. Istack is the driving force behind the Affiliate World Conferences and the STM Forum. The Affiliate World Conferences are renowned as the largest and most influential gatherings in affiliate marketing globally. For those unfamiliar with the STM forum, it is essentially the bedrock of affiliate marketing, playing a massive role in the success of countless super affiliates.

I officially became part of the company back in October. I chose not to announce it publicly right away as I wanted to settle into my new role comfortably. The teams at Affiliate World and STM have always been hugely supportive, and many of them felt like family, so adapting to the new environment was a super easy for me. Through this blog, you guys have been incredibly supportive, and I felt it was only right to share my decision to join Istack. I also want to give you a insight into my future plans and explain why I joined this innovative company.

Why STM & Affiliate World Are More Than Just Conferences to Me

Ever since I became a member of STM, I’ve been a huge fan of everything they represent. I’m proud to say that I was one of the early affiliates promoting the forum through this blog. My involvement with the conferences has been equally passionate. I’ve always admired their initiatives and made it a point to attend every event possible, overcoming visa and immigration hurdles to do so. These platforms have been more than just venues for me; they’ve been opportunities to share my insights and experiences with all of you, making them incredibly meaningful.

These two influential platforms have been instrumental in helping me build a my network, connecting with trustworthy partners who have significantly contributed to my business growth. The knowledge I’ve gained from STM – which I often refer to as the “grandmother of affiliates” is invaluable. Similarly, the Affiliate World Conferences have provided an excellent environment for connecting with like-minded affiliates and forging new business relationships. All events hosted by the Affiliate World truly are global conferences that bring affiliates together from all corners of the world to share their successes, challenges, and solutions.

Talking about Lead Generation at Affiliate World Dubai 2023
Talking about Lead Generation at Affiliate World Dubai 2023

The Big Reveal: Why I Decided to Join the Istack Team

My curiosity and eagerness to learn have always driven me. While I’ve gained a lot through courses and coaching, I realized that to truly understand the intricacies of business, I needed to learn from the inside. I believe in learning from those who are more experienced and from my favorite brands and companies, observing how they operate and drawing lessons from their approaches would be the best way to understand this. For some, these role models might be figures like Warren Buffett or Elon Musk, but I prefer to seek inspiration from people I can personally reach out to. This led to a pivotal meeting with one of the founders of Istack Holdings, which eventually resulted in my joining the company.

The decision to move beyond being just an affiliate was sparked by a question someone once asked me: “Are you going to be a media buyer all your life?” This one question changed my world upside down and pushed me to shift my focus towards polishing my entrepreneurial skills, learning the art of negotiation, understanding how to package deals, standing firm in business, and mastering the intricacies of company growth and successful exits.

Another factor that influenced my decision was the automation process within my own business, which allowed me more free time. I had to choose between wasting my time watching Netflix, YouTube, TikTok, or using it to learn something new and meaningful. Fortunately the latter took me to where I am today!

A New Era: My Triple-Threat Role as Head of Strategy at Istack

Kj Rocker Affiliate World Conferences
Embracing my new role with a smile at the Affiliate World Conference, captured in the classic tuk-tuk!

Stepping into the role of Head of Strategy at Istack Holdings has been a transformative experience that extends beyond the title. It’s a multifaceted position that demands innovation, foresight, and a deep understanding of the affiliate marketing ecosystem. Here’s a closer look at the key areas I’m focusing on:

In my new role at affiliate world, I have three main responsibilities:

  1. Content Strategy for the Conference: I oversee the content strategy and speaker recruitment for Affiliate World. This conference is known for its high-quality content, and my role in maintaining and enhancing this standard is crucial.
  2. Ancillary Revenue: I’m passionate about maximizing profits in unconventional ways. Part of my role involves collaborating with airlines and booking platforms to secure special discounts for conference attendees and earn referral commissions.
  3. Involvement with Affiliate World Forum: AW Forum (formerly known as STM Forum) is an extraordinary platform, and I am now part of the team managing it. Post-Affiliate World Asia in Bangkok, you can expect more content from me on Affiliate World Forum, including insights, campaign results, and case studies.

The Big Question: Should Affiliates Trade Clicks for Careers?

If you’re content with being just an affiliate, you might not see the need for a job. However, if you’re like me – curious, eager to understand systems, and keen on making a difference – then joining a company can be incredibly rewarding. Working for Istack Holdings has accelerated my learning process, and I’ve gained insights in two months that would have taken years to acquire independently. Seeing the hard work and dedication behind organizing a conference has deepened my appreciation for the team and the overall process.

Continuing My Entrepreneurial Journey While at Istack: Is It Possible?

Definitely. Thanks to the structure of my business and my new role, I can manage both effectively. My team continues to handle the day-to-day operations of my lead generation business, allowing me to focus on my job and explore new affiliate campaigns and traffic experiments.

So, there you have it, my journey from a passionate affiliate to a strategic leader at Istack Holdings. But what does this mean for you, my dedicated readers and fellow affiliates?

Let’s not forget about this blog! It’s going to be your VIP pass to the best of affiliate marketing wisdom. Think of it as your front-row ticket to all the action, with me as your guide. From cutting-edge strategies to exclusive insights from the industry’s top minds, we’re about to take this journey to a whole new level.

But hey, it’s not all about me. It’s about us, the vibrant community of go-getters and dreamers who make the affiliate marketing world a dynamic and ever-evolving space. Your support and engagement have been my driving force, and now, with these new insights and opportunities, I’m more equipped than ever to give back to this community.

So, stay tuned, keep hustling, and let’s embrace this exciting future together. We’re not just following the trends; we’re setting them. Here’s to new beginnings, breakthroughs, and unparalleled success in our affiliate adventures. The sky’s the limit, and together, we’re soaring to new heights!

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