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TrafficMeetUp.com will be held again on June 30th, bringing together various people from all around the digital marketing community. This event will be placed in online-virtual, 2.5D world based on a new platform -ExpoLike.com.


Exhibitors and the visitors will get an animated figure, each receiving name tag as they enter. During the virtual meetup, figures can move around, visit the various stands, chat with other visitors and exhibitors and exchange business cards for future reference.Publishers and advertisers can engage and meet each other face to face in a live chat, voice or video. The show will be divided to zones: marketing, affiliate, platform/tools, and service. Each zone will be in a trade show hall where attendees will be able to enjoy a vast selection of exhibitors.

In the auditorium, key speakers will talk about the future of online marketing and will show examples form case studies. TrafficMeetUp.com is the place to meet digital marketers, the best agencies for global, performance and marketing agencies, publishers and advertisers, decision makers, marketing managers, E-commerce managers, affiliate managers, E-Mail marketers, bolger’s, and key buyers that will provide a unique experience.

We believe that you should have fun while learning about new products and services. This event is unique, as well as convenient. Traveling cost and distances are not problem anymore. If you would like to register free as an attendee and to get a reminder go to: TrafficMeetUp.com.

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