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Interview With Tehmur Mohammad, UK Based TikTok Influencer!

Hey Guys! Today we want to share our interview with  Tehmur Mohammad. Tehmur is a UK based TikTok influencer with over 200k followers and 11+ million likes and 130+ million views. 

Usually, on this blog, I write about paid traffic but I wanted to learn and understand how organic TikTok account growth works and how one can build grow TikTok followers. 

Tehmur Mohammad
Tehmur Mohammad started using TikTok 2017 and has 200,000 followers on his profile

Tell us a bit about yourself and your TikTok Journey

I always loved acting and while studying at Loughborough University, I had developed a great interest in marketing. I’ve combined both my marketing and acting skills and started uploading creative entertaining videos of myself on Tiktok. I have gained over 200,000 followers, 11+ million likes, and 130+ million views combined on my hashtag #tehmurian. I am now using my marketing skills to monetise from my following by taking sponsorship and uploading videos on YouTube.

When did you first join TikTok and why?

I was an ambitious person and had a great interest in marketing. However, I was hit by depression after my graduation in 2015 due to a very complicated family issue. I lost my career focus and ended up doing different job roles including working abroad.

In 2017, I was doing an extremely low- income job in Hong Kong, working 9am-7pm, 6 days a week. I was at a point when I almost had given up! One day I was casually checking my Instagram feed page and I came across a random TikTok video. I saw people sharing funny videos, so to ease my depression I decided to upload entertaining videos too! My main focus was to spread positivity, and to put a smile on people faces especially those who are suffering from depression because I could relate to them!

How did you grow your audience?

Within a month of joining TikTok, I had started to gain followers, likes and a good number of views. This was mainly due to the entertaining content I was uploading. My following increased massively when I started uploading daily reaction videos on the Indian reality show Bigg Boss every day, all my videos went viral and received millions of views. After the show ended I changed my focus and started uploading videos on different cultures. I started to sing and dance in different languages, aimed at specific countries and audiences such as Nepal, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, etc. My videos went viral with viewers in Nepal and Afghanistan, and I gained thousands of followers.

What kind of audience do you have?

I am followed by people of all ages, from young teenagers to adults. The ratio of my audience when it comes to gender is 50/50. The top 5 countries where most of my audience come from include UK, USA, UAE, Nepal and India.

What are your top 3 tips for TikTok Influencers?

Hide your liked videos: while some people may be ok with showing what videos they have liked, more and more people are choosing not to show what videos they have liked. Showing your liked videos could potentially backfire you especially if you have lots of followers, for example, you liking a video which your followers disapprove which can then cause a problem!

It’s quite easy to reach out to people around the globe, it’s important to know who you want to look at your content or who is mainly looking at your content and by then focus on creating content related to your audience. Use the TikTok analytics option, which gives you a detailed analysis of all your videos, including showing where your audience is from.

Know your audience:

Go live: you should go live often and interact with your followers. You will not only build a strong bond with your existing followers, but will also gain new followers as people who have never come across your TikTok will end up viewing your live video thanks to TikTok’s notification feature.

How would you recommend one to start with TikTok?

If you are a business and your target audience is mainly young people then I would recommend creating an account on TikTok. Tiktok is very popular among young people and businesses can easily reach out to their audience thanks to the ‘for you page’ feature, where your videos will appear on people’s phone screen each time they open the TikTok app.

If you’re someone who is looking for a source of entertainment then TikTok has everything to offer from entertaining videos to social messages etc.

What are your tips to increase ones’ following?

Be yourself! Focus on your content, be open and be creative. Don’t follow trends, instead create trends, which will eventually bring in more followers.

Always pay attention to the analytics within the TikTok app for each video, as they show how each of your videos are performing. Also, Adjust your content based on those analytics. This will improve your views and hence increasing the chance of getting more followers

Interview With Tehmur Mohammad, UK Based TikTok Influencer!

Have a goal or aim, what do you want to achieve through your videos? When you have a focus, you will have more interest in creating content which your targeted audience like; and when you create the content that your target audience likes, they are more likely to follow you.

How do you keep your followers engaged?

I normally upload videos with my voice, I am blessed with a unique accent and lisp which makes me unique. I sing, dance and also reply to some of the comments from my followers through a TikTok video, to keep the engagement level going.

How often do you post?

I normally post 4-5 times a day, however, this has increased recently since I have realised on TikTok quality over quantity does not always work. No one can tell how the TikTok algorithm works.. Sometimes a video you created in few seconds, without any effort ends up going viral, whereas, the video where you put a lot of effort and time gets unnoticed!

How do you deal with negativity and any bullying or harassment?

I receive way too many hateful and inappropriate comments on TikTok despite uploading positive content. 90% of the time, I ignore them. However, I do get affected by the comments that are way over the limited. I either block them or use the option where you can reply to comments via the video. My video replies are funny and sarcastic which makes the bullies realise they are doing something wrong!

How do you plan to monetise your followers?

I am planning to monetise from my following by taking sponsorship from businesses who would like to increase their brand awareness.

I have also recently launched my website and have regularly started uploading videos on YouTube. I’m hoping to direct my TikTok following to YouTube and my website, and once I have gained enough following and engagement level, I can monetise through Google Adsense and enrol onto the Youtube monetisation programme.

Are you taking sponsorships?

Yes, I am taking sponsorship. I can be contacted via my website or Instagram.

I have recently worked on various brand campaigns including with companies such as Amazon, EastPak, Mr Greg’s English and various other local businesses.

How can people connect with you?

People can get in touch with me on Instagram @tehmur1 where I’m most active after TikTok.

I have also launched my very own website https://www.tehmur1.com , people can use the ‘Contact’ form and directly get in touch with me.

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