2 Simple HTML effects which can boost your CTR

Hedy every one today i want to share with you guys some html effects  using which you can achieve high ctr on your PPV landing pages .

Blinking text

it is a simple and non-standard  HTML tag using which you can any word or part of a sentence on your landing page . This Code can be use to with Call To Action text to attract your visitors

Click here for Demo

To use blink tag place write word you want to blink between <blink> YOUR WORD </blink> to make it Blink



Another tag i often use on my landing pages is Marquee tag , This is used to create moving text effects.

Click here for Demo


<marquee behavior=”scroll” bgcolor=”#00CCCC” loop=”-1″ width=”40%”>Demonstration of a Marquee tag.</marquee>

behavior=”….”  Here you can change behavior to scroll , slide or alternate .

bgcolor=”#…”  Allows you to change background color of the marquee.

loop=”..”              Allows you to set number of times you want your text to scroll , To set it for unlimited time use -1

width=”…”        Allows you to set width of marquee in pixels .

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