Why its important to know your prospects

One of the most important factor to make your campaign successful is knowing your prospects , Knowing whom you will target and most importantly knowing about niche or offer you are promoting . Specially when you are promoting your offer in an other country . Without having idea about culture of geographic location you are targeting its almost impossible to make a campaign successful . This is a major problem for affiliates  from under developing countries . 99% of offers allow traffic from top tier countries USA , CANADA ,UK and Australia . Being from Pakistan i do know how different these countries are from ours and how much cultural differences we have and many differences we have. In culture technology and way of living .Even if you are promoting an offer from USA to UK or Australia you will have to know about people living in these countries and how different they are in language and in rules and regulations .

So when you promote an offer in a different country first thing you will have to do is to learn about that country . For example when you are promoting an offer from Pakistan , India , Bangladesh or any other country to USA you will have to learn about basic rules, terms and types of insurance in USA . You will have to know who is eligible for car insurance and who needs car insurance and when . Without knowing this if you start pushing insurance offers that would be a huge failure for you . In same way when you are promoting a UK offer and you are based in USA you will have to keep a check on your spellings and write words as they write in uk  to gain your visitors trust.

In same way when you are promoting an offer to a different country from yours always keep a check on important events in your targeted geographic locations , As events are always great converters for those who know how to avail these opportunities.
These are very small things which can boost your conversion rates . And sometimes your ad copy may offend your targeted prospects if you words or slangs common in your country but are disliked in the country you are targeting.

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