Everad CPA Network Review 2024 – Top Nutra Offers Network

Hey guys! Today I would like to introduce you to Everad, a global direct advertiser and CPA network that has been in the Affiliate Industry since 2011, focusing on the Nutra vertical. Everad is one of the best affiliate networks you need to work with as most of their offers are direct, or owned by them. Without any further delay, lets get started with the Everad review!


Everad CPA Network
Everad CPA Network

Everad is one of the biggest and most experienced affiliate networks that work in the health & beauty niche. With six years of expertise, they have produced amazing converting offers. Thanks to the global expansion, they now have great offers globally. As most of their offers are direct and of good quality, EPC by default will always be ultra-high. Most of the time, you can have great results without massive optimization. Start a campaign and check it out if you don’t believe me!

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They work only with high ticket niches and only include hand-picked offers which have a good profit potential in evergreen niches e.g. diet, skin care, health & beauty, vitamins & supplements, adult, etc. They constantly come up with an average of five new offers every month, so that means you won’t get any saturated offers. All the current offers don’t run down and can be used for years; meaning you can drive traffic with them for a long time and still get a stable income.

Here is what their Marketing Director Stanislav Makeev has to say about their global expansion…

“Over the past six years we’ve reached a truly global level. We cover the markets of the CIS, Europe, and Asia under one brand; Everad. The same pro team is responsible for all the existing development directions. Now we have 40 geos covered! And you can be sure that all our features, call-centers professionalism, and communication with AMs will be equally good, no matter what country you’re in and what geo you are working on.”


Everad Crushing The Market?

Everad  Stanislav Makeev spoke about their latest offer launch in Thailand :

“We launched in the Thailand geo with the highest payouts in the industry. Our products are perfectly suited for the local market so we can afford to give our partners the highest commissions: starting from $16 up to $30.

In our own call-center based in Thailand, we have local Thai experts in sales, hence resulting in higher conversion rates. We have also adapted our unique sales scripts in accordance with the Thai mentality. We did the same with promotional materials: only native translation in order to maximize your conversion. Publishers can use our huge portfolio of pre-lands/laners or ask Everad’s team to create unique advertisements/order high-quality promos.” 

COD Offers for Thailand
COD Offers for Thailand

One of the best things about Everad is their own proprietary tracking platform that they update regularly to meet the modern affiliate marketing needs. The best thing about their platform is their dashboard, it is powerful and easy to manage. All tracking is done in-house, meaning you won’t have any click loss.

Here are some unique features that Everad offers. (You won’t find these elsewhere)


Everad CPA Network Analytics
Everad CPA Network Analytics

All data goes directly from the CRM to the dashboard so affiliates will always get the most relevant first-hand statistics. You also have access to demographics to decide what demo is best suited for every campaign. The feature allows you to configure the targeting, reduce advertising costs and get the highest approval possible. (This feature is a gold mine for FB advertisers ) 



Everad CPA Network Boost feature allows their affiliates to get +30% to their commission
Everad CPA Network’s Boost feature allows their affiliates to get +30% to their commission

The Boost feature is one if its coolest. It allows you to get +30% on your commission for 7 days or first 500 approved leads. Now it is perfectly safe to test any campaign! As an output – you can understand and analyze where you should tighten the CR or where to lower your acquisition cost in order to reach a great ROI. You’ll even get profit even at the test stage!

The Boost feature guarantees that your campaigns won’t turn red, even if you don’t have enough experience in affiliate marketing. If the traffic quality is decent, there is a chance to save this +30% even after the boost period expires. You can always discuss individual terms of cooperation with your manager. If you become a trusted publisher, you’ll receive payouts without a hold on the day of request.

Instant payments

This is so far the best feature they provide their affiliates. If you have quality traffic, you can say goodbye to cashflow problems, as this awesome network also offers their affiliates Instant Payments. This means you won’t have to wait for days to get your commission amount. You can get your payout within a day!


Exciting Prizes

Regular affiliates can win tons of prizes, as they hold contests on regular basis to encourage their affiliates to generate more revenue. Check out this video where they gave away a Porsche Panamera in a 2017 Party

 Still Not Convinced?

Here are a few more reasons you should join Everad:

Own Products: Most of the products are owned by the network. You won’t have to deal with a middleman unlike other networks. Some might even use excuses like this not to pay their affiliates.

Best Affiliate Support: Your dedicated affiliate managers have a target of a 3 minute response time. Your affiliate managers will assist you to launch profitable campaigns. They will also support and guide you whenever you need it.

Quality Products: Everad makes sure all their products are of high quality. Not only for their affiliates, but the customers who buy the products are happy with them too.

High Customer Conversion rate: Due to a wide network of call centers, customer conversion rates are really high. The traffic you send to the offers also convert, not only does the network make money but also it’s affiliates!

Join Everad: Join Everad Network and get started promoting exclusive offers today! Click here to get started.

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