Charity Thursday-Help Father of 3 children fight colon and liver cancer

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Hey everyone due to relocation and plenty of work i was n`t able to continue with weekly Charity Thursday series how ever i am back once again.

today i was reading about story Darrell  who has 3 children and is fighting colon and liver cancer . The campaign to collect donations is being run by his wife where she shares details about her husband who is diagnosed with stage 4 Colon and Liver Cancer.


Click here to donate and help another fellow human being going through toughest days of his life .


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charity thursday

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  1. Gold Price says:

    Thank you very much Queensville. A little positive energy does not go amiss. Although I feel totally helpless most of the time, I’m totally devoted to making my wife’s life as comfortable and loving as possible, even though she is giving me the quite treatment as we write. I know it’s one of the many mood swings, symptoms, people go through suffering from this disease and with me having the patience of a saint, I’m sure it will help to ease the burden she is carrying. I’m here for her 24/7 and anything she wants, needs, demands, will be provided immediately. Bless you Queensville for your sentiments. Thank you.