Promote CPA Offers Using YouTube

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Today I would like to share a very effective a powerful and above all newbie’s friendly method .Its very easy and simple to imply, you may use it as much as you want  . ok so Here is how exactly We Will Work on method.

1. Keyword search and selection.

2. CPA Offer search and selection.

3. CPA Offer review.

4. Video Creation for CPA offer.

5. Video Back linking.

Most of will get what I am talking about and set out to create and rank videos for those who want this explained step by step keep on reading this article.

• What We are Going To do

Basically this plan is about ranking a YouTube video on first page of Google . As Most of You Know its very hard to rank for a website as compared to YouTube (because YouTube is an authority website.) for high Competition Keywords. So we will take benefit from Power Of YouTube and rank a video on first page of Google and drive traffic through it to our cpa offer by putting cpa link in description of the video.

• Keyword research and selection.

First of all I would use Google adwords to find a keyword with good number of exact searches mainly with 15k+ .

• CPA Offer search and selection.

After I have selected a keyword now I would like to select a Offer relevant to the keyword.

• CPA Offer review.

One I have selected relevant offer now I would preview the offer landing page and review offer here you can use different approaches. You may review an offer by creating a how-to video or you can simply review offer and post features of the offers etc. Using a Female Voiceover in your videos will increase your Conversions. So you may Out source this task on Fiver also by paying $5 .

• Video Creation for CPA offer.

Here We Go choose whatever approach you want to use and start creating video`s using software Camstudio or even windows movie maker And upload your video on YouTube and now Make sure you put your Targeted Keyword in title , Description and tags of the video in my experience , If you put your keyword in start of the title and description of the video that is more effective.

• Video Back linking.

Now here comes most important and effective part of the guide. Back linking. Yes it works more back links your video have more ranking you get on Google and YouTube. So Build as much back links as you can use fiver or any other place use senuke x or xrumer service . Building back links help your video to rank on first page of Google. And there is now chance of getting sandboxed unlike websites.

• Tips.

You Can make ranking process much faster by social bookmarking your website and buying YouTube views from fiverr as they will push video to get its place very fast .
I also have tried  twitter bots and they really did worked for me 🙂

Have any questions or suggestions? Let me know in comments box 

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