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In todays tutorial i will show you how you can make tons of money by advertising affiliate offers and CPA offers on Facebook . We are going to use Facebook feature called "custom audiences".

What are custom audiences and how they can help us ?

Facebook FAQ Page explains custom audiences.

Custom audiences let marketers find their offline audiences among Facebook users. Using email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook user IDs or app user ID's to make the match, you can now find the exact people you want to talk to, in custom audiences that are defined by what you already know.

This means that in addition to targeting the types of people you want to reach among the Facebook population, you can now also reach segments of specific people based on information you have about your own, offline audiences.

You can create a custom audience representing any group of customers or prospect list that you'd like to reach with targeted Facebook Ads. For example, you could run a campaign to get more likes for your Page, targeted at your current customers who have not yet liked your Page. Then when you publish to them, you'll know you are reaching people who are already engaged with your brand.

You can also use custom audiences for objectives off Facebook. If you have a loyalty program or frequent customer list, you might want to reach those people with a special offer or sale.


We can use custom audiences to target different niche groups this way we will be only targeting those people who are interested in products and ads related to that specific niche, For example lets say i want to promote a JV ZOO product related to CPA Marketing so i want to target only CPA Affiliates, My best bet would be to reach only those facebook users who are members of facebook groups related to CPA Marketing, e.g CPA Affiliates, CPA Fix etc etc this way i will be targeting exactly to those people who are related to CPA marketing and this way my CTR would be high as my targeting is accurate and also facebook will charge me pennies (Don't believe me ? try it yourself!!).

What i need for using Facebook Custom audiences

You need to have following things ready !

  • Facebook AD Account
  • Affiliate Offer
  • Facebook id scrapper ( I recommend FB Lead Chef). Fb LeadChef will extract unique member ids from facebook groups (which you will later use as custom audiences ).

How to setup a Facebook ad campaign using Custom audiences

Process is simple and very easy , First of all log in to your facebook account , Click on ad manager (on right side) as shown in screenshot below.

facebook custom audiences

Now You will see Facebook ads dashboard . Look for Power editor on  right side and click it .

Facebook ads power editorNow you will see see next screen click download with settings shown in screenshot shown below.

how to facebook power editor

click to enlarge

facebook custom audiences

click to enlarge

On next screen you will see custom audiences dashboard (I have already created some audiences  ) as shown below

Next step will be to extract user ids from groups on Facebook using FB Lead Chef (they have already created tutorial on how to use the software ) .Once you have all the sub ids in csv file click on create new audiences, And import them into your dashboard as shown in screenshot.
facebook custom audiences

Once you have uploaded the csv file it will take almost one hour to show you how many facebook ids you have imported and the next step is to create your ad. Click on custom audience name and this will open create ad window and once you have finished with creating facebook ad, Submit ad for review .

I hope you liked todays tutorial and use it to make big money using Facebook ads , I never had such a big success with my fb ads which i got from promoting ads using this method..


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  1. I didn’t know it to be that simple, Kj! Doing affiliate marketing with Facebook, for me, is a complex idea. But thanks for the step by step guide, you made it easier and simpler to follow. I especially like the fact that your tutorial was very specific, only targeting a specific niche.

    On the other hand, it’s nice of you to share about other use of custom audiences. I can see how using custom audiences will work for programs one is creating outside Facebook.

  2. Another way of leveraging the powerful of social media I guess! Well, the process of making the most of affiliate conversion Facebook custom audiences is clear. Thanks for the practicality of this post!

  3. Hi, that was an awesome article about custom audience.
    I did liked especially the part where you explain the scraper.
    I am also using a tool, which can export FB user ID’s from yours competitors FB page for example –
    Very use-full think.

  4. Great share Thank You very much for sharing i will add link in main article once i have tested it 🙂

  5. Thanks for this post.I learnt few things.
    Do you link directly to affiliate offers from facebook ads especially in the IM/MMO niche.

  6. Well direct linking is not advised for IM/MMO niche unless the product you are promoting has a solid reputation.

  7. So what is the best way to get affiliate offers ad approve on facebook?